Brothers of Liberty


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Authors note: As stated before, this is a reboot due to certain changes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, due to reasons such as the third rebooting of Spider-Man and such. The Captains Brother will be removed as soon as this Prologue and chapter 1 is up. Enjoy.

Scotland 2017

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Harry James Potter was standing next to his wife, Ginervra Molly Potter-Weasley of over twenty years within the ancient castles Main Hall, clapping alongside his sons as the entire Potter and Weasley families alongside their friends and extended family was joining in the clapping as after Lily Luna Potter had not only received her Magical Diploma, but also made a speech of which she thanked her family and supporting friends for giving her the strength to succeed as a witch.

The Hall was filled with clapping until cries of shock had begun. The reason being her father, Harry Potter had collapsed after grasping his left arm and then his chest where his heart resided.

For days, within the medical wing, his entire family and closest friends had remained by his bedside. Ginny had updated the family after learning that due to reasons unknown, her husband and father of her children, was dying. Try as they might, they could not find out why. His magic was the only thing sustaining him while leaving him unconscious.

A week quickly passed, and so did Harry Potter. The Magical World as a whole mourned the passing of a hero. His family mourned heavily, even after laying him to rest beside his parents in Godrics Hollow, where even Remus and Nymphadora Lupin resided. No one would know that the savior of their world would be born again in another world beyond the Multi-Verse that involved not just any Harry James Potter, but a noble and truly heroic Harry James Potter. A world in desperate need of heroes as evil began to infest and overtake the world.

Harry James Potter may have ceased to exist in one Universe, but 'Joseph Christopher Rogers' was just beginning to take his first breath of life in another.

The official first chapter is still in writing phase, so I hope you enjoy the Prologue. Enjoy and until next time.