[ Before I delve into 'fic that's serious with complex plots and all that, I decided to write a bit of something humorous as a sort of warm-up exercise. It's supposed to be strictly comical. ^__^; Thanks to Josh for the inspiration for this -- naturally, we were sitting around one night discussing the comedy of Ron and Hermione and this was the end product. If you don't get it, please ask (but fear the laughter of K). =D As always, none of the characters are mine, but created by the brilliant J.K. Rowling and copyrighted by whoever. ]

"Here, Ron, put this on."

"What the bloody hell is this?"

" -- What? Don't they have them in the Wizarding World?"

" . . . No."

"Really? How strange -- "

"It doesn't fit, Hermione!"

"Oh, yes it does, you just have to work with it for a moment. Want me to help?"

"I don't need your bloody help! -- Look, it's too tight."

"It's fine."

"It's yellow. Who the hell makes something like this yellow?"

"What's the color matter, anyway?"

"I hate yellow about as much as I hate red. What the hell is this made out of?"

"Um, rubber or something such."

"What the hell's rubber? Who makes something like this out of rubber!?"

"It needs to be protective, you know."

"This isn't protective, it's bloody annoying! Look, I can't feel anything through this . . . what, rubber, you said?"

"You don't need to feel anything."

"O' course I do! -- . . . Do I have to wear it?"


"But, why -- "


"It's too rudding tight, damn it."

" . . . Ron, it's just a raincoat, honestly."