Massage Mishap

"Very good, auntie," Susan said, even as she tried to reach Harry's erection, only to come short by an inch.

Amelia said nothing, mostly because she was unable to come up with anything to say. She had enough presence of mind to realize the sheer absurdity of her situation, massaging the boyfriend of her niece calmly -for a loose interpretation of the concept of calmness- while her niece was doing activities that were best left for the bedroom. For god's sake, the only reason Susan wasn't delivering a handjob to him was that she didn't want to stop the show he was watching. The show that she was providing whenever she rose on her toes, her short towel unable to cover even the essentials as it rose with her movement.

Then, Susan came up with a solution to her problem that sent Amelia's blush to an overdrive. She rose to her toes once more, but this time, she also took a step forward, managing to hide Harry's face under her towel. The sudden gasp escaping her mouth left no doubt about what exactly was happening there. Susan's hands wrapping around his girth hadn't been an addition to the situation that made it easier for Amelia as well.

Then, Amelia noticed Susan was looking directly into her eyes, with a toying smirk coloring her lips. Amelia would have blushed more, but she had already hit her physical limit, so that was a stunner she dodged. She avoided Susan's gaze and turned her eyes to where her hands were resting. A tactical mistake, she realized a second later, as she noticed she could still see Harry's shaft from the corner of her eye. She knew she should avoid looking at it, watching it twitch liberally under her niece's touch.

She didn't.

She wanted to blame the haze that started to fill her mind, making it harder and harder to think. In a sense, she was correct to blame it, as she would never stand watching her nieces hand dancing over her boyfriend's shaft if it wasn't for the mist that impaired her thoughts, slowing them down to a crawl. Still, even if she were correct to blame the haze, it didn't make much difference, considering its source. She would have liked to blame the alcohol, but the amount she consumed was not enough for such reaction. They were certainly not linked to the satisfied grunts leaving Harry's mouth, nor to the erotic moans escaping Susan's. That was what she tried to tell herself, at least, but ringing false in her soul.

Lost in her mind, Amelia was too late to notice her niece's hand was no longer wrapped around Harry's shaft, nor she noticed when Susan walked towards her until she was already behind her. Only after she heard Susan's whisper, she realized the situation had changed, and it was already too late. "It's an impressive sight. Don't you think so, auntie?"

Amelia jerked in surprise, caught flat-footed by her niece's sudden presence. She opened her mouth to answer, but simultaneously, she felt Susan's hand grabbing her hair, increasing the priority of questioning her niece. "Susan, what-" she started saying, only for Susan to push her forward, and Amelia felt her words interrupted with something that filled her mouth, utterly and completely.

"I think you have been a naughty girl, auntie, peeking on us without shame, having alone time with my boyfriend in the bathroom, watching unashamedly as I treat my boyfriend to a hand job…" Amelia tried to pull back to answer, but Susan's hand prevented her from rising. "No auntie, you have pushed your luck today, and deserve some punishment." For a minute, they kept the position. Anxious about impending punishment and distracted by Harry's girth in her mouth, only after a minute it occurred for Amelia that pushing Susan away and exerting her authority as a guardian was a viable solution. But even after the realization, Amelia hesitated to act.

That hesitation cost her, the punishment coming in the form a slap, leaving a stinging after-effect in her bottom. She tried to cry, but Harry's presence in her mouth ensured that only sound she was able to summon was an indecipherable muffle. She was unable to produce even that much with the next slap, however, when the sudden pressure from Susan's other hand pushed Harry's shaft deeper into her mouth, its crown pressing the entrance of her throat.

Susan had loosened the pressure on the back of her head after a few blows, allowing her to pull her head up a bit. Harry's cock was still in her mouth, but it wasn't pressing to her throat anymore. Glad to be able to take a relatively unrestricted breath, Amelia didn't even care much about the sting of yet another slap to her bottom. She tried to pull her head back, hoping that the ordeal was over, though the surge of disappointment rising in her heart with that thought surprised her. She couldn't have enjoyed that moment of indignity, could she?

Susan's next action made the point moot for the moment. As if to prove the earlier moment was the lull before the storm, Susan pressed her head down once more, this time deep enough to force Harry's shaft to pass the entrance of her throat, lodging itself in the depths of it. Gagging helplessly with the unexpected presence, the slaps her niece was raining on her bottom had become an afterthought. Susan relaxed the pressure occasionally, allowing her to catch her breath before pushing her head down once more.

But even in the context of what was going on, her niece's next action managed to shock her to the bone. Her hand landed on the flesh of her bottom with another stiff spank, but this time instead of leaving, her hand started sliding down, unimpeded until Amelia felt her fingers caressing her nether lips. Sopping wet, much to Amelia's shame, and the sudden jolt of pleasure originating from her niece's fingers did nothing to cure her shame. She should have raged in anger. She wanted to rage in anger, or at least, what she told herself.

However, the way she obediently sucked Harry's cock under Susan's guidance was enough to show the strength of her conviction, she realized cynically. Then, Susan's fingers twirled, and Amelia felt her body twitch in a foreign pleasure. The magnitude of pleasure was far different compared to the times she attended to her own needs, something that had been regular ever since she had become the Head Auror during the war, with the most males in her life either intimidated by her or trying to butter-up her for future political favors. It had been so bad that sometimes she wished for a brave soul to push her on the table and take her mercilessly.

She didn't expect that soul to be her niece, nor she imagined the boyfriend of said niece lying on the table, filling her throat with his thick cock. Still, she wasn't exactly in a position she could be picky, she noted with a brief moment of humor.

Amelia felt a pair of round objects pressing to her back. "Do you like the attention you are receiving, auntie?" Susan whispered into her ear, but the way she kept one hand over Amelia's head showed she expected to respond, which Amelia was glad for. At least, she had been saved from the indignity of answering that question.

Especially when she didn't think she would be able to answer negatively, she lacked the necessary willpower to fight against her desires, especially when a storm of pleasure dominated her soul. Amelia felt the pressure on the back of her head disappear, only to immediately reappear over her breast. She felt Susan's fingers sinking deep into the generous flesh of her breasts, but it was only an afterthought. More important thing was that with the pressure gone, she could easily stand up, leaving her mouth free to deliver a speech of disappointment to her niece, even though she wasn't sure how convincing it would be. For example, she was having trouble convincing herself.

Amelia continued bobbing her head around Harry's cock.

The decision was automatic, but at no point, Amelia tried to change it. She was far too deep in the pleasure already, and there was no point in stopping, it would only deny the climax whose foundation had been built up for the last few hours. Still, she appreciated the presence of two new hands, pressing down to her hair with a skin rougher than her nieces, taking the decision away from Amelia. Even the fact that they were forcing her to go even deeper on his cock was negligible compared to the freedom coming from the lack of choice, leaving her free to enjoy her treatment.

Already skirting the edge of the chasm, Amelia finally climaxed seconds later. She would have collapsed if it wasn't for the quick thinking of her niece's, wrapping her arm around her waist to support her trembling legs. She felt Harry's presence leaving her mouth as Susan pulled her up. She gave a slight push, and Amelia followed the direction without protest, not even checking to see where they were going. Susan asked her to raise her leg to the side, then throw over the table, which Amelia hadn't thought to question until the motion was almost complete, when she felt something touching her slit. Something familiar.

Amelia's eyes jerked open in panic, only to see she had already positioned herself above Harry's cock, the slightest motion enough to impale her. Amelia opened her mouth to say something, about to protest that she wasn't willing to go that far. Just not yet, a traitorous part of her brain shouted loudly.

But just like before, her decision has been taken away by her niece, sudden presence of her hands on her shoulders delivering a slight addition to her weight. A small addition that was enough to destroy the delicate balance she was maintaining. She moved, occupied by the feeling his cock generated as it invaded her insides. "Yes," Amelia shouted, all the thoughts about stopping deserting their posts, routed by the sudden assault of pleasure.

A pair of arms slithered around her, fingers sneaking towards her rock-hard nipples over the gentle slopes of her breasts. "It feels nice, right, auntie?" Susan whispered in her ear.

"You-are-so-grounded," Amelia managed to say, though it hadn't been easy, each word interrupted by another gasp as a pleasure she never felt filled her soul.

"Really?" Susan said, giggling, even as her fingers clasped one of her nipples, her other hand slowly sneaking down, caressing her skin tenderly on the way. "I don't have any objection," she said, her hand finally reaching the point where Harry's cock disappeared and reappeared repeatedly. But her fingers didn't stay idle, drawing circles around her clit. "But if we are distributing punishments, I think this is the perfect time for yours, for peeking on us without permission." Amelia opened her mouth to answer, but Susan cut her off. "But I'm not cruel like you, so I'll give you another option. You either pick the punishment…" Susan drawled, and Amelia readied herself to pick the second option. After all, there was no chance that Amelia would prefer to be punished by her niece instead. "… or I stop what I'm doing right now."

The answer came automatically. "Punishment!" Amelia shouted in a panicked manner, feeling ashamed of the speed she folded.

"Good answer, auntie," Susan said before pushing her forward once more until Amelia's breasts pressed tight on Harry's chest, but the detail paled about something more important. Her lips were separated from Harry's lips by a hair's breadth. A distance Harry wasn't willing to suffer, as he proved by crossing the remainder, his tongue invading her mouth like a thunder. One of his hand sifted through her hair until it found a good handle, then he wrapped her hair around his fist, not caring about the pain he inflicted. In contrast, his other hand danced across her back, delivering a tender, yet passionate massage along her spine.

Harry's attention had distracted her from the promised punishment, until she felt a weird sensation on her bottom. She didn't understand what happened until she felt the presence of her niece's fingers once again. But this time, pushing to an entrance that shouldn't be touched at all! Amelia tried to pull back from Harry's kiss to prevent Susan from playing with such a dirty place, but Harry's grip was too tight for her to overcome.

"Don't worry auntie, I already cleaned and lubricated it," Susan said, continuing with a soft chuckle. "Magic is so wonderfully convenient," she added, illuminating the small mystery about the earlier sensation. Not that Amelia had time to appreciate the knowledge, with her attention stolen away by Susan's fingers pressing against her entrance. The presence of Susan's finger was clear as it slid inside, stretching her hole bit by bit. Amelia moaned, the sound readily repressed by Harry's tongue busy mauling her lips. However, even his attention was unable to her pained shout when she felt a second finger added to the mix.

"Such a beautiful sound," Harry said, leveraging the fact that his mouth was free. His hands slid and caught Amelia's hips, stabilizing before he started to impale her rapidly, building up her climax. Soon, she felt the pleasure invading her body, and a tremble caught her body, in an intensity that she never tasted before her life, a rush of light black and white invading her vision. In a haze, she was barely aware as Harry pulled out, arms wrapping around her body, carrying her to somewhere else.

It felt amazing, traveling effortless, a pair of arms holding her in a bridal hold, promising her that it was okay not to be in control for once away from the Wizengamot that scrutinized her every move, away from the Aurors who looked at her with an emotionless harpy, away from the Minister who was waiting for the smallest weakness to sack her… Here, wrapped in his arms, for once, none of them mattered. She pressed her head to his chest, letting its strong beat lull her to sleep…

Only to jerk back into life by a hard slap from soft fingers. "No falling asleep, auntie," Susan said, a cheeky smile painted on her face. Amelia blushed even more. She wasn't even going to bother lying to herself about, her authority over her niece was more worthless than a paper tiger, and bothering to claim otherwise was a waste of time from both their ends. Then, they arrived at her bedroom, and Harry threw her on her bed, freeing her from the obligation to answer.

For a moment, she lay on her back, her body on display for the two young adults that was in her room, examining her hungrily. Then, Harry stepped on the bed, grabbed her legs and raised them upwards until they were resting on his shoulders. "Are you ready?" he whispered, his crown pressing against her rear entrance.

Amelia would have said no, but the flood of desire flowing in her didn't allow for her to do so. She nodded, then her gaze moved left, where her niece was sitting in her work chair, her legs parted. And since she wasn't wearing even a piece of clothing, it resulted in an amazing view, with her body on display. But even her distraction was unable to distract from the feeling of invasion as his shaft slowly filled her backdoor, which managed to stay untouched until it managed to get the attention of the-boy-who-lived.

"Careful," she gasped as the panic got sharper with each passing second, as he traveled deeper inside her.

He smirked. "Come on Amelia," he said even as one of his hands slid down her leg until it reached her slit, teasing her lower lips softly. "A tough girl like you shouldn't cry because of a dash of pain." With that, he pushed the entirety of his shaft inside.

Amelia would have said something annoyed, if it wasn't for the rush of pain and pleasure, frazzling her mind until the distinction between the words and the meaningless garbles disappeared. There was only the feeling of being utterly and completely filled. Again and again…

Then she felt a presence hovering over her head, and heard a voice, but her mind was well past the point of deciphering their meanings. She opened her eyes, and recognized the presence as Susan, whose legs parted on both sides of her head, her nether lips hovering just above her lips. Amelia, well past the point of feeling shocked, let her tongue out as Susan closed the remaining distance, filling her mouth with an unfamiliar, but pleasant, taste.

At that point, her sense of time joined her ability to comprehend words as yet another ability she had temporarily lost, not that she minded. She let her mind wander in a sea of pleasure, her ship adrift by the winds of ecstasy. At last, she felt a tsunami of pleasure, drowning her world in a soft, beautiful darkness…

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