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Harry wanted to tell his friends everything! He wanted them to know about his brother and he wanted them to know about their future correspondence, but he couldn't say much of anything because Dumbledore was still dipping into people's minds without a by your leave. That meant that everything had to be done on the sly.

Harry had been immediately advised to start paying more attention to his family. Although he didn't even consider them family. But watching their moves as well as Dumbledore's movements, would allowed him to plan better.

He was also advised to step up his studying in Occlumency in order to gain the proper amount of self-control. Harry was not the greatest at it and it was by sheer luck that his parents had been ignoring what he was doing for the past four years.

From a businessman's standpoint, John had the right idea. But Harry now needed the opinion of another.

The only other person he could think of who was strong enough to keep Dumbledore or any other at all, out of his mind, was Tom Riddle. Therefore, he would have to pull the other teen aside at some point and have a long discussion with him about Harry's future actions regarding his family.

Still, things were finally looking up.

It was not his job and he was not required to do it. Basically, Tom was planning something. And it was obviously a rare occasion because Tom really ever did anything for anybody else without expecting something in return.

This situation was one of interest, and it also greatly affected somebody that he cared about. So Tom has spent a good portion of his time perusing the Restricted Section in hopes of finding a book that would explain he was looking for.

Basically, he wanted to see if there was a method available to unbind someone's magic. It was still a shock that Dumbledore, the so-called leader of the Light, had been perfectly okay with suggesting that two parents should abandon their child simply because he was sorted into a House that none of them agreed with.

Tom only spent a lot of time researching this particular subject so that he can learn if there were methods that can be used to unbind of somebody's magic. It was as much for Harry's sake as his own. Like a form of revenge.

If John James Bartos returned to Great Britain with his magic fully intact, Tom could just imagine the turmoil that he would cause. Anything that he could do to discredit Dumbledore would be fantastic!

With a businessman of his caliber on their side, they would be able to accomplish a lot more than what they had vaguely planned already.

Also, if Tom managed to find the way to bring John back into the magical society, then Harry would be forever grateful to him. He might even feel more open to Tom and would probably consider accepting Tom's advances. He did accept Tom's Christmas gift, though he didn't seem to understand the meaning behind it.

Which was okay to Tom. He preferred to do things on the sly anyway. Drawing attention to something wasn't how he preferred to act usually.

Casual conversation and the occasional flirtation was enough for now.

At the moment, Tom was more concerned about John Bartos and how to make Harry pleased with him.

Tom had enlisted the assistance of Lucius Malfoy in order to find the information he was looking for. During the Easter break, Tom spent a considerable amount of his time in the Malfoy's library, trying to find anything pertaining to sealing someone's magic away.

There were more books than he had anticipated and if not for Lucius' help, he would have wasted his entire holiday. But instead, Tom only had to read three books instead forty-seven, which was a lot better in his opinion.

Knowing this information would benefit him in many ways, not just in helping Harry with his plans. If Harry was somehow disowned, or his parents decided to bind his magic before disowning him, then all Tom would have to do, was unbind his magic.

Tom wasn't really sure how the Potters would handle abandoning a fifteen year old to an orphanage. He did not understand how they would manage it. Doing such a thing was confusing, especially since John Bartos still remember his entire life.

It was an incredibly cruel thing to do, to take somebody's magic away from them, and then leave their memories intact so they could remember that they weren't good enough and that they were not wanted.

He was really surprised at how Magical Britain seemed to know absolutely nothing about what happened to the eldest Potter child. He had even looked it up in several genealogy charts, and found absolutely no record of him anywhere. Not even a death certificate. Whatever had happened, the Potter's and Dumbledore had surely gone to extreme methods in order to accomplish their means.

The only thing that Tom was skeptical about was the fact that the ritual that was required in the breaking of a magical seal, would cause pain to the caster and the receiver. Tom had a very high pain tolerance, but he did not know if Harry was the same. He didn't really want to chance it, but at the same time, a little pain vs. being able to use his magic whenever he wanted, didn't seem so bad.

Tom just hoped that everything worked itself out.

O.W.L.s were such pains! Harry had more important things to do than sit around in the Great Hall, trying to get past his theoretical exams!

Harry had always preferred hands on learning because he didn't want to spend his time writing. Harry could be incredibly lazy whenever he felt like it. And theoretical exams had always been the bane of his existence because he actually had to write instead of just wave his wand.

To make the whole situation worse, none of his professors expected him to do well. Like, he may have been lowering his potential in their classes in order to appear boring and unassuming, but it was really sad when he didn't even get a 'good luck' like other students. As if they expected him to fail.

So Harry swallowed his displeasure and intended to tie Hermione in every class they had together. Then maybe he could finally shove his skills in everyone's faces!

And though he pretended that he was fine, Harry had never had anybody to believe in him except Remus, which did hurt. But Remus could not come by the house because he had denounced James and Lily. That meant that any correspondence between he and Harry had to be done quietly.

Also, Sirius tended to forget about him as well, so Sirius could not be counted among the people to have ever actually believed in him because he was never around when he needed someone.

So the few friends that he had were the only people who truly believed that he could get anything done in life.

People who hadn't even met him or really knew anything about him, based anything they saw about him on whether he was like his parents are not.

Snape had expected him to be just like James, and was annoyed when he wasn't. McGonagall had expected him to be just like Lily, and was annoyed when he wasn't. They all expected him to be good at Transfiguration or Charms. And so Harry decided not to be good at anything while in front of them.

It was a way to teach them a lesson to stop tying their expectations from other people, on his shoulders.

The only important grades in the whole Hogwarts educational experience were the O.W.L. and the new N.E.W.T. grades. Since it was nigh impossible to cheat during either exam period, Harry's amazing grades would no doubt surprise everyone.

And that was what he was aiming for.

The term ended without fanfare. Harry was incredibly saddened to have to leave his friends behind.

At least he would be able to go and visit Neville during the summer. Luna, George, and Fred would no doubt be able to come over any time they wished. Hermione was a bit more difficult to get hold of, but Harry was certain that she would be allowed to stay over for at least the last week of the holiday.

Tom hadn't said anything about what he was planning to do over the summer, but he had wished them all a good time. Sometimes Harry just wished that his parents weren't such arseholes and that they could be accepting of other people. That way he would be able to have all of his friends come over his house.

Harry was not allowed to have guests over, but Rosalie was. And that of course meant but she would be surrounded by giggling girls, who had no ambition in life, and their only desire was to sit back with a wealthy husband and lay off all of his money.

It was kind of funny because none of them had taken into account that they would also have to provide children for said husband, and that meant ruining whatever girlish figures they claimed they had. Harry simply couldn't wait for the day when they all realised what they had gotten themselves into by allowing themselves to be married off people they didn't know.

Some of the Purebloods in society needed to learn that money and magic were not the most important things about a person's existence.

The Hogwarts Express had reached King's Cross Station. Harry was not surprised when his parents only greeted Rosalie. In fact, they did not seem to notice him at all. Originally it was just him getting a random stare, and then all the attention being focused on Rosalie. But this time, they either were completely ignoring him or forgot that he even existed.

With their history in regards to his upbringing, he was not shocked. It was not a surprising thing, and he was not as offended as he used to be. All he knew, was that their attitudes were not what the Potter family was supposed to be about.

If they wanted to lose everything by their own foolishness, he wasn't going to stop them.

If all of his plans went well, he would have full control over the Potter assets without them actually being considered the Potter assets. And that was good enough for him.

With all this free time on his hands, Harry was able to spend his summer secreting away the part of fortune. Among other things.

From what he was told, there was less than a million Galleons left in the main Potter vault. That meant that Harry had successfully removed over one billion Galleons from his parent's control. That also meant that whatever Rosalie would get for being the Heiress and taking Lady position of the Potter line, would not be much.

And Harry wasn't going to just stop at where he was. There were other things in that Vault that he felt were incredibly important. He had already taken chests full of jewels, strange bags filled with odd clothing, and rows upon rows of books that dated back to the Founders time.

Basically there was a trove of treasure within the Vault, and Harry intended to own most of it.

He was respectful to the Goblins and that had them keeping their mouths shut. The Goblins had recognized what was going on in Harry's family, and as Goblins were very emotional race that cared very much for family, they did not approve of the Potters and what they had done with their first child and what they did to their last child.

Harry had allies in the Goblin Nation, who were willing to look in another direction as he did things. If they were not looking at him while he was doing it, they could honestly say that they had never seen him do anything. And that was the agreement.

Harry had essentially been waging a battle on his family for the past four years, and had stealthily been winning the entire time. That had earned him a lot of respect among the Goblins of Gringotts' Britain Branch.

Harry now had to be careful. With the numbers so low, Lily or James would soon realise that something was up. Both of them rarely ever went to Gringotts in person, because they had specialised cards made like others in the wealthy society of the magical community, and all they had to do was swipe the card and the money would be transferred over.

Harry hoped that there happy spending led them to literally not having enough money to pay for something, and being publicly humiliated because of it. And perhaps he could get away with the excuse that they spend too much money on Rosalie in themselves.

He certainly wasn't going to be spending any money on them. Harry had to use his own money for years. Harry had never even decorated his room because his parents always forgot about him. Harry felt no need to decorate his room when the place wasn't even a home or sanctuary for him. Why should he put anything personal of his in there, when he didn't even want to be there and he stressed himself so that he would not have to stay there?

Harry had plans to visit John, his Aunt Petunia, and then Neville.

Harry was the one to make contact with Petunia Dursley. She was the only other person who could possibly tell him just what the hell was wrong with his parents. Or at least his mother.

Because everybody always went on and on about how Lily was such a splendid person and her kindness could not be matched by anybody, but he had never witnessed any of that pointed in his direction. And whatever she did with Rosalie seemed overdone and annoying.

It was a strange thing, to receive a letter back from Petunia. He had read her detailing of her experiences with Lily and how Lily had been different as a child and she did not know what happened.

She explained that Lily and Snape had both been friends, and things had been fine. She told Harry that she had been jealous that her sister had magic that she could not do. And so she had pushed both of them away, so that she would not have to deal with the reminder that she was not special.

She explained that every year, Lily would return home different. Like her attitude just kept getting worse and worse. At the time, Petunia had just assumed that it was her association with Snape that had done it to her and made her even worse than normal.

But then it was revealed that she and Snape had a falling-out over situation of Snape was being bullied by the Marauders, and had managed to call Lily a mudblood while he was trying to save his ego.

And what did Lily do? Lily, a Prefect, who had come over to yell at James for being an absolute dick, had decided that it was perfectly okay for the Marauders to abuse someone and she simply walked away.

Lily had apparently gone hom, and complained about the entire situation. And when Petunia pointed out that she should have still given the boys detention or at least some kind of punishment for bullying, Lily had 'disowned' Petunia right there.

The thing was, Petunia had been right. Lily should have done her job, instead of getting pissy over a word.

If she decided to end their friendship, that was her decision. But the fact that she walked away from such a serious situation, and did not do the job that she was entrusted to do, had offended Harry the most.

Just because somebody lowered himself to a level, did not mean that another person should lower themselves to that level. If Snape was being an arse, and she felt that their friendship was no longer worth it, then so be it.

But it was not right for her allow the bullies to continue to attack a student just because she had a falling out with them.

And it just seemed that as Lily got older, her attitude worsened. And the only people who could see it? Snape, Petunia, Harry, Remus, and the Longbottoms.

And it took Harry convincing others with facts, for them to believe him.

It was strange how Harry could find solitude in the Muggle world. How he felt more comfortable with his aunt, who did not favorably look up on Magic after her experience with Lily and James.

Sometimes he wondered what would have happened had he actually had good parents. Would Petunia have still gotten on with him? Or would she have hated him liek she hated his parents?

But it was pointless to think about other lifetimes or other universes where he might exist. Because in this universe, Petunia was good to him when his own mother wasn't.

It was kind of sad.

James Potter stared at the man who held his card in his hand.

For some reason, his card had not worked. For some reason, the funds were not transferring over. For some reason, he apparently did not have enough money in his vault for Rosalie's present for graduating.

He and Lily shared a look of worry. They should obviously have enough money in their fault. So they hadn't been there in quite some time, it wasn't like they spent money so often, right?.

Sure, Rosalie had high demands for everything she wanted, but it wasn't like they spent so much money.

If their card being rejected wasn't bad enough, it was the fact that it had been stated quite loudly in the shop for everyone to hear, that embarrassed them the most.

James was going to have to get to the bottom of this.

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