"Baltimore?" her friend, Meredith Hopkins questioned curiously as she crossed her arms over her chest. She gave a light chuckle and threw her chocolate silk curls back over her shoulder and narrowed her sapphire colored eyes. She was a very beautiful in Elizabeth's opinion. She always had all of the boys chasing after her. Meredith actually liked seducing men and having sex…sometimes though, that girl was way too open about her sex-life.

Elizabeth snorted just thinking about when they were in high school and how Meredith was rivals with this one ginger girl who was trying to ruin Meredith's life because her boyfriend couldn't keep his privates in his pants.

Elizabeth didn't actually know how she became friends with Meredith. It just happened like most things in her life. Trouble for one thing.

"Why are you leaving the sun for a grey waste of land?" Meredith chuckled.

Elizabeth grunted as she stuffed the rest of her bags into the trunk of her worn out yellow beetle, slamming the trunk close quickly. "I got a job offer there."

"Really? Where?"

"They transferred me to the FBI unit for a Criminal Profiler and all that. I'm a Detective after all so yes, it does concern me when they personally ask me to be there. It's not like I had a choice," she grumbled.

"So you accepting that job offer has nothing to with you checking up on Will right?"

"Yes, because I would just up and move away from the life that I've known for years just to keep an eye on him in case he breaks," Elizabeth said sarcastically.

Meredith raised an eyebrow expectantly at her. "You would if something was happening with him."

"Will is fine…I think."

"How?" Meredith inquired with interest and curiosity.

"Okay! You win! I-I just have this feeling that something isn't right," Elizabeth confessed after sighing.

"Some freaky twin telepathy thing, right?"

Elizabeth laughed. "Yeah so you better not try to strangle me in my sleep for taking one of your shirts or something or my brother will come get you."

Meredith chuckled and shook her head. "Oh, come on, you and I both know that Will doesn't need a reason to kill me. He'd do it for free if given the choice, Lizzie."

Elizabeth sighed. "Why do you two hate each other so much? You're both so rude and nasty to each other. I mean you two suck the joy out of opening presents on Christmas morning every time and you know how I love Christmas."

"It's not my fault," Meredith replied stubbornly. "He always starts it with his glares and the fucking narrowing of his eyes, Lizzie."

Elizabeth raised an eyebrow at that because Will had said almost the exact same thing about her friend just two days prior which was strange actually. "Someday you two are going to get married or some shit and you know what? I am going the gloat the entire time because I was right."

"I'd rather let a homeless man fuck me than your brother if we're being honest."

Meredith yelped and fell off of the ledge as Elizabeth had thrown a pillow from her car at the girl's head.

"Don't you dare talk about my brother that way, Meredith Charles Hopkins," Elizabeth scolded.

Meredith rubbed her head as she scowled. "Okay, jeez, sorry. Forgot how weirdly protective you two can be over each other."

Elizabeth shrugged. "We've always been that way for as long as I can remember. Well, if you need me, Mer, I'll be in Wolf Trap...and Baltimore."

Meredith quickly wrapped her arms around her tightly, hugging her. "You better be okay over there or I'll kick Will's ass, Lizzie. I would go fucking crazy if I lost you."

Elizabeth smiled and hugged her back. "I know. I'll miss you too."

The two girls pulled away, Elizabeth put a curl of blonde hair behind her ear, sighing. "I know he needs me there. You know about the last time that he slipped up, Mer."

"I think the whole world knows how unstable-"

"Meredith, don't." Elizabeth's words were sharp as she snapped at her friend. All of her life people had call Will by so many names luckily he was tough-skinned and able to take on the heat. But that didn't stop Elizabeth from beating them, her control slipping through her fingertips whenever her temper got the best of her. It was as if the sophisticated and polite Elizabeth had mentally been put to sleep for a couple of minutes, and an alternate person-her evil doppelganger to say had come alive in that moment.

That part of her frightened her to her very core.

Meredith nodded with a grim look on her face. "You know I worry about you with him."

"Then don't," she said with a hint of coldness in her voice. "Don't worry about me. I always have my gun near me. In my boot, remember?"

Meredith nodded again and replied, "Well, still. I feel like when you leave…never mind. I'm just being silly is all."

Elizabeth smiled and then turned to go to her car, stepping into the car with a loud sigh. She turned on the ignition and made her way to Baltimore, Maryland.

Here we go.

Elizabeth Graham almost looked like her brother, Will, but only in the eyes.

Everything else about them was completely different. It was ironic how different the two were since they were twins. Will being born first by two minutes. Elizabeth had long almost golden curly hair, she was pretty with fair skin and defining cheekbones with full lips that were kissable enough to get any man.

She liked reading books-books were her favorite. She always had her nose stuck in a book. When she was young, most boys would say that it was a shame she rather spend her time curling up with a good book than going out and acting her own age. Even as Elizabeth had looked out of her window while reading a book when she was sixteen, she had seen boys her age running down the street acting like frat boys, she was not tempted to join them for some reason.

She never had the urge or the need as well.

Elizabeth was repeating her reading of "The Great Gatsby" again. It was in her top five novels along with the classic "Pride & Prejudice". She had her eyes down on the page as she walked into the building where her job would be and where she would be meeting an Agent Jack Crawford to discuss what it was that she was even doing here in the first place.

She shivered slightly and pulled her read leather jacket closer to her body as she was wearing a light blue long sleeved shirt with a white tank top underneath it with jeans and brown combat books. She bit her lip as she got to the part where Nick and Gatsby finally met at his party. Just as Gatsby was going to say his famous line, she bumped into a hard chest that actually smelled very nice…and really good.

Elizabeth would have fallen flat on her butt if strong hands hadn't wrapped themselves around her upper arms, holding her still. She shook herself out of the dizziness and shock of the situation. She looked up into maroon eyes and smiled apologetically.

"Sorry, guess I should've watched where I was going, huh?" She joked then chuckled nervously since he was staring at her silently.

Elizabeth gulped and then inquired, "Are you okay?"

Whatever it was that was clouding his mind was suddenly gone as he blinked twice and then smiled courteously at her. "Yes. I am perfectly fine."

"I'm sorry again, Mr…"

"Dr. Lecter," he answered. "Hannibal Lecter."

The man in front of her could be described as insanely handsome, but also well-groomed and looked fantastic in a suit. But boy can that man work a suit and those cheekbones my god- oh, my, God what is wrong with me?! I just barely met him and am already having inappropriate thoughts about him.

"Well, Dr. Lecter, I again am very sorry."

"Do you apologize often?" he asked curiously.

Elizabeth knitted her brows in confusion. "Why does that matter? I was only being polite to you. That is all, Doctor."

Her eyes saw her book on the ground and looked at it, wondering why his hands were still on her and haven't let her go yet. Dr. Lecter looked to where she was looking and bent down, stepping away from her and picking up the book, glancing at it.

"Fitzgerald? Interesting man."

"More like a realism kind of man to how he perceives society, Doctor. Even though I do believe that some of the novel's aspects were based on his life with his wife."

"How so, Miss…"

She smiled. "I don't mean to be rude, but I don't give my name out to strangers, Dr. Lecter. I may be a blonde, but I am definitely not dumb."

"Cautious," he clarified with a small curve upwards of his lips. "What is he to you?"

"He's one of my favorite authors."

"One of your favorites? Who's the first?"

She smiled softly. "I would have to say that it would be Stephen King, I always liked mysteries and a thriller. Then it would be Mark Twain sometimes. He's tied with another author at the moment."

"Who made you fall in love with literature?" Dr. Lecter asked curiously.

She pulled away from him and grabbed the book out of his hand. "If we are to meet again, Doctor, then I'll answer your question. It was lovely meeting you, good-bye."

She stepped around him and felt his eyes burning into her as she quickly walked towards the lengthy building cluttered together. She walked up the steps and went inside of the front building, glancing around in thought as she looked for some type of symbol or information to lead her to where the agent was.

She turned a corner and walked down a long empty hallway, suddenly the hairs on the back of her neck stood up and she felt like she was being followed. Her stomach felt like it was tied up in knots as she tired to keep the pace of her heart normal and her walk usual, but her back straightened against her will in defense. Elizabeth whirled around quickly and found nothing, but an empty hall that was as silent as a crypt.

Her heart was pumping in her ears and against her chest, her palms sweaty. She hadn't had that kind of eerie feeling crawling up her spine since her last case. It nearly tore her apart.

A hand stretched out behind Elizabeth and went for her shoulder.

Elizabeth screamed in fright.


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