"Welcome back by the way, Lizzie," Jimmy greeted and raised his eyebrows at what was behind her.

"I couldn't leave my rugrats at home," she joked at the three children behind her who were doing God knows what.

"They certainly are your children…did you have another boy?"

"No, he's the son of my boyfriend, Mathew who is the father of the child that I'm pregnant with right now actually," she informed him.

"Congratulations," Jimmy told her, smiling widely. "You deserve to be happy…does he know?"

"He knows. I knew that I wouldn't be able to hide it from him especially if I am on this special case." Elizabeth replied grimly. "My children are the light of my live and I would be dammed if anyone hurts them."

"He's a killer-"

She immediately shushed him. "Not so loud. I swear these kids have super-hearing or something. I don't want them to know about who Hannibal really is…it would not only scare them, but perhaps break their hearts."

"I understand actually," Brian replied. "He's their father…they have a right to know though."

"I know, but just not right now. Their childhoods should be filled with rainbows, laughter, and fairytales, you guys. I don't want to bring them darkness or sadness. Hannibal wants the same thing too…at least I think he does."

"How did the meeting go?" Jimmy asked.

"Three words: Never going back."

"You gonna have to."

"Will can do it for me," she suggested. "Hannibal is also obsessed with him. I'm sure that it would do them both good actually."

"I hope your children never have to know what kind of man Hannibal really is," Jimmy told her softly. "You're right. They don't need to know any of that."

Elizabeth looked around the room and noted as she changed the subject, "This place hasn't changed a bit. I see that you've left my office the same too."

"I guess we all hoped that you and Will would come back," Brain explained with a light shrug.

"I know…but I had to leave after everything. I was in too deep and I knew that it would happen again," Elizabeth reminded them.

"Mama," Valerie whined. "You promised."

"We'll go see him in an hour, darling, okay," Elizabeth told her when she bent down, pushing the curls out of her daughter's face. "Mommy's just saying hello to a couple of old friends of her and Daddy's."

"You know Daddy," Valeria whispered.

Brian and Jimmy gave each other a look she knew too well. Brian nodded. "Yeah. We did."

"Did? Do you visit him?"

"Not anymore."

"Why not? Daddy won't bite," Valerie chuckled causing a cautious look on Elizabeth's face. "He's nice too. Is he not nice?"

"Come on. Let's go then," Elizabeth quickly changed the subject to avoid her daughter from asking even more questions.

Valeria smiled brightly and Elizabeth picked her up in her arms, holding Alaric's hand as they started to walk out of the building. Ichabod looked around and then told Brian and Jimmy, "Sorry about my sister…she cares a lot about our father. Have a nice day."

Ichabod turned around and scurried to catch up with his family. Elizabeth always watched her son closely, not wanting him to be like Hannibal, but with every passing day it always seemed like he was becoming less and less of Hannibal.

Valerie, on the other hand, was deeply attached to her father. They all guessed it was because he was never in her life, so she didn't know him all that well, but desperately wanted to.

She kissed the top of her head lightly as they traveled to the hospital. While Valerie went inside, Ichabod suddenly stood outside with Alaric beside him. She touched his shoulder, asking, "What is it, sweetie?"

"I don't want to leave Alaric alone," Ichabod told her.

She smiled at her sweet and caring boy. "He won't be alone. Right, Alaric?"

Alaric nodded quickly. "Yeah, we never have to be alone again."

"Go inside."

Ichbod looked hesitantly at the door then at Alaric who said, "He's scared."

"Why," she asked anxiously.

"I overheard what you and Daddy's friends were talking about," he admitted.

"That was grown-up talk-"

"Did he kill people?"

Elizabeth sighed and rubbed his back when he ran into her arms. "I'm so sorry you had to hear any of this."

Valerie suddenly came back out as Ichabod cried into her chest, holding tightly onto her. "Daddy wants to know where Ichabod is. Alaric too…he wants to meet him."

Alaric stood closer to Elizabeth. "Do I have to go?"

She shook her head. "No, you don't have to do anything you don't want to do."

She turned to Valerie, telling her, "Tell your father that Ichabod is not feeling well right now and neither is Alaric."

Valerie seemed unconvinced, but still obeyed her mother, going back into the room.

Ichabod fell to sleep in her arms as Alaric suddenly said, "I'm glad that you're gonna be my new mommy."

Her eyes widened. "What?"

He suddenly put his hands over his mouth immediately. "Oops! I wasn't supposed to tell you that. Daddy told me not to…"

"It's alright," Elizabeth assured him. "I'm glad that I'm gaining a son. Soon, you'll be gaining either a little brother or sister."

Alaric gave her a genuine smile, stating, "I'm gonna be the best older brother that they could ever have."

He's proposing?

Will I say yes?

Is it too quick?

Valerie came back into the room with a bright smile as she held onto her teddy bear named Mr. Pickles, the smile turning into an angry frown.

"I'll take your books, I'll take your drawings, I'll take your toilet," Alana whispered to him. "I'll even make sure that your children can't visit you anymore. I know how much they mean to you."

"Elizabeth will never let that happen," Hannibal protested.

"She's already got a new life, Hannibal. One that doesn't involve you," Alana reminded him.

"That's mean," Valerie suddenly said aloud, catching everyone's attention since none them knew that she was even in there. She always had silent feet and could sneak up on people, scaring them. That is why she is so good at Hide-And-Seek. "Why are you being so mean to my Daddy?"

If Hannibal could, he would've killed Alana for what she said in front of his daughter.

"Don't you dare," Hannibal said firmly to Alana when her mouth opened. "Please leave, Dr. Bloom. I would like to speak to my daughter alone."

Alana and the orderlies left them, Hannibal smiled at his daughter. "Hello, princess."

"Hi, Daddy," she replied after she stopped glaring at Alana.

"Where's your brother and Alaric? I would like to finally meet him."

Valerie turned around, glancing around for any sign of her brother, but couldn't find him. "I don't where he is. He was right behind me and Mr. Pickles."

"Can you please get them for me?"

She nodded obediently, walking out of the room to go see what was happening.

A few minutes later, Valerie walked back into the room with a sad look on her face.

"He's not feeling well and neither is Alaric…"

"But?" He drawled out.

"But brother was crying for some reason and Mommy looked sad too, more sad than normally."

"Is your mother always sad?"

"Sometimes," Valerie answered, coming closer to the glass wall. "Sometimes she's happy and other times, she pretends. I think she misses you, Daddy. I wish you were home."

"I know…so do I, princess," Hannibal replied with a sad smile. "I want to be in your lives as much as I can."

"How long will you be in here?" She whined, putting her tiny hand on the glass.

"All of my life," Hannibal admitted.

Valerie suddenly started to cry and Hannibal desperately wished that he could hold her, wiping her tears away. "I miss you so much though…"

He shushed her and told her, "I miss you too and there is not a minute that goes by that I don't think of you, your brother, and your mother."

"What about my new brother or sister? Do you think about them?"

"I want you to promise me that you will be the greatest big sister that that child has ever seen before, Valentina," Hannibal said. "Promise?"

She nodded urgently. "I promise, Daddy."

"Good because while I can't be there for them, I need you to take care of them in my place, do you understand what I am saying, Valentina?"

"Got it."

"Make me proud, princess."

"I promise I will…and so does Mr. Pickles."


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