Too Good To Last

Lee and Amanda arrived at his apartment late on a sunny September afternoon. They had been out since before sunrise.

Their current case started six frustratingly long days earlier. It seemed that no matter how many hours they worked they were no

closer to finding the missing diary that Billy had tasked them with finding.

Lee was covered from head to toe in mud. He sighed deeply and shook his head. " Let me just grab a quick shower and then we can head out. " Amanda kissed him lightly and sat down on the couch to wait while he showered. It sure feels good to sit down…I didn't realize how exhausted I am. We've done nothing but work for almost a week . At least we have been able to spend plenty of time alone. We really haven't been alone together for such long blocks of time since we got married. Amanda's eyes slowly drifted closed as she thought about all the different directions they had been pulled in since they came back from California.

When he was done with his shower and dressed in clean casual clothes Lee returned to the living room . He smiled at the sight of his wife napping on his couch. I hate to wake her but if I don't we're going to miss another dinner with the family. I haven't seen the boys and Dotty in over a week. It's been less then a year that I've been spending time with them and now they're treating me like I'm part of the family. " Amanda" he whispered as he gently stroked her arm. Amanda blinked her eyes and smiled up at him.

"Let's get going so that we don't miss it again." Lee said while reaching out his hand to pull Amanda to her feet.

" Hey , slow down . What are you afraid of missing again ?" Amanda asked.

"Dinner with the family. Joe must have dropped the boys off by now. If we leave right now we can help your mother make dinner."

Amanda stopped right where she was standing despite Lee's attempt to pull her towards the door. "It's been such a long weekend. You must be beat…I know I am. We should call it a day. You should stay here and get some rest. It's a school night so I'd like to get the boys settled down early. I'm going to turn in early too. I have an early class in the morning then we have to get back to work on this case."

Lee was so surprised by Amanda's determination to leave alone that he didn't know what to say. When he didn't say anything Amanda kissed him , said " I love you." , and rushed out the door. What the hell was that about? Just this morning she said she was so happy that we were spending so much time together.