Too Good To Last , chapter 13

Lee reached out and ran his thumb along Amanda's jaw line as she looked

into his intense hazel eyes and smiled at him shyly. They shared a slow and

tender kiss and then backed up a little from each other while still holding


"I love you. I'm sorry." they both blurted out at once.

"I don't understand. You have nothing to be sorry about. I've been so awful

to you . Why are you apologizing to me?" Amanda's eyes reflected the

confusion she felt.

"Because the first chance that I got to prove that I'm ready to be part of

your family I screwed it up. I should have taken Jamie out of there myself

not sent him by himself. I couldn't stop thinking about the other kids. There

were so few adults in there and some of them looked more scared than the

kids. The agent in me couldn't just leave and hope that it all turned out

okay." Lee looked down sadly and shook his head.

"Now you wait one minute, Buster. You risked your life to protect Jamie

and you did make sure that he got out safely. Jamie understands why you sent him out alone . You wouldn't be the man that we ALL love and respect

if you hadn't done what you felt you had to do " Amanda concluded.

" I think we need to talk about living like a family all the time but I think

Billy is gonna bust a gut if we stand here talking any longer. You should

take Jamie home and let me go with Billy to work things out with Metro.

I'll call you as soon as he drops me at the apartment."

"No" , Amanda responded to Lee's surprise.

"What do you mean ? I thought you want us to be a family." Lee replied.

" We are a family. When you and Billy are done here I want him to bring

you to the house. You're injured so you should spend tonight with your

family. You can sleep in my bed-"

"Really ? " Lee asked while wiggling his eyebrows suggestively at Amanda.

"Yes, really. I'll be sleeping on the couch in the family room . We shouldn't sleep in the same bed until the boys think we're married."

"Um, Amanda, we are married" Lee stated feigning impatience.

"We still have to work out how to let the family know about our secrets.

Please be patient a little bit longer " Amanda requested.

"I'll wait as long as it takes. I love you all" Lee answered with the depth of

his feelings obvious in his voice.

"I finally understand that" Amanda answered with a new found sense of

peace concerning all the new directions life was taking her in.