Just A Coincidence Epilogue

Dear Jay,

Once upon a time, there was an ordinary girl who didn't think much about attraction, the
opposite sex, and love for that matter. She hated (no scratch that part because it's too strong of a
word) she 'disliked' her life because of her perception about relationships in general.

And what caused her to be this way?

The answer: being... incredibly... utterly... excruciatingly, annoyingly freaking stubborn.


So stubborn that she couldn't see, at first, all that the good things that could've happened earlier
in her simple and boring life.

Oh yeah.

And a great misunderstanding can be added to answer that question.

The misunderstanding had also contributed to her assumption that she was destined to not ever
find anyone for herself.

Because she "over heard" something three years ago, she automatically thought, "ah yes. I was
rejected, therefore, no one would ever think of me romantically."

And so she became unaware of her misery (somewhat) and her characteristic of being
"stubborn" got in the way of her seeing how she truly felt all those three years ago in general
and... about 'HIM'.


Now all that said, so what?

Really? And who's him?

Well, simple. And I'm getting to that part.

Okay. It all changed.

Hell yes. It HAD to change... she practically had no choice!

How? How exactly? And once again, WHO is 'HIM'?


She drempt of some (shhh) sexy anonymous guy (for more than a year or so) who had set her
aflame night after night. He would whisk her away with his suave moves and his sexy aura and
he was... simply put - unbelievable.

And then, the girl bought a journal. And with this journal she decided to put her description of
the dreams she had been getting, something to logically put into. And it only made sense to do

She then went online one night, met a strange guy who had been dreaming (like her) about a girl.
They had stayed in contact for a while until something strange and fantastic happened.

They had met each other in a place they both drempt of. The school gym.

And after that night, nothing between her and that guy she had been talking to was ever the same
again. In fact, they became cyber lovers. Or rather, they had an online relationship without the


Mina, her best friend, was already planning for her eighteenth birthday party. A very important
birthday party too, might I add, and a series of consecutive rehearsals for the exciting (uh... right)
Waltz was going to happen.


Being Mina's best friend, the girl decides to do what her friend wished and unwillingly
submitted herself to be Pretty Boy's dancing partner. And not to mention, the girl was highly
prone to accidents to Pretty Boy.

Who the hell is 'Pretty Boy'?

Darien Mamoru Chiba.

And that should answer the 'HIM' part.

Mr. Andrew's best friend, the guy who had managed to annoy her when she bought her journal,
the guy who dated TABs, the guy who she had been talking to romantically online, the guy that
pried into her journal and she had gotten pissed to, and yes...

HE was the guy whom she had been dreaming about... all those glorious nights.

All these... factors... have been the main reasons to how she changed her perception about...
romantic things.

And about herself.

But the questions that I write now is:


Why to Serena Usagi Tsukino?

Why to Darien Mamoru Chiba?

What the hell is the moral of this unique story?


"Serena? Hello there?"

"Mm... Yeah wait."

"PMS girl?"

"Eh... shh." I muttered, trying not to be distracted from finishing what I was writing.

Yeah. I was writing in my journal. (Not surprising huh?)

"Meatball head?" His utterly annoying yet sweet deep voice cooed once and again. "Yoohoo
darling. My LOVE. Writing my name infinity times in your journal again?"

I rose my eyebrow without having looked up yet. "NO Mr. Ego-the-size-of-the-universe I am not
writing your name infinity times because I'm not a moron. And what's this? Is this one of the
famous 'Chiba Charm' pick-up lines you've used before on easily 'wooed' women? Wow. It's
going to take more than lame pick up lines to get me all 'riled up' Darien my 'DARLING

"Why do I get the feeling sharing that useless information with you wasn't a good idea?" He
stated in mock defeat, myself sensing a hint of a smirk plastered on his face.

"Because you're dating a girl who just so happened to dislike you for three years and all of a
sudden like your 'Pretty Boy' face one night in Mina's birthday party." I finally looked up and
gave him a sly grin with a wink. "And yes. Who KNOWS what this girl might do with that
'interesting' bit of information you've bestowed upon her... Considering you almost gave her
and yourself hypothermia by having been... oh I don't know... locked OUT."

"About the Hypothermia... I'm telling you it was an accident. And... who said you "suddenly"
liked me at Mina's party? From what I've interpreted from our online conversations, you fell for
me pretty fast." He chuckled, finally turning back to face his so-called 'Entertainment' system
complete with surround sound (or what I'd like to say the monstrosity called the TV with all the
bells and whistles) he owned. He had his PS2 console plugged in and was playing (yes an RPG
game) with it for more than an hour and a half since we walked in. And yes. We were hanging
out in his apartment for the afternoon. (Oh yeah, being caught red handed already, I might as
well say I've been here more than once now).

"Humph." I gave a fake frown. The guy did make a point. I already liked him 'a lot' online way
before the truth came out... heck even before being online. Ugh-

"By the way, that wasn't a pick up line... I was trying to get you to come over here and play with

"My goodness. The very purpose of getting someone to come over and 'play' with you is what a
pick-up line is all about, Sugar." I closed the journal now and placed it in my back pack. I then
walked over to his gray leather couch and sat comfortably next to him. "By the way. Your
character stats are low and there's no way you're going to beat the boss."

He then gave me an innocent grin, placed a (slightly muscular) arm around my shoulders, his
other hand handing me the black PS2 controller, and whispered huskily to my ear (which made
me blush like no tomorrow), "Beat the boss and help me out or I won't kiss the daylights out of

"Is... that a threat?" I suddenly had the urge to squirm away from his arm. He was looking at me
now with a look I've never seen before (anyone want to yell 'sexual innuendo' right now?).
Then, after looking at him with a 'deer-caught-in-the-headlights' look for five seconds, I leaned
into his right ear and tried to seductively whisper, "Or is that... another pick up line?"

"Both." Was his only response.

And you bet I tried to win that boss battle!




"Don't you ever wonder? You know. About that thing?" I lazily asked after pulling away from
his lips, both my hands idly massaging his right hand affectionately. Guess what? I lost the boss
battle anyway and after thirty minutes of trying, he still gave me his end of the deal.

Wow. And what a deal that was but anyway (Ahem)...

"What thing?"

"The stuff that happened to us?" I asked again, my right index finger lightly tracing the contours
of his hand. "Like why we drempt of each other and... how we met online?"

"Well... Yeah."


"Coincidence or fate?" He asked, surprising me a little.

"I... Don't know."

"And I have indirectly answered your question."