Slayer in the Xenoverse

(Disclaimer: I don't own Buffy the Vampire Slayer nor do I own Dragon Ball Xenoverse this is my first attempt at a story so please be a little merciful.)


(Buffy's POV)

It was a year or two after the fall of Sunnydale and I was still dealing with the losses of that final battle. Giles had moved us into this old castle in Ireland. It was dank, cold and stuffy but it would house the Slayer Army and the new Slayer Council. So many had died during the battle with the First Evil. Even leading up to the battle lives had been lost. I won and yet I failed so miserably. Now I'm expected to lead a slayer army when I couldn't even lead a small group of slayers. I don't deserve it. Giles would be better suited. He has led and guided me through everything. Yes, Giles can do it. He can succeed where I failed. He can protect Dawn for me. Xander, Willow, Dawn, forgive me! I can't do it. I can't stay. I can't protect you.

With that said Buffy left a note on her desk and jumped out the window of her chamber. In the cold night air she began to fly. Lately she had acquired other new powers. She could fly and punch like superman. Also her speed had increased drastically. Willow said that it was because of all the slayers that get killed in the line of duty. She somehow had siphoned their powers upon their death. This made Buffy feel wrong. She felt like she had become the very thing she fights against in her mind for she had become a vampire. A vampire-that's what she is! She had no right to call herself the slayer.

(Trunk's POV)

Meanwhile in the Toki Toki world, Trunks was walking toward the Time Nest when he felt an evil energy arise from it. He flew into the nest and picked up the time scroll. He gasped as it was coated in a black aura of energy. Trunks knew that this was something he could handle himself. He was the only member of the time patrol that get it done.. However, when he looked inside the scroll to the point in time that was being distorted he knew he could not go to that time. It would only make things worse. His hand clenched the scroll in anger as he felt helpless to stop the changes in history. Trunks said, "Dammit, why did it have to be this time line. I can't help Gohan, Goku, and Mr. Piccolo. Forgive me!"

(Supreme Kai of Time POV)

"There was another option. Trunks, you don't have to do this all alone." "Supreme Kai of Time, what do you mean there's another way" asks Trunks. "We could use the dragon balls to bring us a potential member of the time patrol with the strength we need" the Supreme Kai of Time replies. "That's brilliant! The dragon would bring us the perfect warrior to help safeguard history" says Trunks. With that Trunks flew off to collect the dragon balls as best he can. After much hardship and toil he manages to collect all seven dragon balls and brings them to the pedestal in the center of the Toki Toki world.

(Trunk's POV)

Once all seven were carefully placed on to the pedestal he took this time to brace himself. Trunks had never summoned or seen the dragon before and was a little nervous. "Now rise Shenron and make my wish come true" Trunks shouts! Just then the dragon balls began to glow. The sky above Trunks went dark and it began to thunder. At the same time in Ireland, Buffy noticed the sky also turning black. At the castle Willow also felt the magic in the air and gasped in fear as she had never felt such power. Then back in the Toki Toki world the eternal dragon shot into the sky. His body covered the entire world and his head was in front of Trunks. "Why have you summoned me to this place? Speak now and have your wish granted so I can leave" says Shenron." Trunks is a little taken aback by the dragon and is about to respond as he gazes into the dragon's red eyes.