Chapter 1 : Blue Eyes

No doubt about it, I thought, She's my daughter.

The blonde excused herself for the accidental bump into me as the train came to a stop. Her eyes met mine, blue against blue, her friend next to her gave a glare at me, "Come on, Maya," the brunette stated, tugging the girl out of the train as the doors opened.

I followed them, my daughter, I continued to think, I know it's her. Maya.

They climbed up the stairs, up onto the busy streets of New York, I didn't even know what I was doing. I didn't live in this area, the penthouse was on the other side of Manhattan. Her blonde locks bounced off her shoulders, which were shrugged down, while the brunette walked with an almost jaunty expression. Her hair flowed in the wind, the heels of her brown boots clicking against the cement sidewalk.

Maya turned and saw me following, no more than fifteen-feet away from them. Not the greatest impression I wanted to make on her, because she quickly gripped her friend by the arm, and whispered something in her ear. The two quickly darted down the sidewalk, walking fast, and might I add, with style.

I was in quick pursuit, I need to talk to her. I need to see her face.

The pair turned a corner, and as I made the abrupt turn, found no one. They were gone.


My hand wiped down my face, my nails digging through my morning shadow. I sighed out loud, getting the unwanted attention from strangers. I swiftly made my way down the sidewalk, hoping to catch a glimpse of blonde hair. But in New York, there were thousands of blondes, anyone of them could be her, my daughter.

- Maya's POV -

"Who was that?" Riley asked, pulling away the curtain to see out of the window. I sat beside her, breathing steadily, with a shrug of my shoulders, she dropped the question.

She stood up, muttering something about a creep.

There was something about him, I thought, He looked familiar.

My phone buzzed in my pocket, I whipped it out and read the message: "Darling, I'm afraid I have to take an extra shift tonight. I'm so sorry! I'll be home by midnight. Love you!"

"Your mom?" Riley asked me, my face darkened and nodded, "Took another shift," I replied, a gentle sigh escaping my throat. Her face saddened at the sight of mine, "You can eat dinner with us."

I nodded slowly, I love this family.

A knock at the door caught both of our attention, our recent 'escape' from that man left us both on edge, Riley cautiously walked to the door, and looked through the peephole. I saw a smile form, so it must be someone we knew. She unlocked and opened the door, with Lucas and Farkle walking in.

"Ladies..." The smaller boy stated, giving Riley and I his 'sexy' face.

"Farkle..." We both replied in unison, with me walking past him and to the kitchen. I heard Riley start up a conversation with Farkle and Ranger Rick, while I replied to my mom's text.

"Staying at Riley's for dinner. Might sleep over, but not sure yet."

Seconds later I got another reply, "Okay Darling, be good. Love you!"

I quickly slid my phone back in my pocket, before taking a look inside the Matthew's fridge. A wonderful place that always had food, unlike my own, and was always cold, unlike my own. Heck, this thing even had a water dispenser and everything.

Without looking, my hand went straight for the string cheese, none of the Matthew's even like string cheese, but they buy it just for me, that's when I knew this family cared for me, probably even more than my own.

My thoughts were interrupted by Lucas calling out my name, I turned around, "Mmph?"

"Ya alright?" He asked me, I nodded before peeling off some cheese, and plopping it into my mouth. He walked over to me, and locked his lips with mine, the kiss lasted several seconds before we broke apart. His emerald eyes made me melt, "Ya sure?"

With a smile, I stated, "I'm fine, sheriff."

"Who would've bet these two would be trading saliva?" Farkle asked, Riley chuckled and said, "Maya's always had a thing for cowboys."

True. Very, very true. I bit my bottom lip, "Girl's gotta eat."

- Morgan's POV -

My feet stepped into the elevator, after all these years, the secret can't come out now. I won't let it. I pressed the button, and the doors slowly closed.

Why did I go after her? All I did was bring attention to myself, and that was the exact opposite of what I wanted to happen! God, this is my punishment for taking the subway.

The doors opened up, and I walked out into the living room. "Hey dad," Emma called out, sitting on the couch. Her hair reminded me of Maya, I didn't even notice it at first.

"Are you okay?"

My staring must have made her uncomfortable, because she left the room after I answered her question with a simple, "Yes."

Jessie came down the stairs a few minutes later, surprised to see me, no doubt. With a firm voice, she greeted me, "Morgan, I know why you're here."

Why am I here again? Crap, I can't believe I forgot.

"The doctor said Luke will just need to wear the cast for six weeks."

Yep, officially the worst father ever. Okay, maybe Darth Vader is an exception.

"Er, right! Luke fell on his arm during dance practice. I remember." I stated, cringing as I heard what I just said, didn't sound good. Jessie gave a confused look, but didn't give it enough attention.

"Yeah, um, he fell," Jessie managed to get out, "Christina's coming later tonight. Her flight got delayed."

Just perfect, I smiled, "Great."

"Do you wanna see Luke?" She asked, almost innocently.

I nodded, and followed her upstairs. She gently opened the door, and I walked into his room. Luke was laying in bed, sound asleep. A brand-new cast on his left arm, it was blue, his favorite color.

I backed out, silently closing the door, "How long has he been asleep?"

"About half-an-hour or so..."

- Maya's POV -

"Want seconds, Maya?" Mrs. Matthews asked me, I looked up, with some noodles dangling from my lips. I realized my plate was pretty much clear, while the others had barely made a dent. I shook my head no, "I'm good, thank you."

She nodded, and proceeded on eating. I looked down at my plate, Guess I was hungrier than I thought.

"Can Maya have a sleepover?" Riley asked, taking in a bite of spaghetti.

I looked up, seeing her parents faces, "Sure, it's Friday, and we don't have to be anywhere in the morning," Mr. Matthews stated.

A smile spread across my face, Sweet!

"Thanks," I replied.

Soon, Riley and I were in her room, she was going through her DVD collection, while I twiddled my locket in my hands, something about that man was irritating me. I think Riley forgot about it, she didn't mention it during dinner, and I didn't even have to courage to re-visit the situation.

There was a knock on the door, Riley yelled, "Come in!"

Mrs. Matthews walked in, her hair up in a pony-tail, "We're going to bed, girls. Promise not to stay up too late?"

I nodded, "Don't worry Mrs. Matthews, we're just gonna watch a movie, and then we'll be off to bed."

My eyes locked with Riley, who had a devilish smile, we had no intention of going to bed anytime soon. The older woman smiled, and blew a kiss to Riley, before leaving the room.

"Boy time?" I asked. She smiled, and repeated, "Boy time."

- Morgan's POV -

My fingers shifted through the pictures, I had boxes filled with pictures from all the movies I've ever done, I stopped when I saw the picture I was looking for, from the casting call of Galactopus.

The picture was of a blonde woman, I was standing next to her, a script in each of our hands. She didn't get the part, obviously, but I remember taking an interest in her, and I remember following that interest later that night.

What was her name? Crap! I remember her, and I remember her telling me she was pregnant. I don't even know what I was thinking! I was married, happily married! I already had a daughter, Emma, and we were thinking about having another kid. God, what the hell is wrong with me?

My thinking was interrupted when I heard a knock at the door, "Morgan? Sweetie?"

Christina! Shit.

"Come in," I stated, pushing the box back into the closet as she opened the door, "What're you doing?" she asked, seeing me close the closet doors.

"Looking for a shirt," I lied through my teeth, faking a smile. Christina thought nothing of it, "Have you seen Luke?"

I nodded, "He was asleep last time I checked."

"Might want to check again, he's asking for you."

My feet moved on their own, if my son needed me, I was gonna be there. With all the other times my children needed me, and I was off filming a movie or something, I would be wracked with guilt for days on end.

I slipped past the doorway, seeing my son lying in his bed, gazing at his broken arm.

"Hey, Kiddo!" My voice shook, and he noticed, giving me a crooked look, "Hey, Dad," he replied.

"Is your arm feeling alright?"

He gave a fake smile, "Hurts like a bitch."

"Luke!" I hissed, "Don't curse!"

His smile grew more, "Got your attention didn't it?"

Touché. I sat down on the end of his bed, seeing him shift under the covers, resting his arm on a pillow he pulled down, "So what's wrong?" I asked. His childlike smile dissolved into a sigh, his chest rising and falling slowly, "Dad, ever since you and Mom found out about Claire, you two haven't been on the best of terms with each other."

Claire Preston, the snot-nosed bitch that took my son's virginity.

"It's kind of hard to process the fact that our fifteen-year-old son had sex with a seventeen-year-old senior. Whom he met for the first time the same day she took his virginity. It was especially hard to process because we found out via email, after your Biology teacher caught you both in the act." I snapped, okay, I may have been a little hard on him, it was three months ago after all.

His eyes left mine, wondering around his room, "Luke, when you have kids and this time comes, you'll understand."

I looked at his arm, while he looked down at his sports-themed covers, crumpled up underneath us, "At least my suspension is over!" He gave a shy-smile, making me smile like a kid, "Not funny," I stated, despite the grin growing on my face.

Bertram walked in, in his unusual butler-attire, and a foreign look to his face; a smile. "Mr. Ross? Kennedy Sherman is here, from the adoption agency."

That old hag, again? "Be right down," I smiled at him, Okay, maybe I should give her some slack, she did give us Luke, Ravi, and Zuri after all. Hopefully Ethan will be the next!

- Maya's POV -

My arms wrapped around the broad shoulders of my hunky Ranger Rick, his emerald-eyes gazing into my ocean-blue. His warm hands around my waist, my body pressed against his.

Farkle climbed through the window, greeted by our 'affection', while Riley giggled it off on the bed.

"Let's keep it PG kiddos," He rolled his eyes, "We all know Lucas got the girl!"

I pulled away, eyeing him, "You don't even like girls."

"Still," He whispered.

Riley shushed us, eyeing her door, listening for movement outside. Nothing. We were in the clear.

"Okay, what movie are we watching?" Farkle asked, while Lucas and I took a seat on the window-seat, which was like a pedestal in his eyes, in mine it was a comfy spot my tush liked to be.

"Galactopus," I said, "I've loved that movie my entire life! My mom auditioned for it y'know..."

Riley grinned, "Really? I never knew that?"

"Yeah, me neither," Lucas whispered in my ear, nudging his forehead against mine, making my smile grow about twice as big. A slight giggle may have escaped my lips, but we'll just pretend that never happened. Got it? Good.

"She didn't get the part, obviously, but it was pretty cool. She had pictures taken and everything..."

Riley pried herself off the cozy bed, and walked over to the DVD player, movie in hand. While Lucas and I took the opportunity to migrate over to the bed, pushing Farkle off in the process. Couples get dibs, that's how it works.

Okay, I understand why Farkle gave up on me, not just because he's gay, but I'm also a bit mean to him. Wait, no. I'm Maya Hart, that's who I am. Ugh, stop thinking, it's movie time, and by movie time I mean time to silently make-out with my extremely hunky cowboy.

Riley turned off the lights, and laid down on the floor beside Farkle, and she pressed the play button on the remote, starting the movie.

- Morgan's POV -

"Hello, Mrs. Sherman, nice to see you again."

The wrinkles on her face were more than unsettling, along with her crooked smirk, and the glass eye. Okay, she didn't have a glass eye, but how cool would that be?!

"Mr. Ross..." Her voice lingered, the old-battered sound straining my ears, I gave her a fake-smile, "Welcome to our-"

She raised her wrinkled-little hand, "I've been here too many times, Mr. Ross, I don't need a welcoming..."

One thing we agree on.

"I presume your wife will be joining us?" She asked, I nodded gently, and stepped back, "Christina!" I called out, waiting for her to appear at the top of the stairs. The glimpse of her blonde locks, bouncing off her shoulders made me sigh in relief; as she descended down the stairs, greeting Mrs. Sherman along the way, she glared at me.

"Shall we get started?" Groaned the old woman.

We both nodded, and she gave a weak smile, "Good."

After we all took a seat, Mrs. Sherman bombarded us with questions. We were used to it. I mean, we've done this three other times. Nothing new. Me and Christina's relationship may be a little rocky, but we can agree on one thing, we want Ethan to be our son.

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