The king was moments away from Winterfell. Her family was lined up ready to greet the king and the rest of his family. Siena stood in between Robb and Sansa, she had tried to argue that she should be standing next to their father but as usual Robb lauded the fact that he was 10 minutes older.

"Where's Arya? Siena, Sansa, where's your sister?" Their mother questioned, Sansa shrugged while Siena smirked, naturally Arya was off playing knight.

Dashing past the family Arya hurried towards her place in line forgetting that she was still wearing a helmet.

"What are you doing with that on?" Her father pulled it off Arya's head. Robb, Siena and Jon all chuckled at this. Jon of course had to stand behind the rest of his family as her mother didn't want him to be presented to the king as part of her family.

The visitors now entered through the gates in a lavish line of expensive armour and clothing. The banners of the houses Baratheon and Lannister stopped in the courtyard surrounded by those of the Starks.

Siena recognised the Prince Joffrey. A laugh from Robb drew her attention to what he was looking at. Their sister Sansa was staring adoringly at the Prince who was looking at her also. Robb and Siena shared a looked at each other; Sansa they knew was playing fairy tales in her head as she looked towards the prince.

They look was broken as Siena heard another horse trotted in and looked up to see a member of the kings guard take off his helmet. Jaime Lannister, she knew it was as everyone in Westeros knew of his beauty. She felt as if the tales were perhaps not kind enough to his appearance, he was gorgeous. He smirked as he caught the eldest daughter of Starks looking at him and stared into her eyes. When she noticed the smirk on his face she raised her eyebrows and looked away as if to let him know that she was uninterested in him.

This is when a lavish carriage was drawn in. Siena knew that the Queen and her other children would be in here as it was not appropriate for women to ride horseback on journeys such as these. Siena thought that this would be so dull, to be stuck inside a stuffy carriage instead of seeing the world on horseback.

Distracted by the carriage Siena did not notice the King ride into the courtyard until Robb quickly pulled on her dress to let her know it was time to kneel. The King dismounted his horse and walked straight to her father, gesturing for them to rise.

"Your Grace." Her father's voice broke the silence.

The king was silent and it seemed no one wanted to breathe. "You've got fat." Her father smiled as they embraced it each other warmly. Siena was happy to see her father and the King were still friends.

"Nine years, why haven't I seen you? Where the hell have you been?" The king said with a smile.

"Guarding the North for you, your Grace. Winterfell is yours." Robert smiled.

"Ah, so this is the heir of Winterfell, strapping looking man." The King shook Robb's hand and gave him a nod.

"And his twin, the beauty of the North." Siena lowered her head to the king hoping to hide her blush. She was aware of her nickname, her brothers and Theon liked to use it to rile her up, she never agreed with the name though as she always felt that if anyone were to have that name it should be Sansa. Siena had long dark hair that contrasted with her porcelain white skin. People told her that she looked like her aunt Lyanna but with the striking blue Tully eyes. Growing up her parents always worried about her as he was very little, extremely thin and short she was only 5'3. Robb joked that he must have taken all the nutrients from his mother when they were inside her womb. As she grew older she never gained much weight or height, however she grew more womanly, her breasts bloomed full and she had a women's shape. "Thankfully she didn't take after you Ned." The king laughed heartily.

"My, you're also a pretty one." The king said to Sansa before moving on to , "Your name is?"

"Arya." She said in her northern accent. Siena and Sansa spoke more like southern women from their mother but Arya had the accent of her father. The King nodded at her. Her then smiled at Bran and spoke happily.

"Oh show us your muscles," Bran pushed his cloak back and flexed his arms. "Oh, you'll be a soldier."

"That's Jaime Lannister, the Queen's twin brother." muttered to Sansa. Gods, he really was handsome.

Her attention now flicked to the Queen who had dismounted the carriage and was approaching Ned. Ned lifted the Queen's hand and placed a kiss on it.

"My Queen." He said as Catelyn curtseyed and repeated what her husband had just said.

"Take me to your crypt. I want to pay my respects."

"We've been riding for a month my love. Surely the dead can wait." The Queen said rather curtly. It was a month long trip between the Capitol and Winterfell.

"Ned." Her father followed the king after shooting the Queen a sympathetic look. Siena would feel sorry for the queen had she not seen how she looked around Winterfell with an aura of disgust.

Siena saw that the Lannister's Golden Lion was watching her with a smirk upon his face. This smirk only grew as he saw that she was now looking at him in return. He raised his eyebrows smugly and looked her up and down. She rolled her eyes at this man's clearly inflated ago and turned to face her brother. She knew men like Jaime Lannister were a no go, he thought too much of himself and too little of everyone else. She did not want to further attract his interest.

Jaime Lannister chuckled at the girl's eye roll; she was a true beauty for sure. He had heard of the beauty of the North but dismissed that any girl from the North could be truly beauty like ones from the south, but he now realised that he had judged that incorrectly. She could be just as beautiful as Cersei in his option, once she got into more fine clothing of the South so her figure could be displayed. His sister would have her head if she knew he had thought that.

His illicit relationship with his sister had ended a few years previously. After the birth of their third love child they decided that it was too dangerous for them to continue on. He had accepted this and threw himself entirely into his duties as a Kingsguard to distract him. He still had feelings for Cersei and she loved to pique his interest in him only to shut him down. That was another reason why Jaime had agreed to end their love affair as Cersei had become too obsessed with power plays, he knew to her it was her love of power, and not him that was her drive in their affair.