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Although Mabel was basically the master of cutting and pasting, she hated lots of words right next to each other. Scrap-booking was great for pictures and little quotes, but huge slabs of text weren't very nice to look at, in her opinion.

Matchmaking was a whole new process this year. Meticulous planning and speculation were key to make sure a relationship would work, and she was slowly gathering a whole database on her new project.

Her brother and his best friend.

She had everything – adorable pictures, cute flirty quotes they'd pulled on each other, markings in the margins and massive diagrams going over every possible obstacle in the way of Dipper and Pacifica getting into a relationship. She'd tried everything and had come to the conclusion that they were pretty much perfect for each other…

'… but they're still not together!' Mabel muttered under her breath. She grabbed the voice recorder from under her bed and turned it on. Mabel wanted everyone's (everyone's) opinion on this, and she had taken the liberty of going around and taking verbal surveys from every living organism within arm's length. Writing on paper was simply too hard for the lazy summer's of Gravity Falls and she wouldn't have read them anyway, so voice recording was the best way to go.

'Alright, Grenda let's see what you've got for me…' she said, putting the little box in front of her and starting the playback. She had recorded these a little while back and Mabel had completely forgotten about them until she found the voice recorder while horsing around in the attic with her grappling hook.

"Your brother and Pacifica? Oh my god, Mabel, you know I ship it. Have you seen them walking around town together? They don't hold hands or anything but the way they talk itself is the cutest thing I've ever seen. Do you remember that time I came over to your house and they were asleep on the couch together? SO adorable."

Mabel quickly drew up a table and ticked off Grenda's name. Victory number one. With enough peer pressure she could just about coerce Dipper and Pacifica to get together. Candy was next.

"Dipper and Pacifica? I hope she knows what she's getting into, remember that time when I liked Dipper for about three hours? He had like ten girlfriends!"

'Damnit Candy!' said Mabel, putting a cross next to her name. Of course, Candy had that stint with Dipper while they were on the road trip around Oregon last summer… but to be fair it was Stan's fault that that had even happened, so it's not like Candy really knew what she was talking about. Speaking of Stan...

"Uh… no comment. And get out of the gift shop, I've got a busload of walking wallets coming in a few minutes."

Well, thanks Stan. That wasn't a tick or a cross. She left the space next to Stan's name blank. Wendy would know what she was talking about… she'd probably be relieved that Dipper was finally into someone else.

"Mabel, I'm over this whole relationship biz, you know that right? Robbie put the cork in the bottle for me, and then before I knew it he was going out with Tambry. Lee and Nate have switched girlfriends and now you're telling me Dipper might be getting together with Pacifica? It's all moving too fast, you know? I'm a lumberjack by blood Mabel, I live life in the slow lane. You can't expect me to have any opinions on –"

Mabel stopped the tape. How come nobody saw this the same way she did? Was she just too intense? Maybe she did move too quickly, just like Wendy said. Maybe it was better that Dipper and Pacifica weren't together yet, they seemed to be perfectly happy the way they were. She hit the play button again.

"Oh sure, hambone, they're like the opposites that attract. Lady and the Tramp, all that stuff."

Soos. He is the sage, he is the wisdom. Mabel shuffled forward.

"But I get why they're not cutting corners, you know? Dipper's probably nervous and scared, and so is Pacifica. When I was a kid I never had the guts to ask a girl out, I didn't want to get rejected. The first time I tried I lost a good friend, she never talked to me again. That's why I was so stressed when you two were trying to get me a date for my cousin Reggie's engagement party, I was super worried about rejection. I dunno dude, but it's kind of a good thing not to rush into relationships. Melody and I only decided to go official over Christmas, and we're as happy as ever. Just let 'em do what they want to do. It'll happen Mabel, trust me."

She cycled through the rest of the tapes, but didn't bother ticking or crossing names off. Soos had said it all, and she realised that it probably was best for Dipper and Pacifica to be just the way that they were. Mabel was about to turn off the recorder when another message played.

"Ah, you kids. You should be focusing on Pokémon and pop-tarts, none of this relationship stuff. I've seen the two of them around town, and I'll admit they go pretty well together, but honestly I'd say thirteen is riding the borderline."

Mabel wasn't sure who that was. Just another stranger around town, but for some reason his voice stuck in her head. Was she too young to be focusing on relationships? So far all her boyfriends in Gravity Falls had been nothing but bust, and nothing much happened back in Piedmont over the year either.

"It'll happen Mabel, trust me."

'Thanks,' she said, to just about everyone on the tape. No more pushing or shoving, not for other people's relationships anyway. Mabel grabbed her scrapbook and the voice recorder and shoved them back under her bed.

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