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Time Can't Heal All Wounds

Chapter 27

The Grimoire

Later that night, while Dean and Sam saw Cole off, Kris sat in the hotel room thinking about what Dean had said to Cole, Rowena all but forgotten. She'd overheard him tell Sam he'd told Cole what he needed to hear, but even she could tell he was lying. Dean had told Cole what he believed about himself, that he really was a lost cause.

Kris's entire focus, since arriving, had been to save Sam. To keep Sam from dying at the hands of his brother and for the longest time, she had been willing to sacrifice Dean if it was necessary.

Now having meet the man before he turned, seeing the way Sam interacts with him, how they hunt together, and just how much Dean cares for his little brother, Kris finally realized how truly devastated her father had been by Dean's betrayal.

She also realized, for the first time, it wasn't just about saving Sam. When she first got here, nearly a year ago, she had told Kevin she couldn't kill Dean. She'd been lying then. If it came down to it, she would have put a bullet between his eyes. Now that she knew Dean, the real Dean, she had to keep him from going dark and ending his life, as her father had suggested, was no longer an option.

Kris knew, in the whole world, there was only one person who was expendable. She just hoped it wouldn't come to that, and if it ever did, she prayed she would have the strength to do it.

Her phone vibrated, causing her to jump a little.

She answered it, "Hey Kevin,"

"Good you answered," he sounded excited. "I found something on the angel tablet, but I don't want to say over the phone. Get here as quick as possible."

Smiling on the inside Kris started gathering her things, "I'll let Dean and Sam know."

"No, no, no," Kevin interrupted. "This is something for your eyes only. You, and only you, have to get here now."

"Kevin," Kris said pausing for a moment in her packing, "I am in the middle of Chicago, I drove with Dean and Sam, and I have no vehicle of my own."

"So, steal one."

"Ha!" Kris laughed as she zipped up her bag, "this coming from the kid who won't commit grand larceny in a game designed for grand theft auto."

There was a short pause. "Kris, you have got to get here now, it's time sensitive and," he took another deep breath and whispered into the phone, "it's not something Sam would let his daughter do. Call Gadreel if you have to."

For Kevin to use Gadreel's name, without hesitation, told Kris this was incredible serious. "As soon as I hang up with you, I'll leave a note for Sam and Dean, then call Gadreel. I'll see you within the hour." She didn't wait for a response, but hung up and tucked the phone in her back pocket as she scribbled a quick note to Sam, explaining where she was going, although she left out the how. She gathered her bag and slipped out the door, pausing long enough to slide the note under their door.

It took a Gadreel about twenty minutes to answer her call.

"As much as I enjoy your company," he told her once she had explained why she called for his help, "I am not a taxi service." His tone tried to say he was upset but his eyes told her he was happy to help.

"I wouldn't have called you at all, but when Kevin suggests I use you to help get me there quicker, you know he's found something importaint."

Gadreel let out a mock sigh, then opened his arms to her, "Let's go see the Prophet."

Kris smiled and stepped into his embrace. She found it was easier to ignore the feel of the strong wind pulling at her hair and clothing with her eyes closed. Harder to ignore was the impression of not being able to feel the rest of her body. The only thing she could really feel, were Gadreel's arms wrapped tight around her, securing her to his chest.

Just as quick as the sensations started, they ended. The only thing she liked about traveling by angel was how quick it was. However, it still made her sick, but at least this time she was expecting it.

The moment she could feel herself, she turned her head to the side and threw-up. Again, Gadreel was holding back her hair. "Guess, you will never get use to traveling like that."

Kris shook her head as she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand, "Probable not, but at least this time I knew it was going to happen."

"Wow!" came a long-forgotten voice. Kris faced the speaker. There were two of them, a man, Garth, and a woman, his wife Beth. It was clear that Garth had spoken, and he had his fingers intertwined with Beth.

"Garth, Beth," Kris said out loud, "It's nice to see you." That was when she noticed that Beth had a glass of water and was holding it out to Kris.

"It's nice to finally meet you in person, Kris. Kevin said you might need this when you got here."

Kris smiled at her as she took the offered glass, "Thanks, he wasn't wrong." She took a mouthful, swished then spit it out before taking a real drink. "Where is he?"

Beth nodded towards the farmhouse, "He's inside, waiting."

Gadreel kept a hand on Kris's waist, he told himself it was due to her unsteadiness, as the two of them followed Garth and Beth into their home.

Beth's father, Jim Myers, and Kevin's mom, Linda Tran, met them on the porch. Kris smiled at the two of them, as she held out her hand to Jim.

"It's nice to meet you," Kris told him. But in her mind, she was thinking back to when she had meet him the first time. It was shortly after her ordeal with Dark Dean. Sam had wanted her to get out of the bunker for a little bit, and even though the werewolves would have been no match for Dark Dean, Sam knew they were safer than nothing.

As Jim shook her hand, Kris noticed his nose twitching. "I'm sorry to ask this," Jim commented, still holding her hand. "But have we met before, you smell a little familiar."

Kris smiled, glad Sam wasn't there. The first time she had met Jim, Sam had been with her and Jim had been able to tell she was his daughter. "No," she told him, still smiling, "you haven't met me before."

He seemed to shake it off as he led them into the house, where Keven was sitting at a family size kitchen table. Both tablets sat to his right and he seemed busy scribbling something down in a notebook. He didn't glance up until Kris put a hand on his shoulder.


"Hey, Kris," he said smiling as he stood up. "You got here really quick."

She gestured over her shoulder, where Gadreel was talking to Beth and Garth. Garth kept patting him on the back and laughing. Gadreel seemed unsure what to make of the werewolf. "You did make it sound importaint."

Kris didn't miss the slight jerking movement Kevin's shoulders did, "If it hadn't been time sensitive, I wouldn't have." He turned back to the table, and Kris took the seat opposite him. "I managed to translate the parts of the demon tablet that Metatron tried to keep hidden, I then had to cross translate it with the angel tablet." He slid the notebook towards Kris, "Turns out when Metatron fled heaven, he took every tablet to Earth with him and gave them all to the first Prophet, who then translated every single spell, charm, curse, summoning, banishment, basically every magical thing God created into a single book."

Kris grimaced a little and asked, "What book?" She held her breath.

"The Grimoire, the first spell book." Kris hid her sigh of relief. "A book that contains everything, and here's the kicker part. Let's say someone creates a new spell the first Prophet didn't put in The Grimoire, well the moment that person casts the spell, boom, it's in The Grimoire. Every dark and light magic spell is in that book."

"You said curse's too," Kris repeated, liking where this could go. "Would that include the Mark of Cain."

It was Kevin smiling now, "It should." He flipped his notebook forward a couple pages, "But this is where the time sensitive part comes in."

"Oh, please don't tell me it can only be found on a certain day, at a certain time, and only if the sun, the moon, or the stars are correctly lined up."

Kevin laughed, "Nothing like that." He pulled a couple of papers from under the notebook. "Found this on the internet. Four years ago, the Boston Science Museum was loaned a small collection of artifacts from the Iraq government. In it was an old tattered book. The curator stated that it's in remarkable condition for something so old, he can't even it date. The materials used to create it are extinct. Hell, he can't even identify what was used to write it with, let alone how to translate it."

"Kevin," Kris interrupted, "you're rambling and you said this was time sensitive part."

Kevin shook his head and smiled, "Yea, sorry, the time sensitive part. They are moving the collection back to Iraq in a week and after that it will be impossible to find."

Kris sighed and rubbed her temples, "So I need to get to Boston and steal The Grimoire before we lose it. Wonderful."