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Blinking his eyes, a boy rubbed his head as he sat up in the middle of an alleyway. Rubbing his head still, he thought back to what had happened. The last thing he could remember, he and his brother, Adamaï, were trying to use the Eliacube to see if they could find anything out about the Eliatropes. They had Grougal's Dofus with them to. The last thing he could remember was a bright flash of light; the next thing he knew he was waking up in an ally.

After his eyes adjusted, he jumped up, brushing off anything that had gotten on his orange shirt. Looking around he couldn't find Adamaï anywhere at all. Bringing one of his arms up, some blue glowing circle appeared in front of him, just big enough for him to go thru, which he did by jumping straight into it.

At the other portal he came out of it into the middle of a street just as a car went by him. Quickly getting onto the sidewalk, he started to look around the town he was in. The buildings were certainly different from what he was used to. As he was walking around he started to notice some people had horns or animals ears on their heads. Finding this a bit odd, but he just ignored it, even with how curious he was. He didn't really have a clue as to where he was so he was just playing it safe.

After walking for awhile it was night time before he noticed it. He found himself at a park where he just laid down on a bench there. Sighing he tried to get some rest, until he had heard an explosion nearby. Looking around he noticed some smoke coming from the opposite direction of where he was. Throwing a portal towards it he started to teleport of there.

Arriving on top of some crates at what was a pier, he saw a guy in a white coat was pointing a cane at some guy. As the guy was about to shoot some had yelled. "Hey." Looking in the same direction, As he was jumping down to where the fight was happening, something shot out of the guys cane, hitting the girl. As he was laughing a blue blast hit him in the back, Causing him to hit a crate that was nearby.