Hey all - I don't think you were expecting this. Neither was I. ;) But I found out that there was a prompt challenge thing on the Caesar's Palace forum on FFN, and couldn't resist (love love prompt fiction so much). Credits for the angel/demon thing goes to white noise and brine, who came up with "A for angels, D for demons" in relation to school grades. ;)

Prompt: "two characters who don't have much in common besides their being friends"

Naruto and its characters do not belong to me.

Demon in My Chariot

Part 1: Nothing in Common

"Now look here, just because I flunked my math test doesn't mean you have any right to snicker at me like that!"

"First, I wasn't snickering, and second, I have every right to move my face however I deem fit to."

Tenten scowled at the student standing across from her in the wide brick hallway. Around them, the last of the stragglers were on their way out of the school - it was nearing evening-time, after all - and only a few bothered to turn back and glance at the commotion they were creating.

She made a face at the way the young man glanced mockingly at her, pale lilac eyes cool and aloof.

"Stupid, stuck-up ass-" she growled.

"All the same, I received an A on my test," Hyuuga Neji informed her. He glanced down his aquiline nose to meet her gaze. "That's miles ahead of the D you scored."

"A is for 'asshole'," she snapped, stepping over to him, hands on her hips. Right now, most of the teachers had gone, and few would step in if they happened to engage in a brawl.

He watched calmly as she drew close, so that only a few feet remained between them. His lack of a reaction gnawed on her nerves like it always did. How could he remain so... stoic?

When there were merely inches between them, Neji leaned in, and said quietly, so that no one around could hear them, "A for angels, Tenten, and D for demons."

That he dared to mention their true natures in a public place annoyed her more than anything else. She glowered at him so hard that her eyeballs were straining at their sockets.

"Shut up, Neji," she hissed, glancing around just in case. "You know not to-"

"Of course I know that," he replied coolly, a smirk tugging on his thin lips. "I am also a smartass."

"You got that damn straight," she muttered, turning and stalking off. It was getting late, and they needed to be out of here soon. "I don't even know why I'm friends with you."

Neji fell into step next to her. "Because I'm irresistible, charming, and you can't help but want to be in my immediate circle."

Tenten snorted as they passed under the concrete archway that served as the main entryway to the school. "Douche."

He coughed lightly. "You get the D-names, remember?"

"Figures." She rolled her eyes.

Hyuuga Neji was everything she was not - he was smart, popular, beautiful, and he had perfect manners and straight, long hair, silky as ebony thread. Of course, that could also be due to the fact that he was a damn freaking angel.

Tenten, herself, was messy and late to school during the instances she slept through their arranged meeting times, and she failed more subjects than passed them. (Not that demons needed to pass stupid tests, anyway.) She preferred to spend her time alone, or with her close friend, Lee, and her legendary bedhead could only be disguised by wrestling her hair into her usual twin buns.

"Do you need a ride home this evening?" Neji asked, breaking into her thoughts.

She blinked. Almost forgot to be annoyed at him. "Yes," she sniped, "If your arrogant highness would be so generous as to offer me a space in your heavenly chariot."

It wasn't as if she couldn't fly home herself, but traveling through mortal transport was so much less conspicuous in broad daylight.

Neji stifled a snort. "Don't get my dashboard dirty with your filthy feet again, damn wench."

"Oh, so I'm a wench now?" she demanded, propping her hands on her hips.

"At least I'm not saddled with helping you with your homework," he retorted. If he weren't so high-and-mighty, she thought, he would have rolled his eyes.

"Whatever," she told him. "It's not like a little dirt is so difficult to clean off, anyway."

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