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(Last time in: Despair of the Uchiha)

Obito stood there for several moments, flickering his gaze between the man's body and his own hand before letting out a small sigh as Kuroka walked over to join her team-mate.

"You okay, nya? She asked gently, earning a small nod of the head from Obito.

"Hai, you?"


The two stood there for a while, allowing the evenings events to catch up to them somewhat before Obito quickly broke from his trance and raced around the room, slapping several over-powered demolition tags onto the surrounding walls. Kuroka watched him as he finished his rounds before turning his attention back to the Nekoshou that had accompanied him this evening.

"Kuroka-san, we should get going now. I have a technique that can get us back to base, just grab ahold of me and I'll get us there." He stated calmly, earning a small nod of the head from Kuroka as she approached him, all whilst allowing his Sharingan to evolve into its EMS variant.

The moment Kuroka grabbed ahold of his arm, Obito activated Kamui and whisked the two of them away from the remains of the once mighty Laimia Scale guild-halls….

Just as they were vaporized by the unholy wrath of a hundred demolition tags.

Chapter Two: Making in-roads

(Khaos Brigade's Headquarters, Human World, January 15th, 2015, Spy-master Obito 'Rapture' Uchiha's private quarters.)

Obito sighed as he stood in-front of the only mirror in his rather bland quarters in the Khaos Brigades headquarters. Much like his own room back in the Uchiha compound, it contained only the things that he required to operate in the field along with his basic amenities, along with most of the critical intelligence that he had garnered over his two year period as Ophis' spy-master. The network he had inherited was not a true masterpiece of espionage, but it was certainly far above average in comparison to the average intelligence network in the Supernatural world: even if it was a pulpary of pathetic in comparison to the networks that had been established in his home world.

His first order of business had been to personally screen each of the spy's that he had access to, in order to assess not only their loyalties, but also their skills and abilities. Out of the seventy five 'agents' that he commanded, twenty six of them turned out to be double agents who were working for Rizevim. As a consequence, Obito had to arrange a series of … 'unfortunate' events and situations in order to eliminate as many of them as possible: after all, he didn't need his target getting his hands on any more information. Rizevim had, unsurprisingly, said nothing about the whole affair: obviously in an effort to ensure that his 'servant' stayed in the dark about the extent of his plans. And as long as he could deconstruct his 'master's' spy network freely without the potential for negative repercussions, then Obito was going to abuse the opportunity as much as possible.

After he had 'dealt' with the issue of Rizevim's men, Obito had screened through the rest of the spy's he had, and found that barely twenty of them were truly up to his minimum standards. So, after 'reassigning' the rest of his so-called 'network' to jobs that actually suited them, Obito began the expansion of his network. He did not discriminate, nor did he truly care for the past lives of those he employed: all he cared about was their ability to get the job done properly. From Youkai and humans to Devils and Fallen Angels, hookers and well-known political figures to psychopaths and assassins – Obito's network had expanded into almost all levels of the Supernatural, with Heaven being the only place to thus far escape his information blanket. But even then, what he could not learn from his spy's about God's realm, he could learn by using his eyes to …. persuade patrolling Angels to tell him what he wanted to know. It wasn't exactly ideal: but considering the sheer scale of the world he was in, and the monumental size of the task set before him, Obito didn't think that his information network was really that bad – especially when he considered just how long it took Jiraiya of the Sanin to create his own network.

Once he had established his network, Obito had then begun phase two of his plan to bring down Rizevim.

Collecting allies he could trust.

The 'Last Living Shinobi' couldn't help but chuckle darkly to himself as he ticked off the list of names in his head that had seen to fit to ally with him over the past two years. It wasn't much at the moment, but it was more than enough to begin recruiting more and more people.

'First of all we have Kuroka, then Arthur and Cao Cao….' Here Obito paused his thoughts as he made his way towards his desk, taking a seat in the comfortable chair it was paired with, before continuing with his descent down memory lane.

'And to think it was so easy to sway him to my side…..'

(Thirteen months ago, Vali's room at the Brigades' Headquarters)

A silver-haired teenager let out a small yawn of exhaustion as he headed towards his private quarters in the Khaos Brigade's underground base after a long day of training. His efforts to obtain the 'Juggernaut drive' that his 'partner' spoke of were making some form of headway, but nowhere near as much as he would have liked. Running a hand over his handsome yet haggard face, the young man eventually managed to navigate the final few twists and turns until he finally reached the door to his room.

Swinging the door wide open after unlocking it, the silver-haired teenager trekked into his darkened room without a second's thought, and was duly rewarded with his door slamming shut behind him and the overhead lights blinking into life in a flash of white light which robbed the young man of his vision temporarily. Letting out a hiss of pain, the young teenager allowed his battle instincts to take control and jumped backwards whilst summoning some of his magical power into a basic fire spell which he would be able to launch the moment he spotted his target.

"Now, now Vali-san. I suggest you cap the flow of your magic and listen to what I have to say – I won't be kind enough to repeat my offer twice." A voice that Vali had become all-too-familiar with over the past few months calmly stated from the other side of the room, causing Vali to use his now-restored vision to gain a visual lock-on to his target.

Rapture – Ophis' spy master and the leader of the sub-faction 'Cipher'.

"Rapture, what the hell is the meaning of this?" Vali growled threateningly. Rapture shook his head in what seemed to be disappointment as he slowly began to pace backwards and forwards across the decidedly small room.

"Dear me Vail, your patience seems to have grown even shorter over the past few months." Rapture commented dryly. All of a sudden, the temperature in the room seemed to drop several degrees as Ophis' most loyal subordinate ceased his pacing and fixed Vali's slowly faltering glare with the endless voids that he called eyes – all whilst continuing his response in a voice that was barely above a whisper.

"You don't need me to teach you some manners again, do you?" His voice was almost inaudible, but the words he uttered carried as much power as if they had been screamed at the top of Rapture's lungs. They were like the words of the Shinigami himself – dreadful, powerful and absolute no matter the tone of voice used, so much so that only a handful could bear to stand and listen to them without an ounce of fear in their being.

And unfortunately for Vali Lucifer, the descendant of the Great Devil King Lucifer – Original ruler of Hell and one of the most powerful beings in existence…..

He was not one of those people.

So it was with a mute shake of the head that the young man responded, earning the softest of chuckles from Ophis' most feared lieutenant, who began to pace around the room again. It was obvious to Vali that the 'inspection' he seemed to carry out on anything that caught his interest was little more than a charade, a means to appear busy as he slowly throttled the silence out of Vali by making it as awkward for the younger man as possible. Eventually, after several minutes, Vali finally let out a small sigh as he proceeded to sit down on the edge of his bed before asking Rapture his previous question, albeit in a much more controlled tone of voice.

"Why are you here, Rapture?" He asked as calmly as he possibly could, hoping to whatever higher power that was listening that the seemingly psychotic spymaster of Ophis was not hear to kill him. He still had plenty of thing he wanted to do, a lot of which he refused to leave unfinished no matter the personal cost. Rapture, for his part, let out another soft chuckle as he came to a halt in his pacing, leaning against the small desk opposite Vali's bed.

"Can't this just be a social visit?" The masked spy-master asked, earning a snort of amusement from Vali.

"You don't socialize." The white-haired half-devil responded dryly, earning a small shrug of the shoulders from Ophis' most trusted commander.

"Fair point Vali. You're right, this isn't a social visit – it's something a little more important than that." Rapture responded darkly, causing Vali's frame to tense slightly in anticipation of a worst-case scenario. However, it seemed that Rapture had discovered his rather poor attempt at 'subtly' getting ready for a fight – for instead of attacking him like Vali had half-expected him to, the Spy-master of Cipher merely raised both his hands in a placating gesture to the younger man.

"Be at peace Vali Lucifer, this may not be a social visit – but that doesn't not immediately mean that this is a hit either." here the older man took the opportunity to pull the chair out from underneath the desk he was leant on an placed it in front of where Vali sat, roughly three feet away. Once he had sat himself down into the chair, the most trusted lieutenant of Ophis rolled his neck a few times before continuing with his previous statement.

"I am here to propose a deal to you, Vali. One that I think you won't turn down when you learn the specifics of it all."

At the mysterious spymasters words, Vali couldn't help but lean forward slightly with a curious expression plastered across his features. Rapture was not known to work with the leaders of other cells if he could help it, and more often than not was renowned for having his agents actively avoid other Brigade members so that their work remained confidential. The only people they worked with were those within Cipher, and they all only answered to Rapture. And Rapture, in turn, only listened to Ophis. So for the mysterious cell leader to come to Vali and say that he had a deal of some sorts on offer made Vali possibly more wary of the man than if he just intended to kill him.

Raptures mind was like a never ending labyrinth – of plans and strategies within plans and strategies, all of which were riddled with brutal efficiency and empathetic detachment. He was a man who could never be trusted even a little, for the moment he had even just a single opening, he would make you pay for it.


Vali had found that out the hard way during their duels.

So it was with a huge amount of trepidation and concern for his well-being that Vali finally replied to the enigmatic spymasters words.

"What did you want?" The youngest living Lucifer asked warily, eyes full of suspicion and attentiveness. The younger man could imagine Rapture grinning behind his mask ever so slightly as he leaned back slightly into the chair before responding to his younger Brigade member.

"I wish to propose an alliance of sorts. There are forces that are moving without Ophis being any the wiser. They plan to do untold damage to this world, and leave it in utter ruin, and the only thing that will be able to stop them the group I am piecing together." The usually stoic spymaster retorted in a deadly serious tone of voice that immediately put Vali on edge.

"Why haven't you told Ophis of this plan?" Vali asked seriously, earning a small sigh of frustration from Rapture.

"Because if I did inform Ophis, I would lose the element of secrecy that I have against them. Ophis, despite her orders that the Khaos Brigade stays secret for now, is not the most ….. subtle of beings. If I were to tell her of this information, she would seek to destroy the people I imply. The problem is that they are already ready for such an eventuality, and as such would go underground before Ophis could take them out." Rapture replied tonelessly, earning a reluctant nod of approval from Vali. As much as he did not like what the older male was saying, he could not help but acknowledge the truth of the situation. Rapture's choice to not tell Ophis was probably the best in the long-run, as the Infinite Dragon God was not one who was really know for subtly when she decided to take a personal interest in events.

But then that begged the question…

"Why me then?"

"What do you mean?" Rapture asked curiously, earning a deepening of the scowl from Vali. Rapture, for his part, was not perturbed by Vali's question.

"Why did you come to me first."

"I didn't."

"Then why did you come to me at all?"

That question drew a slightly more interesting response from the man opposite Vali. His body seemed to stiffen slightly and his aura seemed to grow ever so slightly angry and remorseful at the same time. Vali didn't quite understand where this came from, but any questions he may have had about Raptures change in demeanour were obliterated with just ten words.

"Because you want Rizevim dead as much as I do."

The moment those words left Raptures obscured mouth, Vali's whole world seemed to freeze and his mind almost blanked. And why wouldn't it? The name of Rizevim Lucifer was not one that was well known in the world – hell, many considered the man to be dead, blown to pieces by the combined efforts of the new Mao that governed the Underworld. So the fact that Rapture, a mere human, knew that Vali's grandfather was still alive, was somewhat shocking news to say the least. The youngest living member of the Lucifer family tried to form a coherent sentence, but to little avail. Fortunately, he was saved by a timely interruption from the same person who had left him in this utterly stupefied state.

"I know what you're thinking Lucifer. You're wondering how I know about Rizevim, your story and how I of all people could possibly want him dead.

The simple fact is that he saved my life once and in return asked for me to act as his spy within the Khaos Brigade, as a means to fight against Ophis' growing interest in his involvement in the Old Satan Faction by diverting her interests to other factors." Raptures words were spoken softly, but Vali could easily detect the absolute hatred and venom seeping from every single syllable that the masked human spoke. Vali didn't really know why he hated Rizevim as much as he did, but the young Lucifer would concede that it far outstripped his own hate towards his grandfather. The two of them sat in silence for several minutes following Raptures mini explanation: one using the time to process the information given whilst the other waited patiently to continue the conversation.

Eventually, after what seemed like a literal age, Vali broke the silence.

"What does this little alliance of ours entail?" He asked in a slightly stronger voice than he had previously been using.

"Mostly exchanges of information and making sure we disrupt the bastard in as many ways as possible. I can give you lists of targets to eliminate that I can't personally deal with and thus cripple his efforts further than I already have. Also, with careful use of this little alliance, I plan to build a force to counter the organisation that he has been building over the past two centuries.

I aim to make it small, elite, extremely effective and most importantly trustworthy. If we, along with the others I have already rallied and plan to pull to our banner, can execute the strategy I have planned out, we will have a very real chance of beating Rizevim."

Vali sat there for several minutes as he digested the information that Rapture had offered to him. What he was saying was something that Vali could have only dreamed of – he'd assumed that he would have to take down his crazy grandfather by himself when the time finally came. What Rapture was offering not only guaranteed some form of support against the psychopath, it also meant that the youngest surviving Lucifer would not have to worry about his grandfather's minions, and instead would be able to focus on taking the object of his hatred down for good. The simple problem with what he was proposing to Vali was obvious though ….

"How do I know I can trust you?"

Rapture slowly rose from his chair, an air of interference surrounding him. Vali tensed, anticipating the feared and deadly spymasters seemingly threatening stance. However, instead of attacking Vali like he expected, the older man simply began walking towards the door of Vali's room, all whilst muttering his final words.

"You don't…"

"But if you want to stop Rizevim, you'll need me as much as I will need you."

Vali had gotten in contact with Obito less than twenty-four hours later, his voice carrying a certain level of grim determination. The last surviving Uchia hadn't been all that surprised by the young half-devil's decision – Vali had neither the raw power or allies needed to bring down his grandfather by himself, which was half the reason Obito had decided to approach him. Vali may have been a battle maniac, but he was also very competent when it came to strategy and logic. The younger man had seen the logic in the idea Obito had proposed, and as such found it worthwhile to agree to his plans.

'The only problem is that we still don't have enough members or support yet to do any true damage to that bastards forces. We're gonna need more people ….. but we can't move either until we get some more activity to hide our moves.' The last living Shinobi thought to himself bitterly as he continued to shuffle through the various reports he had been sent over the past few days. Most of them were simply noting the routine troop movements of the three major factions – such as the redeployment of several Devil scout squads to the boarder of their territory with the Yokai faction In Japan, or the movement of Kokabiels' legion in eastern Europe. Nothing all to serious or out of the ordinary, although Obito had a nagging feeling that keeping extra tabs on Kokabiel may be worthwhile. He didn't know quite what it was, but the increase in the battle-crazed Fallen Angel's personal activity just did not sit correctly with Obito at all.

'I hope it's nothing.' The Uchiha thought to himself grimly as he quickly scribbled out a note for the spy's in the man's army, giving orders to send more frequent and detailed reports. The moment he finished it, Obito folded it away and prepared to send it out when he left his office for the daily briefing of Brigade commanders. However, before the disciple of Madara could leave his room / office, he caught sight of one last report that required reading. Sitting back down into his chair, the Shinobi quickly grabbed the file from his desk, quickly sparing half a second to read the title.

Threat and asset assessment : Kuoh Town.

Opening the file, Obito quickly began devouring the information kept within its pages, making sure to note all of the key information that his spy in the area had given him. He was disappointed to note that both the Gremory and Sitiri heiresses were doing little in the way of physical training or stray hunting. As the heirs to arguably two of the most powerful clans in the Underworld, it made little sense to Obito that they were putting in such little effort – they needed to be strong if they were to lead their clans, let alone command the respect they both seemed to believe they were owed.

'A side project perhaps for later on. For now though the biggest concern is the Elephant in the room … or should that be Dragon in the Town?' Obito thought to himself with a small amount of amusement creeping into his mind at his pathetic attempt at a joke. Absently noting to himself to try and not fall into Kuroka's bad habit of telling awful jokes, the last surviving Shinobi decided to continue with reading the report that his spy had sent him.

Asset assessment : The Red Dragon Emperor

Name: Issei Hyodo

Species / Race: Human

Height: 5'10

Weight: 65 – 75 kg

Hair Colour: Brown

Eye Colour: Brown

Threat level: Minimal

That last piece of information caused Obito to frown slightly : the Red Dragon Emperor, nicknamed so because of the Red 'Boosted Gear Gauntlet' that they wielded, was synonymous with power and domination. After all, the ability to double one's own strength once ever ten seconds until they reached the maximum their body could handle was decidedly a rather broken and stupidly over-powered ability, that undoubtedly made any possessor of the mid-tier Longinus gear at least a medium to notable threat.

Intrigued by this seemingly impossible outcome, Obito proceeded to read the additional note that his agent had left him at the bottom of the page.

Issei Hyodo is currently of no threat to Ciphers' goals or ambitions, commander. Most of the time throughout the ages, the wielders of Boosted Gear and Divine Dividing tend to be on the more powerful end of the Spectrum, often going down in history as remarkable individuals. However, Issei Hyodo can barely be called an average human being, let alone anything 'special'.

Average strength, intelligence and slightly above average speed are how one could best describe his attributes. In fact, the only thing that is truly worth noting is that he is a pervert of the absolute highest order, perhaps surpassing even Azazel-sama in pure perverse lust.

Here Obito couldn't help but let a small bead of sweat roll down the back of his head in mildly stupefied shock. It seemed that even when he was flung onto a completely new world, he always found a way to know who the most perverted and lusty people were. Some women would call it a blessing, as they would be able to deal with any threats to their modesty with a greater degree of ease. For Obito it was more of a curse – he really did NOT need to know the things he now knew about both the Governor General of the Fallen Angles and this generations Red Dragon Emperor.

He had more important things to do.

"Bloody perverts." Obito muttered to himself as he quickly scrawled out another note that was to be sent to his spy in Kuoh, dealing out a new set of orders. Issei Hyodo's perverted tendencies aside, he was still a tier two asset who could change the tide in the coming conflicts. The Heiress of the Sitiri family actually had a rather competent and complete looking peerage developing, but they lacked still in several areas. Greymory on the other hand was in rather poor state with regards to her peerage – all of her peerage had the potential to get very strong indeed, but right now they (along with Sitiri) grossly overestimated their strength, and really did need another big-hitter.

"So let's serve her one up on a silver platter."

Plan formulating in his mind within seconds, Obito finished his message with a list of explicit orders for his agent in Kuoh. This was an opportunity that he was not going to waste if he could help it, so the moment he had finished writing, Obito was on his feet and heading for the door out of his room after briefly stopping to collect his mask and cloak. Within seconds his commanding presence was terrorizing the few people wondering the halls that lead to the command centre of Cipher. Each member of his sub-division immediately placed their back against the wall and offered and bowed their heads in subservience to him and a huge amount of respect – and why wouldn't they? He had single-handedly turned their fledgling information network into one that was arguably the most powerful and secretive on the face of the Earth.

Sparing his subordinates a brief nod of the head as he swiftly made his way through the halls of his base, Obito allowed his mind to wander to the business of the day – most notably the meeting he had with the other Brigade commanders in roughly fifteen to twenty minutes. Often seen as a means for the various branches of the Khaos Brigade to exchange information, the commanders closest to Ophis knew that their main purpose was not so much to exchange information as it was to allow Ophis to crack down on any …. disruptive behaviour amongst some of the bolder commanders – with Vali, Kokabiel and Katarea (who acted as Rizevim's prophecy) being arguably the most notable.

Making a brief stop at one of the various offices that lined this area of the Brigades Headquarters, Obito immediately set off towards the meeting room that was used for commander meetings. It was roughly a ten minute walk – a long time most certainly, especially when Obito could simply use Kamui and reach it in a fraction of the time. However, the last living Shinobi appreciated the peace that the walk often afforded him. It gave him a few minutes clarity to think to himself without having to worry about his plans or his own personal demons – they were a peaceful few minutes which offered Obito a much needed break from the immense amount of stress that he had placed upon himself.

'The life we live is full of danger and stress – a true shinobi acknowledges that he can die at any time. As such, it is important to find something enjoyable about the few quiet moments that we are afforded – because if the kunai of the enemy does not kill you, the stress most certainly will.'

Obito couldn't help but smile softly underneath his mask as he remembered the kind words of his master, Minato Namakazi. Obito had never really understood the appeal of a quiet moment until he finally experienced one after he had inadvertently destroyed the Shinobi world. After years of hard work and delusions of grandeur, the peaceful few hours he had enjoyed before his attempted suicide had been (minus the guilt) some of the most enlightening of his life … and as grim as it sounded, he actually enjoyed the silence he'd brought to the world.

All his life Obito Uchiha had virtually never truly known a moments peace. The whole time he had been fighting and killing, or plotting and lying – hardly the hallmarks of a peaceful time. As such, when the fighting finally stopped with the detonation of the Jubbi, Obito had finally learnt what a peaceful moment meant … even if it did literally cost him everything.

'And now you have the chance to stop something similar happening hear Obito – you can stop the madness of Rizevim.'

Nodding to his thoughts, Obito only allowed his mind to ponder his new life goal for several more seconds before finally allowing it to drift to nothing, save for walking towards his intended destination.

After ten minutes, the last living Shinobi finally arrived at the heavy-set double oak doors that separated the corridor he had been traversing from the meeting room. Taking a brief few seconds, Obito cleared his mind and focused on what he would say when Ophis finally asked him for a report.

The moment his mind was suitably schooled, Obito placed his right hand upon the door for several seconds, allowing the wards on the door to identify him and thus grant him access. Although the doors looked unassuming, they were possibly the strongest defences in the known world, save for those that lead into the section of the Brigades base that had been cordoned off for Cipher, which had been a joint effort on the part of both Obito and Ophis.

After several long moments, the doors glowed a soft blue and immediately began to swing inwards, thus granting Obito entry. The second that there was enough room for his fairly substantial frame to fit through, the last living Shinobi strolled in.

The room itself was surprisingly Spartan in many ways. Unlike a great deal of the base the Brigade lived in, the meeting room's roof did not extended high into the air, and instead rested barely ten feet above the occupants. Also, instead of being full of extremely extravagant and expensive furnishings, the only furnishings in the room were a long table capable of sitting the six Brigade commanders comfortably, with special runic arrays built into the chairs to allow for a form of 'instant communication' over long distances, much like the mortal invention 'Skype' – only in 3D form.

Heading to the end of the table, Obito took his seat on the right hand side of the table, in the seat closest to where Ophis would sit at the head of the table.

Letting out a small sigh of resignation as he realised that he was, once again, the earliest to arrive, Obito closed his eyes and pretended to relax his posture slightly whilst he waited for the arrival of his fellow Brigade commanders.

After several minutes of waiting, the right hand of Ophis was alerted to the arrival of several of his fellow commanders by the small creak generated by the doors as they swung open. Casting his gaze to the doorway, Obito idly noted that the first person to stroll into the room was none-other than his most recent (and arguably steadfast ally) Vali Lucifer, who was currently wearing his normal attire of black jeans, combat boots and leather jacket along with a simple white vest.

Behind him was a truly gorgeous woman who Obito could also easily identify. She stood several inches shorter than the stoic spy master, but this was barely worth noting when one took into consideration her luscious tanned skin and brown hair, violet eyes which were obscured slightly by glasses and her truly gigantic chest (which was barely contained by the traditional Devil robes she wore). However beneath this almost sinfully divine and gorgeous surface lay a creature that had been born and raised to hate, and revelled in the pain of others.

Her name was Katarea Leviathan, the (proxy) commander of the 'Old Satan' faction. Rizevim had resigned command the moment he had acquired Obito through his spells, saying that his talents were better suited to a more 'hands on' role. This was, of course, a lie – it was merely a means to allow Rizevim greater degrees of freedom in recruiting new members to his faction.

Shaking his head slightly to clear away those thoughts, the young man allowed his gaze to settle on the third member joining the group, and he couldn't help but let his eyes narrow slightly upon realizing just who it was that had wondered into the meeting room.

'What in the name of Kami is that bastard doing here?'

The man who had drawn such negative attention from Obito was a very tall man who lurked at the backs of the other two. He stood easily two heads higher than Obito, and his very aura put the last living Shinobi on edge. The man's frame was bulkier than Obito's, but could still fall into the somewhat slim category. His skin was as pale as freshly fallen snow, whilst his ears were pointed like an Elf's. His thin lips were curled into a grin, revealing his sharp, razor like teeth whilst the crimson orbs he called eyes burned with a lust for slaughter and death that would have made Hidan feel slightly uncomfortable – and Obito always thought he was the most bloodthirsty bastard he would ever meet.

The group of three fixed slightly surprised gazes upon Obito's form, however their shock soon wore off, with Katarea and Vali offering small nods of acknowledgement to the man they knew as Rapture as they made their way towards their seats.

However, the final figure stayed still as he kept his battle-hungry grin and bloodthirsty gaze fixed on Obito's masked face. Allowing himself to meet the man's gaze with his own hidden glare, the two of them seemed to spend an eternity in a standoff that had developed out of no-where, to which the other two occupants of the room were oblivious to.

Just as he began preparing for an impending attack, the tall man let out a laugh that caused even Obito's hairs to stand slightly on-edge. He laughed for several more seconds before seemingly calming down enough to speak to the last surviving Shinobi.

"Good to see you Rapture."

The overly friendly tone with which he spoke caused Obito to grit his teeth in anger – Obito absolutely hated the man he was glaring at, and vice-versa. It was only thanks to the thin veneer of civility they held together that stopped any questions from being asked.

So swallowing his hatred and forcing as much cordiality into his voice as possible when dealing with this particular man, Obito nodded his head slightly in greeting before speaking in his usual monotone.

"You too….."



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