This is my take if Rosalind didn't fall down the elevator shaft and married Leeland. It'll be a lot different from my other stories. I don't own Rosalind or Leeland, I do own Kahlen, their adopted daughter, and all the kids they'll have. And they're 30 years younger than they are on the show! And this doesn't have a POV

Leeland and Rosalind were walking out of a meeting arguing about tax breaks, they were enemies at the time and Leeland wanted to change that and marry her. "Rosalind, please stop fighting me and this relationship! I love you and I know you love me! We can make this work!" Leeland pleaded with a kiss. "God Leeland! Don't be a prick begging for forgiveness!" Rosalind spat back and pushed away from him. Leeland sighed, but Rosalind spoke up, "Leeland, how about you come over to my place tonight for dinner and we talk about our relationship then?" Leeland agreed and they took the steps down, the elevator was broken.

That night at Rosalind's

"Look Rosalind. I want to marry you and see you change, I knew that ever since I laid eyes on you!" Rosalind gasped and blushed, she didn't know that he cared for her that way! "Oh Leeland..." she started to say but she thought about her next words. She said very slowly and carfully, "I. Love. You. Too. and I would be happy to be your wife." Leeland smiled, and Rosalind was going to smile back but she remembered that she had something that she wanted to discuss with him and grabbed the papers and handed them to Leeland. "Leeland, after that wonderful night we had, I found out that I was pregnant and I was scared." She started. Leeland looked at the papers which compiled of letters and adoption papers. "Leeland I was so scared to tell you but 4 weeks after I found out that I was pregnant I took a tumble down some stairs at the office and they rushed me to Dr. Kearney my OGB/YN and she informed me that I had miscarried weeks ago. Then when I heard about this young mother putting her baby up for adoption, it's a baby girl. I grasped at the opportunity. If I hadn't miscarried, I wouldn't be talking to you about this! But I have been writing to the mother and she's in Hawaii with her sister, who had just given birth and her parents told her to stay there until she had the baby which is in 3 weeks. I came up with a name for the baby, Kahlen Lee Shay. I'm heading to Hawaii in one week to be there for the birth, and I need for you to come with me." Rosalind finished. Leeland sighed deeply. "Wow. OK. Fine count me in. I can't wait to meet baby Kahlen." Rosalind smiled.

During that week after work

"Leeland! We need to go shopping to prepare for baby Kahlen!" Rosalind said when they left the office. When they left their co workers planned feverishly for Rosalind's baby shower, even though she wasn't pregnant, it was to help prepare for Kahlen. They went and got some cute baby clothes and baby feeding things, Rosalind seemed happy to Leeland but he could sense something was wrong. "Rosalind, can we talk a minute." Rosalind nodded. "Are you ok?"

I know its a bad place to stop a chapter but I believe its a good sugeway into the next chapter!