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As for this fanfiction, it is a gift for Silencia20 inspired by the 11th chapter of her fanfiction whose title is Growing Strong. She gave me her permission to post it.

The original story is a crossover beetween these two universes. While it is written from Nara Riko's (fem!Harry Potter) point of view, I wanted to explore her interactions with Sasuke from his.


The first time he saw her


« Alright. Shino and Hinata, continue to practice the Leaf Floating Exercice. Sasuke, I will show you the Kunai Balancing Exercice. Riko, you will continue working on Kunai Balancing. Here, I will give you a kunai. »

« I have one » She said as she pulled out a kunai from her belt.

That little fact left me staring. After all, it was unusual for a child to carry this kind of weapon. Then Iruka turned at me and started explaining.

During the following hour the though lingered in my mind,as I warred with myself over whether or not to ask. Until my curiosity won.

I asked. Her answer was vague. Unlucky she said. Well, maybe not as unlucky as to have a bloodthirsty brother who slaughtered his whole clan on a whim.

« Hn » I returned to my exercice and she let out a relieved breath. Her face was blank even though a shadow passed through her eyes.




I am used to spend my evening training alone while doing my best to clear my head. To stop the flow of memories and thoughts, whether they are happy ones or not. As one generally leads to the other.

I feel as if these are the only moments I am doing someting productive. Even though I know that I have to go to the academy to get my license, but the days there are tedious.

Children. They are so annoying, all of them. It will be a wonder I they don't end up dead during their first year as a ninja. Well, annoying. Some are more bearable than the others, fortunately.

Aburame seemed alright. As did Nara. Both are clan's heir so I guess it is not so surprising. Same for his sister who seemed to have potential as a kunoichi, and took her training seriously. Most should be ashamed. What a waste.

I tensed suddenly and whirled around.

« Who's there ? Show yourself ! »

Well, speaking of the devil…

« Nara ». My face was expressionless as I looked at her. Her vibrant red hair was easily recognisable.

« I'm sorry. I didn't know you were there . I was just… uh… evading someone and ended up in here… »

She sounded sheepish as she scratched her head nervously.

« Evading who ? » I asked coldly. She was wasting my time. For all that I know, she could have have some ulterior motives.

« Tachibana Fumio. From my old class. He's… well he likes my a lot for some reason ».

A look of understanding passed through my eyes.

« I remember » I stated.

« Ahh, that's right, you saw him that one time… in ninjustsu class, was it ? » she laugh nervously. « Uhh… do you want to spar ? »

The question blurted out of her mouth. Then she looked at me as if she expected (or wanted) me to refuse. I gave her a condensing look and nodded curtly. It is the most interesting proposition today so far and I hoped that she would be worth my time. For what I know, she is somehow decent in taijutsu and it has been a while since I spared against someone.

She walked toward me, stopped a few steps away and sink into her fighting stance. I did the same. And we stare at each other waiting for the other to attack.

I am the first one to move. I ran forward, fist flying towards her. She dodged, then dart in and snapped her own fist forwards but I blocked it. Then she jumps away.

So the fight began. My attacks are direct and sharp whereas hers are light and flowing. It is refreshing to exchange blows against someone who's not holding back and whose level is on par to mine. As the spar goes on, I slowly but surly lose track of time. And soon, it is not against fire that I am fighting but against midnight locks, eyes as red as blood and against a condensing smile. All I see is the slaughter and the corpses laying on the floor. And I am filled with anger and rage and all is directed at my opponent. Faster and faster, we whirl around each other in an intricate dance of punches, kicks, blocks and counter. I want him hurt and fell everything that I had buried inside. Resentment. Hate. And the frustration at being so weak and pathetic.

And I communicated all in my attacks. I fell alive for the first time in so many years as we continue to exchange blows until all that's left is us, freed of our anger, hate and demons.

Finally I managed to sweep my leg behind hers. She fell to the ground and before she can move I kneel above her, one hand on her throat. We are both breathing hard and then, for the first time, it is not him that I am seeing. It is not crimson but emeralds that are watching me tearfully. And we stare at each other without memories and pain obstructing our vision.

Her beautiful striking red hair were unfolded in a wreath. I couldn't tear my eyes from the expense of the white, soft skin of her neck. She seemed so delicate. Yet I knew she was not and mesmerised I looked at a single tear who rolled down her cheek.

I wiped it away unconsciously.

No word was spoken. I stayed until her eyes were dry then I stood up and walked away.

« Same time next week ? » She croaked.

« Hn »

And that was the first fight of a long series. And slowly I started to live again as striking forest green eyes took place in my dreams instead of bloodied red ones.




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