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Okay, this the the sequal to "Sweet Sixteen". It's a little more adult because, well, anyone who's ever gone to Prom usually has a good idea what happens after Prom. Such is the case for our favorite couple.
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Prom Night

"Are you going to Prom?"
She looked over at me, her face holding a bit of confusion.
"Of course I am. Why wouldn't I?"
"Are you going with Arnold?" I tried again.
She smiled at me then, still looking at me like I had finally lost my mind.
"Yes Phoebe. Unless you know something I don't?"
I sighed, feeling the beginning of a small headache forming. I got one every time I tried to
figure out the "Helga and Arnold" enigma. They were dating...I think.
This is what I do know.
They started dating the evening of her sixteenth birthday; our Junior year. It was
now nearing the conclusion of our Senior. I also know that she lost her virginity one
evening in October. It was a Wednesday night.
I remember, because she and Arnold had gone to dinner that evening and she came to
school the next day wearing one of his shirts and a very smug grin on her face.
Other than that, if one watched them walk down the hall, or saw them out
together, one would have a very hard time believing they were anything more than just
good friends.
Even Gerald and I had our doubts sometimes.
They just didn't act like the typical high school couple. Both subscribed to the
theory that their private life was just that...private.
I looked up at my best friend. Even at seventeen, she still towered over me.
Although at 5'5", most people towered over me. She was still watching me, expecting an
"It's only...sometimes we wonder if you two are even dating."
She laughed then, her laughter reaching her eyes. There was a time then her eyes never
laughed. They never had a reason to.
She bent down, as if preparing to divulge a deep secret. In a way, I guess she did.
"Trust me," she said, her voice low. "We're dating."
Her eyes said it all. Everything she didn't.
"You know the rules!" Gerald's voice rang out from behind us, effectively cutting off
anything else Helga may have told me. "No secrets unless you're planning to share the
Arnold followed behind Gerald, looking handsome and completely unaffected by
the proceedings. In the passing year, I've observed his entire demeanor relax. If things
never bothered him before, now the entire world could collapse and he probably wouldn't
I accepted Gerald's kiss, partically watching Helga and Arnold. Since that dinner on her
sixteenth birthday, it had almost become a hobby of mine.
She smiled up at him, her blue eyes teasing. Raising an eyebrow, he glanced down at her.
"You are taking me to Prom, right?"
He frowned slightly. "Unless there's something I need to know?"
"No. Phoebe was just wondering. She doesn't believe we're dating."
"Hell, I'm beginning to wonder." Gerald added.
Arnold rolled his eyes. "For the record, yes I am taking Helga to Prom." he said looking
at her, then turned his attention to us. "And yes, we are still dating. Exclusively and
seriously, just in case anyone else asks."