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Thanks to my best friend and my voyeuristic girlfriend, Phoebe and I didn't get to sleep
until almost six in the morning and almost missed the check out time.
We stumbled down to check out, a little surprised to see Helga and Arnold already down
there, actually awake and doing the dating thing.
I checked us out, then Phoebe and I joined the other two on the couch. Helga, who was
sitting on Arnold's lap, both of them reading the paper, moved to look at us.
"You two look like crap." she observed.
Phoebe, who beat me to it, sat up and fixed her best friend with a glare.
"As your best friend, I feel it only fair that I receive a phone call later outlining all the
details of last night, considering neither Gerald nor I received any sleep last night."
Helga raised an eyebrow. "And this is our fault?"
Phoebe never flinched. "Yes. Neither of you are very quiet."
At least they both had the good grace to blush.
"Absolutely." I agreed, eyeing Arnold. "And ditto on the phone call. After I get some
The door man announced our cab was here, effectively blocking off any comments.
Helga hopped off Arnold's lap, and pulled him up, grabbing her bag also.
Phoebe and I followed them out. They were holding hands, I even caught them in a quick
kiss; nothing like before.
I smiled as we all piled into the cab. Despite my lack of sleep, maybe this was a good
Maybe they needed last night, to get lost in each other, completely lost; and to find their
way back out again.
Maybe we all do.