As always: I don't own Once Upon a Time. Fair warning: There is alot of Hook in this chapter. It almost entirely consists of him and Regina. The reason being, that my original vision for this chapter was to write a Swan Queen story from his perspective. It was going to be a one shot, but since I have a weird writing process, I wrote this and chapter one at the same time and they suddenly became one story. I do apologize for him overstaying his welcome (like he always does) but I hope you can still find a way to enjoy this chapter.

Killian Jones wasn't the smartest man, but he wasn't a complete idiot either. He was a pirate; a disabled one at that, and as such was often overlooked, so he was just as surprised as anyone when The Savior entered into a relationship with him, and even though much of their time was spent chasing down villains, they would occasionally manage to sneak away from the chaos that surrounded them and find a few moments of peace.

Killian lived for those moments; moments when they would curl up on her couch and watch moving pictures together, her head on his chest, his arm around her shoulder, but lately those moments were few and far between. Earlier in their relationship time would pass peacefully between them, with much laughter and joy. Now they counted the minutes of their days in anger and tense silence.

He didn't see it at first. The thing, or rather the person, that caused his beloved's eye to wander. He didn't see the soft touches and longing looks that would pass between them or the way Emma's face, normally stoic and filled with worry, would light up whenever Regina entered the room.

Initially, Killian didn't see any of these things, because he didn't want to. He preferred the comfort provided him by denial. It was easier to live the lie and play the doting boyfriend than to admit to himself that things weren't as they should be; that the woman he loved no longer loved him, if she ever did. However, once he confronted himself with the truth, and accepted it, he could no longer ignore what had been happening before his very eyes: The Savior was falling in love with The Evil Queen and there was absolutely nothing he could do to stop it.

"Another!" he cried out into the mostly empty diner.

"Are you sure you need another drink?" the waitress asked from behind the counter.

"You know waitress... what is your name?"

"Candace," she responded timidly.

"Ah yes, Waitress Candace! What we need and what we want are often two entirely different things, but in this particular case what I need and what I want are the same thing. Can you guess what that is?" he questioned in one long, stumbling breath.

"More alcohol?"

"BRILLIANT!" he exclaimed. "You, Waitress Candace, are bloody brilliant!" He ran his eyes across her body appreciatively and added, "You are also quite attractive."but shhhh," he said as he placed his finger over his lips, "You didn't hear that from me."

Granny, who had been cleaning various appliances, was beginning to get annoyed with the pirate that occupied the seat across from her.

"Candace you can have the rest of the night off. Go home and ," she said as she pointed angrily at Killian, "can stop harassing my waitresses. Candace is the best help I've had in a long time and I don't want to lose her on account of your stupidity."

"My sincerest apologies, m'lady. I only wanted more alcohol. I meant no harm."

"Of course you didn't," she mumbled and set about fetching more alcohol for her patron. Ruby used to do this. Ruby used to handle alot of the "customer service" aspects of the diner, but much like the girl she was during the curse, she longed for more, and eventually set about taking online classes with a nearby college. She would occasionally help out at the diner, but not for more than a few hours at a time. Her presence had been sorely missed and Granny had to cycle through a few waitresses before she found a good fit. She eventually stumbled upon Candace, and though she was a fast learner and hard worker, Granny couldn't help but miss having her grand daughter working beside her.

The bell above the diner door signaled a new arrival, and Granny could do nothing but roll her eyes, because the person that just walked in was Regina Mills, and with Killian being as inebriated as he was... well, Granny could already sense the beginnings of a shit storm.

"Your majesty," he greeted with a sneer. "Fancy seeing you here."

"Aside from the cesspool, known as the Rabbit Hole, this is the only other place in town that is still open. I'd ask what you're doing here, but judging by your bloodshot eyes, I'd say I already know. "

"Regina, always quick with a quip. Care to join me for a drink?"

"I suppose I have nothing better to do," she said and took the barstool beside him.

"What'll it be?" Granny asked with a sigh.

"I'll have a scotch on the rocks," Regina answered as she drummed her perfectly manicured nails on the countertop.

"Coming right up."

Granny began to make their drinks, but she wasn't too happy about it. Two former villains in her diner, with copious amounts of alcohol, potentially fighting over the same woman. This did not look good, but she wasn't about to turn down paying customers. All she could do was give them their drinks and send a prayer to whatever deity was listening.
"Here you go," she said and handed them their drinks.

"Thank you," they said in unison. Well, at least they were being polite, though both parties looked ill at ease. Killian stared into his drink with a quizzical expression on his face, almost as if he expected it to provide him with the world's darkest secrets while Regina continued to anxiously drum her nails on the counter top and angrily glare at her watch as if it had betrayed her.

Seconds passed slowly and painfully before Killian cleared his throat, and effectively brought an end to the uncomfortable silence that had formed between them.

"I'd like to propose a toast," he said raising his glass. He gestured for Regina to raise hers as well and she obliged him.

"To the thing we love most," he said as his lips turned upward in a knowing smirk. He was done playing games. Done ignoring whatever was going on between Emma and Regina because playing the part of oblivious boyfriend was taking its toll on him. He had been trying to change for Emma but her relationship with Regina brought back some of his darker urges. For the last few months jealousy and anger were his default emotions. He tried to stuff them down but they refused to budge. They were always bubbling right beneath the surface, waiting for the right moment to erupt.

Regina stared at him in confusion. She loved Henry the most and Hook, well he loved Emma. Suddenly his intentions became very clear. He diddn't invite her to drink with him for her company. He knew about her feelings and was going to use this as an opportunity to confront her about them.

"I didn't know you cared so much about Henry," she said feigning ignorance. "It fills me with joy to know that his mother's boyfriend is so invested in his life."

Killian slammed his drink down in frustration. He could stand his beloved being in love with Regina. He could even stand Regina returning those feelings, but what he couldn't stand was being lied to about it, because maybe he was an idiot, but he was an idiot with eyes and those eyes allowed him to see things!

"I have eyes, you know!"

Regina, who clearly appreciated the sad state her drinking companion was in, began to clap slowly.

"I suppose congratulations are in order," she responded sarcastically.

"I do have eyes!" he shouted angrily as his fist came crashing onto the table.
"I have eyes and I see through them and I see through you! I see the way you look at Swan," he said as his voice began to shake and tears began to form in his eyes. "You look at her like she is your sun... and moon... and stars... and mountains... and oceans and... clouds... and flowers... and trees... like she is everything beautiful in this world, because she is! I know that look because that is the same way I look at her, so if you are going to lovingly pine after my Swan please pay me the courtesy of admitting to it."

The room fell silent and the air became thick with lost love and unspoken wishes. Regina wanted to deny it. Wanted to deny the way her heart threatened to escape her chest whenever Emma was near. Wanted to deny the way her stomach clenched whenever she would so much as hear the blonde's name. She wanted to deny the future her mind had built for them; a future where there were no monsters or evil villains that threatened to hurt them. A future where her family: Henry and Emma, could live peacefully in a house near the ocean. She wanted to deny all of those things, but found that she couldn't.

"I-I do have feelings for Emma,"she admitted.

Relief washed over her and she let out a breath she hadn't known she'd been holding. Regina had been keeping this secret for quite some time, and even though the person she confided in was less than ideal, it still felt good to get it off of her chest.

She looked over at the man beside her and watched as he buried his face in his hands. He looked utterly destroyed, as if the very breath had been taken from his lungs, and in that moment, despite their differences and possible similarities, she felt pity for him.

"How long?" he asked, his voice muffled by his hands.

"I'm not sure," she said letting out a laugh that was equals parts soft and bitter. "I think I've been in love with her for so long that its hard for me to remember a time when I wasn't." She sighed deeply then, because she hadn't planned on putting her emotions on display this evening, or any evening for that matter. However, now that she began this arduous process she felt the need to finish it.

"I know that at some point in my life I didn't want this," she continued. "I didn't want her, but despite my protests, she found a way into my heart and made her home there, so when I look at the past I'm only able to see it through the love I feel for her now."

Hook took his face out of his hands and offered the former queen a bittersweet smile.

"You are quite the poet, Your Majesty," he said with admiration. "I want to hate you. I truly do. I want to yell and scream at you. I want to ruin your life because every bone in my body is crying out for vengeance, but I can't bring myself to do it. How can I be angry at you for knowing what I've known since the day I met her? Emma Swan is a bloody treasure and you'd have to be a complete bloody fool not to see that. You and I," he said gesturing between them, "are not fools."

"Well I can't speak for you, but I am most certainly not a fool," she responded, humor evident in her tone.

Hook once again lifted his glass into the air.

"So, now that we've found some common ground, how about a toast?

Regina lifted her glass in agreement.

"To Emma Swan... the thing, or rather the person, we love most," he said somberly.

They clinked glasses and took large gulps of their drinks until there was nothing left. They ordered more alcohol and continued to drink late into the evening, until they lost track of how much alcohol they had consumed.

"Wow!" Regina exclaimed. "W-we finished our drinks rath...rather quickly."

"Aye, we did," agreed Killian.

"Maybe we should have more. Lets get shots! Granny, if you would be so -ind as to give us shots...we would appreciate it." Right then, she was hit with a memory. One of her favorites, and she was taken back to a time when she had been desperately grasping at the concept of fate and soul mates. She believed that Robin Hood was her last chance at happiness, and she had just sent him over the town line to be with his wife and child. Feeling dejected and alone she had taken to Granny's to indulge herself in some olympic style stress-eating. However, she was not alone for long because Emma came swooping in from seemingly nowhere, like she always did, and offered her shots and friendship. The memory made her smile like an idiot.

"Look at you," Killian said craning his neck to get a closer look at Regina. "You're smiling," he said pointing a finger centimeters away from her face. "The end must be near."

She attempted to throw a playful punch to his shoulder, but her coordination was not operating at its full potential, and she merely grazed it.

"Ooooo. The Evil Queen. I am terrif-"

He would have finished his statement, but even in her drunken state Regina had some how managed to conjure a fire ball.

"Hey! Put that away!" Granny yelled. "No fireballs in my diner!"

"Sorry,"Regina apologized and extinguished the fire that had been hovering above her hand.

"Now I'm letting you stay here and drink, but if I see any signs of hostility or fireballs," she said and looked at Regina accusingly. "I have my crossbow and I'm not shy about using it. Understand?"

They both nodded their heads like school children being admonished by their principal.

"Great! Here are your drinks," she said and handed them their shots. "Play nice."

"We are playing nice," Killian defended indignantly. "That was a friendly fireball. Haven't you heard of friendly fire?"

"Shhh,you're gonna get us kicked out," Regina warned.

"I'm sorry about Hook," she whispered to Granny conspiratorially. "He's drunk"

Granny rolled her eyes in exasperation.

"Its all right, just remember what I said. I like you, Regina, so it would really upset me to have to put an arrow through you."

"Aww thats so sweet," Regina said as tears welled in her eyes. "I like you too!"

Then she did something that surprised Granny. She walked around the counter, opened her arms, and threw them around the older woman's body in what can only be described as an awkward embrace.

"You're quite soft and comf-comf-tortable," Regina stuttered as she buried her head in the crook of Granny's neck.

Had it been anyone else Granny would have thrown them out on their ass. However, she found that she had a soft spot for the reformed Evil Queen. She had put her life on the line for the citizens of Storybrooke on several occasions and asked for nothing in return so Granny respected her. Aside from that, if the way Regina clung to her (like a barnacle to an old ship) was any indication, she really needed to be held. So Granny allowed it, and they stayed that way for quite some time.

"Ahem! Excuse me ladies. I am also a reformed villain," Killian said raising his his hand. "And I am also in need of a hug."

"I'll give you a hug!" Regina exclaimed as she untangled herself from Granny's embrace. She then walked over to Hook and slung her arms around him. He returned the hug and several moments passed before either of them said anything. It was quite a strange hug; especially for Regina. She was, by no means, a hugger. Yet here she was, in the middle of Granny's with her arms around Hook. She'd rather haver her arms around Emma. Her and Emma fit perfectly. Whenever they hugged their bodies molded and melted into one another as if they were designed to be that way. This was nothing like that. Emma was soft and comfortable. Hook was all angles and hard edges. Large and bulky. Scruffy and gross...

"This doesn't feel right!" Regina whined.

"Aye, it doesn't. Perhaps if we repositioned ourselves..." he suggested.

They disentangled themselves from one another and prepared for another hug.

"Pu-put your arm over here," Regina instructed.
Hook did as he was told.

"and your other arm over here" she said pointing to where his other arm was to be positioned.

Hook some how missed the designated area, and his arm ended up lower than it should've. Regina was not altogether convinced that it was unintentional.

"No not there!" she admonished.

"My apologies, Your Majesty" he said, a blush coloring his cheeks.

"Over here," she said moving his arm.

Their arms were now around each other but they were still standing several feet apart.

"Should we get closer?You, know, for a prop-proper hug?"

"I suppose," Regina responded with an impatient sigh. This hug was already more trouble than it was worth.

They tentatively moved closer to one another until their bodies were flush. Regina stood stock still. Since she initiated this hug she felt that it was her responsibility to see it through till the end, no matter how disgusting. What was the appropriate amount of time for a hug anyway? Five seconds? Three? How could Emma bring herself to do this on a regular basis?

"This isn't so bad," Hook declared in wonder, although he never thought it would be bad. He was a man after all, and any proximity to a woman was good proximity. Yes he still had Emma and yes he still loved Emma, but that didn't mean that he couldn't appreciate the woman currently wrapped in his arms.

"If I could ignore the smell of Rum, body odor, and other odd smells coming from your jacket, I guess it wouldn't be."

"No need to be mean, love. I d-do-don't always smell like this. I've had a rough day. Besides, we are friends now and friends give each other insult free hugs," he said squeezing her tightly. Finally, after waiting what Regina felt was an appropriate amount of time, she wiggled out of the embrace.

"Need more alcohol," she mumbled and made her way back to the barstool she had previously occupied.

"Me too!" Hook exclaimed in pursuit. "I have an idea! We should take a shot for everything we like about Emma!"

Regina, paused to consider his offer.

"I can't see anything wrong with that plan."

Some time later...

"I like Emma's hair, cause its long, like really long, and it curls sometimes, and its golden colored like the sun, and Hook!" she said trying to catch his attention. "Hook!" she screamed because his head had fallen onto the counter top.

"I've never watched pornography, but I'm quite sure that it is nothing compared to Emma's hair. It just does things to me... Her hair is my porn!" she exclaimed in one long, loud, stuttering breath.

"What is that? P-p-prngphy?" he inquired.

"Its when people do the... the..." she struggled to find the right words. Why were they so difficult to find? Finally they came to her. "They do the sex!" she exclaimed excitedly. "They do the sex on the camera's! You can find it on the interwebs or the the or magazines!"

"Why have I not seen this?" Hook asked sadly. If people were doing the sex and it was readily available for anyone to watch, he wanted to be able to see it. He did have eyes, after all, and eyes were made for seeing. His sex life was also on a downward spiral. He was always in the mood and Emma was almost never in the mood. Perhaps something like this could spice things up between them.

Regina merely shrugged her shoulders in response. How should she know? She never watched porn. She wasn't a voyeur. She didn't know where to find it, or how to find it. She just knew that it existed. At any rate, she didn't need porn. She had Emma to keep her entertained. Her perfect hair, and eyes, and incredibly toned arms. They were so muscular and defined... She would pay money just to watch Emma Swan lift things and toss them across across the room. Emma could lift her and toss her across the room, maybe press her against a wall...

"Alright, kiddos. I hate to crash your party, but its closing time," Granny said interrupting her thoughts. Regina was a bit disappointed. This particular fantasy seemed to be going somewhere.

Granny made a move to take Regina and Hook's shot glasses, but both parties moved them before she could.

"NO!" They said belligerently.

"Crossbow," she reminded them.

Regina handed her glass over. Normally, she wouldn't give in so easily, but she was drunk and in no way prepared to take on a crossbow wielding grandma.

"So how are you two getting home?" Granny questioned. "Cause you know you can't drive right now."

"I don't know how to drive," Hook said with sadness and resignation. David tried to teach him once, but he found it hard to steer and operate the foot pedals at the same time. He ended up crashing David's truck into a mailbox. David was more than displeased with him and forced him to get a job at the marina to pay for the damages. To Hook's chagrin, even before that incident occurred, Emma outright refused to let him go anywhere near the bug. She let Henry drive it. She even let Regina drive it, because of course her precious Regina could drive it, but her boyfriend? Nope. Not a chance.

"Should I call Emma?" Granny asked and pulled out her cellphone.

"NO!" they both screamed.

"I can't.. I can't... I don't want Emma to see me like this," Regina said tearfully. She had always tried to look her best. She was the kind of woman that wore heels and a skirt to a villain chase in the woods. She even made sure to look her best when she threw out the trash. There was no way in the world she was going to allow Emma to see her like this; eyes all bloodshot, cheeks all puffy-like. She had a reputation to uphold and a lady to impress.

"Me neither," Hook joined. "I don't want her to think I'm an alcoholic."

Granny had to laugh at that because 90% of his life was spent with a flask of rum in his hand. His morning drink was 3/4 rum 1/4 coffee. Who was he fooling?

"That ship sailed a long time time ago Killian" Granny said with a laugh. "but I guess, you could stay at the B&B."

Regina looked at her with grateful eyes."That would be lovely, Thank you."

Granny looked between Emma's suitors, a little afraid to deliver the next bit of news.

"There is a catch though. The Seven Dwarves recently had a falling out. They all moved out of that tiny apartment and each of them have been staying in their own room upstairs, so all of my rooms are occupied... except for one."

Silence descended upon the trio.

Regina and Killian looked at each other, their eyes searching the other's for an answer. Neither of them were too keen on sharing a bedroom. Sure they were friends now, but sharing a room seemed to cross a line of some sort. At the same time, neither of them wanted Emma see them in their inebriated state.

Several agonizing moments passed before they reached an agreement. They nodded their heads and addressed Granny.

"We'll take it!" They exclaimed.

Granny shook her head. There was no way this was going to end well. Sure the former villains were getting along, but they were drunk. People did all sorts of things when they were drunk like shoot crossbows at the Welcome to Storybrooke sign or wake up naked next to the bashful dwarf. Or was it the sleepy one? Not that Granny had done any of those things. At any rate she knew that both parties were going to regret their decision in the morning, and once they did, all hell would break loose. No, this wasn't going to end well but Granny wasn't one to mingle in the affairs of others, so she linked arms with both patrons (because they were doing a terrible job of walking on their own) and led them to their room. She then handed them their keys and quietly took her leave for the evening.

Regina and Hook surveyed their surroundings.

"Theres only one bed," Regina observed wryly. Sharing a room with Hook wasn't ideal. She could think of ten other people she'd rather share a room with. Actually she could only think of one person she'd want to share a room with: Emma, but even though sharing a room with Hook wasn't ideal, she could tolerate it. However, she could not tolerate sharing a bed with him. She pointed to a spot on the floor. "You're sleeping there, pirate."

Hook shook his head in disagreement.

"I don't think so Your Majesty. You see, I already have a bad back and laying on the hard ground would only ruin it further. Besides, we've already shared a bed in the past," he said and raised a suggestive eyebrow. " Why not do it again?"

Regina quickly turned on him, jabbing an angry finger at his chest. She thought they had a silent agreement not to talk about that. Yes they did have "relations" together, but it was in the Enchanted Forest and it only happened once, because even though she had been The Evil Queen, she had more sense than to continue a fling with him.

"Don't you ever bring that up" she said through gritted teeth "or I will personally see to it that you have two hooks for hands, instead of one."

Hook let out an amused laugh. It was always fun to push The Queen's buttons. She always maintained such tight control over her life and the lives of those around her, but if one were to look closely, one could easily find her weaknesses and exploit them. He learned this particular skill from Regina's mother, whom he "apprenticed" under.

"Ah Regina, you always were very... passionate," he began. "If I remember correctly, and I do, that trait carried over quite well to the bedroom."

He watched as Regina's eyes grew into wide saucers. She was very obviously fighting some sort of internal battle, most likely caught between being a "good guy" and talking through their issues or being a "bad guy" and burning him to a crisp. Her hands balled into tiny fists and shook with rage. Hook didn't know why but she was quite adorable when angry albeit very terrifying as well.

"Stop it!" she said threateningly.

Hook wanted to stop. He really did, but he was drunk and had a real knack for adventure that prevented him from doing so. When he was a child he would throw rocks at bee hives and wait for the bees to come flying out just so he could outrun them. Admittedly, this wasn't much different. He knew provoking Regina was dangerous but he couldn't resist the temptation.

"You know. I thought of something earlier." He said and took a long pause as if to consider his next words. "I like Emma..."he said pointing to himself with pride. "You like Emma..." he said pointing at Regina knowingly. "You're both very sexy, very passionate, woman..."

Regina raised an eyebrow threateningly because even in her drunken state, she was almost 100% sure she knew where this was going.

"What do you say we engage in a sexual triumvirate?" he asked. "A threesome, if you will." He then gave Regina the sexiest look he could muster. He was, after all, devilishly handsome. There was no way she would turn him down...except she did, not with words, but with two rather large fireballs. For a few brief seconds it appeared as though she were going to throw them at his face, however she re-directed the fireballs of doom and hurled them at the painting that hung above the bed. However, he did not get away scot-free. A fireball grazed the side of his head and he was now on fire. He screamed at the top of his lungs and flew into a panic, accidentally running into the door and letting out one final yelp before he came crashing onto the floor.

A small part of Regina wanted to leave him there until he was nothing more than a pile of ash. It would certainly make the funeral arrangements easier, however she wasn't that person anymore, so she did the right thing. She magicked a water bucket, the second in two days, and dumped it over Hooks body.

"Bloody hell, Regina!" He yelled. "I understand that what I asked for was a bit... presum...presum...Oh I can't say that word!" he said finally giving up "but I really do think it could be enjoyable for the three of us." He then gave the air a few hearty thrusts, as if to demonstrate his capabilities. "See, love? I could be doing this to you." He then fixed Regina with what he thought was a sexy smirk.

That was the last straw for Regina. She had actually been feeling remorse for her actions. She was even getting ready to apologize for them. Fireballs were an over reaction and a little too dramatic for what the occasion called for, but there Hook was, lying on the floor, obscenely thrusting at the air. Something in her snapped, and before she knew it she was on top of him; punching him and pulling out the little bit of hair he had left on his head. Had she been sober, her attacks would've been more effective, however she was not so she missed a rather large percentage of her punches and the ones she did land were very weak. She was so involved in this weak punching that she completely missed when Storybrooke's sheriff came barreling into the room, her deputy in tow.

"What the hell is going on here?" Emma boomed.

Regina immediately stopped what she was doing and stood up. This did not look good. Not even a little bit.

"I get a call for a domestic dispute and I walk in on this..." Emma said looking around the room. A wall was on fire and David was currently putting it out with a fire extinguisher.

"Swan. Its not what it looks like." Hook said pleadingly.

She let out a deep breath, because what the hell was her life? Just hours before she had been perfectly content with life. Now she was on the verge of having to arrest her boyfriend and best friend. Domestic dispute. Hook. Regina. Gross motel bedroom. Fire. Lots of fire. The pieces of this puzzle didn't fit.

"What exactly does this look like, because I for one, can't make any sense of it. So what the hell happened?" she demanded angrily.

Hook and Regina stayed silent. They both avoided Emma's eyes, choosing instead to look at the floor beneath them. Regina wished it would just swallow her whole. To say she was mortified was an understatement. Her behavior that evening was reprehensible. She should've stayed home and read a book, maybe done a little crocheting. Instead she chose to get drunk with the pirate and set things on fire.

There was a reason Regina never drank outside her own home. Drinking in public meant that she would encounter people, and Regina wasn't particularly fond of people. Pair that with her inclination towards being an angry drunk and you had a recipe for disaster.

She was so frustrated with herself. She had really messed things up. Things were going... somewhere with Emma. They were reaching a whole other level of friendship: having dinner together, laughing together, cuddling and watching movies together, and somehow, within the span of two short days, she managed to ruin all of that. Regina wanted to tell Emma everything, but she didn't know how and when she tried all that came out was an apology so quiet even she had trouble hearing it.

Emma inclined her head so that her eyes met Regina's. Normally Regina would gaze deeply into them. She would revel in their beauty, but now she had to keep her eyes from straying away in shame.

"Please," Emma pleaded softly. " Tell me what happened."

Regina shook her head. She couldn't tell Emma what happened. Couldn't tell her that she wreaked all this havoc because she couldn't get a hold of her emotions. Couldn't tell Emma that she was essentially the reason for all this. That she and Hook had been engaging in a silent war for months because they were both in love with the same woman and that it had all finally come to a head.

Emma looked over at her boyfriend, who was now a mess of drenched leather and tiny bruises.
For the first time since entering she noticed his almost complete lack of hair. All that was left of it was a tiny patch on the top left quadrant of his head.

"Any words Hook?" she asked sternly.

"Aye." he responded. "I love you."

Emma buried her face in her hands. She had so many emotions warring within her. As sheriff in a small town with magic she was accustomed to walking in on some terrible situations. Ogre attacks, dragon sex in the park, and so much more. If you could name it, Emma had probably dealt with it. She could detach from those situations and approach them objectively, but this was different. She was right in the middle of this chaotic mess and the same words kept rolling around in her head: Domestic dispute, Hook, Regina,Bedroom, Fire. None of it made sense, but she knew she had to act. With tears in her eyes and an ache in her chest she said something she never thought she would have to say to her boyfriend and her best friend.

"I'm sorry, but your both under arrest."

I am so sorry. Please don't kill me. I beg for mercy. Don't worry SWEN. It gets worse before it gets better and I promise you: it will get better.