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Hugh fell on his bed with a groan. The day had been exhausting and everyone was being so stupid. Why weren't they taking training seriously? They were at an exclusive training school for Arceus's sake! Maybe they just didn't have the same passion he had for battling and training. Maybe they just didn't see the need to become strong. Maybe they need to lose a few Pokémon to Team Plasma first, no, he can't think like that. Nobody deserves to have their Pokémon stolen from them: especially their Purloin that they gave their little sister.

But anyways, most of the other kids were jerks and idiots. Lack-two was a playboy who thought more about girls than training. The only reason why he even bothered talking to him was because the brown haired boy had defeated him every time they battled. Same went to the little pipsqueak Leo, who thought it was cool to walk around wearing Dragonite pajama pants. The boy was good, but he lacked the fire that Hugh had. The girls were more into fashion and movies than actual training.

…except for the spy. Hugh opened his palm to reveal the gold locket. He had recognized the stylized 'P' on the cover almost immediately. When he opened the locket, it revealed a portrait of a young Caucasian man pale green hair and blue eyes. He recognized the man from the media about two years ago. The man was N, the 'King' of Team Plasma, supposedly he had gone rouge after discovering the true intentions of his father Ghetsis. But why would someone want a picture of N in their locket?

As he pondered that, he noticed a small latch on the back of the locket. Carefully, he opened the latch to reveal a USB stick. Why would there be a USB socket on a locket? Pulling out his laptop, he carefully inserted the locket into his port. Quickly running a few Aggron Anti-Virus scans, he found that the data was virus free. To his surprise, he found over a terabyte of data on the small stick. This was top notch tech considering most terabyte data disks were much larger than the small locket. As he scrolled through the folders, he didn't really find any file that was interesting.

Colress's Secret Project DO NOT OPEN

Pokévengers Age of Porygon DO NOT OPEN

Unova Takeover Plans DO NOT OPEN

Employee Paycheck Records DO NOT OPEN

Grunt Recruitment DO NOT OPEN

Woobatman the Animated Series Season 1 DO NOT OPEN

Woobatman the Animated Series Season 2 DO NOT OPEN

Pokémon Liberation Archive DO NOT OPEN

Pokémon Liberation? That showed promise. The spikey haired boy opened the folder to find several spreadsheets. It was appalling. The first column was filled with names of Pokémon. The second column had a location. The third column had a date. The final column had a detailed report. It didn't take a genius to realize this was a record of all the Pokémon Team Plasma 'liberated'. The reports were how the 'liberation' went and the location was where the poor Pokémon was stolen.

Quickly he scrolled down till he found one that looked familiar.

Name: Purloin

Location: Aspertia City, Western Unova

Date: April 5, 2010

Report: Grunts White-1 and Red-4 successfully liberated a Purloin from two children who were abusing their Pokémon. They were unsuccessful in liberating the rare Trapinch, however were commended for demonstrating liberation to a new grunt: White-2.

Purloin…he remembered the day like it was yesterday.

It had been five years ago, back when he had just become a trainer. He and Trapinch, a gift from his uncle in Hoenn, had been battling trainers for a while and had a pretty decent win lose ratio. His little sister Lucy had grown a little jealous of all the attention he had spent with his Pokémon that she had expressed wishes to have her own Pokémon, if only to have someone to play with. So, after begging his grandfather, a former breeder turned artist, for weeks; he had been given a choice between three Pokémon. Since Lucy's favorite color was purple, he chose Purloin.

Unfortunately, Purloin had no wish to cooperate with Hugh, scratching him and stealing his bag as soon as he let it out of its Pokéball. His grandfather explained that this Purloin enjoyed stealing things for fun. For a second, Hugh wondered whether or not he wanted to give her sister a thieving cat as a birthday present, but when the cat gazed into his eyes, he fell prey to its cute charms and decided to keep her. No sooner had he taken his eyes off the cat, Purloin leaded over him and rushed out of the house. After a long chase, an exhausted Hugh turned up at the Aspertia Gym. Worrying that the Purloin might disrupt a gym challenge, he rushed in, let out a thousand cries of apology. To his surprise, the field was deserted and was in poor shape. There he met a man who explained to him that since the gym lacked a leader, he needn't worry about it. The kind man retrieved Purloin to him and gave him a warning to take care of the feline.

The next day, after hours of endless attempts to return the Pokémon to its ball, Hugh placed a bow on the cat's head and rushed downstairs just in time for Lucy to blow out the candles. He worried that Purloin would hurt Lucy and was hesitant at first to hand over the cat, but to his surprise, Purloin happily leapt into the six year old's arms and nuzzled the girl. The girl cheered in glee and rushed around the house, showing off the Purloin, declaring her brother was the best big brother in the whole world. Hugh had never felt prouder of himself or his sister. He could foresee all the great adventures the two would have: Lucy and Hugh, the unbeatable siblings. They would win the league and defeat all who challenged them, first with Purloin and Trapinch, then as Liepard and Flygon.

He was so psyched about it that he dragged his sister out of the house that evening. He took her up to the lookout, a landmark and popular battle location, and challenged her to a battle. Lucy froze up, unsure if she could handle a battle, but he assured her that it would be fun and Purloin would enjoy it as well. But just before they could start, a voice interrupted them.

"I can't believe my eyes!"

The two turned to see a man and a woman dressed in what looked like medieval castle soldiers, on their chests was a crest with a stylized P on it. Standing in front of the duo was a Deino and Frillish.

"I can't believe that these small kids are having a Pokémon battle!" the man remarked.

"They don't know a thing about Pokémon!" the woman added.

The man looked over the pair with evil eyes. "Oh my! They even have a Pokémon as rare as Trapinch…how naughty!"

"Why is that naughty?" a younger voice queried. A young face peered out from behind the woman. Hugh saw a young girl about his age dressed in a smaller version of the white uniform. She had blue eyes and you could just make out a few strands brown hair poking out of her hood.

"Shut up girl. It just is, ok?" the man interjected. The girl nodded then resumed to watch behind what Hugh assumed to be her mother.

In the meanwhile, Hugh was getting annoyed. Who were these people to interrupt their battle and criticize their Pokémon? "What's it to you?" he yelled.

The woman chuckled. "You're causing pain for your Pokémon."

"Now we will release your Pokémon for their sake." The man declared.

"That's right!" the girl added enthusiastically, "We'll take good care of them."

The man glared at the girl. "Did I tell you to speak?"

The girl timidly shook her head. "No sir."

"Good, then don't."

Lucy was terrified of the imposing man and woman. "Bi-big Brother!" she cried.

Hugh placed himself between the grunts and Lucy. "What are you talking about!?" he yelled, "Look at how much Trapinch and Purloin like us! How are we causing them pain!?"

The girl tugged on her mother's dress. "Mommy, they don't look like bad people. See how the Trapinch stands with the boy. He seems happy."

"Grunt White-2, you are not permitted to speak, only observe." The man interjected, clearly pissed at the girl's curiosity.

The mother placed her hand on White-2's shoulder. "Dear, you'll understand when you're older. For now just watch and learn. Do this for Lord N, Ok honey?"

White-2 nodded. "Of course Mom! I'd do anything for Lord N!" she exclaimed, "He's the bestest person in the whole wide world!"

The man rolled his eyes before redirected his attention at the siblings. "It looks like you still don't understand." He muttered.

The woman sighed. "Yes, I guess we don't have a choice."

In Hugh's mind, there was a choice. "Let's run!" he cried, grabbing his sister's hand. But the grunt's Pokémon quickly surrounded the siblings. Hugh snarled. "Damn! We won't let you have them! Go!"

The Trapinch and Purloin attacked the other Pokémon viciously. Purloin successfully scratched the Frillish and rushed the two grunts. When it returned, it put a small metal badge in the boy's hand.

"What did you get?" Hugh asked the cat as he examined the badge. "It's a membership badge? 'Team Plasma'"

While he examining it, the two grunts fumed at being attacked so quickly. "What a terrible kid!" the male Plasma grunt remarked.

"Don't hold back, Deino, Frillish" the female grunt ordered.

Ignoring the Trapinch, the two Plasma Pokémon ganged up on the poor cat. The cat didn't stand a chance. Lucy gasped in horror, quickly pulling out the cat's pokeball. "No! Come back Purloin!"

But just as the ball flew back towards the girl, a hand came out of nowhere and snatched the ball before it returned to the girl. The woman smiled as she held captured ball in triumph. "We, Team Plasma, will liberate this Purloin."

Hugh was past angry, he was furious. How dare they snatch his sister's new Pokémon? It was her birthday present for Arceus's sake! "Stop! Give back my sister's Purloin!" he demanded, rushing towards the grunts.

However, just as he reached the evildoers, the Deino tackled him, throwing him on the ground. "Big brother!" Lucy cried out, horrified at Team Plasma's brutality.

The grunts cackled in delight. "This is the first Pokémon we've liberated!" the woman cried out in glee.

"Let's report this to the sages!" the man replied. The man and woman rushed off, leaving the young White-2 watching Hugh and Lucy. The girl watched as Lucy rushed up to her brother, already weeping bitterly. The young agent walked up to the girl, who glowered at her. Lucy was beside herself. "You…" she whimpered, "How could you?"

"I'm sorry about this." The older girl apologized. "Don't worry; I'll take good care of the Purloin. She will be going to a much better place. Lord N will make sure of that. He's the bestest person in the world."

"White-2, let's get moving!" the woman yelled firmly, coming back for the younger grunt.

"Ok mom!" the she replied, "Bye, it was nice meeting you. Purloin will be much happier now. I promise!" She smiled before rushing back to her mother.

Hugh watched the three rushing off with Purloin, only noticing the evil glee the older agents ran off with. They had stolen Lucy's only Pokémon, her new best friend. The cat adored Lucy, loved how she brushed its fur. The cat loved how she had scratched its ears and patted its head. Even if it didn't tolerate Hugh, it had immediately brightened the girl's day. But now it was gone. Why? Because he, Hugh, had made her battle. She didn't want to battle; she just wanted to be with Purloin. Maybe…maybe if he was strong enough, he could have defeated them. If Trapinch had been a Flygon! The powerful dragon type would have swept the floor of those evildoers. He wouldn't have lost to those thieves. Purloin wouldn't have been taken away!

He slowly pulled himself off the ground, closing his hands into hard fists. "I won't forget what happened today! I'll never forget!" he muttered, "I won't ever forgive you! Remember this!"

He turned his face towards the heavens as he threw his fist into the air. "My name is Hugh! Hugh of Aspertia City! Remember this Team Plasma! I will hunt you down! I'll take you all down if I have to! I will rescue my sister's Purloin! I will avenge her! Remember this!" he roared, Lucy clinging to his arm tightly, still sobbing bitterly. "Don't you forget! I am Hugh!"

Hugh gritted his teeth at the memory. That had been five years ago when he had finally found his dream. When Team Plasma's 'Pokémon Liberation Plan' came together three years later, he threw himself into the fray, joining dozens of trainers in their fight to save their Pokémon. But in the midst of the battles, he had never found that stolen Purloin. He would find it; that was his life's goal. He needed to see his sister smile again. There was nothing else that mattered.

A quiet rapping at his door jerked him out of his rage. He yanked the door open. "What?"

Leo fell back in surprise. "Jeez, what's wrong with you?"

Hugh glared at the boy. "Nothing, I'm fine."

"You sure?" the dragon pants boy asked. "You don't look ok to me. You look like somebody pissed you off."

"What do you think?" the quill haired boy retorted, "I am pissed. I'm pissed that nobody seems to take thing seriously. Why can't people be more serious about training like am?"

"Well, you can't train 24/7. We all have a life here. We're kids, we're meant to have fun from time to time. I mean, we all need to do something to remind us of our homes."

'Home…something to remind us of home…hmmm…' Hugh processed that as he thought about the locket he had found when it clicked. It was plainly obvious. Lockets were used to remind people of someone special back home…more particularly girls. How could he have been so blind? He'd have to be a super dense boy with a Pikachu to have missed this. His fingers close into a fist as he mentally cursed himself for being so blind.

"Umm, Hugh, are you alright?" Leo asked nervously, noticing the clenched fist.

"Yeah," Hugh muttered, "I'm alright, in fact I'm more than alright." He grinned as he began plotting ways to get his revenge.

"You sure?" Leo asked cautiously, "You're sorta creeping me out here."

"Oh I'm fine," Hugh smirked, "In fact, I couldn't be better."

Leo was definitely creeped out now. "Ok then, I'd best get going. See you tomorrow." With that he turn tailed and rushed down the hall, not daring look back at the obsessed boy.

What Hugh figured out was that somebody here owned a locket from Team Plasma. More particularly, a girl owned a Team Plasma locket to remind her of home, home being Team Plasma. Which meant a girl here worked for Team Plasma. A girl here was responsible for stealing his sister's Purloin. This was his chance to redeem himself. He was going to find this evil witch and show her how it felt to lose was what most precious to her. Somebody, he didn't know who yet, but somebody was going to get a hurt real bad.

How was that? I don't know much about Hugh. I researched most of his from Bulbapedia and reading what parts of Pokémon Special Manga Volume 52 was in English. I just started Pokémon White 2 on my emulator, but it's really slow so I'm not that caught up with Hugh's personality. I did add Whi-two to the story though. I think it would add a little more depth to both Whi-two and Hugh's relationship.

Please note, this is not a fluff fic. I'm trying to be serious here, despite most of my other fics being quite fluffy. Tythos is quite fuffy. The Ranger Chronicles doesn't get super dark. Young Republic isn't dark at all. We get a few intense moments but I'm a fan of happy endings. This is the first fic where I'm trying to be a realist here. We're probably going to get a happy ending from this fic in the end, but I want to squeeze as much drama, hurt, pain, and betrayal into this fic as I can. This is probably why I love the Pokémon Manga. It's much more intense than the anime. Pokémon are actually attacking people and invading cities. Gymleaders are actually a real power and are a real threat when threatened. The Elite Four are quite dangerous, even deadly. Team Rocket and Plasma (I haven't fully read Ruby and Sapphire or Diamond and Pearl) are actually quite vicious and need to be stopped. However, they do mostly have a happy ending, so I'm still satisfied when I finish reading. Giovanni disbands Team Rocket and N leaves Team Plasma.

If you want to know who my favorite character in the Manga is, it's Yellow, probably one of the more overlooked characters. She immediately caught my attention and I loved reading about a girl who only wants to see Pokémon and people being best friends. I love how she has practically all the dexholders and gym leaders fooled with her gender. And her crush on Red is adorable. I mean, what ten-year-old girl would give up her carefree life in the forest to go through a life threatening quest to rescue a boy from the hands of the deadliest trainers in the world? She's probably the second strongest female battler next to Green/Blue, yet she feels uncomfortable battling unless it's to protect or save somebody. Plus, she's really cute!

Sorry I'm ranting. I just fangirl (or is fanboy) over Yellow and get upset when people portray her as the weak link among the dexholders. Anyways, I'm planning on finishing this fic by the time high school gets out. I'm saying that since college gets out this week. You can't really finish a fic in a week. That's just rushed writing and rushed writing leads to mistakes such as poor spelling and bad grammar. And don't get me started on homophones. Threw vs through, not vs knott, no vs know. That's just the beginning. I feel like offering myself as a beta reader to anyone who wants a good grammar/spell checker. If you want my services, PM me and I'll be happy to be OCD on your chapters.

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Resisting the Future (Star Wars movieverse/Star Wars gameverse Tragedy & Humor, Mace Windu, Palpatine, Sith W, Sith I)

If you could change the past and prevent a galactic massacre, would you do it? Sith acolytes Malavai and Quinzel are some of the few remaining members of the Sith Alliance. They have been given a daring assignment. Go back in time, before the Jedi Invasion and ensure Palpatine takes the throne. Why? You're better off with the lesser of the two evils.

Beware the Darkrai (Star Wars gameverse Mystery & Adventure, OC)

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