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Whi-two dragged herself into her room, slamming the door behind her with her foot. The afternoon had been hectic for her. Never mind: her entire time here at the Aspertia Trainer's School had been hectic. Never before had she been so confused and offended in her life.

First off, she had just moved here and immediately she was forced to do one thing she didn't feel comfortable doing, battling. Don't get her wrong, she's an excellent battler. Foongus was powerful after training and Team Plasma had trained her how trainers fought and how to defeat them quickly. But she hated the thought of forcing Pokémon to battle just for the fun of it. It just seemed abusive and wrong. For her, there was a line: battling to prove who was stronger and battling to protect others from harm. Her Foongus was trained to prevent battles and if need be, win them, and he wasn't her most powerful fighter. Back home she had a much stronger Pokémon, but she loved it so much she couldn't bear to force it into a fight. So now she was in a Trainer School where you battle on a daily basis. The best she could hope for was to defeat her opponents quickly without causing much harm to either Pokémon.

Secondly, she had caught the attention of the class flirt and playboy Lack-two. The guy kept jumping from girl to girl, going on a date one night, then breaking it off a few days later. Now he had set his sights on her. But, honestly, the donut haired girl knew better than to accept a date from the suave charmer. And suave he was. They had just gone a trip to Pokestar studios, founded by the famous BW Agency President: White, a girl only a few years her senior. The entire trip there and back, the playboy had insisted he sit next to her. He pestered her with his cheesy pickup lines and had even tried holding her hand. The perv he was! Probably all he wanted was to kiss her and the status that he had violated every girl in the school, which was horrible considering they were both twelve.

Despite all the reasons to hate, his suaveness still made her heart flutter. As much as she hated it, the boy was…well…charming. Always courteous, he had this knightly dashing personality. And well, he was handsome. She could understand why some girls swooned whenever he shot them a compliment, as if cupid's arrows had pierced their hearts and caused them to drop right where they stood. After their first match, despite refusing to take the horrid Pokedex, Lack-two had sweet talked her into taking it. She still couldn't understand it. One moment, she was shaking her head, the next she was holding the damn thing in her hands, smiling. It was safe to say she wasn't falling for his tricks, but she had to admit he wasn't the worst guy to come after her. At least it wasn't Hugh of all people.

Hugh was just…well…emotional. He never seemed to slow down. All he did was battle and get mad at people who weren't. Pretty much the two of them were exact opposites. It was funny, he was just like that angry boy and his little sister she had met five years before, back when her mother and her had just join Team Plasma. The boy honestly ticked her off.

"Hold it together girl," she reminded herself. "Lord N would want you to keep persevering through these difficult trials."

She smiled softly at the thought. Lord N, the true King of Team Plasma, was the young man who had inspired her. The green haired teen was her hero, the young man who had taught her how to truly love and care for Pokémon. He had taught several grunt kids such as herself how to hear their Pokémon's voices. Sometimes they wanted to hug, other times they wanted to battle. It was he who had introduced her to Foongus, her partner. It was one of the best days in her life.

They had just gotten back to the castle. White-2, as she was known back then, was puzzled. How could they take a Pokémon like that and call it liberation? The girl seemed nice enough. The boy…maybe not, but that was beside the point.

"Mom?" she tugged on her mother's cloak, "Why did we have to take the Purloin? It seemed sort of mean to do that."

"Girl, it doesn't matter." The man interjected. "What matters is that all Pokémon are to be liberated for the glory of Team Plasma. So don't ask questions and just be happy that another Pokémon was been liberated."

White-2 grabbed her mother in fear. The man, Red-4, didn't seem to be that nice. All he seemed to do was yell at his Pokémon and get mad at her. Her mother picked her up, pulling the small girl into a hug. "Oh don't mind Red-4, he's just a fuss puss. Be happy, Purloin is free now. Come on, let's show him to the Sages."

The three of them strolled past countless other Pokémon and grunts as they made their way over to the main hall. When they entered, she saw the seven men huddled around a table. When they noticed the three, they scowled at them. "What do you want? Can't you see we're busy right now?"

Red-4 shivered for a moment before speaking. "We bring good new sir!"

The men turned towards the trio. "This had better be good."

White-1 took the initiative. "Well sir, I'm happy to report that we have liberated a Pokémon, a Purloin."

The men didn't seem that pleased. "Anything else?"

White-2 didn't seem to notice their displeasure at being interrupted. "Well sirs, we let the Tranpich go, but we were able to liberate this Purloin. Isn't that great?" she smiled with pride.

The men did not look happy. "You let a rare Trapinch get away, but you captured a plain, everyday Purloin? Are you serious?"

"How dare you interrupt us with this insignificant matter?" another roar in disgust.

The little girl, terrified of their angry faces, hid her face in her mother's tunic. These Sages weren't nice people at all.

"Now, now, this isn't any way to act around this child." The assembly turned to see a tall man wearing royal robes. It was Ghetsis, the father of Lord N. Instead of a frown, he had a warm smile on his face. "After all, they did liberate a Pokémon from its cruel trainer. We should rejoice!"

He strolled casually up to the trio and held his hand out. "May I?"

White-1 nodded immediately. "Of course my Lord." She handed him the Purloin's pokeball.

"Hmm," he momentarily glanced over the pokeball before kneeling down to look the girl with his one uncovered eye. "You should be proud of your accomplishment. This Pokémon is in a much better place now that you have saved it. Can I trust you with another important assignment?"

"Of course sir." She smiled.

"Good," he returned a warm friendly smile. This is what she had expected from the leader of Team Plasma. He was a man who, like his son, truly cared about the Pokémon they liberated. He held out the pokeball. "Can I trust you to take this ball over to the nursery? It's a big responsibility, but I think you can do it."

She nodded excitedly. "Of course Lord N's dad! I'd be honored to do it!"

The man chuckled kindly. "Well then dear, here you go and don't fail me, ok?" He said, handing the ball to her.

She grinned, grabbed the ball, and skipped out of the room. It was nice to see that not everyone in Team Plasma were rude old people like the Sages. The seven-year-old was so happy that she didn't even notice the green haired teen until she ran straight into him.

"Lord N!" she stuttered. This was embarrassing. She had just slammed head on into her king. "Umm…sorry about that! I'm so sorry!" she stammered, "I didn't mean to, I mean, it was an accident."

The green hair teen laughed. "Don't worry, I know." He picked himself up and turned to face the young girl. "We've met before…you're…, hold on, I remember…you're White-2."

"Yep!" the brunette smiled. "I'm seven years old and a proud member of Team Plasma!" she put her hand up in a salute.

N chuckled. "No need to do that. I'm just a few years older than you." He noticed the pokeball in the girl's hands and frowned. "What that pokeball doing here?"

"Oh," she explained, "We just liberated this Purloin and Lord Ghetsis entrusted me to take it to the nursery."

N sighed at how truly innocent the girl was. "Well White-2, we first need to do 2 things before we continue."

"What's that?" the girl tilted her head confused.

"First," N started, taking the ball out of the girl's hand, "We need to release this Purloin. It's cruel to deny this Purloin his freedom by keeping him cramped up in that pokeball."

"Oh!" the girl realized he was right. "Of course!" she tried to pry the ball open, only to end up in failure. N smiled as he shook his head. "No, no, no, that's not how you do it dear." He took the ball and pressed the release mechanism. With a whoosh, the ball opened and the Purloin popped out. It glanced around confused until it recognized the Plasma crests on the girl's uniform. It let out a snarl before leaping towards the girl, a shadow claw charging in its paw. But just as it did, a mushroom shaped Pokémon blocked its path, letting itself take the attack. The girl cried out in horror.

N, having seen this happen many times before, quickly took control of the situation. "Purloin, stop this at once. I just want to talk to you!" he called, grabbing the purple cat from behind. Quickly, he placed his hand on the cat's head and began to gently pat it. "Calm down friend. You're scared and you aren't in control of yourself. There, there, you're going to be just fine." He soothed.

"Lord N, be careful!" the girl called out, "I think that Purloin's going to hurt you."

The green haired teen shook his head. "Don't worry; everything's going to be ok. See?"

To White-2's surprise, the cat had already calmed down significantly and had even begun to lick the boy's hands. N took a seat on the floor and placed the cat on his lap. "Oh my, who's the good Purloin? Yes you are, now I think you own an apology to our friend here." He gestured to the terrified girl curled into a corner. The cat meowed in protest, but the boy click his tongue in disapproval. "Now, now, I know the girl took you away from your Lucy, but understand that you are now free. Now you have all the freedom you want. I know your Lucy may be nice now, but sooner or later she's going to just ignore you and abandon you. Now my friend White-2 here, she's going to take care of you and all the other Pokémon here. She's going to make sure that you're properly fed and taken care of. Is that okay?" he asked, gently rocket the cat in his arms. "I know this is new for you, but give it a try and you'll be happier than you've ever been."

The Purloin meowed cautiously before walking slowly towards the girl. It sniffed her hand a few times before meowing more confidently. Soon it rubbed its head on her chest and purred softly. The girl cautiously placed her arms around the cat and pulled it into a hug, causing it to purr affectionately. "Wow! It actually likes me!" she giggled as she pulled the cat into a hug.

Just then she noticed the other Pokémon. "Oh my! Look at this Pokémon, he's hurt!" she cried as she carefully placed her new friend down and rushed to the injured mushroom Pokémon. N joined her. "It appears to be Foongus! Don't worry, he doesn't appear to be hurt that badly. But to be safe, we should get him to the nursery."

He picked up the Foongus and led the girl to the nursery. The nursery was a huge indoor auditorium housing dozens of liberated Pokémon. N led the girl and the Purloin to the built in Pokémon Center where the Nurse Plasma took the Foongus.

White-2 sat on the bench, worried about the poor Foongus. The Foongus had protected her from harm and now she felt as if she had done exactly what she had sworn never to let happen. She had abused the Foongus. She felt tears fill her eyes as she began to sob at her incompetence. "It's all my fault." She muttered.

"Now friend, what seems to be the issue that has you so down?" N asked, noticing her tears.

"I abused it. I failed Team Plasma. I let another Pokémon get hurt because of me." The girl sobbed.

"That's not true," N protested, placing a calming hand on the girl's shoulder, "It was all a big misunderstanding. The Purloin was confused and didn't understand what was going on. However, Foongus decided on its own free will to protect you. It's one of the great unsolvable equations I have yet to understand. I could sense that despite Foongus not knowing you, he consciously decided that for some reason you were worth protecting."

"Lord N, your Foongus is fully healed and ready to go." The nurse called, handing him the mushroom Pokémon.

"Thank you, milady." N said, taking the Pokémon from her and flashing a chivalrous smile at the young woman.

"Why…umm…" the nurse stammered, her cheeks flushing red, "It is not a problem Lord N. It was…my pleasure."

The Foongus took one look at White-2 before jumping into her arms.

"Foon!" it cried before staring into her eyes. "Foon! Foon!"

The girl stood there confused. "What did he say?" she asked, turning towards N.

N chuckled. "My word," he remarked, "It appears that this Foongus has taken a liking to you and wants you to be his human companion."

"Really?" the girl asked, surprised. "I'm not so sure I would be a great friend to Foongus."

N sighed. "You don't understand. Foongus has heard your heart. He has sensed your wish to love and take care of Pokémon and now he wants to help you fulfill your dream."

"Really? Wow! That's amazing!" she brought the Pokémon so that their eyes met. "You really want to be friends with me?"

"Foon!" it acknowledged.

"Now that you're friends, it is time to teach you how to listen to your Pokémon's hearts." N explained before holding out his hand.

The girl took his hand. "Come, let's learn together." Her lord declared.

"Lord N, please come back soon." She prayed silently. The sooner Lord N returned, the sooner she could ditch this horrid place and return to the field.

She opened her wardrobe and pulled out a white medieval style cloak with a stylized 'P' on it. She knew she risked discovery since she had taken it with her, but she would rather risk discovery than not be ready to follow Lord N immediately. The suit was just as she had left it before, pristine white and hand washed clean. Now all that was missing was the…

Where was the Locket? Whi-two quickly felt the area around her neck to find that her cherished locket was missing. It must have fallen off her neck when Hugh was pushing all girls around.

The donut haired girl yanked the door open and rushed out into the hall, her heart beating like a drum. She had to find it. It was a gift from N's sisters, given to her just before they had fled the compound.

She searched high and low all throughout the halls. She searched her locker to no avail. It was gone…but wait, that meant…

That meant that somebody had found it and taken her locket…her Team Plasma locket with N's picture clearly depicted inside. Whi-two felt her heart beating as she realized the dreaded truth. Somebody now knew her secret. Somebody knew that inside these walls, a Team Plasma agent dwelled, most likely a spy sent to overthrow the school and steal everyone's Pokémon. She knew that wasn't true, but that's what everyone's depiction of Team Plasma was. But somebody knew and that somebody could end up ruining the trust she had worked so hard to build. Somebody out there knew who she really was and was going to end her happiness, for good.

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