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Winds Blowing

For the first time in a while, Lack-two was actually studying. Most evenings he spent working on his mission, however this particular section of Pokémon breeding was particularly challenging and he had never covered this subject during Interpol training. While he knew Cheren did get a little annoyed with his flirting around, the older teen seemed to turn a blind eye as long as he did well on his studying and homework. He smiled faintly. "It's all part of the cover." He muttered.

As he began scrolling through the documents, a small pop-up window alerted him of his assistant's arrival. The Interpol Undercover Computer, or IUC for short, was wirelessly connected to all the sensors he had set around the school. After the Vullipede incident, he wasn't going to be caught off guard again.

Without breaking stride, he turned the window camera on. Yep, it was Looker, probably one of the most determined and loyal agents in the organization. Also he was probably one of the most incompetent agents. They guy always broke cover at the wrong time and often times, way too early. He sighed before calling. "Report!"

From the top of the window, the man's head popped out in disbelief. "How did you know I was here?"

The boy didn't even bother answering. "What is it you have to report?"

A manila folder was tossed onto his bed. "We have new orders. Team Plasma's on the move and we need to move out."

Surprised, the boy raised an eyebrow. "Why did you get the order? I'm your supervisor. These things should go to me first."

The agent's face turned a little red as he realized he was caught in the act. "Well…umm…I was supposed to deliver this to you ASAP but first I took a tiny peek."

Lack-two rolled his eyes, still focusing on the habits of Pokémon eating Lysandre brand macaroons compared to Cyrus Poffins. "So you broke protocol and examined a confidential document that was above your clearance level."

"Well…uh…sir…I mean…that's one way of putting it." The man stammered. "I would put it as me taking initiative to come prepared for a mission briefing."

The brown haired boy shut off his laptop and picked up the folder, the words INTERPOL and CONFIDENTIAL stamped on both sides. He opened the folder and began reviewing the facts.

Team Plasma had broken into two factions: there was the True Team Plasma and the Neo Team Plasma.

The True Plasmas were disbanded members of the former Team Plasma under Sage Rood. They still held their loyalties to N and his ideals, which actually weren't that bad. While personally Lack-two disliked Team Plasma for stealing Pokémon in the name of liberating them, N wasn't wrong about trying to get better treatment for Pokémon. There were some pretty abusive trainers, thing was that were some pretty good trainers too. Interestingly enough, Interpol had labeled them as possible allies.

The Neo Team Plasma, on the other hand, was made up of the Ghetsis and the remaining six sages. Apparently they had thrown out the idea of liberating Pokémon and went to straight to the point: taking over Unova. According to the intel Interpol had, Ghetsis planned on summoning some sort of legendary Pokémon like last time. Head Plasma scientist Colress was building something help them but that was as much as they knew. Interpol had them as top priority.

"Ok Looker," the boy said, decided on a plot of action. "We'll leave tomorrow night and head towards Driftveil City."

"Why Driftveil? I'd think it'd be best to head right for the old castle." Looker protested.

Lack-two thought for a second. "In case you haven't noticed yet, there're only two of us. I'm not going to a battle with only two people. This True Plasma team might be the back we need for this op. But, if you're interested, you can head over to the castle right now and I'll come with the cavalry."

Looker grinned. "Sounds like a plan to me sir!"

With that, his head popped back up and he vanished. Lack-two rolled his eyes. Sometimes the agency seems to hire people a little too overzealous about their job. Just then he heard a knocking on his door.

He opened the door expecting to see Leo, but to his surprise, Hugh stood in the doorway.

"Hugh!" he exclaimed in surprise, "What brings you here?"

"Tomorrow's my birthday and my mom insisted I have a party and invite some friends." He grumbled.

Lack-two faked sympathy, "Aww, that's so nice you consider me a friend. Who else is coming?"

"It's going to be you, me, and Leo." He mumbled.

The agent's mind was running through scenarios and realized this would probably be the last chance he would get to see whether or not the Plasma agent was in the school. "Well Hugh, here's some advice. You need a girl there...someone cute to show off to your mom."

Hugh glared at him. "Well, if you really are that in need of a girl to cling at your side, I guess I'll invite the only sensible person to invite."

"Who's that?" Lack-two asked curiously. What did this guy think about when it came to girls?

"Whi-two," Hugh responded. "She's probably the only person who can resist your perverted advancements and still keep her cool."

Perfect, the girl he suspected going to a birthday party with him. The agent couldn't wait.

Whi-two, on the other hand, wasn't even thinking about studying. Why study when you're going to leave anyways. She had been found out. To her surprise, she hadn't been arrested when she had woken up that morning. Everyone hated Team Plasma, though she believed they were only misguided. They just didn't understand their vision. N had taught her how to truly love and care for Pokémon and that the trainers just didn't understand that Pokémon need to be free. There was nothing wrong with battling: it was a Pokémon's nature to battle and wish to become stronger. But she believed that taking away their freedom and forcing them to battle for the pleasure of humans was cruel and abusive. Her Foongus was plenty strong and she never put her best friend into a pokeball.

Still, she had to admit, her views had changed over the two years that she and her mother had spent away from Team Plasma. She had met a few trainers who seemed to treat their Pokémon as best friends and partners. In fact, it seemed weird that many of the Pokémon seemed content to stay in their balls until further notice. In fact, her Foongus didn't seem to be biased on whether or not he was in a pokeball or free. Honestly, she often found herself confused. Were trainers really that bad?

It was a balanced argument: N was right, it did seem cruel, harsh, and abusive to force Pokémon to give up their homes and freedom to battle for the trainer's glory. But then again, many of the Pokémon she had met didn't seem to mind their circumstances. For the most part, she had seen some Pokémon even ask to come with a trainer they felt connected to, just like how Foongus had chosen her as his friend all those years ago. It felt so confusing, a battle between Ideals and Truth.

She quietly strolled over to her wardrobe and pulled out her old uniform. She laid it on her bed and stared at it, hoping that the sight of her uniform could help solve her dilemma. Just then, she heard a faint buzz sound from her uniform's inner pocket. Odd, who would be trying to call her on her old Plasma communicator? She quickly reached into the pocket and pulled out the small handheld device.

When she pressed the answer key, a small hologram jumped to life on the projector. The hologram was an older girl wearing an identical white uniform. (think like Star Wars holograms)

"Hey there Whitey! How's it going?"

She almost fainted from shock, falling onto her bed. The holographic girl stared at the limp girl. "Hmm…hold on…" a moment later, the transceiver's projector switched from projecting a miniature hologram to a life size model of the girl. She wore a castle dress identical to Whi-two's but her hood was down to reveal she had cropped green hair. The holographic girl walked over to her dazed friend and patted her with a holographic hand.

"White-2? You okay, come on, we don't have time to pass out like. You're stronger than that!"

The donut haired girl slowly got up. What happened? She could have sworn that her best friend from Team Plasma had given her a holocall…she opened her eyes to see the blue tinted face staring down at her.

"Yii!" Whi-two shrieked. It was real. Then she came to her senses. An ex-Plasma grunt speaking to a fully uniformed Plasma agent was the last thing she wanted people to see. She quickly dashed to her bedroom door and slammed it shut. "Uhh, hey Black-1, what are you doing here?"

The girl giggled. "What else? I've been trying to call my best friend for the last two years and she finally picks up and freaks out. What's happened to you, girl?"

She looked around the room, walking a full circle around the room. "Wow Whitey, you got the big time. This some sort of private academy?"

"It's the Aspertia City Trainer's School." Whi-two mumbled.

"Whoa!" the girl was shocked. "Never thought I'd see you in a Trainer's school? I mean, I thought since Lord N was against trainers you'd never set foot in this place."

She groaned. "Believe me Black-1, it was my mom's idea. She said something about me having a normal life."

"Oh is that so?" the girl smiled. "And you were dragged here screaming and kicking. I know you, you'd jump at the first chance to rejoin Lord N and his crusade…then again…so would I. Most of us kids would. We grew up there. It was our home and Lord N was our big brother."

Then she noticed the uniform on the bed. "Nice to see you still kept you suit, though you won't need it for much longer."

"What do mean?"

"Haven't you been following the news recently? Team Plasma's back and Ghetsis is leading them. They're giving capturing legendaries another shot."

Whi-two raised her brow in surprise. "Really? Is Lord N with them?"

The girl shook her head. "Nope. Honestly, those guys have lost sight of Plasma's true goals: Pokémon liberation. From what I've seen, they've been pretty focused on just taking over the Unova region and ruling with a Ghetsis fist."

"So why are you in your uniform then?" Whi-two asked.

The girl held up her hand. "I'm getting there. Sage Rood disagrees with the entire 'take over the Unova Region' thing. Honestly, a lot of us are pretty embarrassed to be associated with Ghetsis. He got us all fooled by making us believe in his sincerity. So, Sage Rood is rallying any former Plasma grunts and agents who still believe in N's dream to band together and redeem Team Plasma's name. Naturally I thought, well, since Rood was probably the strongest believer in N, you might be interested in joining us."

Whi-two jumped up in eagerness. "Of course! I'd do anything to help. Let me just grab my uniform and I'll…"

Suddenly she heard a loud rapping sound from the door. Someone was at the door. She quickly shooed Black-1 with her hands. The girl instantly understood and the hologram vanished. Whi-two quickly grabbed her uniform and threw it under her bed. Glancing in the mirror, she fixed her buns and opened the door to reveal Lack-two and Hugh.

"Hey there beautiful!" Lack-two greeted.

"Hi…" Hugh muttered.

"Lack-two, Hugh, what can I do for you?" Whi-two asked nervously.

Lack-two took the lead and flashed his heartwarming, stomach-fluttering, fangirl-fainting smile. Whi-two definitely felt the Butterfrees fluttering in her stomach but she managed to maintain a frown. "Well Whi-two, Mr. Quilfish head was something he wants to tell you." He said as he shoved Hugh forward.

The boy glared at the playboy before lower his head and mumbled something.

The other boy held up a hand to his ear. "What was that? I don't think she heard you buddy." He grinned.

"You're invited to my birthday party." He glared at the boy. "There! That good enough?"

Lack-two chuckled and rubbed his friend's hair affectionately. "Of course! You did great! Don't you feel better now?"

Hugh didn't return the boy's smile. Whi-two just stood there, paralyzed by the brown haired boy's smile. Lack-two took her lack of response as a yes. "Can you come? Yes? Great! We'll pick you up after school tomorrow. Don't worry about getting him a gift. I got something and we can say it was from both of us!"

He turned to the sulking boy. "Alright Hugh! Let's go back!"

The girl managed to wave faintly before shutting the door.

"Wow! You got a hot boyfriend."

Whi-two jerked around, her cheeks flushed red. There stood her holographic friend, grinning. "Lack-two's not my—" she denied, raising her hands in protest.

The girl rolled her eyes. "Sure, that what they all say. First comes awkwardness, then denial, and eventually acceptance."

Whi-two chuckled nervously. "Well anyways, I'm leaving now, so I won't be going." She objected.

Her friend shook her head. "No you aren't. You will be going to that party. This is your last chance of living a normal life until this crisis is taken care of. Once you finished spending time with your boyfriend, then you can run as fast as you can to Driftveil City. That a deal?"

The donut bun girl glared at her friend, but sighed. "Fine, have it your way."

Black-1 smiled. "You won't regret this."

Hugh rolled his eyes at his 'friend's' antics. Lack-two had been back to back flirting with Whi-two, flashing his smile and constantly complimenting her looks. Whi-two, to his surprise, actually blushed at his antics, but quickly regained her composure and shoved him away.

"Whoa there beautiful!" the suave boy remarked, "You got quite a grip there. Ever think about using it to bring me closer?"

Hugh groaned inwardly. Why did Leo have to cancel on him? The boy had abstained, claiming he had to run a few errands for his family. Surprisingly, Lack-two had been perfectly fine with Leo's refusal, but still had insisted that Whi-two be there. Was this guy so girl crazy that he couldn't operate without her?

Whi-two's lack of response seemed to only turn the boy on even more. He jokingly scratched his imaginary beard in contemplation. "Hmm…judging by your response, I think you don't just want to pull me closer, but also you want to me to be all over you as well."

Hugh had had enough. He turned towards his two guests, face scrunched in frustration. "I've had enough of you two!" He yelled.

He pointed at the donut haired girl. "You need to get over this shyness of yours and get your head into the game. I don't understand how you can be so timid and weak yet become such a strong battler. What is wrong with you?"

The girl's eyes widened with shock. "Well, I mean…" She stuttered, "I…well…don't like, you know well…"

"What!" he shouted. "What is it you don't like?"

Whi-two sniffled, trying to hold back the tears, but soon failed. "I don't like battling!" she confessed just as the tears began pouring out. She fell to her knees; her head hung low in shame.

Lack-two, sensing the girl's feelings of angst, placed his arm around her, which she just shrugged off. The action reminded Hugh of his other problem.

"And you!" he jabbed his finger at brown haired boy, "You disgust me. You fill your perverted head with girls so much that you can't seem to operate without breaking some girl's poor heart. You flirt so much when you should be training and battling. The only reason I have an ounce of respect for you is because you actually are pretty strong. But you could be stronger if you'd just concentrate of what's important. You are despicable!"

The boy put his hands up in protest. "Jeez bro, lighten up! Just because I date a few girls doesn't mean that I neglect my studies. Get a life dude. There's more to life than just battling. I mean, it's just for fun. Even Champion Iris has a life outside of the battlefield and she's only a few years older than us."

Hugh glared at Lack-two. "More to life? Battling just for fun? There's much more to battling than fun!" he yelled, slurring the word 'fun'. "Like taking down that f #ing Team Plasma! Those heartless jerks have ruined so many lives and dreams. My dream is to destroy Team Plasma and rescue my sister's Purloin that was stolen so many years before."

"Pu…Purloin?" Whi-two choked out.

Hugh ignored her as he continued, raising his fist into the air. "And I will not stop searching, I will not stop training, I will not stop fighting until I have found that Purloin that was stolen from me! You hear me Plasma? I will find you and avenge my sister!"

He turned to his two flabbergasted classmates. "So don't you dare tell me that battling isn't important or just a game. Battling is what took Lucy's Purloin from me and battling will bring him back!"

Whi-two just knelt there, crying her eyes out. Lack-two did better. He walked up to the enraged boy and placed his hand on his shoulder. "I'm sorry to hear that buddy. I didn't mean to offend you. You're our friend and we need to be more conscious of our friend's feelings. Let me tell you that Team Plasma has hurt a lot of people. I know many people who have lost dear friends and partners to their liberation schemes. But taking this frustration out on your friends isn't helping anything, ok?"

For some strange reason, Hugh felt a considerable weight lifted from his shoulders. Maybe sharing his pain and struggles with others will help him cope with his pent up anger. He put his hand on Lack-two's. "Thanks, that…means…a lot to me."

The boy smiled. "Good to hear that. We care for you buddy. Isn't that right Whi-two?"

The girl managed to lift gaze to look up at the boy. "Yeah, sure. We care for you and don't want you to be angry with us."

Lack-two helped Whi-two up. "Now, come on! We have a party to get to. Though Hugh, I have to ask you a small question."

Hugh raised a brow to him. "What is it Lack-two?"

The playboy flashed his signature smile. "Is your sister Lucy hot?"

"LACK-TWO!" the boy received two punches from his friends.

The boy rubbed his sore cheek. "What?"

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