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Whi-two didn't quite know how to respond. She honestly didn't. She found herself more capable socializing with Pokémon than humans, especially her Foongus and Lipard, or rather, her stolon Lipard. Socializing with people left her often stuttering and confused at times, the exceptions being Lord N, fellow Plasma girls, and her mother. Other girls made her feel foolish or stupid, boys like Lack-two seemed to flirt with her nonstop, and adults just ignored her.

Now she was in probably one of the toughest situations of her life. Hugh, one of the victims of her pained past, was crying at her bedside. Worst of all, she didn't even know why he was crying. All she could remember was the look of betrayal and hurt in his eyes as he strangled her.

In some aspects, Whi-two had just about had enough with life. Was she suicidal? Nah, she just was ready to face the punishments of her crimes. She had worked for Team Plasma and now she had to pay the price. She had stolen Pokémon, encouraged thieves and villains, and worst of all, never had the courage to admit her faults to someone she had hurt. Sure, Lucy had actually forgiven her; but she was extremely young when it had happened. Hugh had faced total humiliation at her hands…well, actually it was her mother's, but she doubted Hugh would make the distinction. Overall, she felt horrible. All these thoughts led her to one conclusion: she was a monster, whether or not she atoned for her sin or not.

She felt tears welling up in her eyes as she broke down crying right next to him. Neither of them realized it, but they began speaking at the same time.

"Hugh I'm so sorry…"

"Whi-two I'm so sorry…"

"…It's my fault this happened…"

"…I let my anger cloud my judgement…"

"…I stole your Purrloin. I hurt you, humiliated you, and now I'm a living reminder of your pain."

"…I've been so caught up in my desire for vengeance that I almost killed my best friend."

"…I'm exactly what you claimed Team Plasma to be…"

"…I'm no better than the thieves I swore revenge on…"

"I'm a monster."

The two looked at each other in surprise. They pointed at each other in shock.

"Did you really mean that?" Whi-two asked. She hadn't really thought Hugh would blame himself for what happened.

The quill-haired boy nodded. "I really overreacted and almost killed you. How can I not be to blame?"

The girl wiped the tears from her eyes as she nodded. "I just feel so bad for never telling you. I mean why should you not be angry? I'm the one who took your Purrloin. I stole Pokémon from people without second thoughts."

"You were following orders. I understand that now. This N guy, he actually makes a lot of sense. There are people who abuse Pokémon, just not all people do. In fact, I wasn't the best at keeping good bonds with my own Pokémon. That came only after what happened. I…well…forgive you. That is, well, if you can ever forgive me. I know it's really hard to forgive someone who almost murdered you, but" He got no further when the donut haired girl smashed into him with a bone crushing hug.

"I forgive you for everything." She whispered into his ear. Hugh originally tensed up, but eventually accepted that the girl, deep down inside, was a clingy person. The two friends held their embrace for what felt like forever until another set of hands wrapped themselves around them.

"Aww this is so touching, mind if I join in?" a female voice flirted.

The two broke apart in surprise, both blushing madly. Hugging them as well was a teen girl with green hair. Whi-two recognized her immediately. "Black-1, what are you doing here?"

She grinned slyly. "Oh, just wanted to join in on the fun. Can't let you have all the boys to yourself. Wow Whitey, you sure know how to get around do you?"

Whi-two turned red with embarrassment. "I don't 'get around' like that!" she interjected.

The girl shrugged. "Sure you do…right…I believe it. Oh wait till your boyfriend Lack-two finds out you were hugging porcupine head."

Now she was angry. "He's not my boyfriend!"

"Really? He seemed to believe otherwise. He brushed me aside. Do know how hard it is to resist this?" with that she pointed at her slimy, curvy figure. "He claimed he had his heart on someone else."

She turned to Hugh who for some reason was staring at her weirdly. He seemed to have a little drool coming down his mouth. "Oh, how cute. I'm Black-1 one around here, but you can call me Mei."

"…err…I'm Hugh…" was all he managed.

The green haired grunt, satisfied with her fun, stood up. "Well, it was great meeting you, but we could really use your help. Your boyfriend has like the hottest job ever and he's trying to get us to help him."

With that, she turned and left the room. Whi-two stared into blank space for a while. What did she mean by that? Come to think of it, why was Lack-two here anyway? Hugh came for revenge, but she had never heart Lack-two say anything about Team Plasma. Why did Black-1 give away her real name to Hugh, a total stranger? She never gave away her true identity. None of the girls did until they had to run and shared each other's true names so they could find each other in the future.

She turned to check on Hugh only to see him still drooling. She sighed, fingered one of her long tails and whipped it across his face hard. That sure snapped him out. "Hey, we got to get moving!"

"Who are you?" Lack-two asked.

The young women smiled. "Oh, no one really you would know about. I'm just someone who knows about criminal organizations and how to take them out. Let's just say we've had some experience dealing with bad guys."

Rood stared at the woman in shock. "Wait, we?"

The women glanced around in surprise. "What? Where did they go? Silvy, Red, Yellow, Green, get your sorry bottoms over here! Red, I know you think hoods are cool and everything, but it looks horrible on you. Yellow, stop hiding behind the door. Silvy, you're supposed to stay by my side. Green, white isn't your color but you look gorgeous in it, so stay there." To their surprise, four grunts walked out of the crowd and removed their hoods. Rood gasped as he realized they had infiltrated his home and he hadn't even realized it.

"You see," she started, "We're the Pokedex Holders. I'm Blue, the grinning guy is Red, the flat chested girl is Yellow, the redhead is Silver, and mister tall and brooding is Greeny!"

The last guy scoffed. "Pesky woman!"

She smiles, "Oh, Greeny, you know how much I hate that name, so just stick to calling me Miss Blue, ok luv? Anyways, we were asked by Professor Oak from Kanto to come over here to help out with the crisis. We met up with Professor Juniper and she told me about our juniors of Unova. So we went and met White, who is absolutely awesome. Anyways, she told me that there was a resistance group based in Driftveil, so we grabbed disguises and snuck in here, waiting for someone to make a plan."

The blonde girl slowly raised her hand. "Um…Blue, I don't think they needed to know all the details of our trip here. Just that we're here to help out."

"Why Yellow, that was an amazing attempt to be social but I just like explaining the whole thing. Now if you don't want a certain red eyed trainer to know certain things about you, I'd suggest you stay quiet."

Said girl immediately shut up and hid her face in her hands, trying to hide a deep red blush. The black haired trainer stared at her in curiosity. "Why is her face turning red? Is she sick?"

Blue face palmed. "If only, Red; if only."

She resumed to face the group. "Now let explain why you want our help, because I can tell that you guys have no idea why we are here. Red is the Champion of Kanto. My precious Green is the final Gym Leader in Kanto. Yellow is of the Viridian Forest, giving her powerful physic powers. Silver and I have no actual positions, but we are ace battlers. In addition, we also have eight other powerful trainers that we have coming in in the next week or so. Each of us have a unique device called a Pokedex, thus dubbing us the Dexholders."

Lack-two's eyes widened. These were the Dexholders. That's why they're called the Dexholders. He quickly fumbled out his own device copy of his Pokedex. "Is this a Pokedex?"

Immediately, the girl grabbed his device, looking it over with a trained eye. "Yep, that's a Pokedex. That means we're your seniors! Welcome to the Dexholders!" Red and Yellow started clapping.

"What are you all clapping about?"

Lack-two turned to see the cute Whi-two entering the room, followed by Hugh and the green haired Plasma girl. For some odd reason, he found the donut haired quite attractive. Then again, who wouldn't? It truly was an unexpected part of the job. He had not really expected to actually harbor a slight crush on his own target. It was rather unprofessional of him, to actually create an emotional bond with others during his assignment. He was rather surprised that he had actually resisted the advances of Black-1, who he had to admit was hot. But right now, the mission came first and he needed to clear up the confusion around the trio.

"Why, it's great to see you up and around Miss Whi-two? I mean, who knew you were involved with Team Plasma? Why, that's quite a dirty little secret you've been hiding from me." He gave an air of feint shock in his voice.

The girl's cheeks reddened deeply. Lack-two smiled; he had the girl right in his hands. "Well, I'm sorry for not sharing this stuff with you…I was just telling Hugh here that I feel really bad for what Team Plasma has done in the past and hoped you would forgive me for all the bad stuff I've done."

Lack-two chuckled. "Oh, it's no big deal. I just have to arrest you for it."

"Oh, thanks…for a second I thought you were going to…wait! Arrest me! What are you talking about?" the girl freaked out.

Sage Rood apparently decided to intervene. "You see child, Lack-two here is a high ranking supervisor from the International Police. He came to us for help in stopping Ghetsis from seizing control of Unova."

"What!" both Whi-two and Hugh gasped.

Lack-two grinned as he pulled out his identification badge. "I'm the assistant supervisor of Interpol undercover unit Black, aka Black-2. But my friends call me Lack-two for clarity."

"Great, Whi-two's part of Team Plasma and Lack-two's from Interpol. What's next? Those Pokedexes they received makes them some sort of elite unit of trainers?" Hugh whined.

The lady known as Blue smiled. "Actually…"

Hugh groaned as he fell back into one of the chairs, promptly fainting in shock. Black-two sighed. "I'll take care of him sir." With that, she promptly picked up the boy with surprising ease and carried him out of the room.

The group sweat dropped. Rood muttered something about Black-1 having a way with boys. Lack-two now redirected his attention to Whi-two. "So Miss, I apologize for keeping my own identity under wraps. It was imperative that people didn't know my true purpose at the trainer's school. Although it seems rather ironic. My original mission was to find the secret plans to the Colress machine. My intel told me that it was entrusted to a twelve year old girl from Team Plasma. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to verify whether or not you were the Team Plasma grunt entrusted with the plans."

It was now Whi-two's turn to smile a little. "Actually, I did have the plans…but I lost them during the field trip."

"A pity indeed." Lack-two felt a little disappointed. He actually had found the right agent, but she had lost the important intel on his watch.

"As much as I love a good love story, I do believe that we should refocus on our assignment." The group had almost forgot about Blue and her friends.

Lack-two grinned. "That's right. Whi-two, meet Blue and her friends. They call themselves the Dexholders because they all use Pokedexes. Since both of us have one, then technically we're Dexholders just like them. Isn't that amazing?"

Whi-two paled at the group before pulling out her own Pokedex. "You're saying that this horrid device makes me one of you guys?"

Red coughed. "I wouldn't say they're horrid. They're actually really helpful and train us on how to be good stewards of our Pokémon." He extended his hand. "I'm Red from Kanto. It's nice to meet one of our juniors."

Whi-two blushed slightly as she shook his hand. "Um…it's nice to meet you Senior Red as well as all of you seniors."

Lack-two frowned at the scene. Then he paled. Why was he frowning? Did he not like Whi-two blushing around this handsome, friendly teen? Blue seemed to notice as she whispered into his ear. "Don't worry about that. Red is as dense as a brick. Besides, he's sorta already been claimed by Yellow over there." She gestured over to the blonde girl who seemed a combination of jealousy and shyness.

Lack-two nodded. "Well, what I want to know is how can we work with you guys on stopping Ghetsis?"

Blue turned to Green. "You want to do this part Greeny?"

The young man sighed. "Of course, allow me to begin…"

Hugh promptly woke up for the second, or was it the third time today. Dang, he had been knocked out a few times today.

"I hope this isn't a habit of yours. If it was, it could be dangerous to your health."

The boy shot up so fast he lost balance and slammed right into something on the bed. When he opened his eyes, he found himself staring into a pair of brilliant jade eyes.

"Wow! I knew you had it for me, but I didn't realize you had it this bad."

Hugh's mind slowed down for a moment as he tried to process what just happened. He was looking into a pair of jade eyes. A feminine voice seemed to be telling him he was into something. He felt he was on top of something white, but while a little squishy, it was also quite firm. He was on top of something…oh

Hugh pulled away as fast as he found, pushing himself away from the young girl, his cheeks dark red. "Oh Arceus, I'm so sorry about that. I didn't mean to."

He was suddenly shushed as the girl put her finger in front of his lips. "Now, now. There's no need to be so worked up about this. If you want some of this, you just need to ask." The girl winked at him.

Now Hugh's face turned beat red in embarrassment. "Uh, well I um…"

The girl, sensing his discomfort, decided to break the façade and broke out laughing. "Oh my word, did you see your face?"

She took a second to calm down. "I'm sorry about that. I tend to try to smooth talk my way out of things. I'm not really like that. I was just teasing you. I do it all the time with Whitey and the others as well. Although…if you really wanted it…I might consider it."

Hugh's face slowly returned to its original color, but still his heart was beating like crazy. Damn, this girl was like a female version of Lack-two. He wasn't sure which was scarier. And why was it that he found this girl so…well…hot? She wasn't exactly cute. Whi-two was cute, but this girl…well…she was beyond it. Dang! Why was he thinking these thoughts? Never before had he even thought about girls in this manner before.

The girl giggled, reading the boy like a book. "Oh my word, you really are into me aren't you? Well, if you really want me, you'll have to earn my trust."

That's right. If you wanted a girl to like you, you should give her a gift or something. At least that's what Hugh thought Lucy had told him. He remembered the locket he had found at the dormitory at school. Maybe she liked those. He fished it out of his pocket and proceeded to hand it to her. "Maybe you'd like this…" he stammered out nervously.

Black-1 took the gold locket quizzically before turning to stare the boy right in the eyes. "Where did you find this?"

Hugh shrugged. "I found it at the school. It was on the ground. There actually is a USB port in there with records of Team Plasma."

"OMG! You're a genius Hugh! This is Whi-two's locket! We've been looking for this for the past two years! This has the technical read outs of the Colress weapon. You're the best Hugh!"

With that she pulled the clueless boy into a deep hug. Suddenly, Hugh saw a sly glint in her eyes. She glanced both ways then smiled at him seductively. "I think you've earned this."

Before he could respond, the green haired girl slammed her lips into the boy's. It seemed like an eternity before she released him from her hold. Hugh's mind was overloading with thoughts and emotions as he tried to process what just happened. For the fourth or fifth time that day, the boy dropped on the bed, fainted.

Mei gasped, but then realized what she had done. A faint redness spread across her cheeks. "Oops, looks like I overdid it."

She pulled the sheets over the fainted boy before giving him another quick peck his cheek. "Good night Hugh."

Ok…this was sorta surprising and unexpected. This probably is one of my longest chapters yet. We get some resolution between Hugh and Whi-two as well as some drama. I created a surprise pairing between my OC Black-1 (Mei) and Hugh. And I brought in the Dexholders. I hope I didn't make Blue too OoC. I know I got Red, Yellow, and Green, but Blue has always been a challenge to write. I'm not so sure how much I'm going to include the other Dexholders. Here's who I know I can write well.


White – she's sort of currently worried about Black but she's trying to be strong. Probably a little unstable

Red – Just your friendly, dense battler who seems to make friends with anyone and everyone.

Yellow – shy, but cares deeply. She's not one to talk much and more often it's with Chuchu and other Pokémon.

Green – matter of fact, systematical, as much as he wishes he could just ignore Blue, he finds himself unable to keep her at bay

Whi-two – shy, sort of like Yellow, but a little more passionate and chatty than her. She also tends to be a bit more reluctant to go to extreme measures

Lack-two – playboy but also has a more serious side when it comes to the mission

Ruby – sort of your girlish boy. He's sorta ODC, neat freak. Loves maintaining style and beauty, but again, is reluctant to battle hard on a regular basis.

Sapphire – your over the top tomboy. She's messy, brutal, and loves battling more than anything. Very much a DIY person. She also has a very short fuse.


Emerald…not much is really known about him

Gold…what's the difference between Gold and Lack-two…it's really hard to make the difference

Crystal…she's sort of serious but has a short fuse. She's just a tough character to describe to me.

Blue…again, one of the more flirty ones. It's hard to draw the line between flirty and seductive. She's not a slut, she's a person with actual more values. She just likes to play match maker.

Black…he's much more than just someone who yells all the time. There's so much depth to him it's hard to predict what his actions will be.

Silver…is he just someone with a vendetta or is he just gloomy. He's a boring character for me to create

Platinum, Diamond, and Pearl are hard for me as I haven't read much of their series. Sorta just jumped to Black and White.

X and Y are unique because they haven't posted the translations on MangaCo yet, so I'm really in the dark when it comes to them.

N … well he's so many different things. I can't even begin to fathom what goes on in that guy's head.

In the same way, I'll be bringing in other Dexholders. Just don't expect them to be all given equal amounts of words. I would love to write the interactions between Whi-two and Yellow, two characters who I love writing. I feel like they would have so much to talk about. Lack-two and Gold…I'm pretty sure someone wrote this awesome interaction between the two (something about phone numbers of girls or something on those lines). I can't find it anywhere. If you remember what story it was, let me know.

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