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(Sort of) Extended summary/explanation: In this story Big Hero 6 and the Avengers exist in the same reality. Big Hero 6 operates a lot like Spider Man in that they focus on local crime rather than world crises like the Avengers. This changes when they (the Big Hero 6) are confronted by Nick Fury and asked to join the Avenger's Initiative. They agree and set out to meet the other Avenger (at this point in time it will just be the 'classic' Avengers: Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Hulk, and Thor). From day one nothing goes right as Stark sets everything off on the wrong foot and things only get worse. It might not be so bad if the Avengers didn't see younger, more care free versions of themselves in the Big Hero 6.

It's an odd feeling to see someone that reminds you so much of yourself, and yet seems so much happier and better off than you. It makes you a bit bitter, and almost hate them, even though it's not fault of theirs.

Italicized words = memories, voices heard over the com, and general emphasis.

Line breaks indicate changes in perspective, time lapses, scene changes, and the like.

The Offer

The Big Hero 6: Hiro Hamada, Baymax, Go-Go Tamago, Wasabi, Honey Lemon, and of course Fred. They had just returned to Hiro's garage turned lab after a long day of crime fighting. They were tired, in familiar but good way, and excited from the day's successes.

"Man, today was awesome!" Fred shouted with a jump to drive the point home. Where he found the energy was a mystery to the rest of the team.

"Just like yesterday," Go-Go said with shrugged, though the small smirk told the others she was just as happy as Fred.

"Na-uh, man, it was WAY better than yesterday!" Fred corrected.

"If you say so," Go-Go replied offhandedly.

"Well, at least safety procedures went well today." Wasabi said. "No one got hurt, everyone stayed in the safe areas–"

"–A few bystanders almost got killed. . ." Go-Go continued his list, trailing off with a pop of bubble gum.

"Hey! That was only ONE time!" Fred whined.

"Whatever you say."

"– And we now know the backup safety procedures work," Wasabi finished.

"I have scanned all of you and detect no serious injuries. However, your heart rates are still above average. Diagnostics: adrenaline."

"That's the point, Baymax." Honey Lemon giggled. "When you're a daredevil and running around saving people you get all excited."

"I understand. I merely wished to keep everyone informed." Baymax replied. Honey just giggled.

"Thanks, Baymax." Hiro said, helping the puffy bot remove his armor having finished removing his own. Honey, also finished changing out of her uniform joined him.

"I know I've said it many times, Hiro," Honey said as she helped the younger boy remove Baymax's back armor. "But you and Baymax are always REALLY amazing!"

"Uh, thanks, Honey." Hiro smiled, blushing slightly at the beaming smile Honey sent him.

"OOOH! I love it when you call me that!" Honey squealed. "It's just so cute!"

Baymax having finished scanning the others turned his attention to the two who'd just finished removing his armor.

"Hiro, your readings have almost returned to normal levels. However, I detect slight changes in your hormone systems." Baymax told Honey Lemon. "Would you like me to give a more thorough check up in order to ascertain the cause?"

"Baymax! Don't just blurt things like that out!" She hissed frantically, blushing bright red and pressing her hands over Baymax's 'mouth.'

Hiro raised an eyebrow in confusion but Go-Go, who'd caught the exchange, smirked and sent Honey a look that promised they would be talking later. Honey nodded, still blushing, and quickly gathered up her things so the group could leave.

The group of friends, made their way down the street to building that doubled as Hiro's home and Cass's bakery laughing and talking. It had become a tradition for them; go to college, save the day, and got eat at Cass' bakery. They never tired of it, and with all the craziness that had suddenly been added to their lives the normalcy of Cass's bakery was eagerly welcomed.

"Aunt Cass!" Hiro called as he and his friends entered the store.

"Hey, Hiro! Hey, guys!" Cass came to the counter. "How's my little college man?"

"Doing great, Aunt Cass," Hiro answered with a smile. Weeks ago Hiro would have scoffed and grumbled about being treated like a baby, but after losing his brother, Tadashi, and everything that had happened afterwards it was nice to be treated like a kid again.

"So, here for a late night feast?" Cass smiled at the group, a knowing glint in her eyes.

"You got it." Fred answered with two thumbs up.

"If it's not too much trouble," Wasabi added, ever the gentleman.

"Coming right up," Cass laughed, and she disappeared into the back of the store.

"Alright guys, why don't we get ourselves some seats?" Honey suggested.

"Oh! That reminds me. Hiro!" Cass called, poking her head out of the kitchen.

"Yes, Aunt Cass?" Hiro paused as the others walked by.

"There's someone here to see you and your friends." She said.

"Really? Who?" Hiro raised an eyebrow and frowned. Perhaps someone from school wanted to talk to them about a replacement for Professor Callaghan.

"I don't know, but he's sitting right over there." Cass pointed to the far corner of the store. They all looked and saw a silhouetted figure sitting at the coffee table with a cup of coffee in his hand. He sipped it and placed it back on the wooden design.

"I have scanned the man in question." Baymax informed them. "He does not appear to be dangerous."

"Yeah, but appearances can be deceiving." Hiro said in a low voice.

"True," Go-Go agreed, one hand casually slipping into her backpack where she kept a few spare disks.

"Maybe it's an agent from some secret organization." Fred suggested excitedly. "Maybe he here to recruit us!"

"Oh, Fred," Honey sighed.

"Or maybe he's here to see if we're a threat," Wasabi mumbled, a thousand disastrous scenarios running through his mind.

"Negative. I have scanned him. He is not carrying any form of drug." Baymax explained and assured.

"Still he does look shady." Honey bit her lip. Like the rest of them, Honey was on edge and wasn't too keen about a potential problem in what they had all come to think of as their 'safe zone.'

"What do you think, Hiro?" Honey asked. "Should we go see what he wants?"

Hiro thought about it for a moment. It always through him for a second when the others referred to him for a decision, as if he was their leader despite being the youngest, still in this intendance it made sense since it was his home they were in.

"Let's see what he wants." Hiro decided and lead the way over to the table.

The man looked up as they approached and the group was able to get a good look at him. The stranger was an African American man, completely bald except for a mustache and goatee, and an eye patch covering his right eye.

"Hiro Hamada?" The way the man said it made it sound more like a statement than a question.

"Uh, yes?" Hiro answered.

"And I presume that your robot friend is Baymax," the man continued.

"Correct. I am Baymax, a personal health care companion." Baymax explained.

"I've noticed." The strange man smirked.

"Um, who are you and why did you want to meet with us?" Hiro asked.

"You're the Big Hero 6, aren't you?" he simply asked.

"What the–?!" Hiro flinched in panic, as did his friends. They look behind to see if Cass heard any of that. Luckily she was too busy in the kitchen to hear. Hiro turned his attention back to the man.

"How did-?!" Hiro hissed, not bothering to hide his anger of suspicion. "How do you know who we are?"

"I have connections." The man answered smoothly, pulling a phone from his pocket. "For example."

The man turned the phone so they could see. A video of the Big Hero 6 in action played out before them and they exchanged looks. They could all remember that fight, it was from a few weeks ago, and it had been during that fight that Hiro's, Go-Go's and Wasabi's faces had been uncovered.

"I thought you said you hacked into the system and deleted the footage?" Go-Go hissed in Hiro's ear.

"I did," Hiro muttered. "He must have downloaded it before then, it did take us about thirty minutes to finish the fight."

Go-Go grimaced and Hiro turned his attention back to the man.

"Who are you?" Hiro asked. "And what do you want?"

"Nick Fury." He answered. "Director of S.H.I.E.L.D."

"Shield?" Hiro repeated.

"What's Shield?" Honey asked.

"It is a piece of personal armor meant to block attacks." Baymax answered.

"I don't think that's what he meant." Wasabi said.

"Yeah, I think it's the name of his organization." Go-Go said.

"Yeah, it is," Fred said, eyes wide as he stared at Fury. "It stands for Strategic Hazard Intervention Enforcement Logistics Division. 'S.H.I.E.L.D' for short."

"Quite correct." Nick eyed the gangly boy, they were all just children to him, in front of him with a calculating look.

"How do you know that?" Hiro asked, a question it seemed the others wanted to know as well given the looks they were giving Fred.

"Conspiracies are my thing, man," Fred answered with a shrug.

"Right," Go-Go drawled, but they let it go. Fred always was a little weird when it came to government conspiracies.

"Well, then, Mr. Fury," Hiro began. "What exactly do you want from us?"

"Why don't you sit down?" Nick waved a hand at the empty chairs and after a quick exchange of looks only Hiro and Honey sat down. "I'm here to offer you a proposition."

"A proposition?" Hiro repeated skeptically.

"It's called the Avenger's Alliance initiative." Nick clarified. "It's a vast group of superhero teams all coming together to protect the world from any threat. I want your team to join us."

"Dude! No way! That sounds awesome!"

Hiro expected Fred's shout, what he did not expected was Fred's hand to scratch out a message on his back reading 'Say no!'

"Whoa! Wait a minute!" Hiro stopped everyone. "You want me and my team to join the Avenger thing?"


"I don't know." Hiro ran a hand through his hair and glanced at the group behind him. "What do you think guys think?"

"Dude we should TOTALLY go for it man!" Fred encouraged still smiling despite the fact that he was once again scratching out 'Say no!' on Hiro's back.

"I think it'll be great." Go-Go said. She knew about the Avenger's, they all did, and while she didn't care one way or the other about working with them, the wanted to leave San Fransokyo. At least for a while.

"Well, as long as it's not TOO dangerous," Wasabi said. "Of course, standard safety issues will need to be addressed, not to mention the added risks! Actually, no, I'm not sure this is a good idea."

Hiro rolled his eyes as Wasabi continued to list all the dangers they could get into as well as all the reasons they should do it anyway and glanced at Honey.

"I will go if you want to, Hiro." Honey said with sincere eyes. "This is your team, you put it together, and you know us the best."

Hiro smiled at them, then turned to Baymax. "What do you think, bud?"

"I am your personal health care companion." Baymax answered. "If you wish to enroll, I shall be with you every step of the way."

"And so will I." Honey smiled.

"All of us will." Wasabi nodded.

"Well, son. What do you say?" Nick asked. "It's your choice and it's entirely up to you."

Hiro frowned down at the table, thinking. Honey and Baymax would side with him no matter what decision he made so he felt no pressure from them. Wasabi would fret either way, but ultimately like Honey, he would be ok with whatever Hiro decided. Go-Go. . .Well, Hiro knew Go-Go wanted to leave, wanted to get away. Though he had no proof, Hiro was certain Go-Go and Tadashi had been more than just friends, and having stay in a place where there were so many memories of him was hurting Go-Go almost as much as it was hurting Hiro. Hiro could understand why she wanted to get away, he did too, but Hiro didn't want to stay away. San Fransokyo was his home.

Hiro's frown deepened. As if the Go-Go issue wasn't confusing enough then he had Fred to think about. Fred who should be all for it, and acted as if he was all for, apparently thought it was a bad idea. That more than anything, made Hiro pause, but no matter which way he turned it over he couldn't come up with a reason for Fred's behavior. With a frustrated sigh, Hiro decided he would have to do the diplomatic thing.

Grimacing at the thought, Hiro made his decision and looked up.

"We accept."

Fury nodded as though he had been expecting this and made to stand, but Hiro wasn't finished.

"On three conditions."

Author's Notes:

I know the two worlds don't match up and neither don't the times lines so things might get a bit fuzzy. I'll do my best to make things make sense and explain as much as possible, my advice is to just roll with it and don't over think it. Trust me life is easier that way.