Author's Note

To work with what I have in mind Bella would've turned 17 instead of 18 when Edward left her, so please keep that in mind when you read this. I should also warn that this story should only be 10 chapters.

Tell me what you think and I hope you enjoy!

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Bella gasped as the pain came again, she screamed as she fell to the ground on her knees. Her back arched as the pain coursed through her body setting her senses on fire. "PLEASE!" Bella Screamed in pain tears swelled in her eyes as the pain became too much for her to handle. She collapsed onto the forest floor below losing all consciousness.

"Isabella…" A mysterious voice said, "Open your eyes."

Bella opened her eyes and looked around, she was in a large room that was lit with candles. There was a low hum of music playing in the background she didn't understand where it could be coming from. She stood up and gasped back as she was in a white floor length dress with long lace sleeves her feet were left bare, and her hair was pinned up and decorated with flowers.

"Isabella." The voice said again, Bella looked up to where the voice came from and saw a tall older looking man standing in front of her.

"Who… who are you?" Bella said looking around frantically, the thought of being kidnapped creeping into her mind, but she had to push back the panic. "Where am I?"

"My name is Theodore I was the leader of the last tribe of Dragons, before the Great War came between us and we killed each other. As to why you are here, you're here because you're special," Theodore said he took a step forward being cautious not to startle Bella.

Bella instinctively took a step back and eyed the man before her. "What do you mean I'm special?"

"You're different from the rest," Theodore responded he stopped walking not wanting to scare her any further. "Let me start from the beginning, many years ago in my time I was the leader of the last living dragon clan. The spirits had given me the gift to transform. I was meant to be a leader to give Dragons their rightful title as rulers of the supernatural. The only problem was, I got too cocky I changed too many people in an attempt to increase the number of dragons in the world. I damned too many to this life and they began to go against me. In the end, everyone I had transformed had killed each other it was just me. I couldn't handle the guilt so I killed myself I covered my blade in my own venom and drove it through my heart. It's been centuries since the spirits have chosen me, in the last few years, the spirits have been watching you closely, and they've chosen you now. You're meant to do what I couldn't accomplish, keep the dragon name alive. Do you accept your fate Isabella, as the new ruler of the dragon species?"

Bella looked startled and shook her head in utter confusion. "What are you talking about? Dragons? Do you really expect me to be believe in all of this?"

Theodore now stood in front of Bella, his green eyes piercing into Bella's, brown eyes. "You can feel the fact that you're different can't you Isabella? It's what led you to fight against your emotions, to make sure that you didn't fall apart when one of your potential mates left. You knew you had to pull through, that others were depending on you. Your father, your mother, your friends, you couldn't fall apart because it would tear them all apart. You fought against your own emotions, just to make sure that you would be alright, so your family would be alright. You were willing to give yourself to someone twice your strength just to keep those around you safe. You don't put yourself before others, you don't make your needs your top priorities. You put others before yourself. You're too compassionate about those you care for, you're stern, yet so caring. That's why they choose you Isabella, because you have the will to fight, you have that small fire within yourself that makes you cut out to be a dragon. You have what it takes to watch over others with a caring hand while being stern enough to keep them all in line. This is your fate Isabella! You can't escape it one way or another you're meant to be a part of the supernatural world. This is your chance to be something beyond your wildest dreams."

Bella didn't know what made her answer so quickly, what had taken over and answered without a thought. "I accept. I want this." Bella's closed her eyes for a moment and thought, she meant it. She really did want this to happen.

Theodore smiled widely, "Let's begin, I must tell you everything you need to know about the dragon species."

Theodore led Bella to a table that had appeared out of the blue he gestured for her to take a seat taking the seat beside him. Bella sat down quietly ready to have Theodore tell her what she needed to know.

"All dragons have a natural control over the earth, wind/weather and most importantly the spirits. You have a natural connection to the spirits and when you wish you will be able to speak to them, but only as long as they are still trapped on this Earth. You'll also be able to compel others, it's a type of mind control, and it can bend people to your will." Theodore said as he glanced at Bella to see how she was doing with the wave of all the information. "There is only one way to die for you, you have to do as I did and kill yourself, I don't recommend it. The dragons you transform can kill each other, but they are all loyal to you, you're their alpha therefore as much as they might hate you, they will never hold the power to kill you. Hopefully you will learn from my mistakes and only transform those who want this life, for those who do not will rebel and cause a war. Give people a chance to decide their own fate."

Bella nodded, "I understand. How do I do it? How do I transform someone?"

"Transforming someone, is no easy task only you as the alpha will be able to do it. First, you must be sure that they want this life, it would be wise to give someone the decision to change. Secondly, you have to bite them on their neck and insert your venom into their veins. After that, the venom will begin to take affect and they should wake up from their transformation after 6 days." Theodore said.

Bella looked at him confused, but nodded. One thought crawled into her mind at the thought of inserting venom into someone. "Will it hurt?"

"No, it'll be like being in a coma," Theodore explained. "You'll have to go through this transformation too, but for you it might be longer than 6 days. For me it was close to 5 months to complete my transition."

"I'm going to be in a coma for months?" Bella asked not knowing how that would play out in the real world.

Theodore nodded, "In fact, it's already begun. Your transformation began the second you accepted your fate. You're in the middle of your transition as we speak. Time goes by faster in this dream state we're in."

"I'm in a coma?" Bella asked startled at the new information she was given.

Theodore nodded, "Yes, so far it's been a few days. Time goes quicker when you're in this dream like state."

Bella nodded, determined to know everything she could before time was up. "What else do I need to know?"

Theodore smiled, "There is an entirely different world out there you don't know about, Isabella. The information you need is plentiful."

"What's out there?" Bella asked curious.

"You've been around Diamonds, which is a term used to describe the second breed of vampires. They're cold as ice, hard as diamonds and they sparkle in direct sunlight, they have a sweeter scent than other creatures that's made to draw their prey in. The more traditional type of vampire can burn in the sunlight, unless they have a spelled jewelry piece. There are also shape shifters and werewolves. Let's not forget doppelgangers, witches, and hunters, whose main job is to hunt down vampires. The hunters will be able to sense the power off of you as well as other supernatural creatures be able to do the same. Then there's one hybrid, a mixture of vampire and werewolf. He has a curse suppressing his werewolf side and has yet to beak his curse, but that's another story."

Bella nodded, and sighed at the potential danger of all the creatures. "Can I kill any of them?"

"Yes, all creatures have their own ways of dying, diamonds have to be torn apart and lit on fire. Traditional have to be staked, the first of their kind the originals, they have to be staked with a special stake made of white oak. Werewolves, you can easily just rip their heart out, shape shifters can die with a snap of their necks. Witches are basically humans as are Doppelgangers and hunters, but hunters have a curse to them, kill one and you're cursed until the next one is activated," Theodore said he looked to Bella to see how she was taking in all the information. "I'm not a hundred percent sure that it will affect you, as a dragon, you bend the laws of the supernatural. Dragons were the first supernatural creatures, we were the original species therefore the strongest. I should also mention to be careful with your bite. It can transform someone if you will it to, but it can also be poisonous. You have two venoms in you, one to transform and the other can kill anyone, slowly and painfully." Theodore said.

Bella shuddered, "What if I accidently poison someone when I'm trying to transform them?"

Theodore shook his head, "You control your venom, when you're going to transform someone your mind has to be set on transforming someone. When you want to hurt someone, you have to focus and the poison will pool in your mouth. You'll be able to taste the difference the poison gives off a sour taste while the transformation venom is sweeter. The other dragons will have a variation of the poison. There's will be able to kill also, but it won't be as strong as yours. You'll be able to reverse the effects of their poison if you so wish. You simply have to suck the venom out, their poison will not have any effect on you if you do. "

"Can I just transform humans?" Bella asked after a few minutes passed.

"No, you can transform diamonds too," Theodore said, "They're transformation takes a bit longer, usually 7 to 8 days to finish their transformation completely."

"Why not the traditional type?" Bella asked.

"Diamonds retain some of their human blood in their system, it's what their venom and scent come from," Theodore said, "Traditional vampires don't retain their human blood, instead, their blood morphs and becomes vampire blood, their human blood is long gone, you need human blood in order to turn someone. Werewolves, and shape shifters don't count either, their blood is morphed it's not human. Diamonds if you ever decide to change one, will lose their vampirism and become full dragon."

Bella nodded, "Vampires, they have super speed, strength, hearing, sight, all that, will I have that too?"

"Yes, but unlike them, your body will already be accustomed to it, you won't go through an awkward stage of getting to know your strength again. That's what all this time in a coma like state is for, your body is adjusting. Any more questions, we have to continue with your training," Theodore said, before Bella could ask he continued, "I have to train you to use your gifts, to fly to know what it is to be a dragon."

"Do I have a specific diet like blood or something?" Bella asked. "Will I get older or will I stay forever 18 for the rest of my existence?"

Theodore nodded taking in her questions and trying to find the best way to answer her. "You will forever stay the way you look now, maybe some minor changes in you figure, but you won't change too much. Your body is going to rely on human food along with animals. Dragons could never stand the sight of human blood, we prefer to hunt and eat raw animals. You'll end up draining an animal and then eating their meat."

"You're telling me, I'm going to want to eat animals, like literally take a bite out of them?" Bella asked skeptically.

Theodore chuckled but nodded, "Dragons like meat. When you eat human food, you'll gravitate towards things with more meat. You don't always have to eat raw food, but your body will crave it, crave the need to hunt, it's an animalistic urge. It can get kind of messy."

Bella shuddered, "That's not gross at all."

"Anything else Isabella," Theodore asked as he saw the need to get on with their training.

Bella nodded, "The myths about Dragons they say nothing about them being men and women, they were creatures, beasts."

Theodore laughed, "It was a disguise the first dragon created. He wanted his kind to be safe. If people know too much about a creature, they learn their weaknesses, he wouldn't do that to his kind, so he created what people believe dragons to really be. In reality, they're humans, who have different colored eyes, red, black blue, white, each color pertaining to a different gift. Wings, tail and horns to match their eyes, not to mention the claws. It would be easier for humans to believe dragons were these large creatures they could hunt and kill then to know the truth that dragons walked amongst them and appeared to be humans."

Bella nodded, "What do the colors equal?"

"It's not a large difference, just a stronger connection to things, red is fire, white is for the spirits, blue is water, green is the earth, white is for magic and black is for fight. You as alpha will be able to interchange the colors to what you will connect yourself with more when you take you transformation, but the dragons you choose to change will only be connected to one. Red dragons will be connected to fire and will have more control over fire, and will be normally calmer than the rest unless provoked. White dragons will be more connected to the spirits they'll have control over magic like witches have, but won't be slaved to work for nature like witches. Blue dragons will be able to manipulate water, these dragons will be intelligent and thoughtful and by the least likely to start a fight. Black dragons will be fighters, they'll have an ease at fighting and will be likely the first to initiate a fight. You'll soon come to learn that fighting will come easy to you, your entire being is made to fight, to dominate over those who challenge you it's your alpha gene. You'll be able to see the weaknesses in others, be able to fight them without any real force." Theodore said.

"What else will this alpha gene cause me?" Bella asked tilting her head slightly at the thought.

"As Alpha, you will have a sort of spell on the dragons you create. Yes, they might leave you to travel, but you will always be able to feel them, sense them. You'll also be able to fly to them instinctively if you're needed. You should also be aware that when you fly, your body instantly goes under camouflage of your surroundings to protect you. You'll be able to punish other dragons for their wrong doings, something I wasn't too fond of, but I can't stress enough how important doing this will be. You need to show them that you're in charge and that you're their leader."

Bella nodded, she rethought everything he had told her so far, but one thing popped out in her mind. "Earlier, you said one of my potential mates, what did you mean?"

"You have 2 potential mates, but you will only choose one. You'll meet the other soon, and although you will feel a pull to each one, the one you're meant to be with will be the one your heart chooses, and with time you will turn him and he will become your equal. He will be the one to help you the one to lead beside you. He too will be able to do most things you can do. There will be some limitations that you will learn in time." Theodore said.

Bella nodded, "It's not Edward. I know that now, no one who said they loved me would just leave me."

Theodore nodded not commenting knowing Bella's heart was set. "When you find him Isabella, you'll feel the need to claim him, and after you turn him he will also claim you."

Bella groaned and rubbed her face, "Anything else I should know anything important I should be aware of?"

Theodore looked to be in though, "You'll be able to talk telepathically with the other dragons. You should also be aware that you have the power to command dragons. Force them to follow your commands if you want them too, you just have to will them to follow your orders. I used to use phrases, "I command," and "That's an order." They always worked when I wanted to have a command followed, I just rarely used it I didn't enjoy taking away someone's free will. I think that was another reason that led to my downfall, I gave my dragons too much free rein."

Bella nodded, "Give dragon's freedom, but not too much freedom, got it."

"Let's get started then." Theodore said, he looked Bella in the eyes ready to help her control the power that was now rising inside of her.

It didn't feel more than a few days until Bella began to have trouble breathing. She grabbed to her chest and fell to her knees with wide eyes she looked at Theodore. He kneeled before her, and pressed the palm of his hand to her cheek. He smiled fondly at Bella, "You'll be great, remember to fight Isabella, never give up and never forget, the spirits will be there for you shall you one day need them."

Bella nodded as her eyes rolled to the back of her head, and she fell out of her coma, the last thing she saw was Theodore's prideful gaze.

Bella opened her eyes expecting to be in a hospital, instead she was laying in the middle of a four poster bed. Blinking her eyes repeatedly, she looked around the room, and sat up in her bed. She rubbed her eyes trying to get the sleep out of them, she knew she needed to see clearly before she tried to do anything.

"Well look who's finally awake, I was beginning to think that it was permanent this coma of yours love," a voice said from the corner of the room.

Bella looked at the blonde man who was sitting in the corner with a book in his lap, his piercing blue eyes boring into her own. "Where am I? Who are you?"

"You are in my home, as to who I am, well, you can call me Klaus or Nik whichever you choose," Klaus answered setting his book on the table bedside him.

Bella rubbed her head, her eye caught her wrist, the bite mark James had left long gone, "Why did you bring me here?"

"I'm a very old vampire Isabella, well, actually, I'm a very old hybrid, and well, you're my last descendant seeing as your father Charles was murdered," Klaus said.

Bella felt a pain in her heart, but Charlie had died before she underwent this transformation there was nothing she could do now. Bella sensed something off about Klaus and once she picked up his unusual scent she knew what it was. "You're the hybrid? The one who has yet to break their curse?"

Klaus looked at her with a raised eyebrow, "And how did you know that love?"

Bella sighed, "I was told in my coma." Bella clutched her head as the memories of everything seeped into her mind from her time with Theodore. "Umm you said descendant, is that true?"

Klaus nodded, "I had a different father from my other siblings. This father had a tribe, which was said to be murdered entirely by Mikael, my siblings' father, he left out my father's mother. She ran and had another family, from this family, your line was created."

Bella shook her head, "This would mean I'd have the werewolf gene. I'm not werewolf."

"My grandmother, she wasn't werewolf blood, just a regular human, and no one in your line has the werewolf gene, I would say you're a regular human, but it doesn't feel that way. You're not werewolf, but you are something else." Klaus said eyeing Bella from his spot in the room.

"Dragon," Bella uttered, "I'm a dragon."

Klaus chuckled, "Dragons went extinct centuries ago Isabella."

Bella nodded, "They did, their last alpha was named Theodore he came to me in my coma. The dragon spirits, they've chosen me to be the next dragon leader. To create the next dragon species."

Klaus laughed, "Now, how hard did you hit you head love? You've been out for about to 6 months now, I think you're beginning to imagine things."

Bella shook her head, "Whoa 6 months really? I didn't hit my head at all, I'm serious about this Nik, I'm the next alpha dragon."

Klaus shrugged at Bella, he stood on the foot of the bed, he put his hands in the air, "Alright love, prove it!"

Bella nodded and stood out of the bed, her legs wobbled as they were slight limp from not walking in months, but she recovered she closed her eyes, and willed her body to change. She screamed in pain and fell to her knees, as there was something that was tearing her back apart. She heard Klaus walking towards her but she held her hand up stopping him in his tracks, she forced herself to stand and as she did a pair of multi-colored wings popped out. They knocked the table over, and tore apart the bed sheet with the claws. Bella screamed again as a matching tail and horns appeared, she couldn't see it, but her eyes had turned the same way. She spread her hands out, and looked at Klaus, "I believe the words, I told you so seem to be in order." Bella smiled, "Do you think I have fangs?" Bella focused again and winced back in pain as dozens of razor shop teeth took the place of her old teeth. Bella licked along her teeth, she winced back as they cut her tongue, but it healed instantly.

"Alright love, I believe you, go back to the way you were before," Klaus said motioning for Bella to change back, he turned around seeing as her pajamas ad been torn to shreds. He walked to the closet he had set up for her in the hope she did eventually regain consciousness. His witch had stated that Bella was just in a supernatural coma, he had merely thought it to be something that had to do with the now disappeared bite mark on her wrist.

Bella smiled, as Klaus tossed her a pair of sweats and a t-shirt, "Thanks, so now that we got that out of the way. I'm Bella not Isabella." Bella looked into the mirror and noticed that she still had two fang like teeth in place, she smiled as they looked like a miniature pair of vampire fangs.

"Bella, what happened six months ago, and what happened to the diamond bite mark you had on your wrist," Klaus asked.

Bella sighed, if six months had passed it would now be July, "Umm, well as you already know Charlie died, he was attacked trying to protect me from a diamond that wanted revenge on my. She claimed it was a mate for a mate. A tribe of shape shifters down at La push were protecting Charlie ad I, up until the day Charlie died. One of their pack was new, and he was being cocky, Victoria attacked and she injured him so badly he was seconds away from death, but he miraculously made it through. After that the pack stated we were too much of a risk, and that if they had to protect their own kind first, so they stopped patrolling around my house and stopped watching over Charlie. Victoria took notice and well, she attacked Charlie it was the best she could do to get to me. She began teasing me, getting close but never close enough to hurt me just torture me with fear. I went into the woods a couple of weeks after Charlie's death, I was tired, and I figured if she wanted me fine, but I was at least going to do it on my own terms, and I was going to die trying to kill her. I was going to give her what she wanted before she hurt anyone else on my behalf. My plan was to burn her, but before I could this blinding pain hit me and the last thing I remember was falling to the ground. I'm guessing you found me there."

"That doesn't explain the bite mark on your wrist love," Klaus said, "But, we'll get back to that. The diamond you're talking about Victoria, did she have red hair?"

Bella nodded, "Yeah she did, how did you know that?"

"Because I killed her, she didn't seem too happy to see you unconscious, she was about to snap your neck when I arrived. I didn't like someone who shared my blood to be used as some sort of toy, so I killed her, made it extra painful just for you love."

Bella smiled, "Thanks I guess, so umm how did you know where to find me?"

Klaus smirked and walked forward, he took Bella's hand, he pointed to an old silver ring with a small red ruby on it, "I found out about you and your father several years ago, you were no older than 8 I believe. This ring, I charmed it, it would notify me if you were hurt severely. It started ringing the day before I found you. I was only a few hours away so I drove. I gave this ring to your father and compelled him to give it to you claiming it was an old family heirloom."

Bella looked at the ring, "Huh, I always thought it was a family heirloom, so you cared enough to watch over me since I was younger?"

Klaus nodded, "We've actually met before. You were about 9 I believe, you told me I looked like your grandfather, and then you gave me a lollipop and walked off."

Bella laughed, "I don't even remember that. Why didn't you ever come out of the dark so to speak? Why didn't you ever introduce yourself?"

"Your safety, I'm a much hated individual Bella, if anyone were to figure out I had a weak spot in a little girl, they'd use you against me. I couldn't have that, so I stayed away occasionally coming to check on you when I felt there was no danger lurking behind the shadows." Klaus said.

"Why did you give me this ring, but not Charlie," Bella asked as she began to toy with the ring.

Klaus shrugged, "I felt more attached to you than to your father. Your father could take care of himself, you on the other hand were being shipped off from parent to parent. You had an unstable growing environment, and while I couldn't take you away from your parents, I opted to finding a way that if you ever needed me, I would know."

"How does it work, I mean how do you get the signal," Bella asked looking at the ring and back to Klaus.

Klaus showed her the necklace he always wore, it was a simple silver chain, but at the bottom was a dagger looking pendant, at the tip of the dagger was a blood drop shaped ruby that matched Bella's rub ring. "This lights up."

"Does it work both ways," Bella asked with a curious tilt of her head as she looked the necklace.

"Essentially yes, but I'm never in enough pain for it to work so I doubt you'll ever see it light up," Klaus said.

Bella nodded, "Thank you."

"You're very much welcome Bella," Klaus said with a rare smile, "So, tell me about how you got that bite on your arm."