Ok, this is my first ever fanfiction! Ah! I have no idea what I'm doing, I started this story when Stalker was on hiatus, because I simply wanted to know what happened to Beth! This got me into reading FanFiction, and I realized that there needed to be more stories about Stalker. So, I worked up the courage to make an account and post this! I got inspiration from another story, 'His Constant Craving' by ButterflyGirl89, so you should definitely read it! Sorry for any mistakes, once again, I don't know what I'm doing! I hope you enjoy!

(This story picks up right where episode 17 (Fun and Games) left off)

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Beth started shaking badly, trying not to look at Perry beside her. She tried to steady her breath, but knowing her old stalker was dead beside her, it was a little hard. 'In... Out... In... Out...'. Beth looked to her other side, trying to find out anything about where she was. It was the trunk of a car, possibly the white rental car she knew Ray had rented yesterday, so Beth tried to look around using her flashlight. The light beam was shaking so hard, though, because of her hand, that she could barely see. Turning off the light in frustration, she began to feel tears burn in her eyes. What was Ray going to do to her? She didn't want to think about it. A sob escaped from her throat, so she quickly covered her mouth, even though there was no one to hear her.

Jack sped down the road, looking for any sign of Beth, Perry, and Ray. Janice had stayed back at Beth's house with the medicals and Ben, who were now headed to the hospital. With the CPR, Ben's pulse had come back, but he still hadn't woken up. Janice was close with him, and though she wanted to join Jack and the unit to look for Beth, she knew her place was to help Ben right now. Jack was angry, furious. He should of stayed with Beth... He should have guarded her house outside with the unit... How could he be so stupid?! Jack couldn't imagine what Ray and Perry may be doing to her... They needed to find her, and fast.

Beth didn't know how long, but it felt like decades that she was in that trunk. She was so tired, scared, and claustrophobic, but there was no way out of the trunk till someone opened it. Just when her body threatened to succumb to sleep, light shocked Beth's eyes, but when they adjusted she saw Ray staring down at her with a sadistic smile. "Oh Michelle, you look even more beautiful awake..." Beth didn't even let herself think about how creepy his comment was, before lurching forward and trying to lock her hands around Ray's neck. But Ray had fast reflexes and quickly gripped Beth's wrists in an iron grip, twisted them, then pulled her nearly an inch away from his face, "I wouldn't do that if I were you." he said in a sing-song voice. Beth then bashed her head into Ray's, pushing him backwards and causing him to release her wrists. She then kicked his chest, knocking him off his feet, before bolting the opposite direction. Her legs didn't seem to move fast enough however, and within seconds she felt hands gripping her throat, then throwing her to the ground. Beth's head hit the road hard, and she was out cold instantly. Ray then knelt down next to her, reaching down to tuck a stray lock of hair behind her ear. "You're all mine now Michelle, and you always will be..." he whispered, then picking up and flinging Beth's petite body over his shoulder, Ray walked back, past the car and to a little log cabin he had parked outside of. 'Now the fun begins...' he thought.

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