About a decade ago, I went to the Dr. Kirishima's clinic cause I got a cold and found that she developing artificial life or cloning technologies and saw those documents such as photos of many pappies, and they are same look and notebook use for researching for it on her desk.

Few days later, I met her at home party and asked cloning of my daughter but she said that she breeding dogs used these technology, that descendants of Potato, used to keep by Kano, younger sister of Dr. Kirishima, but apply it for human was too early for that yet, the technology was unstable.
Since then I had been asked every time I saw her but she declined some years. Meanwhile, she becomes rich cause sells these puppies nationwide and some of them was exported.

One day, Dr. Kirishima called me suddenly, passed some years after. She said she will accept my request, her years of experience about cloning of small animals has enabled her to human without difficulty. However, she can cloning people who is look the same but who had different character of original in the current technology.

I agree with about that and I find some I thought about bringing hair of Misuzu on envelope keeping on a closet, but she said she will use and prepared frozen leukocyte that taken out when embalming. It seems to I went just as she expected. She continued and said me she feel truly sorry for me and my daughter for the illness has not been recovered and researching that technology and she have no confidence by way as compensation. I said her don't worry about that.

Dr. Kirishima brought a girl who looks as teenager just like Misuzu few years later. I named her Kuzuha after "ku" from Ikuko, true mother of Misuzu, "zu" from Misuzu and "ha" from me. And her status was a adopted child and younger sister of Misuzu officially and externally because I should be keep secret that she born in cloning for several years. I will tell her she is an orphan if she told me about it until she grown up an adult.

And I went to the inner room and sat front of the memorial table for Misuzu and open the door as usually and I say about it while I saw her face.
"You had younger sister and..."