So my life is going nowhere. Everything is without sparks, without surprises. Everything is dull. It's like can you say bored to a fucking coma? Everything's way to normal. And well, I just know I'm not meant to live a normal life. Now if only my life would catch onto that.

Not that I don't like/tolerate my life. Not that I don't love the people I've surrounded myself with. Not that I don't love my band. Ok I'm mentally rambling and that just peeves me.

It's my situation in life that has me fidgety and so vexed. I'm a tall slightly curvy, leggy, tanned California girl, without the huge ass California boobs. A highschool graduate, currently taking a few College day classes. My mom died just a year or two ago. I can't remember exactly, everything since then has gotten a little blurry when concerned with her. You know, I loved her. I was rebellious, we had our fights, but damn I so depended on her motherliness which I took for granted... And now I slave day in and day out slacking.

Backtrack on the Buffy thought process. I do attend my classes. I do work. I got some dumbass waitress job at the only café in town. It's so wrong that I had to grow up since I was 0 in such a one Starbucks town. But in a town like this well, you get to know your neighbors. And here comes one right about...



"Willow." I flash one of my warmest smiles.

Nothing screams 'my fashion' sense with a sliding on exotic silky grass colored big belled sleeved blouse and pale tan flowing skirt trailing behind my dear Willow. Her emerald eyes shine with concern as she slips into a seat across from me and steals a sip from my coffee.

"I see the mope-y Buffy look doing the tango across those pixies features." She points out, before tucking a flame-y strand of hair behind her ear.

I can't help but mirror her gesture and tuck a deep brownish blackish strand of hair behind my own ear, "So I'm that see through?"


"Life sucks."

"So do guys that have pierced their dicks." At my horrendous expression she giggles and hands me back my coffee. Like I'm really gonna drink it now, "Read it, somewhere." Is all she finishes with.

"Gonna meet me and Xander at the Bronze tonight?" I quirk an eyebrow.

She scrunches up her nose in deep thought, "Tara and I were thinking about going to the mall to get new outfits for our gig at Tag."

Tag... one of the hottest College clubs to be at in good ol' Sunnydale is where our next gig will be. Yeah I got piss drunk (from ONE beer) and decided to use my writing skills to make songs and get my friends to do all that important music stuff. So just great, just perfect. I forgot all about the gig. Maybe going to the Bronze -another hot club- could wait...girl shopping time is needed. Scratch that, we could bring Xander to carry the bags. I inwardly chuckle. He'll be our bag carrier, yet again.

"Gotcha. Xan-man can wait, I'm coming with you two. Just don't do the smoochies in front of me." I pause to give a seductive eye-slitted look to Willow, "It gets me all hot and bothered."

Willow plays innocent, "I wouldn't think it!"

I duck my head in light hearted laughter as does Willow. When the laughter subsides and Willow has ordered her own cup of...something or other, we continue.

"Wills, how come you got Tara, Xander has Anya, Angel has Cordelia, Oz has Verruca and well... Faith has or had just about every available/non available guy, while me Buffy Summers has zip!?" Each word shows just a little more sadness and hurt than I want.

Willow takes on that face which makes her seem like the wisest woman, "Buffy, buddy ol' pal, in your own words life sucks..."

Just what I wanted to hear, my own words flung back at me. I know she didn't mean for them to hurt so much, but still they do. I need some hope for better times, for my wishes to be granted. Oh, grow up Buffy. With a defeated sigh I slump back into my chair. I need a guy. Maybe I should just pack up and leave this town. Travel and discover for myself this funky world.

"Thanks." Sarcasticness heavily drips onto the word.

"I wasn't finished!" She raises her voice in outrage, "It's only a matter of this stupid thing called time."

"Great that solves one out of millions of my problems." I scowl into my cold coffee.

"Don't be sad, get glad!" She nudges with an odd little smile.

I raise my eyebrows at her ill timed joke, "Umm... Didn't work."

"What else is bothering you?"

"Isn't this life here so boring?"

"Well yeah. I kind of learnt that at the age of 8 when I once caught my self watching paint dry."

I giggle a little, "I remember that."

"You do?" She is clearly confused.

"Willow, I was there right along with you!" I practically shout.

She has the decency to let a blush creep up on her pale skin, "Shows how zoned out I was."

"I think, I, blacked out from the sudden awe of it all."

She smirks, "Buffster, it'll get better. You're gonna hit it big in the musical world and to add to it all you're best friends will ride the fame and fortune wave with ya."

"You are right my evil friend." My hazel eyes twinkle at the prospect.

"Problem solved?" She tilts her head, awaiting my answer.

"Problem pushed aside. My mind has now wandered to the territory where I have a mansion and Cordy gets that pole yanked out of her ass." I cheekily grin.

Nope, sorry. Wasn't at all what I was thinking about. I pranced off into a moment of self pity and wallowing. Gotta hand it to those depressed people that have to deal with it every day of the year.

"You scare me with your frankness. But now I gotta go...and ironically I'm going to meet Cordy."

My eyes widen at the statement as the words slam into me, "You wouldn't fucking dare." I croak out a minute later, "Would you?"

"By what are you implying?"

"You so would!" I hang my mouth open somewhat like a fish's.

"Cordy can take it. But can you take Cordy?" With those last words and a satisfied smirk, she swipes at her cup and jets off down the street, my eyes never leaving her form until I can't see her anymore.

I really love and hate them all. I drop a few bills that I scrambled for and set off down the street.

Just another beginning of a new day in this sunny Buffy neighborhood.