PhannieMay15 Day #18 - Crossover

I was going crazy trying to think of another crossover for Danny Phantom that wasn't Gravity Falls or Supernatural (both things I like, but a lot of others have done it, too), and Rothinsel suggested Monster High and I went "DOH!" because I adore Monster High and it has a ton of ghosts. Like, their latest movie is Monster High: Haunted and was all about ghosts. XD Perfect crossover!

Half Time Ghouls

How Dash had dragged Danny to an away game he'd never know.

Danny sat on the bleachers, bored out of his mind watching the meat head football players run back and forth on the field. The rest of his school was right beside him on the "Away" side of the field, with Paulina and Star down front cheering and even the A-List's personal homework buddy scrawling away on the back bleacher.

Casper High vs New Salem High.

Biggest game of the year, and Dash and his squad had made it known that the entire school had best be there to show their support on the bleachers.

Sam and Tucker had both gotten out of it, somehow, by merely slipping under the radar. Danny wasn't so lucky. He had gotten a personal invitation from his oh-so-persistent bully that he had better show up and if he didn't, Dash was going to pound him. That was his normal threat, but the look in his eyes told Danny not to risk it. And Dash would know if he wasn't there. He had a weird six-sense about him when it came to hunting down his favorite punching bag.

And it was hard to fight invading ghosts when you couldn't see straight.

"I'm so going to get Sam and Tucker for this," Danny muttered, pulling his jacket tighter around himself. The cold air nipped at every inch of him, and he counted down the minutes to when he could get back on the bus and leave. "Not that I can blame them."

As easily as Sam and Danny had once abandoned Tucker in his hospital bed with the broken leg and his affectionate roommate, Tucker and Sam had no problem doing the same to Danny and getting out of five hours of football.

Danny slumped on the bleacher, not even paying attention to the game or the score. He probably should though. If they lost Danny would be suffering Dash's wrath the entire bus ride home. If they won? He'd probably be ignored and that was as good as it got for him.

He rubbed his face and stood up.

"I had to come, but that doesn't mean I have to sit here," Danny mumbled to himself, shuffling to the side aisle and heading down the bleacher steps. The wind blew through his hair and he shivered in his jacket. He was half tempted to go ghost just to get out of the cold. "Maybe I should get a hot dog or something."

Danny trotted down to the concession stands located a the top of the field, where the students from both schools were milling about. They mostly kept to their own sides, but a few talked back and forth.

As he got in line for something hot to eat, Danny noticed a chipper brunette boy talking with a girl dressed all in black with a blue streak in her hair. He smiled, thinking of Sam, and when she turned to look away as the guy she was with ordered food something caught his eye.

Danny tapped her shoulder and said, "Excuse me."

"What?" The girl said, turning and lifting an eyebrow. "Can I help you?"

"Where'd you get your lipstick?" Danny asked, tapping the side of his mouth. He pre-empted any accusations that he might be teasing her, or something else by specifying his need before she could answer. "My friend Sam's been looking for black forever, but the closest she's found is dark purple."

"Oh," she said. She gave Danny a calculating look, and he waited patiently to be judged. He was deemed worthy. "Store at the mall caters to the goth crowd. They've got all sorts of stuff like hair dye and heavy-duty eye liner."

"It got a name?" Danny asked, rubbing under his nose. He ordered really quick when he realized it was his turn and the girl's friend was patiently beside her. He got his food and said, "Sorry, about that."

"No problem," she said. "Name's Clair, and this is Chad."

Chad said hello in a bright and cheerful manner before exclaiming that something or another was going on with the Teams. He said goodbye and dashed off in a hurry to catch the action.

"He like football?"

"He likes people. His friends are playing in the game and he wants to cheer for them." Clair said shrugging. She took a sip from the soda Chad had gotten her and nodded her head toward the fence. "You look about as interested in the game as I am. Wanna' ditch?"

"Long as we're back before the bus leaves," Danny laughed and took another bite of his hot dog. "Yes."

As Danny and Clair made their way to the fence, she looked him over and asked, "Let me guess? Friend dragged you here same way Chad dragged me?"

"There are a lot of things I could call Dash Baxter," Danny said, taking another bite of his hot dog. He chewed and swallowed. "But friend is not one of them."

"Then how did a not-friend talk you into coming?" Clair asked.

"He's the star quarterback and apparently during the last game between Casper High and New Salem High, we lost," Danny said. He shrugged and shoved the last of his hot dog in his mouth. He started talking before he was done chewing, mumbling the first few words. "Dash blamed the lack of a cheering crowd to motivate the team, so for this game he demanded that everyone in the school show up. Being my personal bully, he's sure to notice if I ditched his orders."

"Sounds rough," Clair said, sipping her soda. "I take it standing up to him doesn't work?"

"Just makes the bruises bigger," Danny snorted. "Trust me. I can pick my battles and spending a night out in the cold watching a game I don't care about it is better than a black eye."

"You tell your teachers?" She asked.

"Star quarterback," Danny answered.

Clair laughed, and Danny found her good conversation for the rest of the second quarter. She was a loner herself, and mostly kept Chad for company. Good student. Goth. Danny even found out she had a crush on some guy named Jackson, but he went to another school. By Half Time, he and Clair had exchanged numbers and he promised to get her in contact with Sam. Goths had to stick together and all that.

"It's been nice talking with you, Danny," Clair said, throwing her long empty cup away. "But I better get back before Chad sends out a rescue party."

"See ya," Danny said. He held up his phone and shook it in the air. "We can chat later."

"Right," she said. Clair waved before pulling her sleeves down of her hands and walking back toward the "Home" side of the field.

Danny yawned into his hand, and scratched the back of his hair. The night was half over, and that wasn't even including all the waiting and shuffling around he'd have to do trying to get back on the bus and waiting for the team to get all their gear packed. He blew out and brushed his bangs over his eyes.

It was just after he threw his hot dog wrapper away that his chest tightened and a foggy breath colder than the air left his mouth.

A ghost.

Slipping behind a portable toilet, Danny transformed and went invisible. He took to the air and surveyed the field for any sign of trouble. If it was his lucky night, it was just a passing spirit and he wouldn't have a fight on his hands. As if his night couldn't get any worse.

Danny flew around the entire perimeter of the school but had yet to spot anything glowing. He scrunched his nose watching the football teams run around on the field below and huffed. "Maybe it was a false alarm? It is cold outside."

"Ah! We're late!" A voice called out above him.

Danny looked up and spotted a teenage ghost with long purple hair and a black and pink dress. She was decked out in chains, and even had large iron balls attached to the heels of her shoes. She was was mostly solid, but her limbs translucent as they got down to the fingertips and toes. Danny rubbed his eyes when he looked at the girl with her: A ghost with bright pink hair and blue skin that…had no face!?

"It's already past Half Time, Kiyomi," the girl with the purple hair said. She looked down and Danny caught sight of bright blue eyes. She turned to the girl who must be Kiyomi and crossed her arms. "I was supposed to cover the entire game for my blog post!"

"I'm sure it's okay, Spectra," Kiyomi said. Danny flinched at the familiar name, but reminded himself that this girl with the purple hair was already nothing like the Spectra he knew. She waved down at the students, shaking the pink chains that were wrapped around her waist and floating in the air. "All the important stuff happens in the last half of the game, anyway."

"I guess that's right," Spectra said. She sighed and pulled out a laptop in the air. "But it still feels unprofessional. I want to be a real reporter, and that means not doing things half way!"

"I know," Kiyomi said. "But it'll be okay. We can find out what happened in the first half from another student, I'm sure. You can interview!"

"But we're not supposed to be here," Spectra said, sighing. "I know things are better between our schools, but they still have pretty strict curfews in place. We're pushing it as it is watching from up here, but Frankie and them really wanted to know what a Normie High school game was like."

"Right," Kiyomi said. "Even with how great Monster High is, I keep forgetting you share a town with Normies."

"Normie?" Danny said out loud. Both girls jerked up and looked in his direction with startled gasps. Seeing that neither of them appeared to be causing any trouble, he felt pretty safe going visible and holding his hands up. "Sorry! Sorry! Didn't mean to spy on you guys!"

"Oh! A another ghost!" Spectra said. She floated over and grinned. "My name is Spectra Vondergeist, and this is my friend Kiyomi Haunterly. We go to Monster High. You're new in town! Who are you? Where are you from? Do you go to school?"

Danny blinked at the rapid fire questions as the eager girl held her laptop at the ready. "Uh…"

"Forgive Spectra," Kiyomi said, chuckling into her hand. Danny watched her turn a soft shade of pink and she shrugged. "She's a reporter at heart. It never turns off."

"That's cool," Danny said, trying not to stare at Kiyomi's head. He could see a faint shadow showing contours of her face where a nose and mouth might be, but there was definitely no face there. It was so creepy, and Danny had met creepy ghosts. "Uh, my name's Danny. Danny Phantom."

"Nice to meet you, Danny Phantom!" Spectra said. "Are you here to watch the game?"

"Uh, yeah," Danny said, feeling it was a safe enough answer. "I'm from Amity Park, where Casper High is from."

"An out of town, ghost! It's fun to get around and visit, just like my friend Kiyomi here!" Spectra said. "She's visiting me at Monster High from Haunted High."

Danny looked between the two girls. Feeling a bit like a parrot, he repeated back the school names in a hopeful question. "Monster High and Haunted High? What are those?"

"Schools," Spectra said, lowering her laptop a little. "Monster High is an international high school for monsters and spirits of all types, while Haunted High is a school for ghosts. Don't you go to school?"

He did. A human school for humans. He'd never heard of the ghosts in the Ghost Zone having proper schools or educations. Let alone a school for…monsters? "Uh, no. The ghosts where I'm from don't really do the school thing. And did you say monsters?"

"Yeah, like werewolves, vampires, lake creatures, ghosts, phantoms, plant monsters—all sorts, really! You name it and Monster High will welcome them!" Spectra said. "It's a great place."

"Huh," Danny said. He crossed his arms and stared down at the two teams fumbling the ball back and forth. The crowds cheered and he whistled. "A school for monsters. How about that."

"And ghosts are quite welcome too," Spectra added. "If you might be feeling a little lonely for company. I know how hard it can be to make friends out there in the world. Our kind is hard to find on this side of the River Styx these days."

"Yeah," Danny said. A place where he could run around as Phantom and not get shot at. Make friends. It almost sounded too good to be true. However, Danny was only half-ghost, and the other half was already enrolled in Casper High, for better or for worse. "I'll think about it."

"Well, if you decide to check it out," Spectra said, pulling out a small phone shaped like a coffin. She tapped the screen a few times and asked, "Do you have a number?"

"A phone number?" Danny asked.

"Yes, I can text you the school's address," Spectra said. "So if you want to visit, you can show up any time. Headmistress Bloodgood is always welcoming to new students."

Danny gave her his number, and she grinned. He heard the chime of his phone a few minutes later, and he knew that Spectra's text was sitting next to one from Clair with the name of the store that had her lipstick. He was making all sorts of new friends tonight!

"There! Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a game to cover!" Spectra said. She grabbed Kiyomi by the arm and floated down toward the field. The two of them turned invisible and she shouted back, "See you later, Danny!"

Danny waved and went invisible himself. He floated down to the field, and found a safe place under the bleachers to transform back. As he climbed back up to his seat, Danny considered the two ghost girls and his new friend Clair. He pulled his phone out as he sat down on the frozen bench and stared at the screen. Monster High was located in New Salem, too. Pretty close to where they were in fact.

He grinned and put his phone in his pocket. Maybe him, Sam and Tucker could arrange a little road trip in the near future. Sam could get her lipstick, and Danny could do a little exploring at a real Monster High School.

But until then, he had a game to watch.