As most of you MH fans know, the series reboot is officially out! And I have to say it, Welcome to Monster High was pretty great. I enjoyed it quite a bit from the new animation to the better story telling style (Whether you like Draculaura or not, having the main focus be on a single character instead of juggling three to four equal plots worked really well).

This fic will be staying in pre-reboot land, but I do hop you guys check out the new movie if you get a chance.

(And yes, I worked in an Invisi Billy joke. That was the plan before anyone made the comment in a review. :P)

Chapter 4

"Absolutely not, Danny," Jazz had said immediately upon the suggestion. "A month is far too long for you to try and hide being half-human."

"It's not like they'd be watching me all the time," Danny argued back, pouring milk into his cereal.

"Still too risky," Jazz said. She bit into her toast and kept her eyes on the door to the basement. Their parents were working downstairs and it wouldn't do for anyone if they caught wind of the conversation going on upstairs. "I just want you to be careful, and even though they seem friendly enough, we can't risk them accidentally telling someone else about you. You know?"

"All of the Amity Park ghosts know who I am and they keep it a secret."

"Mom and dad spend all their time shooting those ghosts, not listening to them," Jazz said. She crossed her arms and frowned. "I know you're excited Danny, but let's think about it for a little longer."

"I guess you're right," Danny said, putting his chin in his hand. "Still though. It was nice getting to hang out in ghost mode without someone shooting at me."

Jazz nodded and bit the side of her lip. She tilted her head and asked, "Do you know if Monster High has the same vacation days as the human world?"

Danny looked up from breakfast. "I don't know. Why?"

"Well, we have a fall break coming up on Friday, right?" Jazz asked. She pulled out her phone and opened the calendar. "That means you'll have the day off from school, and if they're still in session, it means you could visit them when everyone is there and you wouldn't miss any classes."

Jazz had a point. And Spectra and the others had invited Danny over to visit on a school day. It wasn't a month trip, but if Jazz was okay with a visit, Danny would more than take that compromise. "What about the ghosts in Amity Park?"

"I'm sure that Tucker, Sam and myself can handle it," Jazz said. She nodded her head to the basement and smiled. "And if not us, don't forget mom and dad can handle themselves when it matters."

"In that case, I think I'll call Spectra and see if it's a good time to visit," Danny said, tugging out his phone.

He had sent the text and was waiting on a reply when his dad came up from the basement carrying a heavy box of equipment. Jack dumped it on the counter without a care and brushed his hands off.

"What's got you glued to your phone, Danny-boy?" Jack asked, ruffling Danny's hair as he stopped by. "Waiting for a call back from a girl, maybe?"

"Yes," Danny said. His dad grinned and lifted an eyebrow and Danny blushed. "A friend, dad! A friend!"

"Sure," Jack said. "What'd you ask her?"

"She's a girl I met when I was at the football game," Danny said. "I'm seeing if she can hang out on our day off this Friday."

"That's great," Jack said. "You really should get out more."

Danny nodded and his phone buzzed with a response. He tapped the screen and did a fist pump. "Yes, she said it was okay!"

"That's awesome, Danny," Jazz said. "I'll be happy to drive you."

"Ah, my kids, all grown up," Jack Fenton said. He smiled and waved. "I'll let your mother know you'll be gone Friday."

"Thanks, dad," Danny and Jazz said together, before giving each other a high five.

The next two school days passed in a blurr as Danny waited anxiously for Friday to arrive and for once, he was happy to be up early. Jazz and him left at the same time, but she waved Danny goodbye as he went ghost and prepared to fly to the town next door alone. Jazz's cover of saying she was driving gave her the perfect opportunity to spend the entire day with Tucker and Sam watching the town for ghosts.

Sending a "Have fun!" message to Tucker and Sam was the last thing Danny did before he took to the skies and made a quick trip to New Salem, and Monster High.

As it turned out, Danny arrived along with most of the other students as they made their way up the main stairwell to the entrance of the school. He tapped down on the ground in the midst of them, checking his phone for where he was to meet Spectra and Kiyomi.

"Hey, Invisi Billy! How're you doing?" A voice called behind Danny's head.

He nearly grit his teeth. All the way in New Salem and that blasted nickname was still following him. And this was the last straw.

Danny spun around and shouted, "That's not my name!"

"Uh sure, dude," A boy next to him laughed. "But it is mine."

"What?" Danny asked, the anger dropping off of him.

A boy with blue skin, wearing a black hoodie and capri pants chuckled at Danny. He shifted the blue beanie on his head before holding his hand out for a shake. Danny took it, trying not to blush in embarrassment.

"My name is Invisi Billy," the blue boy said, releasing Danny's hand. He turned invisible and back again before holding his hand out. He pointed to his friend, a girl with green skin, pure white eyes and black hair. She was wearing a green tank top with a short black skirt. "And this is my friend Scarah Screams. You must be new, right?"

"Yes. I'm Danny Phantom," he said. He rubbed the back of his head and bit his lip. "Sorry about the shouting. Back home all the humans got it in their head my name was 'Inviso-Bill' and they wouldn't stop calling me that. I guess that was a reflex reaction."

"Harsh," Invisi Billy said, wincing as if he understood. "At least here that shouldn't be a problem."

"Oh!" Scarah said, clapping her hands together. "You're the new ghost Spectra was talking about, right? She was telling me about you last week!"

Danny nodded. "I was supposed to be meeting her before classes started. She said I could shadow her today in classes, just to see the school when it was in motion."

"She wouldn't stop talking about it," Scarah said. "There aren't many ghosts here at the school, so she's always happy to have a new addition to our little club."

"You're a ghost?" Danny asked, looking over Scarah again. Aside from the pupil-less eyes, she looked pretty solid.

"Banshee," Scarah said. She held her hand up, fading it slightly to translucent. "I can stay corporeal near all the time. Bit of a perk, but sometimes it's annoying when people can't tell what sort of ghoul I am."

"Yeah, I couldn't tell at all," Danny said, rubbing the back of his neck. He really hadn't been able to tell. If Scarah was a ghost, she was one who didn't set off his ghost senses. He wondered how many other specters and ghost types he might meet who could do the same? Danny smiled. "Not that it's a bad thing."

"Well, it was nice meeting you, but school starts soon, so you'd best go meet Spectra sooner than later," Scarah said. She waved and grabbed Invisi Billy (Danny was never going to get over a real person having that name) and dragged him toward the steps to the school.

Danny floated a few feet up and flew over the heads of the students, and no one even blinked at him. A few waved, but for the most part his flying was accepted as normal. And that in itself made the entire day trip today worth it.

As he made his way to the stairs, he saw all sorts of different students from werecats to slime monsters and even a tall yeti girl with fangs and snow white hair. The sheer variety of sizes, types and personalities of students was near overwhelming.

His ghost breath alerted him to Spectra and Kiyomi as he found them sitting by a bush near the main stairs. Danny waved and they greeted him.

"It's so good to see you, Danny! I hope you don't mind, but I posted that you were visiting on my blog!" Spectra said. She turned her laptop around, the browser screen had pulled up her post. "Just to let everyone know you'd be around."

Kiyomi patted Danny on the shoulder, her body turning pink (and he still wasn't used to her lack of a face; it was still creepy, no matter how sweet and soft spoken the girl was). Kiyomi tilted her head. "I tried to stop her, but Spectra and her blog are not to be parted."

"Sounds intense," Danny said.

"You should save the link," Spectra said, giggling. "It'll keep you all up to date on the goings and out goings of Monster High from the latest news to the gossip you want to read!"

"Stop advertising, Spectra," Kiyomi said, softly. "We're going to be late for class."

"Right! Let's go!" Spectra said. She laced her arm through Danny's and tugged him toward the main building wall, her ghostly chains clinking together. They phased through the wall in time and made their way to a stadium class. "You're in luck that Mr. Rotter is teaching the main classes today. Dead Languages class is sort of boring, but he's a Phantom, too! Isn't that fangtastic for your visit?"

"Sure," Danny said. For someone who said there weren't many ghosts here, Danny already knew about four. But then again, Danny looked around the hallways, he had counted twenty zombies already. So maybe it was relative. "I'm looking forward to it."

Danny should have held his tongue.

Mr. Rotter was easily the most boring teacher Danny had ever had the liberty of meeting. Even his zombie-like appearance with the green skin, the large old brown coat, and the missing nose were only interesting for the first minute. The second he started droning on about some old Mummy language, Danny wanted to go back to his own classes at his normal school.

Even Lancer's English class was better than this!

Spectra giggled at his side when his head hit the desk, and she nudged him with her elbow. She leaned over and whispered, "I know, it's kind of boring, but at least break is soon."

"Are you two talking back there?" Mr. Rotter asked, immediately zeroing in on Danny and Spectra. "I know we have a guest today, but that's no excuse for not paying attention!"

Frankie and Draculaura giggled from down in the front row, turning to wave up at Danny and Spectra. He waved back as the rest of the room stared at him and he sunk in his seat.

"We understand, Mr. Rotter!" Spectra said, holding up her hand. "Won't happen again!"

"Good," Mr. Rotter said. "Now, as I was saying, this language was last used…"

If felt like an eternity had passed, but thankfully, lunch came soon enough and Danny was accosted by all of the ghouls he'd first met when he came the last time. They'd all gathered at a lunch table in the back, essentially taking over a corner of the cafeteria.

"I know class wasn't the most interesting, but how are you liking the school otherwise, Danny?" Spectra asked, sipping from a soda.

"It's crazy how many different monsters are here," Danny said, looking around the room. "I remember what you told me, but seeing it is surreal. There's only ghosts back in Amity Park."

"But that's like, not a bad thing, right?" Draculaura asked, digging her spoon into a pudding.

"No, it's neat," Danny admitted. "There's even new ghost types here I haven't seen before. He pointed at Scarah across the room. "For example, I've never met a banshee before this morning."

"Nor an invisible boy, I'd imagine," Lagoona said. She whispered across the table at Danny's look. "They just hooked up last week. There was no way she walked to school alone."

Before Danny could answer, a rather normal looking boy came up to the table. He had on thick glasses and had short black hair with frosted blonde tips. He had on a sweater vest in black and white checks over a yellow shirt (that was half untucked) and had on a green bow-tie of all things. He looked like the sort of nerd Dash would eat for breakfast.

"Hey, Frankie," the boy said, voice high-pitched and light. He tugged on his khaki pants, his sneakers rubbing the ground. "Did you still want to hang out after school?"

"Of course, Jackson," Frankie said. She sat up straighter, blushing a bit. She twisted her finger in her hair. "You still want to go to the movies?"

"Yeah," Jackson said. He winced and adjusted his glasses. "As long as you don't mind if I wear headphones and just read the subtitles. I heard there's a lot of music in this one."

Frankie nodded, her smile strained. "Of course. Holt might be too much for a movie theatre."

The boy sighed in relief and touched his chest. "Thanks for agreeing. I know you like seeing him too, but it's so crowded and he's so…loud."

The boy seemed to feel Danny's stare on his chest and he turned and jerked. "Oh! I'm so sorry! I should introduce myself! I'm Jackson Jekyll."

"It's nice to meet you," Danny said. He scanned over Jackson but he couldn't see any features that might indicate what sort of monster he was. The name certainly rang a bell, but would that even count?

"Jackson's half-normie," Frankie filled in, as if sensing Danny's confusion. "His mother is a normie, and his father is a fire elemental. You met his cousin Heath the other day. The boy who ran into Mistress Bloodgood and knocked her head off."

Fire elemental. At least now he knew what the kid with fire hair was.

Jackson shrunk in on himself, shoulders drawn in. He licked the side of his lip and winced. "Whenever I hear music, I uh, transform into Holt, a fire elemental like my cousin Heath. He's loud and obnoxious, but he's a good DJ, I guess. I don't really like being him."

"Oh, come on, Jackson," Frankie said, touching his hand. She squeezed it and made an attempt to sound encouraging, though it sounded strained. "Holt's not that bad! You're both great in your own ways."

"Still," Jackson said, sounding bitter. "I'd rather stay me, if you don't mind."

The two started to chat quietly and Lagoona leaned over discreetly, whispering in Danny's ear. "Don't mind them. Frankie has a crush on both Jackson and Holt, so it causes some tension because neither Holt nor Jackson like the other one very much. It's sort of a mess at times."

"I can't imagine having two personalities in one body that hate each other," Danny said, thinking back to when he had split into both "Danny" and "Phantom" so long ago. That had been a disaster and those two had at least tolerated each other. "Is that why he doesn't want to transform? Holt won't turn back into him?"

"More or less, whatever side is in control tries to keep it for as long as possible," Spectra filled in.

Danny crossed his arms on the table as Jackson waved goodbye to Frankie and headed across the room. He joined up with a boy wearing sunglasses and had snakes for hair (a gorgon, right?) and they walked out together. The gorgon boy threw his arm around Jackson's shoulder and gave him a half squeeze.

At least the kid had some friends it looked like.

"That was Deuce," Cleo said, looking up from her make up compact. "The boy with Jackson you were staring at. He's my boyfriend."

"Noted," Danny said.

The rest of the lunch hour passed quietly, though Danny's thoughts were stuck on Jackson. The boy was half-normie, which wasn't all that different from Danny on some level. It sounded like Holt was a fire elemental, so Jackson must physically transform in some way too.

If the school was accepting of Jackson and Holt, than maybe Danny wouldn't have to hide after all. But until he was sure, Danny was going to keep that secret to himself.

Besides, he still had the second half of the day to experience. Who knew who he'd meet next?