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Have you ever had to sit in a waiting room? Have you ever had the feeling time was just passing much more slowly, like if you close your eyes you could almost see the seconds ticking away on a clock? Imagine being completely oblivious to the end of the entire world as you knew it.

He sat atop a small bed, barely even big enough for himself, he had heard the scientists around him mention something about budget cuts, so he made do, four walls and a bed was better than what he had grown up with after all. He ruffled the mess of light pink hair on his head and it fell around his forehead loosely, the side effect of whatever they were doing to him here, His eyes had also turned black. He had to admit it did look cool. But his concern lie elsewhere. He was certain that someone should have come by to question him or at least feed him. His lack of a clock left him in a state that maybe he had just misread the time. It wasn't until light began to flicker through a vent in the roof that he knew something was very wrong. The sun entered the small cell like room for only a few minutes of the day and he had always been fed before that moment. To top it off he had heard what sounded like gunshots and animalistic growling earlier on, The gunshots weren't that out of place the security teams here often trained on the floor beneath him.

There was a small speaker in his room, sometimes one of the people in the base would give him updates on the outside world. It had remained silent as well, he walked towards the barred door and peered down either side of the corridor. In his memory there was only ever one other person like him in this place, but he couldn't really remember anything other than it was a girl. He had been approached as a child, men in black suits said they worked for the government and needed kids like him, no parents or homes, nobody who cared if they were to disappear. They promised a roof and three square meals. As he got older he began being taught lessons, he was always hooked up to half a million machines. They called whatever they were doing the 'Archangel Project' from what he gathered, they were trying to produce super human soldiers or something like that. Apparently it had worked on him, he began combat training at age twelve. He had surpassed his own trainers by the age of fourteen.

"Hello?" He called out experimentally, surely there was still a guard, someone still here? They hadn't just forgotten about him and left him here had they? A feeling of anxiousness began to knag at his stomach, maybe there was fighting? He had heard that animal noise earlier he was positive there were no animals in the base.

A sudden alarm tone sounded and Natsu jumped back as the door to his cell opened up with a loud clank, the lights suddenly blinked off.

"Emergency Power Outage, Please remained calm, electronic locks released. Subjects One to two hundred and fifty potentially released, Security forces requested to subdue subjects." The computer voice explained through the PA system, the message repeated after a moment. Natsu listened a moment, when he heard nothing he stepped out of his cell and peered around himself. 'One to two hundred and fifty?' He thought as he looked around 'No, There's no way I know this place like the back of my hand the only three rooms are right here, mine and two on either side of me.'

A sound caught his ears, it was like the sound of metal dragging along concrete, the only lighting was an occasionally role of red from the emergency lighting, every four seconds he would be able to see a little bit before he was drowned in pitch black darkness again.

"Emergency back-up generator failure, Please remain calm." The voice announced

Natsu clicked his tongue, that feeling that something was wrong was confirmed now, he padded along the corridor slowly, the sound of that grating metal ringing in his ears. The walls of the base were always the same, bare white with dark green floor, he needed his actual clothing. The last thing they had done was give him some kind of injection it was the last one he needed, they said it was a success and he'd be able to leave. He peered around the corner carefully, waiting for the next pulse of light to see what he was walking into he remember one of his instructors saying 'no amount of training will prepare you for a real situation.' He had always doubted those words, not anymore. His entire body was in a state of adrenaline he didn't even think was possible. His foot brushed against something and his eyes darted to the spot. He covered his mouth to keep from gagging. As a new pulse of light illuminated the remains of one of the guards. The black uniform was torn to shreds. Where he stomach should be was just a gaping hole, there were what appeared to be bite marks all of his arms. Natsu didn't recognize the man's face, but he knew that was one hell of a way to go. Another pulse of light illuminated his chest and leg, his sidearm was still holstered and a large knife was sitting across his chest. Natsu took the small gun and knife carefully, pulling back the gun he counted his number of shots. 'Six' He thought with a small amount of disdain 'Well, At least knives don't run out of bullets.'

The man's clothing was useless to him, since it was barely scraps and the white hospital dress thing Natsu was in was probably just as bad. 'I need to get to the training room, hopefully my stuff is still in that locker.'

He quickly made sure the deceased guard wasn't carrying anything else, he found a small flashlight and tested it, it blinked to life and he looked around himself trying to get his bearings. He took the holster for the gun and tied it around his leg, the material was cold against his skin. He got to his feet uttered a silent prayer and continued down the corridor. With the light he could move a little bit faster. Although the closer to the main rooms he got the louder that god forsaken growling got. He was buy a small reception desk, he remembered it, it was basically a security check point. A large red coat caught his attention, mostly because it was out of place, he walked over and took it slowly, the material was quite tough he pulled it on and felt something hard strike his leg, reaching down he searched through the pockets. He removed a small recording device, it was marked on today's date but no foreseeable markings to make it work, he stared at it a moment before the small screen began blinked, a suddenly pinprick jabbed his finger and he drew a sharp breath and placed his finger in his mouth.

"DNA sample confirmed, Playing recording, Zero One Five." The small device droned.

"Happy Birthday, Natsu," A distinguishable female voice whispered softly, The head researcher on the base, she was basically his mother although the pair were never really that close, she just gave him clothing when he grew and stuff like that "If you're listening to this, It means two things, One you're still alive and I am very happy you are, Two everyone in the base is…dead."

Natsu stared at the small device in shock 'Dead? How?'

"While we have been in here, The world has been attempting and failing to hold back something we can't fully understand," The voice continued "Some kind of Virus, we think it arrived on the meteorite that hit Russia almost two years ago, The earliest reports suggest something along those lines."

'So, What the hell?' Natsu thought

"It effects both living and dead, The living become hyper aggressive, stronger and faster easily distinguishable for blood seems to infinitely leak from their eyes, nose and mouth, We call them Reavers" The voice explained "The dead are a different story-"

"Doctor, We are evacuating now!" Another voice shouted.

"Oh, Where are we evacuating to?! There's nothing left, With my last breaths I am going to help him not run away!" The woman roared back Natsu couldn't help but smirk, it was par for the course of the hard ass boss she was.

"The virus creates a core inside a dead host, it seems to be able to create biomass at will, allowing an almost endless regeneration. The only known way to kill them is to destroy the core. Most commonly it's in the spin or head but it has been found in the arms and legs before as well. Some people refer to them as Zombies, like in those old movies. The military call them Revenants."

"All of your things will be in the locker you left them in, As well as a few gifts from your instructors." The voice explained "The coat you find this in is from me."

He chuckled softly as he thumbed the collar idly.

"Natsu, We injected you with a non-violent version of the virus, We are glad it was a success. You have the strength to rival the Reavers and destroy Revenants. What you do with it is up to you, You're free to make your own choices. I just wish we could have won, That way's you be able to choose out of more than just survival or giving up."

"We can't hold them off!" A voice shouted in panic, A loud roar sounded and gunshots were heard before silence, the device clicked off after a moment.

Natsu shook himself violently, a sudden blood curdling roar whipped his attention to the way he had come, the flashlight illuminated the creature, blood pouring profusely down its face and neck, dying what would have been a white lab coat crimson red, slower growls began and he could hear slow shuffling, like something was dragging its feet along the ground. He ripped the gun free of its holster and placed three shots into the roaring thing in front of him, it's shoulders jerked back at the impact before the final shot pierced it's forehead and it hit the floor like an anvil, replacing the gun he drew his knife and took off down the opposite corridor. A slower monster was in front of him although he hadn't seemed to notice him at all yet, he lowered his body and continued past it whilst slashing through its neck, the head rolled to the side as it fell over, he didn't even know what the 'core' looked like how was he supposed to know if it was dead, another roar sounded behind him and he gritted his teeth as he slammed through the door and ripped it closed, his head swiveled around and he spotted a large armor rack he dragged it across and rammed it against the door, He bolted to his locker in the corner and opened it, changing into the black jeans and shirt quickly, pulling the arm guards on, his head whipped to the door as a loud bang rang around the room a large dent appeared in the metal of the door and Natsu pulled the armored shin gauds and boots.

He assumed the 'gifts' were the large rifle, the thing was nearly the size of his body a small post it note was stuck to the side that read 'A-10 Anti Material Rifle'- Laxus. He chucked as he pulled the large rife and slung it across his back, there was a Kevlar vest stocked with rounds for the rifle and a handgun. He pulled the handgun they had left him and examined it, he removed the one he had found on the guard and placed it down a moment, removing the holster and replacing it with the new one. The gun was black dyed steel with a ornate wooden hand guard, the barrel had a small rail with a laser pointer attached to it. He pulled the bag out next and clipped it around himself, it sat just above the rifle so he could get to it quickly he tied the knife around his left leg and the gun sat on his right. He heard the door snap free of its hinges and he pulled the guards gun from the ground and snapped around, the gunshot echoed around the room as the first Reaver through the door dropped instantly a small hole between its eyes. The next two through the door followed suit, Whilst the Revenants pushed against the armor rack, letting out long drawn out growls. Natsu tossed the empty gun aside and darted across the room, gripping one of the many weapons on the wall he drew a long Japanese sword and spun around, cutting the last Reaver in half from the shoulder down, blood spattered his cheek as he did so and he ignored it as the rack of armor fell down with a loud crash, he vaguely recognized some of the faces on the creatures in front of him, The receptionist lazy who had given him chocolate all the time when he was younger, currently clawed towards him slowly, eyes completely bloodshot and devoid of life completely, it let out a growl and bared it's teeth at him throwing its weight forward, he spun out of the way and brought the sword across the things head rolled and he didn't have time to pause as he went through the small group quickly. He spun quickly as he heard a hissing coupled with what sounded like the popping of bubbles, the necks of the creatures extended and reattached the heads, although a large deep orange orb burst through the lower back of one closest to him, he charged it and sliced clean through the orb, the creature let out a pained growl before falling in half, it began melting in front of him before only a puddle of black goop remained, he jumped out of the way as a appendage was sent towards him, he barely managed to duck under it slicing across the appendage fell to the ground useless although the body had already begun reforming a new one in front of him.

'So, making more mass causes the core to expand with shows me where it is.' He thought simply as he moved forward rotating the blade and slicing straight through the centre of the second creature, it fell in half and hissed slightly as it melted into another puddle of black.

He turned to face the remaining Revenant, the Core had burst forth from the woman's cheek, ignoring the memories of the girls smile he threw the sword towards the core, The sword impaled it and the creature let out a high pitched squeal before falling on its back and melting down.

'Is everyone really dead?' He thought, wiping at his eyes quickly, a bang and the sound of metal falling loose caught his attention and he shipped around, bring his gun to bare on the thing that had fallen through the ventilation system he let out a quick gasp as he examined the thing.

"You?" The sound was practically a ghost of a whisper escaping his lips.

A/N: CLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLIFHANGER TIIIIIIIIIIIIME! So, This is sort of my crossover of Fairy Tail, Resident Evil and the Reavers are from the TV show Firefly originally (Thought I had something original there for a bit.) Hehe, Well hope you enjoyed this chapter and I will see you guys next time.