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Italics-underlined = Telepathy between Phoebe and Max

Italics = thinking

Chapter 1 - Double Trouble Birthday

"Happy birthday!" Nora and Billy greeted as Phoebe came down the stairs from her room, while Max came up the stairs from his lair. The twins simply just looked at each other without a single word spoken between them, leaving their younger siblings in a state of shock. "Hello? aren't you guys going to say anything?" Billy asked. "Did you guys have a fight or something." Nora chimed in. Once again neither Max or Phoebe spoke to each other, at least not aloud anyway. What was said between them, was spoken only in their minds. "There's my birthday babies." Barb said as she walked into the living room, ready to pull her two eldest children into a hug. "Mom, we're not babies anymore." Phoebe said tossing back her long dark brown hair. "We're fifteen now." "Did I just hear that right?" Hank asked as he entered the living room from the stairs. "Your teenagers now?" "Seriously dad? It's way to early for you to pulling stuff like that." Max said with a yawn as he flopped down onto the couch, but just as he did so, an alert went off. Alert! Alert! Eniemies approaching!

"Eniemies?" Billy asked. "What kind of eneimies?" "Dad, is this some kind of a joke?" Nora asked as Barb wrapped her arms protectively around her. "Hank what is going on?" She asked turning to her husband, yet before Hank could get a word in edgewise, the door of the house flew open with an ear shatttering crack! "What's happening?!" Nora cried out in horror as two figures dressed all in black, now stood before them in the doorway. "Barbara and Hank Thunderman?" One of them asked in a deep voice that seemed to echo. "Y-yes, you are you?" Barb asked still holding onto Nora. "We are members of the Triad, and we've come for your children." The other one responded.

"Are we in trouble?" questioned Nora timidly. "What did we do? Dad, tell them whatever we did, we didn't mean to." Billy said nervously. "We're only here for the two eldest ones," The first one explained. "Phoebe and Max." "Us?" Max asked as he and Phoebe exchained glances. "What did we do?" Phoebe asked, "Or better yet, what did Max do?" "Hey!" Max protested. "Why is that I'm always the one getting in trouble? I haven't done anything wrong." "Today you mean." Nora said with a smirk. "Enough!" the second black figure bellowed deeply as it bounced off the walls of the house. "Phoebe and Max Thunderman, you must come with us immediatly." The Twins looked at each other, then at their parents. "Mom dad, What do we do?" Phoebe asked as a wave of fear ran through her. "What do you want with us?" Max asked defensively.

"That is none of your concern." Said the first figure. "You must come with us now." "We're not going anywhere with you, until you tell us what is going on." Said Phoebe confidently. "Very well," Said the first one. "Then we shall take you by force." "Force?" Max asked with a sarcastic smirk. "What exactly could you possibly do to us that will make us go with you willin-" Suddenly Max cut himself off as several more cloaked figures now appeared before them, and surrounded them. "Okay, this could be bad." He said turning to his sister as Phoebe nodded.

"I say, we make a break for it!" Billy yelled, as he used his super speed to race past the army. "Not so fast!" One of them yelled out as a blue spherical bubble suddenly appeared and knocked Billy backwards, sending him nearling crashing into Nora. "Hey!" Nora protested angrily. Moving away from her mother, the eight year-old focused her power, feeling her anger buble up within her as hot as the sun. "Don't even think about it." One of the figures said as a sudden wave of blue electrical current now began to swirl around Nora. "Hey! You can't do that!" Barb yelled as she began to channel her own electricty into her hands. "You can't do that to my baby!" She yelled out triumphantly. "Now feel what real electricity is like!"

She could feel her electrical powers flowing through her as she charged up a wave of violet purple lightning into her hands and prepared to fight, when Hank suddenly stopped her. "Barb don't." He said softly. "This is our fault. We should've told them from the beginning." Barb drew in a deep breath and released her electricity. "Okay, your right." She said nodding to her husband before turning to the Triad members. "Give us a little bit of time to explain to the children what's happening." She said as she looked over at Nora and could see the blue electrical current slowly moving up her body. "Please." The members of the Triad looked at each other before replying, "Alright. We'll give you one hour at most. No exceptions." Barb and Hank looked at each other, nodded in agreement and the Triad disappeared in a cloud of puffy charcoal black smoke.

For a long while no one in the Thunderman family spoke, until a voice suddenly piped up, "What did I miss? It looks like a tornado flew in through here." Everyone looked down and noticed Dr. Colosso, the white bunny rabbit who Hank had defeated many years before, and was now living out the rest of his days as a pet for Max. Colosso's beady black eyes darted around the room, looking at each of the children, before turning to Hank and Barb. "I'm guessing this is a family matter eh?" He asked with a hint of sarcasm. "Well don't mind me then, I'll just head on back to my cage and-" Suddenly the sound of a baby crying filled the house, and everyone all looked at each other.

"Good thing Chloe slept through all that noise." Hank said with relief. "How could she sleep through that?" Billy asked slapping a and to his forehead. "That baby's a heavier sleeper then Max!" "Hey!" Max cried out suddenly at his younger brother's comment. "I resent that." "No you represent it." Nora chimed in with a beaming smile as Phoebe nodded in agreement. "Seriously Max, a train could come barreling through the house followed by an earthquake, and you still wouldn't hear it."

"Kids, there's something we have to tell you." Barb said to Phoebe and Max, before then turning to Nora and Billy. "You two go and check on Chloe." "Aw do we have to?" Billy whined. "We want to hear what's going on." "This dosen't concern you and Nora, Billy now just go and do what your mom asks please?" Hank said gently as Nora shot a look at her brother. "Come on Billy, we might as well do it." She said heaving a sigh. "We never get to hear the good stuff anyway." Billy shrugged his shoulders. "Alright, race you there!" He declared before speeding off upstairs. "Hey! No fair!" Nora called out as she ran up the stairs after him. "I'm going to turn you into a french fry when I get my hands on you!" "Not around your sister!" Barb called as loudly as she could then turned back to the twins.

"What's going on?" Phoebe asked in deep concern as she took a seat on the couch. "Yeah, what did those dudes want with us anyway?" Max asked leaning against the staircase with his arms folded across his chest. Hank ran a hand through his short brown hair and drew in a deep breath. "Oh boy, uh how exactly do we say this?" He asked turning to his wife. Barb gave him a look, and immediately Phoebe could see tears welling up in her mom's eyes. "Mom?" She asked with a hint of emotion in her voice. "Are we in trouble?" "No of course not." Barb said trying to hide her emotions, as she turned to Hank. "I told you keeping this from them all these years was a horrible idea." He said softly to her as she nodded. "I know I know, you were right. I was just trying to protect them." "Protect us from what exactly?" Max asked now obviously starting to lose intrest in the conversation.

"The Triad are a group different from superheros and villains." Hank said slowly drawing in another deep breath before speaking again. "You can say in a way, their like the netural universal guardians for both sides of good and evil." "So what does that have to do with us?" Max asked slowly as he shot a look at his sister. Now it was Barb's turn to draw in a deep breath and once again, Phoebe could tell her mother was trying to hide her emotions, which was deeply starting to worry her. "On the night you two were born, a hybrid solar eclipse occured." Barb explained. "A what?" Max asked and Phoebe rolled her eyes in annoyance and wished just once her brother would pay attention more in class. Especially science. "it's an eclipse that shifts between a total and an annular, and at certain points on the surface of the earth appears as a total eclipse." She explained as Max rolled his eyes at his twin. "Thank you madame obvious." He said with a hint of sarcasm.

"Anyway," Barb began inturrupting the twins. "On the same night as your birth, we were visited by two elder members of the Traid, who revealed to us of an ancient prophecy concerning the fate of the world." "In other words, because of you mom and I being the world's most powerful superhero's," Hank started shooting a look at Barb as he wrapped an arm around her shoulders. "The Triad explained to us that because of you two being twins, that on your fifteenth birthday, you would have to engage in a fight with each other in order to decide the fate of the entire world." "Alright! I knew my ways of being an evil villain wasn't just a phase!" Max cheered pumping a fist into the air. "Are you kidding me?!" Phoebe cried out immedialty jumping up from the couch, with her brown eyes wide in worry. "You expect me to fight against Max? That's rediculous!" "What's the matter Pheebs?" Max asked with a wide grin on his face. "Afraid to lose?" Phoebe then used her telekinetic powers to lift Max up high into the air in a fury of anger. "Max, this isn't funny!" She said angrily diminishing her power and letting Max fall to the ground. "This is serious!"

Max landed on the ground hard and scrambled to his feet. Yet before he could get revenge on his sister, Hank stepped in between the twins. "Knock it off both of you." He said seperating them. "Now look this is our fault for not telling you this sooner. We were just trying to protect you." A pang of sympathy shot through Phoebe as she looked at her father. "It's okay dad." She said softly. "I understand. You and mom were just looking out for us."

Just then another cloud of puffy charcoal black smoke blew into the house as the Triad members emerged once again before them. "Time's up." One of them said, slightly more polietly then when they had first appeared. "Phoebe and Max Thunderman, you must come with us now immediately." "Well, see you on the battlefield Phoebe." Max said with an evil gleeful laugh as he walked on by the Triad members, while Phoebe didn't move. She just simply looked at her parents for support. "Sweetheart, whatever happens, just know that we will never stop loving you or Max." Barb said softly pulling her into a hug. "Just keep your head up sweetie, and always remember, we will always be in your corner." Hank said gently as he pulled Phoebe into a hug.

Phoebe suddenly began to feel tears starting to brim in her eyes as she pulled herself away from her parents and walked over to stand on the opposite side of Max. "Tell Billy, Nora, and Chloe that I love them." She said softly as she willed herself not to cry. Barb and Hank both nodded and with a quick glance at her brother, she suddenly felt herself being dragged away by two women Triad members, while Max was being escorted by two male members. "May the best twin win on the battlefield Phoebe." Max said over his shoulder. "Which will of course after all be me." Phoebe shot her brother a look as she felt a wave of sadness build up within her. How could anyone expect her to fight against her own brother? Sure, she had fought with Max many times before, but never like this, especially not with the fate of the world hanging in the balance. Who knew what the outcome the battle would produce? She didn't even want to think about it. All she knew was that her family's life was never going to be the same again.

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