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Italics-underlined = Telepathy between Phoebe and Max

Italics = thinking

Previously on The Thundermans - "The side of light won, but at what cost? The cost of my twin's life? Max wasn't the evil one. The only evil ones I see here is you Dark Mayhem!"

"You and you're deranged psychpathic daughter cost me the life of my brother, well now how would it feel like if I took Sarah's life away from you?!"

Without a second thought she blew a stream of fire from her mouth incenerating the glass in front of them. Sarah's eyes widned from behind her glasses at the sight of melting glass, as Phoebe went to draw in another breath, but the voice from her mother made her stop.

"Phoebe, stop! Honey this isn't you!" She turned to her mother just as her father who had finally gotten back to his feet and said, "You're mother's right baby girl, getting revenge on Sarah isn't going to bring Max back."

"No one's getting their hands on this boy but me." He said aloud as he turned to the Triad members surrounding Phoebe.

"What do you mean?" Hank asked his eyes flashing angrily. "It's over, Max is gone. I lost my son because of you!" Phoebe had never seen her dad so angry before, he was furious so was her mother as she watched bursts of purple lightning shooting up into the air.

Then Phoebe watched as Sarah bent down beside Max's body, and a fury of anger welled up within her. "Get away from him you twitch!" She shouted as she blew a stream of ice at her but before the ice could touch her, Sarah had vanished along with Max's body.

"Noo!" Phoebe shouted in both frustration and dispair. Falling to her knees with her mind spinning she knew that it was all over. She didn't have it within her to keep going anymore. Not without Max.

"Soon the power of the eclipse will be mine!" Dark Mayhem declared which was the last thing Phoebe heard as the darkness overpowered her and she passed out not knowing what was to come of her and her family next. Was this really the end? Would she be able to find Max and revive him?


Chapter 14 - Right All The Wrongs

There is a place in us all
One that makes us feel so lone
How could we know what's to come
If I can go back would it all be gone
(all be gone)

We learn from our mistakes
The choices that we've made
What would you give to change it all
I give up everything I love

Max opened his eyes to find himself floating. Floating in what appeared to be an endless sea of darkness and dispair.

"Hello?" His voice echoed back as he called out, with no response which meant that he was alone.

His mind was fuzzy and he couldn't remember what happened, but one thing was for certain, if he was alone that meant only one thing.

The fight between him and Phoebe was over, which meant that he was dead.

He reached out a hand and tried to channel his powers but only managed to bring out a tiny spark of flame that formed into a tiny ball of bright golden warmth. The ball in his hand which was about the size of a newborn baby bird, flowed up his arm as bright as the sun before flickering out like hot ashes.

Looking back at it all
I wish I could right all the wrongs
If I knew then, what I know now
Would It end up the same or come crashing down (crashing down)

We learn from our mistakes
The choices that we've made
What would you give to change it all
I give up everything I love

It's all over. He thought miserably. I've lost and now I'll never be able to see my family again.

His entire life he had been all about wanting to step out of Phoebe's shadow as not only being her younger twin, but by proving to his parents that he could be just as good as she was. His mother kept on insisting that him wanting to be the best supervillain was nothing more then just a phase, and Max knew his mother was right, but just because he wanted to be a supervillain that didn't really make him evil did it?

Suddenly a painful sensation started to ache inside his head like a headache begining to form as he ground his teeth in agony. The pain started in his temples and started to move to his eyes making it slightly difficult to see.

Phoebe? Was he somehow feeling his twin's pain even though he was dead? there was no way that could be happening right?

The pain steadly grew worse forcing Max to cry out as a blinding flash of white light suddenly overtook him.

When he opened his eyes again he found himself staring up at a bright white light which made him blink a few times to get his eyes to adjust as he slowly lifted his head to get a better view of his surroundings. As he looked around despite a wave of unwanted dizziness flowing through him, he didn't see anything he reconized.

The walls around him were pale tan in color nearly almost white, which made him think that maybe he might've been in the Metroberg hospital, but the thought suddenly vanished the moment he turned his head to see a head of red hair and pair of blue eyes staring at him from behind black rectangular glasses.

"Sarah?" His voice came out in a horse whisper slightly croaking and he winced at how weak he sounded. He knew he was in pain from the fight and now that he was alive again, his body was definitely feeling the effects from the fight he had with Phoebe.

Sarah's blue eyes stared at him in sympathy and concern as she reached out a hand to gently caress his cheek.

"Why are you here?" Max asked his voice still horse and weak as Sarah put a finger to his lips to silence him.

"Let's not worry about that now, let's just work on getting you back to your family okay?"

Max was confused. He was sure she was working with her father right? Sarah had told him she was against her father before and he believed her, but of course it turned out to be nothing more then just a trap.

So what made things different now? How was Max so sure he could believe her now when all she's ever told him had been nothing but lies?

He tried to pull himself to a sitting position, but a wave of intense pain flowing through his midsection all the way down to his feet kept him from doing so as he sucked in a hissing breath of agony and shut his eyes in unbearable discomfort.

Once the pain started to die down, Max was able to breathe again as he slowly opened his eyes again, but this time he didn't try to move in case it flared up again.

A sudden feeling of uneasiness started to swirl around inside him, and it was a feeling he knew all to well. Something was wrong with Phoebe. Was she hurt? He closed his eyes and tried to reach out to her via their telepathic connection.

"Phoebe? Pheebs, it's me Max, can you hear me? I'm alive I'm okay."

There was no response and Max could only assume the worse as another intense wave of pain suddenly shot through him this time as if he had been set on fire.

When the pain died down, he could hear a faint voice inside his head, so faint it was nearly a whisper and it much to Max's dismay, the voice in his head belonged to Phoebe.

"It's all over...I don't know how much longer I can go on...Max...I'm so sorry..."

Phoebe was hurt, and was definitely fading fast. Whatever was happening to her, Max knew he had to find someway to get to her and the rest of his family as soon as possible.

He tried to push himself into a sitting position again but another jolt of pain shooting through him caused him to cry out and fall back down cursing softly under his breath as he sqeezed his eyes shut due to the unbearable agony.

"Easy Max, it'll all be okay soon." Sarah said softly as she rubbed his arm trying to help him ease the pain.

"Why are you helping me anyway?" He managed to ground out through clenched teeth. "Your working with your father."

"Believe me I've changed Max." Sarah replied. "Seeing you hurt like that made me realise what I fool I've been to side with my father."

Max drew in a deep shuddering breath as the pain started to subside and he opened his eyes weakly to find Sarah leaning over him with her lips puckered up ready to kiss him, which he had managed to dodge just in time.

"Sarah stop, I know your lying." He said as she shook her head.

"I'm not lying Max," She insisted. "I've really changed."

"That's what you said last time and it turned out to be a trap for your father." He said slowly. "I'm not falling for that kind of stunt again."

Despite the fact that his body was still aching in massive amounts of pain, he managed to roll away from Sarah and pull himself shakily to his feet. A wave of dizziness swept over him as he grabbed onto a nearby wall to steady himself.

Gotta Find Phoebe. He thought to himself. Gotta find her before it's too late.

Sitting in a cell in the middle of an unknown darkened lair, Phoebe sat alone in the corner while the rest of her family all were trying to come up with ideas on how to break themselves out this prediciment, while Chloe was trying her hardest to tug and pull at the silver collar that was around her neck.

"Stupid thing." She grumbled. "What is this thing anyway?"

"It's a power dampener." Nora explained softly. "It stops us from using our powers."

"I got it!" Billy suddenly cried out. "Chloe can just teleport us all out of here and we can all move to Canada! Dark Mayhem would never find us among the crazy canadians."

Chloe who was tired from tryng to get the collar off of her turned angrily to Billy and said, "Don't you think if I could get us out of here, I would've done it already?"

Meanwhile, Barb sensed Phoebe emotional turmoil and walked over and sat down next to her.

"Honey, It's all going to be okay." She said softly rubbing small circles on her oldest daughter's back for comfort.

"We'll find a way through this, I promise."

Phoebe wasn't listening though. Her mind was off somewhere in the distance. Her body was as stiff as a board, and her breathing was small and shallow.

"Phoebe? honey? you okay?" Barb gently shook her daughter but she didn't aknoldge her.

"Hank!" Barb suddenly shrieked aloud immediatly alearting her husband.

"Something's wrong with Phoebe!"

Hank rushed over immediatly concern laced in his blue eyes as he fell to his knees beside his wife and gently pulled Phoebe's unresponsive body into his arms.

"Phoebe? Phoebe, talk to me sweetie." Hank pleaded trying not break down in tears. He was already suffering the loss of his son and now he was fearing for the safety of his daughter who seemed to be fading at a very rapid speed.

"Is she okay dad?" Billy asked placing a hand on his father's shoulder as tears welled up in his eyes.

Hank didn't say anything and was trying his best not to show any emotion. He knew he had to keep his family strong, but in reality he knew it was over. The Thundermans were done for and soon the entire world would be enslaved by Dark Mayhem and his followers.

"We can't just give up can we?" Nora asked tears running down her cheeks as she looked at her mother.

Barb gently took ahold of Nora's hand and replied while sobbing, "Sweetie, I'm afraid there's nothing we can do anymore. Dark Mayhem has won and we are finished."

There was nothing but silence now as everyone all hung their heads silently sobbing while Hank continued to cradle Phoebe's unresponsive body.

Suddenly the silece was broken by the tiny voice of Chloe who called out, "Hey look, Phoebe's glowing!"

Everyone all looked up with tears in their eyes to see that Chloe was right. Phoebe's body was starting to glow with a bright golden ring of light surrounding her. She still was unresponsive but the ring of light around her seemed roughly out of place.

"What's happening to her?!" Billy cried out in alarm jumping back away from his father in shock.

"Is she dying?!" Nora cried out fear rising in her voice as tears continue to fall down her cheeks.

"Hank, do something!" Barb cried out in horror as she looked down and could see Phoebe's eyes starting to roll back in her head like a zombie.

"Me?!" Hank cried back in fear. "What am I supposed to do? None of us can use our powers thanks to these stupid collars on our necks!"

"With the death of the Moon, the Sun shall soon follow suit. Hand in hand, the light and dark cannot co-exist without the other."

The thunderman's all turned their heads down to see Phoebe suddenly speaking in a voice that seemed to show no hint of emotion as though she was somehow locked in a trance and her body seemed to be possessed by an unforseen force.

"Holy bunny socks!" The voice of Dr. Colosso who was now for some random unknown reason had been transformed back into a rabbit alearted the Thunderman Family as they all turned to look at him.

"Everyone get away from Phoebe! She's being possessed by the Sun Goddess!"

"The Sun Goddess?" Barb asked. "Who's she? and why is she possessing my daughter?"

"The Sun Goddess is a universal being." Dr. Colosso replied. "One who radiates over all beings of light. Her twin brother is the opposite who radiates over all things dark. Throughout every generation, there are a set of twins who are born with the power of the Sun and the Moon, although if one or both the twins die, so does the world's chance for survial."

"How do you know this?" Hank asked. "And why would you wait until now to tell us this?"

Dr. Colosso shrugged and replied, "First off none of you ever asked, and second of all I figured you and Barb would know all of this this since Phoebe and Max are the new generation of the Sun and Moon's power due to them bing born during the time of the eclipse."

Barb let out a soft gasp and looked over at her husband.

"Hank you don't think this is what the true meaning of the prophecy represents do you?"

Hank who was still holding onto Phoebe didn't know what to say except for the horrible amounts of guilt he was feeling.

"We should've never let Phoebe and Max out of our sight." He replied softly. "We never should've let them go through with this. It would've been better if we would've bound their powers."

"So what does all this mean?" Nora asked. "Does this mean we're going to lose Phoebe too?"

Before anyone could respond to Nora's question, the light surrounding Phoebe started dimming now as the Sun Goddess's presence started fading causing Phoebe to slowly come back to her senses.

She blinked her eyes in confusion as she realised she was in her father's arms and softly in a weakened voice called out, "Dad? What's going on? What happenened?"

"Phoebe? Thank goodness your okay sweetie." Barb cried out while sobbing as she wrapped her arms around her.

"What's the last thing you remember honey?" Hank asked getly setting Phoebe down on the ground of the cell.

"The last thing I remember was seeing Max on the floor not moving." She said softly tears filing up in her eyes as she looked around and realised they were all trapped in a cell.

She was about to ask about what their next move should be when a sudden wave of pain stabbed her deep in the gut casuing her to moan in agony.

"Phoebe? Honey what is it?" Barb asked kneeling down beside Phoebe with ehr hand immediatly on her shoulder for support. Phoebe didn't respond as another stab of pain hit her in the gut followed by something that sounded almost like static in her head.

"Hang on Pheebs...I'm...coming...For you..."

Phoebe let out a soft gasp and her brown eyes widdned in shock.

"Honey? what is it?" Hank asked in concern. "What's wrong?"

"It's Max." Phoebe said softly. "I can feel him. He's alive!"

TOO BE CONTINUED...Will this truely be the end of the Thunderman once and for all? Will the thunder Twins reunite in time to stop Dark Mayhem from taking over the world? Stay tuned for the next chapter and I will try to get it up as soon as possible.