Title: Secret Admirer

Author: Nissa

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Rating: PG

Summary: It's Valentines at Hogwarts and things begin to go haywire

Disclaimer: No matter how much I wish for a Tom Felton under my Christmas tree it just never happens in other words, I own nothing. All is credited to the mighty Harry Potter gods and goddesses.

Hermione sat alone at a table in the back of the library. It was her favorite way to spend lunch lately. Just sitting there, listening to the rhythmical sounds of pages turning. It was like meditation to her.

Today she'd rushed to the library earlier than usual. It was mostly to avoid mail, all the love letters and secret packages. For today was Valentine's Day. Today was the one day that Hermione longed to be anywhere besides her beloved Hogwarts.

It was horrible to be a loveless fourteen year old at Hogwarts on the National day of love and all that is sappy. Why, it had started early this morning when she was awoke to the cheerful screams of Lavender who had received a dozen song-roses from Ron. Those song-roses sang all through her morning routine of getting dressed. They continually sang monotonous love ballads declaring Ron's undying love for his dearest Lavender. She could have thrown herself out a window.

If that wasn't enough she had to hear Harry's incessant ravings all through her breakfast of pink and red oatmeal about how he didn't know if he should deliver a sing-o-gram to Cho Chang, telling her of his secret crush on her. Hermione could only respond by telling Harry it wasn't that much of a secret.

All of this made her want to hurl in the general direction of those stupid cupids flying through the halls.

She glanced back to the book in her lap, an old favorite that calmed her nerves, Ruby Slippers. It was the wizarding world's version of The Wizard Of Oz, which Hermione had learned was actually a true story for the most part. She loved how this book had the moving illustrations, her favorite being the clicking of the ruby slippers.

Hermione sighed to herself. She needed to do something else besides read; she needed to do something constructive. Maybe concoct an original, never- before-seen potion that would turn the wizarding world upside down. She shrugged, all she knew was that she needed to be occupied. She got up to place the book back in its proper place. When she got there what do you think she saw in the aisle? A couple of third years snogging, in the library no less! Hermione was appalled.

"Excuse me." She whispered harshly, "This is a library where people try to busy themselves studying, not where people come to watch the romantic goings on of the student body."

The coupled looked a tad embarrassed, politely they walked out of the room to continue their public displays of affection elsewhere.

"Some people." Hermione said to herself.

As soon as she walked out of the library she headed straight towards the Gryffindor common room. Hermione rushed there as quickly as her legs could manage, not wanting to be caught by a cupid and possibly struck with an arrow. Those stupid things went around causing such mayhem that would all be disregarded the next day.

"Cor!" Someone exclaimed as Hermione ran into them, she looked up to see whom she'd inadvertently hit.

"You could hurt someone wondering around like that Granger." Oh this was just what Hermione needed, a terrific heap of sarcasm and wit from Malfoy.

"I'm sorry," she said hurriedly in attempt to get to her common room, when she recalled that that's where she was going and suddenly wondered where Malfoy had been heading, "Where'd you come from anyways?"

"I was, um, coming from my dormitory." He stuttered slightly.

It didn't really make sense seeing as how Slytherin wasn't in the same wing as Gryffindor, but she didn't have time to argue, she needed to get out of the hallway and avoid being shot with the love bug, "Whatever Malfoy, just move I need to go."

Draco allowed her to shove him aside as she strode toward the painting of the fat woman. Hermione sighed when she saw that the fat lady was joined by and equally fat man.

"Hermione, dear, I'd like you to meet Martin. He lives in the painting down the hall." Martin politely nodded to Hermione.

"Pleasure," she huffed "Sickly Sweet." Hermione stated thinking the password completely appropriate.

"No need to be rude." The woman said as the portrait swung open.

All Hermione wanted to do right now was run into her dorm and sleep until this day was over, but something on the common room table caught her attention.

She walked over and glanced at the book lying there, 'Hermione's Ruby Slippers' the title read. She picked up the book and opened to a page somewhere near the middle of the book. The Wicked Witch was melting and screaming and there was Dorothy holding the bucket of water, which was still dripping droplets out. This time however it was her holding the bucket of water, not Dorothy.

She gasped, and flipped to the title page. There was a note addressed to her:

My Dearest Hermione,

I've seen you reading this book many times and I thought you might enjoy your own, very special copy.


That was all she could read, the name under love was smeared beyond legibility. Hermione clutched the book to her chest. It was probably given to her by some poor git under the cupid's spell. She sighed and retreated to her quarters.

* * *

Outside the Gryffindor's common room Draco walked up to the portrait, "Excuse me ma'am."

"Oh, hello Draco!" The painting beamed.

"Do you suppose Hermione enjoyed her gift?" He blushed shyly, hoping that he would hear the answer he desired.

"I'm almost sure of it my dear." The painting replied with utmost certainty.

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