AN: This another AU story. A fusion with Charmed in which Nikki and her sisters, (just humor me.) are witches. I'm going to try an keep everything else the same. Note that I said Try.


Nikki was sitting in the VIP office thinking about recent events. Everyone around her was busy so they didn't seem notice her zoning out. She had just moved back in with her sisters yesterday after her gandmother died. She and Natalie had been playing with the spirit board and when she had left to get a drink and came back Natalie was claiming that the spirit board had moved on its own and wanted them to go to the attic. The attic that had been locked forever that they couldn't open. After the three had argued about the possibility and Nina had left the room she had seen the spirit board move. Which was completely impossible.

'I must have been imagining it….' She thought to herself. While they had been arguing the lights had went out. She and Nina had gone to the basement to fix the circuit breaker while Natalie went to the attic. After fixing the lights Nina and her went up to the attic to find Natalie who had not only managed to get but was convinced they were witches. 'She's taking Grams's death a little hard.' This morning she had tried to explain what they're powers were and which one she was hoping for and about warlocks and demons that would attack to try and get they're powers. Nikki would have nothing of it.

"Nik? Hey Nik you still with us?" Tasha said waving a hand in front of her face.

"huh? Oh yea, what?" Nikki asked looking up to see everyone staring at her.

"Let's go then." Tasha said.

"Go where?"

"Where were you Jupiter? We have to go meet a client."

"Right. I knew that." She said standing up and grabbing her keys. 'Maybe moving back in with my sisters wasn't the greatest idea afterall…'


VIP sat around a table talking to their newest client, Jeremy Burns, who was being awfully evasive on why he needed protection.

"Look, We can't protect you if we don't know what we're protecting you from." Tasha said.

"Why not? You just have to protect me." Jeremy said. Tasha threw her hands up in defeat.

"Fine. " Tashsa relented, "But I still don't see why you can't tell us."

"It could place you in too much danger."

"That's our job!!!"

"Tasha! Chill out!" Nikki said.

"Whatever. "

"Nikki and I will take the first shift." Quick put in. The others agreed and left.

"I have a meeting across town so if you don't mind leaving now." Jeremy said.

"Not a problem." Quick replied. The three of them headed to the door when gunshots sounded. Quick went and moved to pull Jeremy behind a wall to protect him from the shots, but wasn't going to make it. Nikki, whose normal first reaction would be to dodge behind a wall and pull out her guns to fire back, threw her hands up instead. Everything froze around her, including the bullets about to hit Jeremy.

"Wha..?" She said. "Oh my god….Nat was right. Oh uh uh." She ran over to Jremy and grabbed the bullets and threw them to the ground, "Hot hot hot!" She qucikly ran back to her previous position wondering when time was going to go back to normal. On instinct she waved her hands again and time resumed. She dodged behind the wall and grabbed her guns so nothing looked too out of the ordinary. Quick pulled Jeremy away from the fallen bullets and looked at them oddly. Nikki went to shoot the attackers but they had run away.

"What the hell?" Quick said out loud. Nikki went over to see what he was talking about while putting her guns back. "The bullets that were fired at Jeremy are on the ground." Quick informed Nikki, "How is that possible?"

Nikki shrugged, "I have no idea…" She lied, "But lets not count our blessings…we should get Mr. Burns to his meeting…" She said trying to change the subject. Quick gave her an odd look wondering why she wasn't fazed, but agreed with the last statement and went to the parking lot the Quick's prowler. While driving Jeremy gave Quick directions on where to go.

Evetually they came to an abandoned building.

"I somehow doubt that you have a meeting here." Nikki remarked.

"Actually, I don't have a meeting at all. I come here for the view, I wanted to show it to you." He said looking at Nikki. She raised an eyebrow.

"Riight…." Nikki said, glaring at Quick who was smirking. Jeremy was getting out of the car.


"Yea yea." Nikki said getting out of the car. Quick moved to get out of the car but Jeremy stopped him.

"Why don't you stay here? Keep an eye out for attackers." Quick gave him the look this time.


Nikki and Jeremy headed into the building.


Nikki and Jeremy were standing in front of a rickety looking elevator.

"If you think I'm going on that your crazy." Nikki pointed out.

"Come on. I'm going and as my bodyguard you have an obligation to follow." He said walking into the elevator.

Nikki followe reluctantly, "I hate it when clients realize this…" She muttered. Jeremy laughed.


Quick was in the car talking to Kay and the gang explaining the bullets, and how Jeremy seemed to have a thing for Nikki.


"I didn't know bullets coukd just fall out of the air!" Val said.

"They can't Val." Tasha remarked dryly, "What did Nikki think iof it?" she asked Quick.

"That was another odd thing, " Quick answered over the phone, "She just brushed it off. She's been acting weird all day."

"You said Jeremy's taken a liking to Nikki?" Val asked, bored with the talk about the bullets.

"Yep. Brought us out to an abandoned building to show her the view. Apparently it's not something he wants to share with me." Quick answered, smirking on his end.


Nikki was tapping her foot impatiently wating for the elevator to stop.

"Nikki, turn around." Sighing, Nikki turned around to look at Jeremy. A knife appeared in his hand in a puff of red smoke, he took a swing at her. Ducking, Nikki grabbed a loose bored and hit him with it. He stumbled back into the wall of the now stopped elevator. Nikki ran to the open side and went to climb up onto the floor they were only halfway up. She wasn't one to take on a fight with some one who could make a knife appear out of nowhere. She was climbing up when he grabbed her ankle, she was pulled back into the elevator. He raised the knife to attack her again. She threw her hands up and froze him.

"How useful.." She muttered and climbed up onto the floor and ran hoping he would stay frozen for awhile. She ran to the stairs and ran down taking two at a time, absently hoping not to fall. When she reached the second floor she got the feeling that he was unfrozen. She ran faster.


Quick was laughing at a comment that Val had made when he saw Nikki running out of the building, "Hold on." He told the gang and looked up at Nikki, "Where's Jeremy?"

Nikki stopped running to catch her breath, "I was forced to terminate his contract." She said, "Look, I'll explain later….something came up and I really need to go home." She took off running again. Luckily the manor wasn't to far away from this building.

Quick blinked and looked at the direction Nikki ran and put the phone to his ear again, "I got to go.." He said distractedly and hung up.


Kay blinked as she heard the dial tone and hung up the phone, "What do you think happened?"


Nikki ran into the manor to see Natalie and Nina talking in the living room. She turned and locked and bolted the door.

"Nats was right…" She said.

"I know." Nina said, "Apparently I can move things when I'm mad. And Phoebe has premonitions…"

"Yea well…She was right about the warlocks thing to. My newest client…well…we need more protection against him then he needs from VIP." The three sisters looked at each other for a moment before running up the stairs to the attic and the book of shadows.


Quick got out of the car to go find Jeremy when said person came running out of the building holding a knife, he galred at Quick, and ran in the direction that Nikki had run. Quick got in his car and went to VIP. He was sure Nikki could handle herself. He called Kay and asked for a background check on Jeremy. He wanted to be there in person to read it.


"I have no idea what we're looking for.." Natalie said flipping through the book, "Which would help…"

"Well, don't give up… We need to get rid of this guy…" Nina said. Nikki jumped when she heard the door downstairs slam open.

"Crap." Nikki said.

"Wait…I have an idea…" Nina said, "Remember what was written on the back of the spirit board?"

"The power of three will set us free?" Natalie asked putting the book down, "It's worth a shot." The three sisters joined hands. Nina used her powers to moved a dresser and other objects in front of the attic door.

"You don't get it do you?" a disembopdied voice rang through the house, "You can't beat me!" The baracade flew away from the door and the door flew with it. Jeremy stood there with his knife.

"The power of three will set us free. The power of three will set us free. The power of three will set us free."" The sisters chanted. Jeremy threw an energy ball at them, which got defelected by a sheild created by the spell. The sisters kept chanting til' Jeremy screamed and disappeared. The three collapsed on the floor.

"That was so totally cool!" Natalie excalimed, "Our first vanquish!" Nina and Nikki glared at her.

"How am I going to explain this at work?" Nikki asked.


Kay shook her head, "There's nothing on him." She said to Quick who was looking over her shoulder.

"I find it hard to believe he just decided to kill Nikki. And why go through so much trouble to get us to protect him?

"Maybe we should ask Nikki." Johnny said.

"Where did she go again?" Val asked.

"She said she was headed home…" Quick said.

"On foot?"


Kay typed something into her computer, "It's not to big a deal her new place isn't too far away from where you were actaully…" Kay gave them the address.

"Let's go." Tasha said. The group went to their cars, (or motorcycle) and headed to the address Kay had given them.


20 minutes later…

Nina, Nikki and Natalie stood by their demolished door.

"Y'know he could have at least left the door on it hinges…" Nina remarked. Nikki and Natalie went over to the door and both picked it up and set it on the wall next to the door way.

"I didn't realize our door was that heavy." Nikki said. She looked up as she saw the VIP group pull up, "Uh oh…" She smiled nervously to her sisters and they attmepted an explanation..which amazingly has satisfied the group.


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