Charmed 12


[Time Line: About a month after Nikki's death. Nina, Natalie and Leo are teaching Johnny how to control his powers and he's sort of taken Nikki's place in the vanquishing, but the power of three is incomplete. VIP and the two remaining sisters have also become close friends.]

[Scene: Manor. Nina, Johnny, Natalie and a doctor run inside.]

Natalie: Okay, I think we made it. I'm sure we made it. Do you think we made it?

Nina: I don't know.

Johnny: I think he would've attacked by now if we hadn't.

Doctor: Who? Who would've attacked? Why won't you tell me what's going on?

Natalie: Because we're busy trying to save your life.

Doctor: From who?

Nina: Uh, unfortunately we're not quite sure.

Johnny: That's because Natalie did not give us time to figure it out.

Natalie: Well, I didn't have a lot of time, I mean, I can't control how far in the future my premonitions take place. I saw the attack; we kicked butt, what more do you want?

Johnny: I would like to know more about who we are up against.

Nina: Okay, Natalie, maybe you should check the Book of Shadows, see if you can find anything else on this demonic hit man, okay?

Doctor: Excuse me, demonic?

Johnny: And how to vanquish him, which would be a good thing to know.

(Natalie turns and heads up the stairs.)

Doctor: What the hell are you talking about? First you tell me my life's in danger, and then you abduct me from my work, now you're talking about demons and witches. Who the hell are you people?

Nina: Look, I know that this all sounds incredible, but it doesn't make it any less true. Alright, you're a healer, you do good, now either you have saved too many lives or you're about to save a life that they don't want you to save.

Doctor: They?

Nina: Yeah, demons. Uh, more specifically, Shax. He was the Source's assassin.

Doctor: Hold it, I get it. This is a practical joke, right? Do you have a hidden camera here? My second wife put you up to this? Ah, it's just like her. (He laughs.)

Nina: O-o-okay, Dr. Griffiths, listen to me, this is anything but...

(She stops.)

Johnny: What?

Nina: I don't know, I just felt a chill. Natalie?

Natalie: (from upstairs) Alright, alright, I'm coming!

(A tornado of wind twists through the front door.)

Johnny: Natalie!

Nina: Natalie!

(The tornado flies through the foyer and knocks Nina and Johnny to the floor. A clap of thunder is heard, and the tornado calms down and Shax appears. He is a tall demon and is gray all over. Gray long hairs, gray skin, gray unbuttoned shirt and gray long pants.)

Doctor: Dear god.

Nina: No!

(Nina gets up off the floor and pushes the Doctor out of the way. Shax throws an energy ball at Nina and she literally crashes straight through a wall.)

Johnny: Nina!

(Johnny gets up and Shax throws an energy ball at Johnny, sending him crashing through a wall. Shax turns to the Doctor.)

Doctor: What are you?

Shax: The end.

(Natalie comes down the stairs, holding a piece of paper.)

Natalie: "Evil wind that blows, that which forms below, (cracks of thunder are heard) no longer may you dwell, (Shax groans) death takes you with this spell." (Shax turns back into the wind and disappears outside. Natalie sees Nina and Johnny.) Oh, no. (She goes over to them. They are unconscious and bleeding.) Oh, god. Leo! Leo! (Leo orbs in.) Hurry, it's bad.

(Leo kneels down beside them and places his left hand above Nina and his right hand above Johnny. He starts to heal them. After a moment the blood disappears and they are completely healed. They wake up and groan in pain.)

Nina: Ahh, what happened?

Leo: You guys almost died, that's what happened.

Johnny: Yeah, well, what else is new?

Nina: Oh, where's Shax?

Natalie: Well, I tried to use the vanquishing spell on him but I think it just wounded him. He turned into the wind.

Nina: Maybe the spell needs more than one witch to have its full impact. Okay, come on.

(Nina gets up and then helps Johnny up.)

Natalie: (She looks a little guilty towards Johnny) I hate to say this…but I think it needs the power of three…

Johnny: You're probably right…

Nina: We'll figure something else out, in the meantime the spell at least weakens him.

[Time Lapse: Manor. Conservatory. Nina, Natalie and the Doctor are sitting on the cane chairs. Johnny walks in holding a glass of water, and hands it to the Doctor.]

Doctor: Thank you.

(He takes a sip.)

Natalie: Now you understand why you have to keep this a secret? Why you can't tell anyone about us, about what you saw today.

Nina: If others knew, we wouldn't be able to do what we do anymore. We wouldn't be able to help future innocents like we helped you.

Doctor: No, I understand. I mean, I don't understand everything. Demons, witches, the Source. So much for being an atheist. Your secret is safe with me.

Natalie: Thank you.

Doctor: No, thank you. You saved my life; the least I can do is protect yours.

Natalie: Okay, I'll walk you to the door.

(Natalie and the Doctor stand up.)

Nina: Bye.

(They leave the room. Leo walks in.)

Leo: How'd it go?

Johnny: We dodged another bullet.

Nina: Yeah, with him maybe.

Leo: What do you mean?

(Natalie walks back in. She sits back down.)

Nina: What are we going to do?

[Scene: Nikki, wide-eyed and gasping. She's inside her coffin. She looks around, panting, with an expression of extreme fear.]

(Nikki pounds frantically on the sides, tries to scream but no sound comes out. She looks terrified. She continues pounding, bangs on the inner lid just inches from her face. She begins to rip away the cloth that covers the inside of the lid. She grunts with exertion as the cloth rips.)

[Scene: Back at the manor.]

Johnny: I uh I should get to work.

Natalie: Right. Right. We'll tackle the book of shadows and see if we can find something.

Johnny: Okay. Bye.

(Johnny leaves)

Nina: Is there anything to find in the Book of Shadows?

Natalie: (Looking guilty) No…It's definitely a power of three spell…

Nina: But there's no power of three…

Natalie: What are we going to do?

Nina: Hope we can keep one step ahead of Shax and just keep weakening him when he attacks an innocent…

Natalie: I think I need some fresh air. Want to go for a walk?

(Nina nods and the two grab their jackets and leave.)

(Cut to Nikki still ripping the cloth from the coffin. She bangs her hands against the lid, punches it and her fist goes through the wood. Dirt begins to rain down on her as she pulls at the wood, widening the hole.)

[Scene: VIP. Johnny enters.]

Val: Hey Johnny.

Quick: How goes this witch thing?

Johnny: Hey. It's OK…But there's a new demon..(He sits down) And he can't be vanquished without the power of three.

Kay: And without Nikki…

Tasha: There has to be a way. These…Elder people that you guys are always talking don't sound like they would leave things this way. There has to be some other way.

Val: I don't get it. If Nikki's love and that blood oath thing let her take your place when your blood was needed to save the world, then shouldn't your love for her let you take her place in the power of three? I mean you have some of her blood too now don't you?

Tasha: Val, I'm scared that sounded logical..

(Val glares at Tasha)

Johnny: We tried that and apparently it didn't work.

Quick: She was trying to save your life. There's probably a big difference.

[Cut to Nikki's grave. Suddenly a hand bursts out from below, then another hand, then Nikki's head and shoulders. She gasps for air, pulls herself up onto the grass, lies there panting. She looks around at the dark forest, very fearfully.]

[Scene: The park. Nina and Natalie are walking down a path.]

Nina: I don't see how the elders can just leave things like this. I mean we were the Charmed Ones, a major force for good in this whole struggle thing.

Natalie: I don't understand either.

[Scene: Back at VIP.]

Val: Wouldn't it be cool, if she just came back? Like nothing happened?

Tasha: Val, people don't just come back from the dead.

Val: You also said that there was no such thing as magic.

Johnny: (Standing up) You guys don't mind if I go take a walk do you?

Quick: No, you go.

Johnny: Alright. Bye.

(Johhny leaves)

Quick: Poor guy. This has to be so hard.

Val: It's so sad. I hope he'll be okay…

[Scene: Continued before with Nikki.]

(Nikki slowly gets to her feet, turns and stares at the headstone with her name on it. She frowns in confusion, then her eyes widen in shock as she gets it.)

[Cut to downtown. Nikki walks down the street and stares at things. Nikki wears black dress pants with a black top and black high-heeled boots.]

(From Nikki's point of view. Everything is blurry.)

(She continues walking, squinting and frowning at the burning cars.

She stops walking to stare at a car. A man on his motorcycle goes roaring past, throws something as he goes by. Nikki watches him go, and backs away.)

[Scene: At the park with Nina and Natalie.]

Natalie: I miss her.

Nina: I do too.

(A clap of thunder is heard, and the tornado calms down and Shax appears.)

Shax: I hope I didn't keep you waiting to long.

Nina: You have horrible timing.

Shax: It's a gift. (He throws an energy ball)

(Nina is ready this time and uses her power to fling it back at him before it can hit her.)

[Scene: Johnny is walking down a path in the park thinking when he hears some yelling.]

Johnny: What the…(He runs towards the sound and fins Nina, Natalie and Shax.)

Shax: Oh, it's you.

Natalie: Johnny!

Nina: I'm glad you're here! (She uses her powers and throws Shax into a tree, and the three regroup.)

Johnny: Do we have a plan?


[Scene: VIP]

Val: I'm worried about Johnny.

Quick: He's just going through a tough time. He'll pull through.

Val: No I mean he isn't back yet.

Kay: You don't suppose he ran into a demon?

Tasha: If he did he can handle it himself.

Val: I'm still worried.

(Leo orbs in)

Leo: There's trouble…

Val: I told you!

Tasha: Val, Shush.

Leo: Nina, Natalie and Johnny are fighting Shax, but they can't vanquish him without the power of three.

Tasha: What can we do? We don't have any powers.

Leo: I hate to ask this..but serve as cannon fodder. The vanquish spell does weaken Shax even without the power of three but they're to busy fighting to say the spell…

Val: So you want us to distract him?

Leo: Basically..

Val: Ok!

Leo: Everybody join hands. I'll orb you there.

(Evereyone joins hands and orbs out)

[Scene: Back at the park. Leo and VIP orb in.]

Quick: Whoa…Give my stomach a minute to get back to normal…

Leo: You'll eventually get used to it.

Shax: Who the hell are you?

Val: We're VIP!

Shax: Your mortals.

Tasha: I think I'm offended.

(Shax throws an energy ball at the gang)

Johnny: Energy ball! (The ball orbs into Johnny's hand and he throws it back at Shax, who sidesteps it.)

Val: That's pretty cool…

Tasha: (Rolls her eyes) Val…(She pulls out her gun and fires at Shax)

Nina: Haven't they learned that those don't work?

Leo: Just say the spell..

Natalie: I don't have it…

Leo: What!?

[Cut back to Nikki whose wandering along the streets when she sees a bright flash and goes toward it. Everything from her point of view is still blurry.]

[Cut back to the fight. Tasha and Quick are shooting at Shax but the bullets aren't doing anything but annoying him. Natalie is trying to remember the spell and Nina and Johnny are redirecting the energy balls.]

Val: This is so not good!

(Nikki comes stumbling up behind the gang.)

Shax: You? Wait! Aren't you dead?

Everyone minus Nikki and Shax: Who? (They turn around to see Nikki standing there, looking disoriented)

Johnny: (softly) Nikki….

(Nikki looks confused and frightened)

Shax: It doesn't matter…I'll just kill you now. (He throws an energy ball at Nikki)

(Nikki instinctively raises her hands like she would to freeze Shax, but he explodes instead. Nina uses her power to redirect the remaining energy away from Nikki.)

Natalie: Nikki! (She runs over to her and everyone else follows)

Tasha: But..this is impossible..

Val: I knew it!

Nina: But how…?

Leo: I'll go ask the elders. (He orbs out)

Johnny: Nikki!

(Nikki looks frightened and turns and runs away)

Val: Nikki!

(The group runs after her)

[Cut to: Shot of the tower from afar.]

[Cut to the top. Nikki stands at the end of the platform looking down. We hear creaking noises.

Shot of the view from the platform. The ground below is just an open space.]

(Nikki frowns slightly.)

[Flashback of Johnny's blood dripping, opening the hole in midair, lightning flashing.]

[Flashback of Nikki running down the platform, swan-diving into the thing.]

[Cut back to now. Nikki stands staring, presses her eyes shut tightly.]

[Cut to the ground below the tower. Nina, Natalie, Johnny, Tasha, Val, Quick and Kay are there.]

Natalie: Why would she come here?

Nina: I don't know…

Johnny: I'll orb up and get her…

(They nod and Johnny orbs out)

[Cut to the top with Nikki. Her eyes are still closed]

Johnny:(Flashback) Nikki! No! I love you! You can't do this!

Nikki:(now) This is what I'm meant to do…

Johnny: (now) Nikki?

(Nikki frowns, opens her eyes, turns. Johnny is standing at the other end of the platform, in the little arch at the top of the tower.)

Johnny: Nikki?

(Nikki looks apprehensively at him.)

Johnny: Nikki… how....

(Nikki frowns at him in confusion.)

Johnny: Is it you? I mean really?

Nikki: Is this hell…?

Johnny: It was without you…

Nikki: …Johnny?

Johnny: It's me. (He holds out his hand) Come away from the edge…

Nikki: (Hesitates and looks down at the ground)

Johnny: (Taking a step closer) Nikki….

(She looks up again and takes his hand. He leads her safely away from the edge of the platform. He hugs her.)

Johnny: I've missed you. (He pulls away slightly and kisses her) Don't ever do that again.

[Scene: Manor. Nikki's showered and changed. She's sitting on the couch with Johnny who has his arms wrapped her waist. Everyone is crowded around her.]

Tasha: How in the hell is it possible that you're alive?

Nina: Are you hungry?

Val: Maybe you want something to drink…

Natalie: How did you blow up Shax?

Johnny: Guys, would you back off a little? She has been dead for a month…

Nikki: It's ok…I am kind of hungry though..

Nina: I'll go make you a sandwich. (She gets up and goes to the kitchen)

(Leo orbs in)

Natalie: Leo! Did you figure out why Nikki's back?

Leo: They sent her back…

Tasha: What?

Leo: They didn't want to leave the power of three broken.

Quick: They can do that?

Nikki: Apparently.

(Nina enters with a sandwich and a glass of water and hands it to Nikki)

Nikki: Thanks.

Nina: I guess we shouldn't be surprised. We did suck without Nikki here, and we did vanquish plenty of demons with the power of three.

Nikki: Why didn't they tell me before they sent me back?

Leo: They wouldn't say…

Natalie: Typical.

Val: What do you mean?

Nina: They always with hold the useful information.

Johnny: I'm just glad she's back.

Val: So, do you know where you were?

Nikki: What?

Val: I mean, was there an afterlife, like heaven or hell?

Nikki: uh…

Val: I mean it not everyday that some one comes back from the dead…

Nikki: I..uh..Can we talk about this tomorrow? I'm uh really tired and I'd kinda just like to go to sleep….

Nina: Yeah.

Natalie: Night.

(Nikki stands up)

Nikki: Night…( she goes upstairs)

Tasha: (Giving Val a look)

Val: What did I do?

Nina: It's ok. It's not Val's fault.

Natalie: I don't think it's something she would want to remember.

Kay: What are you talking about?

Nina: She did jump into a portal to hell….

[Cut to the upstairs. Nikki is leaning on the wall next to the stairs where the gang can't see listening to the conversation]

Kay: You think she was in hell?

Johnny: That could be why she doesn't want to talk about it…

Val: I guess I shouldn't have said anything…

Tasha: You think?

[Scene: Manor. Kitchen. The next day. Nina and Natalie are making breakfast.]

Natalie: I guess the elders aren't that bad…I mean they did send Nikki back to us.

Nina: It's good to have her back. Life can get back to normal soon.

Natalie: Do you think she'll eventually get back to normal? I mean I can't imagine what she must have gone through down there…

Nina: If anyone can get through this, Nikki can.

(Nikki enters)

Nikki: I can what?

Nina: You can make toast.

Nikki: I can make more than toast…

Nina: (Tossing Nikki the bread) I know that, but you can make toast today.

Nikki: (sarcastically) Oh yay…(She goes over to the toaster)

Natalie: So, how you feeling this morning Nik?

Nikki: Not quite as disoriented…

Natalie: That's good to hear.

[Scene: VIP.]

Val: I still feel bad about last night…

Kay: You couldn't have known…

Tasha: Nikki will be okay.

Johnny: I can't imagine what she must have gone through…

[Cut to Nikki standing outside the doors.]

(She decides instead to go take a walk in the park.)

[Scene: The park from the night before. Nikki is walking down an empty path. Leo walks up behind her.]

Leo: You okay?

(Nikki turns around startled.)

Nikki: Oh it's you. You scared me.

Leo: Sorry..

Nikki: It's ok.

Leo: You didn't answer my question. You okay?

Nikki: Oh I'm just great. I was dead for a month and now I'm not, what could be wrong?

Leo: Nikki…

Nikki: Okay, so I'm not all that great…

Leo: You know, whatever happened down there…You can talk to me…

Nikki: That's the thing Leo. I wasn't down there.

Leo: You were in heaven…

Nikki: Everybody thinks I was in hell and that this is such a huge blessing to be back, that I'm saved from god knows what. I mean up there I was happy, I was done, no more demons, no more warlocks

Leo: Why don't you tell them the truth?

Nikki: I can't…They're all so happy now that I'm back. I don't want them to think that I don't want to be here with them…That would hurt them…that would hurt Johnny…and I can't do that…

Leo: So what are you going to tell them?

Nikki: I'm not going to tell them, and neither are you.

Leo: But..

Nikki: Leo.

Leo: Fine.

[Scene: VIP. Nikki enters.]

Nikki: Hey.

Johnny: (Smiling) Hey.

Val: Nikki!

Quick: How you feeling?

Nikki: Better. (She goes and sits down.)

[Scene: The underworld. Source's Chamber's. Shax is there.]

The Source: You failed me. AGAIN!

Shax: It's not my fault…It was the third sister…

The Source: The third sister is dead!

Shax: I thought so too. But she came and blew me up.

The Source: (To a random demon guy) Go check the witches grave. (Random Demon Guy disappears.) The third sister freezes demons, she can't blow them up.

Shax: It had to have been her.

Random Demon Guy: (Shimmering in) Sir, it's true…The witch is back…

The Source: Then the Power of Three is unbroken. Attack the witches when not all three of them are together, and kill them. And don't fail me.

Shax: Yes sir.