So, with all the stories concerning Naruto and High School DxD, I asked myself, "Why didn't I try this before?"

Then I remembered the attempt at one that I labeled Infinity, but I dropped that idea foolishly. It was different and unexpected, which is what I love to try and do.

However, if you were expecting me to bring that story back, then I'm sorry to say that this is a new idea. This idea will have Naruto sent to the DxD World where he can be the hero that even devils need.

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My Hero Made Real

Chapter 1: Fantasy and Reality

A soft sigh was heard within a building separate from a larger one that was surrounded by young men and women in uniforms. The one who sighed was seated behind a desk, their head in their hands in a manner of despair. The hands slid down, slightly dragging the skin of their face before the identity was revealed.

Blue-green eyes looked around the room before a stray lock of stunning crimson hair fell in front of them. Frowning, the young woman blew upward and sent the lock away from her view before she stood up from her desk. She moved away from the main room and went down the hall, stopping at the second door on the right and pulling out a simple gray key.

Unlocking the door, she opened it and stepped inside of a room that gave her a simultaneous feeling of pride and embarrassment. Shelves filled every wall, and the shelves themselves were filled with various Japanese manga and anime series; not one of them incomplete or not up to date.

It was in this room that Rias Gremory, the devil Heiress of the Gremory Household, escaped from the reality that held all her problems. Here, she escaped into the fantasy that were her collections.

She made her way to the shelf that held the "H" section and pulled out a book near the end. Inspecting the cover, she smiled at the sight of the main protagonist and the title behind them: The Hurricane Chronicles.

The protagonist was in a destroyed orange and black jumpsuit, his face set in fierce determination that burned in those beautiful blue eyes that she could get lost in. His hair was like a sun, bright gold with spikes that shot in every direction like the solar rays. Behind him were the images of a ravenette man with strange eyes, a pinkette woman with a purple diamond mark on her forehead, a silver haired man with a face mask, and finally a regal woman with three eyes and pure white hair.

This was the final book of the series, and she was on the last chapters. The main character, Menma Uzumaki, had just clashed for the final time with his estranged friend and rival, Sasuke Uchiha. The clash had cost the two their dominant arms, but they had been able to get replacements for them thanks to the cells of their village's first leader.

While Menma had immediately taken the replacement, Sasuke refused and chose to travel the world. Before he left, Rias saw that he ran into Menma one last time and finally accepted the scratched headband from three years past. With the promise to see each other again, they went their separate ways.

Rias kept reading and the story ended with Menma having married Hinata Hyuuga and having two children. The final scene showed him having finally achieved his dream as Hokage and showed the Hidden Leaf Village and Kurama, the Nine-Tailed Fox that had been with Menma since the start.

She closed the book and leaned her head back against the shelf she chose to sit in front of. Out of all of the books and anime in her collection, the story of Menma was her favorite. To her, Menma was a hero who fought against his fate and saved his world. She wished she could do the same and escape the marriage she was fated to be in with Riser Phenex, a pompous devil who saw her as nothing more than a trophy.

Sighing, she knew that Menma was just a fantasy and despondently put the book back, returning to the reality that she despised. Steeling herself, she headed back to the main room to await the arrival of her Peerage and her betrothed. All the while, she was desperately wishing for someone – anyone – to save her.

"Nngh," groaned a blonde young man as he felt his damaged nerves connecting with foreign ones. "That wasn't fun…"

"Oh, don't be such a baby," playfully admonished the woman overseeing his operation. She had bright pink hair, green eyes, and a purple diamond mark on her forehead. "You faced down Madara, Kaguya, and Sasuke-kun and took more than this."

"Not the point," grumbled the blonde as he flexed the pale fingers of his new arm. From the elbow down, his tan complexion turned an immediate white and the only thing separating the two skin tones was a dark scar. "Speaking of, where is Sasuke anyway, Sakura-chan?"

She sighed with a downcast look at the question. "He wanted his own room and requested not to see anyone after I attached his replacement arm. I don't know what's wrong with him, but he's so different from how he used to be."

"We all are," the blonde commented in hopes of cheering her up. "Three years changes people. I'm sure he'll come around."

She nodded, though it was hesitant. "I hope so. Anyway, just take it easy for a while, Naruto. The arm needs some time to get better synchronized with your nerves." When she saw him nod, she smiled and hugged him gently. "I'm glad you're alright, baka. You're my best friend."

Naruto Uzumaki smiled and hugged her back. While before he would've wanted to be more than friends, he had taken plenty of time to sort out his feelings. While he still loved Sakura, it was more along the lines of loving a sister; one that he never had before. As for Hinata, while he appreciated all that she had done and how she felt, he couldn't feel the same for her. She was a friend, and she had been one for way too long. He couldn't see her as anything more.

He sighed boredly and laid back on his bed, raising his new right arm and constantly flexing the fingers to get a better feel for it. He smiled at the generosity of the First Hokage, Hashirama. It would've been very difficult to get used to having only one arm, but now he just had to get used to a replaced arm.

After the First had made two arms for both him and Sasuke, the four late Hokage returned back to their rest. Before he left though, Minato Namikaze had wished his son, Naruto, nothing but the best. Not only that, but the four of them had all said that Naruto was already a Hokage in spirit and that he carried the Will of Fire in him.

Hearing that from his heroes made Naruto grin and promise to keep the Will of Fire strong.

The Uzumaki sighed again as he stood up from his bed and grabbed the clothes that Sakura had left for him. When he was finished, he stood in a pair of orange cargo pants with an ash gray belt, a black shirt that had buttons on the sleeves and orange where the zipper was, a mesh undershirt, and his Hidden Leaf headband sewed on the left shoulder of his black shirt. He slipped on his black sandals and the broken necklace that Tsunade gave him years ago, unbuttoned the right sleeve so his wrapped right arm had more freedom, and smiled before he left his room and made his way to the front desk to check out.

His blue eyes blinked when he caught sight of Sasuke already at the desk. He was dressed in a black shirt with a high collar, dark purple pants with his sword strapped behind him, black sandals, and a gray traveling cloak. He turned just in time to see Naruto and the blonde saw that Sasuke's left eye was still active. It was a red eye with rings and three tomoe markings on each ring; the Rinnegan provided to him by Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki when he unlocked the Uchiha's link to Indra.

Naruto gave the ravenette a warm grin and waved with his new right arm. "Yo, Sasuke!" he greeted as he approached. "Glad to see you're alright! We really let each other have it, huh?"

The blonde chucked good-naturedly like he was reliving a fond memory while the Uchiha flexed his new arm unseen. Truth be told, the Uchiha was still very sore about how even he and the blonde fool in front of him were; even after all the power he had at his disposal. It infuriated him beyond measure.

Blame his pride or his superiority complex, but Sasuke Uchiha was bitter about the fight. But, he didn't let his emotions show as he replied, "Yea… I suppose we did." His bitterness slowly began to influence his thoughts, making him form a plan in his mind. "Do you mind if we talk privately for a moment, Naruto?"

The blonde tilted his head in wonder at what Sasuke wanted to talk about, but he then shrugged and smiled. "Sure thing. Just let me check out real quick." Without waiting for the Uchiha to acknowledge the request, he filled out the needed forms and then followed Sasuke to the training field that had belonged to Team 7 so long ago. Naruto smiled fondly at the area and murmured, "Definitely takes you back, doesn't it Sasuke?"

The Uchiha couldn't help but agree as he regarded the three training posts. An image of Team 7 as fresh Genin appeared for a brief moment before vanishing. "It does."

"So, what did you wanna talk about, Sasuke?"

"I want to know why you tried so hard to stop me. Why were you so against my revolution when it was meant to prevent others from living the hell we endured?"

The Uzumaki blinked in surprise at the question. "You're asking me that? Come on, Sasuke. You should know the answer to that."

Sasuke frowned at that, showing Naruto that he did not.

Sighing, Naruto elaborated, "Look, you're my friend Sasuke. If you went through with your revolution, you would've made yourself the enemy of the world; no better than Madara. I couldn't let you do that when I could help you. You've lived by hatred for so long and it hurts to see how much it's changed you. You can't do everything on your own, y'know"

Mismatching eyes turned away from concerned blue ones, unable to look at them. "I never asked for you to help me. I don't need your help, and I never did."

"That's just your anger talking," countered Naruto. "Let me in, Sasuke. I'm your friend."

"Yea," acknowledged Sasuke. "You are my friend...but you're also the biggest obstacle in my life."

The blonde frowned at the Uchiha's words while, within Naruto's seal, rabbit like ears perked up and a blood red eye shot open. Following that was a deep voice yelling out, "Naruto, watch out!"

"But not anymore," finished Sasuke as he turned back to Naruto, his Rinnegan eye spinning its tomoe rapidly and displacing the air around them. "Kamui!" he cried and Naruto was unable to react fast enough to avoid it.

He tried to brace himself with his chakra, and even called on his Six Paths chakra to try and hold him in place. However, the chakra appeared too late and Naruto was sucked away into the vortex while Sasuke fell to a knee from the chakra drain. His chakra hadn't recovered enough for him to do that without any drawbacks, but he had always been an impatient man.

The next thing he knew though was being surround by Hidden Leaf ANBU before feeling something strike the back of his head. Then, he only knew darkness.

"To answer your question, Hyoudou-san," began a silver haired woman in a maid's uniform, "the man standing before you is Riser Phenex-sama, and he is the husband-to-be for Rias-sama."

"Say what?!" cried the brunette teen in anger. The smug look on the blonde's face really set him off.

"I'll say this once more," Rias started, glaring at the Phenex. "I refuse to marry you, Riser!"

The blonde man merely laughed at her declaration. "You and I both know that there's no way this marriage will be denied, my dear Rias. After all, our family lines are growing thin and a merging of the Houses will be a great turning point for the future of us devils."

"I still refuse! I'll beat you in a Rating Game and free myself from this pact between our Houses!"

"And how do you plan to do that with so few Pieces? Do you think a solution will appear out of thin air?"

He laughed again and Rias was about to retort before she and everyone else, save for Issei and Asia, tensed. A sudden feeling of immense energy output was felt and the space around the center of the room began to twist and swirl. From the distortion, the devils all took hold of the sight of a blonde man stumbling out and falling to his knees.

Rias blinked at the sight and Grayfia narrowed her eyes in case he was a threat. However, when the man coughed up blood and held his stomach with a wrapped arm, Asia was the first to act. She rushed to his side and summoned forth her Twilight Healing, covering the man in a bright glow.

"Urrgh," he groaned as the pain slowly receded. When it was gone completely, he took in a deep breath of air before smiling at the nun-turned-devil. "Thanks for that, nee-chan," he said, making Asia blush in embarrassment at the title.

"N-No! It was no problem at all, really!" she replied, waving her hands frantically.

He chuckled at her flustered face, being reminded of Hinata and how she acted before. Standing up, he regarded everyone in the room with a critical eye, impressing Grayfia at how he was ready to act in a moment's notice.

"Can someone tell me where I am, please?" he asked politely. "Some bastard sent me here with that damn eye of his, and I'd like to see if I can get back home."

"I believe it would be more prudent to know who you are first," suggested the maid as she stepped forward and stood between the man and Rias.

"Me? Oh, I'm Naruto Uzumaki, from the Hidden Leaf Village."

Rias's eyes widened in shock at his answer before she moved out from behind Grayfia, much to her protest. "Did this man use a red rippled eye that had tomoe around the rings?"

"Yea!" answered Naruto with a grin while the others looked lost. "So, do you know how I can get home, Red-chan?"

She was silent in shock, not hearing his question while her mind ran at full speed. 'It shouldn't be possible! He was just a character, and his name was Menma! This guy can't be him…can he?'

"Uh, Red-chan?" asked the Uzumaki. "Are you okay?"

"Hey!" interrupted Riser before Rias could answer, making Naruto turn to him. "No one knows where your pathetic village is!" Only Rias and Grayfia saw Naruto's fingers twitch. "Now why don't you just leave, trash? This meeting doesn't concern you."

"Now, that's just rude," commented Naruto with a pout, fingers twitching again. "I never did anything to you and you're already mad at me. Geez…"

"You interrupted this meeting and you're speaking to my fiancé so freely!" argued Riser.

"Your fiancé? You mean Red-chan?" He mentally noted how the beautiful black haired woman in Rias's group giggled behind her sleeve.

"Yes! Now stop calling her that!"

He hummed out loud thoughtfully before turning back to Rias. "You don't mind me calling you that, do ya?"

Rias turned to Riser, seeing how he was fuming before a smirk came to her face. "Not at all, Naruto-kun," she answered, relishing in Riser's growing anger. "But, you should know that he's not my fiancé. He's actually a pompous fool who I'm in an arraigned marriage with."

"Ouch," commented the Uzumaki with a chuckle. "Definitely could do better than him. I mean, with that overgrown stick so far up his ass, I wouldn't be surprised if he played for the same team."

Rias's Peerage, save for the ever stoic Koneko and the innocent Asia, snickered at his comment while Riser was so angry that his demonic power was leaking out and heating up the room. Grayfia stopped him though with a sharp look before she cleared her throat, catching Naruto's attention.

"Uzumaki-san, unfortunately I have never heard of a Hidden Leaf Village before. However, I believe that my [King] should be able to help you. If you would come with me after this meeting, I'll take you to see him."

The whiskered blonde grinned, making a few of Riser's Peerage blush. "Thanks a bunch, nee-sama."

"My name is Grayfia Lucifuge, Uzumaki-san."

"Right, Grayfia-nee!" he answered back, never losing his grin.

The woman merely rolled her eyes, but said nothing. The young man before her acted too much like her husband, but it was a nice change of pace at the same time. "Please wait outside for a moment, Uzumaki-san. This meeting is almost finished."

"Sure thing!" He then turned to Rias and gave her a two-fingered salute. "Well, I'll see you around, Red-chan. Good luck with the lonely nights. All that guy needs is his anal stick."

He then made his way outside of the clubroom and ignored the look of pure hatred Riser was sending his way. Leaning against the wall outside, he took note of a few people walking around in matching clothes. He deduced that they were in uniforms of some kind and that Red-chan and her group were stationed here.

After some time, Grayfia stepped out and turned to him. "The meeting is over now, Uzumaki-san. I will be taking you to my [King] now."

"So, what exactly are you all?" asked the blonde. "I mean, you're not human are you?"

"You're correct. However, I believe my [King] would be able to explain things better than I. He'll tell you all about it while you two talk."

"Right," nodded Naruto. "I'll just ask him then."

"Also," added the woman, "you must understand that it isn't normal for humans to be brought to our world unless we're making them one of our kind. However, your…unique energy will make this an exception. But, if you try anything-"

"Hey, believe me!" interrupted Naruto as he raised his hands in a placating manner. "I won't try anything; promise! You guys can help me try to get back home, right?" She nodded in response. "Then I won't do anything that could ruin my chances."

"Good. Now, please stand next to me." Once he did, she opened up the portal, hiding their presence from the students around the school, and transported the two of them to the underworld.

Before they fully disappeared, Naruto turned to the window of the clubroom and caught sight of Rias and her Peerage one last time. He grinned at them just as he vanished, missing Rias smile at him.

"Ara, Buchou," giggled Akeno, her [Queen]. "You seem to be quite smitten with Uzumaki-kun."

"You're looking too far into things again, Akeno," commented the red haired devil. "He's just very charismatic for a human."

"Too carefree," commented Koneko as she took a bite out of some candy. "Not serious enough."

Kiba gave the white haired girl a smile and commented, "I think he was actually very serious. He seems like the type to have others underestimate them and find out their real strength too late."

"But just how strong is he?" asked Issei, crossing his arms. "He just seemed like a goofball."

Rias bit her bottom lip, an idea coming to her that seemed too crazy to go through with. "I…think I could answer that. But," she gave them all a serious look, even Akeno, "I need you all to have an open mind about this. What I'll be suggesting will sound crazy; even by devil standards. So, I want your word that you won't judge me based on my theory."

"Rias, you already know the answer to that," Akeno stated, using her friends name to show that she was serious. Koneko and Kiba nodded alongside her, showing the Gremory heiress their support.

"You showed me enough craziness already," commented Issei with a small chuckle. "I think I can handle some more."

"I would never judge you, Buchou," Asia promised with a smile.

Rias smiled back at them. "Thank you. Now, follow me," she said before she began to lead them to her collection room.

"I have to say, whatever these things are definitely have high tastes," commented Kurama as he looked through Naruto's eyes. "An actual castle for a home seems a bit much though."

'I think this lady's [King] is pretty high up in this place's political food chain.'

"…Naruto, you should know that I can barely sense anyone that has chakra to use."

'I know…'

"There's a chance that you-"

'Kurama,' interrupted Naruto as he followed Grayfia through the halls of the Gremory Estate. 'I know…but I can't give up on there being a chance. I just can't…'

The fox was silent after that, knowing that his friend needed a moment to himself. He knew better than anyone that Naruto was never one to give up, no matter the stakes or obstacles. It was what made the Bijuu choose to believe in him. So, he would do what he could to help support the man he called his friend.

Grayfia stopped outside of a room and turned back to Naruto. "In here is where you will talk to my [King]. I must reiterate that you are a guest here that could be a potential enemy to us."

"I know that," replied Naruto. "And I promised to not cause trouble. Now, can we please go in so that I can speak to him?"

The woman looked him dead in the eye for a few moments before she nodded and opened the double doors, presenting a redheaded man in regal attire sitting behind a desk and going over paperwork. Naruto immediately saw the relation between the man and Rias and assumed that the man was either her father or her brother.

"Sirzechs-sama," started Grayfia with a formal bow, "I have brought the man I messaged you about."

The man looked up from his desk, smiling at the maid. "Grayfia-chan, you don't need to be so formal, y'know. You're not just my maid, after all."

Naruto had to bite back a chuckle as he saw the woman's brow twitch at the man's laidback attitude. Still, he cleared his throat and stepped forward. "Sirzechs-san, my name is Naruto Uzumaki and I'm from a place known as the Hidden Leaf Village which resides in the Elemental Nations. I was hoping you could tell me how to get back there since I was sent away by someone who I once considered a friend and brother."

The man cupped his chin in thought, going over all the places that he knew. "I'm…not sure I can help you, Naruto-san. You see, I've heard and been to hundreds of different places, and I don't recall anything about a Hidden Leaf Village or these Elemental Nations." He then gave the blonde a concerned look, asking, "Are you sure that these places you've mentioned exist?"

"Of course they exist, dammit!" yelled Naruto, glaring at the man heatedly. "Those places are my home and I've already had one asshole insult it within five minutes of me arriving here!"

"I meant no offense," placated Sirzechs as he raised his hands up. "I'm just unsure how I can help you when I've never heard of such places. But I must ask, how can a human such as yourself have such vast stores of chakra within them?"

"All people in the Elemental Nations use chakra. It's not just an energy to us; it's a life force."

"I see… Then this makes what I'm about to say even more difficult." He sighed before looking Naruto in the eye, declaring, "No such places exist in our world or in the human one. A whole nation full of chakra users would have been found easily by us or others, and the location wouldn't be unknown."

The blonde grit his teeth and clenched his eyes tightly, tightening his shaking fist to rein in his anger. "Dammit… I was hoping you wouldn't say that," he stated before he started to murmur to himself. "If that's true, then Sasuke's Kamui must have been more potent than Obito's… There's no way I can get home."

"I'm sorry, Naruto…"

'Don't be, Kurama. I knew that this could've been a possibility. But seriously; a different world entirely? That's just not right! Fucking Rinnegan and its cheap power boosts…' he mentally grumbled.

"Naruto-san," Sirzechs said, getting the blonde's attention. "Your home may not exist here, but we are able to travel between our world and the human one connected to us at will. If we were to put more effort into figuring out the links between worlds, it could be possible for us to help you."

"What are you guys anyway?" asked Naruto, cutting him off before he could continue. "You admit you're not human, and I can tell by the energy you give off."

"That's true. In fact, our energy is seen as much darker than most; especially to those who are religious. You see, we are devils."

"Devils?" asked Naruto with a raised brow before taking a seat in the chair Grayfia offered him. Nodding to her in thanks, he continued, "So what, is this hell or something? Because if it is, then it's not as bad as I thought it'd be."

The man chuckled and sat down at his desk. "Yes, this is the underworld, or hell. I hope you're comfortable because this explanation will take a while.

It was around an hour later that Sirzechs finally finished telling Naruto about the devils, angels, and fallen angels (fallen for short). He told the Uzumaki about how God existed and how the devils have Four Great Satans instead of just one in religion. Then he went on to explain items known as Sacred Gears and finally the Evil Piece System; which explained why Grayfia referred to him as he [King].

"Alright, I understand what you've told me," began Naruto as he took a drink of the water Grayfia gave him, "but I have another question. If you're supposedly the strongest devil both politically and physically, then why can't you stop this arranged marriage that your relative seems to hate so much?"

"You mean my sister Rias-tan?" he asked in slight surprise. "When did you meet her?"

"When he arrived," explained Grayfia, "it was during the meeting between her and Riser-sama. Rias-sama seemed to know about Uzumaki-san some."

"Is that so?" The man then cupped his chin and leaned back in his chair. "To answer your question, Naruto-san, I can't help because a leader cannot pick favorites; even from their own kin. I can't interfere in this because of that; not to mention how it's meant to save both our Houses from dying out."

"Still…if I were in your position, I'd say to screw politics and help my family. Policy isn't eternal, but family is damn near close to it," commented Naruto, making Sirzechs smile.

"True. However, I never said I wasn't going to help her. The politics in play just make me have to be…sneaky about it. You told me you were a ninja, right?" The blonde nodded. "Well, how would you like to help me out?"

Naruto saw the gleam in the man's eyes and couldn't help the grin that formed on his face. "What did you have in mind?"

A pair of gray eyes slowly opened and a short girl took sight of the Vatican City of Rome. She was dressed in an outfit that was fit for Gothic Lolita girls, but hers left her torso bare save for two black, X-shaped covers over her nipples. The girl looked down from her perch atop the main church while a black cat rested on her shoulder.

"Kuroka," spoke the girl calmly. "I have a job for you."

The cat jumped off of the girl and landed on the roof behind her before she transformed into a more humanoid figure. She was a young woman with a voluptuous figure, long black hair with split bangs and hazel eyes with cat-like pupils. Her attire consisted of a black kimono, a yellow obi, a set of golden beads, and an ornately detailed headband. The kimono featured a red interior and it was open at her shoulders, giving view to her large breasts which had plenty of size. She also had a pair of cat ears on her head and two black cat tails.

"Nya~," she moaned as she stretched her arms over her head. "What do you need, Ophis-sama?"

"Earlier, someone with a tremendous level of chakra appeared in Japan. They then disappeared with one of the higher leveled devils to what I can assume to be the underworld." Turning to the nekomata, the gothic girl continued, "I want you to head over to Japan and observe the person. Sway them to my cause in any way you can."

"Sure thing, nya!" replied Kuroka before she opened her own portal and prepared to leave. Before she did, she turned back to her boss and asked, "I can check on my little Shirone-chan too, right?"

Ophis didn't look at her as she answered, "So long as you focus on the task I've given you, I see no problem with that."

"Thanks boss, nya!" She then left Rome, heading over to Kuoh in Japan.

"You honestly expect me to allow that trash to take part in the Rating Game? He's a human, and a common fool at that!" argued Riser as he stood before Sirzechs, Grayfia, and Naruto.

"True, he is human. However, this," the redheaded Satan held up a strange Piece, "will allow Naruto-san to temporarily become a [Pawn] for a devil's Peerage and take part in a Rating Game. Besides," the man smiled at the blonde devil before him, "are you saying that one more person fighting you will be that big of an issue?"

Riser scowled at the jab at his pride. "I'm not saying that at all, Lucifer-sama!" He then turned to Naruto, who was smirking at him, and glared. "Very well, but I want another stake to be added to this game."

"Go on…" Sirzechs said.

"When I win, this fool will forever serve me without question," the Phenex declared as he pointed at Naruto.

"I'm fine with that," agreed Naruto. "And if you lose?"

"I won't," stated the other blonde firmly.

"Let's just say that you do," continued Naruto. "What happens then?"

Sirzechs and Grayfia watched on silently, though the redhead held back his own smirk at how well his plan was going. Riser then snapped his fingers and a woman appeared from the Phenex family portal.

She was a busty woman with long, wavy purple hair that fell all the way down her back and matching eyes. At the front, the right side of her hair fell over her breast and covered her right eye, while the left side falls near the top of her skirt. Her attire was a dress consisting of a navy blue tunic top with gold accents, a pale blue skirt with open sides, and black shoes over matching thigh-high stockings with garter belts. The top revealed much of her cleavage and was held with a gold choker with blue and red jewels. Over this, she wore a white overcoat with black and gold accents and matching pauldrons. For accessories, she wore a black headband with a red-orange jewel over her forehead to keep her long hair in place, and wielded a staff-like scepter in battle. For cosmetics, she wears purple lipstick, matching her eyes and hair.

"If I lose – which, again, won't happen – I'll offer up my [Queen], Yubelluna," stated Riser, shocking the woman at his statement.

"R-Riser-sama!" she cried out in protest, but she then shrunk back when the Phenex turned to her with a heated look. Bowing her head, she stepped back behind her [King].

"You really are a bastard, aren't you?" asked Naruto angrily, making Yubelluna look up from behind the Phenex. It was only then that she realized that the blonde man from before was challenging her [King]. "How could you just offer up your [Queen] like that?"

"She is my Piece to do with as I please. Now, do you accept or not, trash?"

The Uzumaki frowned at the other blonde before nodding slowly. "Fine, I accept. Besides, you just gave me another reason to kick your ass."


"Yea… I'm gonna get Red-chan out of this arranged marriage and I'm also gonna free an innocent [Queen] from the asshole she calls her [King]! You can count on it!"

Yubelluna looked to the Uzumaki in surprise at his conviction before a small smile crossed her face. Riser scoffed at the declaration before turning to Sirzechs. "I'll let him fight for Rias. It'll be a privilege to roast him alive on the battlefield."

"Excellent!" replied Sirzechs with a smile. "Well, I'll see you in two weeks, Riser-san. Come along, Naruto-san. I need to take you back to Rias-tan so that you can train with her Peerage."

"Right," answered the whiskered blonde before he left with Sirzechs and Grayfia, giving Yubelluna one last smile before he disappeared.

Riser scoffed again and headed back inside his family's estate, leaving the [Queen] outside staring at where the strange blonde man once stood. The smile from before reformed on her face and she thought to herself, 'I hope you win, Naruto Uzumaki.'

She then headed inside with a small spring in her step. Two weeks would be over in the blink of an eye, and she wanted to be ready for the Rating Game that was coming.

And that's the end of Chapter One! Wow, that was fun to type up! I hope this story is as well liked as my others!

Now, since this is a DxD crossover, which practically makes having harems a rule, this story is a harem one. Naruto will have one and Issei will have a small one as well.

Naruto Uzumaki – Rias Gremory, Akeno Himejima, Yubelluna, Kuroka, Ophis

Issei Hyoudou – Asia Argento, Koneko (Shirone) Toujou, Irina Shidou

Those are the harems and they are not changing! Do not ask me to add anyone or change anyone!

Now, there are two people I want to thank for helping me plan this idea, and they're both really great friends to me! This is my shout out to Dregus and ncpfan! Thanks a bunch guys!

Next time, the Rating Game has a [Temporary Pawn] playing for Rias Gremory! What will this Piece do to turn the tides in her favor?