It is said that good resides in every human being; but it depends on the person on wither they will pursue that goodness, or choose the path of darkness. What is guaranteed; whatever you do choose will affect those closest to you wither for better...or for worse.


"OK…people pay almost $10,000 a month…for this?"

The sparkly of the freshly wash windows of the Manhattan apartment shone brightly into the eyes of its newest inhabitants. Two freshly arrived young women walked into the big city abode and gawked at the size of it. Needless to say, for a $10,000 a month abode, it was rather…small.
"Makes me wonder how much Grandpa spent on this thing, since it's supposed to be one of the 'bigger' apartments"

"I guess this is 'welcome to city life'." The eldest girl, Elizabeth, walked into the open space and let off a small smirk. "Well at least it has two bedrooms, that way I don't have to deal with your snoring, Faith."
"I do NOT snore!" Faith, the younger of the two snipped back, setting a bag down onto the kitchen counter. She looked around for a moment and let off a small whine.
"One thing I do want to do right now…is complain…"
"Why? It's big enough for the both of us. Maybe we can get some kittens to keep us company." Lizzy replied, heading straight for the apartment window and taking in the scenery. "Compared to some of the pictures I've seen of Manhattan apartments, I say Grandpa got a nice one."

"It's not the size of the apartment," Faith muttered, slowly walking over to stand next to her sister, and pursed her lips. "…It's the size of the city…"
Lizzy looked at the view for a moment longer, nodding slowly in agreement. "Yeah…that's one thing going against us." She crossed her arms and looked towards her little sister. "We're defiantly not in Tennessee anymore."
"Oh you're barely figuring that one out?" Faith smirked towards her older sister and turned, looking forward to exploring the rest of the apartment. "You must be experiencing more jet lag than me."
"Oh you're SO funny" Lizzy replied sarcastically, following Faith into the short hallway that led to the two bedrooms. Lizzy looked from one room…to the other…and then back once again. "…Why don't you take the bigger one, Faith? I can take this one."
"What? But you're the oldest, YOU rightfully should get the bigger bedroom!" Faith replied, making a motion with her hand. "My dresser will fit fine in here."
"Yeah, but you want your couch in the same room, and this one won't fit your bed, dressers AND couch, so you can have the bigger room."
"…Are we seriously fighting over the bigger bedroom backwards?"

Both girls looked towards each other for a moment…before they laughed at each other, proceeding to shove each other away.

"OK, fine, you're not going to cave, so I will." Faith rolled her eyes and headed into the bigger room, looking it over and setting her bags in the middle of the empty room. There was at LEAST a hundred ways she could decorate this thing. Finding the way that was going to be just right for her was going to be a challenge.
It sure didn't help that the moving van wouldn't arrive until two days from now.

"I suppose it's a good thing that we brought our cooking supplies." Faith called out to her sister as she herself started making herself at home in the smaller room. "I REALLY don't want to put up with Chinese take-out for 48 hours." The girl knelt to the ground and rolled out her sleeping bag in the place she thought she wanted her bed…then shook her head disapprovingly, and moved it a different way.

"Oh come on, It wouldn't be THAT bad" Lizzy called out from her room, before footsteps were heard and the older sibling poked her head into the room and smirked. "Besides! You and Dad usually LOVE Chinese!"
"Listen! I've been on a new diet, and I just don't KNOW what tastes good anymore!" Faith replied, making a face towards her sister.
Lizzy smirked and leaned against the wall. "I'll tell you what tastes good. Pizza, Chinese, Mexican, Italian-"

"Oh PLEASE don't do that! I'm starving!"
Faith stood and looked over her area…only to groan in discontentment once more, and try to arrange her things in a different manor again. "Man…you'd think working in Hotel management, I'd be able to properly ORGANIZE!"
"Keep in mind, Miss Fussy." Lizzy put a finger in the air to make her point. "Your stuff isn't even here yet…so whether or not you figure out where to put your sleeping bag, you're more than likely to do the exact same thing with your furniture."

Faith looked upwards towards her sister, and stuck her tongue out at her. She hated to admit it, but Lizzy was right…per the norm, but she wasn't about to give her the satisfaction of TELLING her that.
The woman finally tossed aside her pillow and slowly started making her way into the living room, trying to determine where the furniture of the living room was going to go.
"…Hey Lizzy? Did you get a hold of Justin?"

"Justin?" Lizzy stretched from the lack of movement that they both had to endure from the SEVEN HOUR plane flight that they had to endure from Tennessee. It was SUPPOSE to be a four hour flight, but NOOO, the pilots wanted to fly around a big storm cloud.
Better safe than sorry, right?
Turning her focus back to her younger sister, she began inspecting the kitchen, eyeing every place that she could keep her dishes. Chances were, she and Faith were going to be fighting over what goes where. "You mean Justin Ryder? The police officer that Becky was SO gaga about?"

Faith grinned at her sister and nodded. "Yeah, him…though, I was pretty sure that Becky had the hots for his brother Dennis."

"Eh, knowing that girl, it's probably either, or, or BOTH!" Liz laughed, before looking over and grinning. "But yeah, I got in contact with him! He said his sister and his cousin are going to be here in Manhattan in about four months or so. Then not long after that, he and his brothers will be as well."

"His sister?..." Faith turned and then smiled. "Oh you mean Sophia?"

"Yup" Liz walked over to her sister and looked out the window she was looking out of. "Something about a business trip…Hey did you pack the papers for the hotel we're going to work at next week?"

"Of course." Faith motioned back towards her room and smiled. "Grandpa would have given me an hour long lecture if I didn't."
"DAD would have given us BOTH a THREE hour lecture!" Lizzy pointed out, making a face.
"No kidding…" Faith chuckled…and then quickly grinned and pranced for the kitchen. "SO! What do you want for dinner! I can make my Gumbo, or my parmesan chicken!"
"Now who said YOU were going to do the cooking?" Liz demanded, turning and going after her sister. "I'm the oldest! I cook, you do the dishes!"

"No way! I called it first! I cook, and YOU do the dishes!"
"I'm the oldest!"
"I called it first!"
"I make better food!"
"PAH! Says who? I'M the one who took the culinary classes!"
"I was BORN with the gift, you had to learn it!"
"OH! You did NOT just go there!"


The next few days had been extremely hectic AND exciting at the same time; which for Faith both made sense and no sense at all. Living in the Big Apple of all places wasn't her first choice in working areas…

If anything, she'd rather visit than live here.

Faith looked at her subway map and looked back up to the busy streets of Manhattan. OK…HOW did she get to the trade center, or rather, the memorial of the trade center from here? The girl looked back to her subway map, and then looked up once more…before she slowly made her way for one of the subway stations that she saw on the corner of the street.
Well, time for her first subway ride…


She saw a shadow over her and looked up curiously, only to see the shadow of SpiderMan of all people go over her. The hero did a backflip and flung another web at a building, before looking down at his spectator, and then making a mock salute towards her.
Faith blinked and slowly waved back, her mouth open in shock as the hero swung away.

Ok…THAT was something you don't see every day! She had always heard rumors of the Spider-themed hero, but never had the privilege of actually seeing any pictures of him. The news would probably end up doing shots of the guy in action sooner or later…

The woman slowly shook her head and made her way down the stairs and paid for a card. Faith squeezed through the roundabout and managed to look at her map again. So…WHICH way to the trade center? Didn't it have a special number or something?

"Attention! Last call for train C! Passengers board at this time, or don't board at all!"

Faith quickly looked up…and then winced at seeing the subway train fixing to leave. Quickly, she bolted for the vehicle, trying her best to dodge all the people around her, before jumping into the train, RIGHT as the doors were closing.


Faith gasped sharply and slammed a hand over her mouth as she realized that she had stepped on an older man's foot in her attempt to board the train before it took off. The man was defiantly elderly looking; bald, and thin as a rail- while the man who sat beside him was the direct opposite. This man was short, portly, and actually looked to be in his mid-thirties, though, knowing her, her guesses could be off.
"I am SO SORRY, sir!" She winced, backing away from the men and looking at them apologetically. "I- I just moved here- I was trying to catch the train before it took off- I didn't mean to—"

"Just watch it, next time, missy." The older man huffed, looking over his shoes and frowning…before looking up at the girl. "Though I'll give ya credit for apologizing."
"Y-Yes sir" Faith winced and slightly stumbled as the train began to roll along, and quickly sat down across from the two men, looking rather ashamed. "I really am sorry."
"Eh, Not the first time it's happened." The older man waved his hand slightly in the air in dismissal.
The man beside him smiled for a moment, before looking in Faith's direction. "No need to fret, Miss; It was a mistake. Adrian will live, won't you?"
"Oh I'll live alright, Otto." The man looked over towards his traveling partner and made a motion with his hand. "If Osborn would ever get back to me about my tech that you suggested to him."

"Tech?" Faith looked up, suddenly interested, and folded her hands over her lap. "Do you work for OsCorp, or something?"
Adrian looked back at the girl and smirked slightly, before shaking his head. "Nah, I'm fixing to retire from Tri-Corp, since they're getting' low in funds." He looked bitter for a moment before motioning towards the portly man beside him. "Otto on the other hand DOES work for OsCorp."
"Whoa" Faith's eyes widened…before she leaned forward slightly. "So, you guys are like, super geniuses, right?"

The men paused…and then both chuckled warmly at the woman's suggestion.
"Well, I-I don't know about 'geniuses' ma'am" Otto said shyly, putting a hand to his head and looking back up. "But, being scientists has plenty of advantages."
"Like taking care of flower girls." Adrian looked towards Otto and smirked, making Otto chuckle and look back towards Faith. "So- you said you were new here?"

"Yes" Faith replied, happy to find some FRIENDLY New Yorkers. "My sister and I just moved here a few days ago, and I'm still trying to find my way around. We're both going to be working for the Peninsula. She'll be with Human Recourses, while I'm in Management training." Faith looked downwards and fiddled with her subway map. "We lived in Murfreesboro Tennessee…which is somewhat big, sure…but it's nothing like Manhattan."
The girl glanced out the window of the moving train and a noticeable grimace came to her face. "I'd be lying if I said it's not intimidating."

Otto smiled and lightly waved a hand into the air. "Getting used to big city life can be intimidating, but I'm sure you could do it." He leaned back into his seat and smiled more. "I knew a wonderful lady from Nevada who wasn't happy about Manhattan, and she ended up becoming a pro!" Otto paused…and then glanced to the side sadly. "I haven't seen her in the longest time…"

The statement made Faith look up in concern…before she smiled in encouragement towards the scientist before her. "Don't worry, sir. I'm sure she hasn't forgotten about you!"
"Well he certainly hasn't forgotten about her." Adrian replied, glancing towards Otto and smirking. "All I ever hear in the lab is 'Sophia liked this' or 'Sophia did it like that'. It's been like that for YEARS now!"
"Wh-Wha—I'm Sorry Adrian, I can't help it!" Otto stammered, looking towards his best friend and raising his hands in protest. "I-…my heart never felt the same when she was around…"

"Oh look at yourself, Otto." Adrian shook his head and smirked. "Quit your fretting, and just marry the girl!"

"MARRY HER?" Otto's face went scarlet and he waved his hands franticly. "B-B-But—It's been YEARS since the accident! I-I can't just—"

"We are now arriving at Eastman and Lare. Next stop is Broadway." The Subway pilot announced over the speaker, making Faith look up. The woman smiled for a moment and then looked back down towards the men accompanying her.
"Excuse me? Do you know how many more stops to Ground Zero of the Trade Center?"

Both men stopped their discussion and looked towards the young woman for a moment, almost sarcastically…before remembering that she was still new.
"Uh-…I-I-I hate to tell you this ma'am…" Otto paused and winced, rubbing his head. "But- you should have taken the B subway instead of the C….the Trade Center is in lower Manhattan…"
"This train is heading to Upper Manhattan." Adrian finished.

Faith quickly jumped upwards and grabbed her purse, before dashing for the fixing-to-close door. She paused and quickly waved to the two scientists and winced. "Nice meeting you both- Sorry about your foot sir!" she called, dashing out of the train.
Both of the men looked on in shock, basically in awe of how FAST the woman had reacted, before the train door closed, and the subway continued on its way.

Faith dashed up the sitars of the subway, and looked around at the streets before her. It had gotten darker, and the sun was only leaving slight traces of itself on the fading sky. Wandering around in the Big Apple at NIGHT of all times wasn't the best idea according to Faith…particularly WITHOUT her older brother or sister around.
Grimacing, Faith quickly bolted down the block, her eyes frantically scanning for a 'B' subway station. How would she get there? Was Lizzy worried? Should she call her?...Did that man in the subway say he knew a girl named Sophia of all things? Man…it's a small world…Chances were, it was probably a different girl than she was thinking about though….

Oh my, even New Yorkers have tire blowouts! Guess not even a cute with an ego the size of the moon was immune to—

The girl quickly stopped running and looked behind her towards a darkened alleyway. Were those…gunshots?
Faith gasped sharply when she saw a slender, older man running out of an alleyway, riled in hand and rapidly shooting into the ally.
"ARGH!" came a shout from within the ally.
The man with the rifle smirked…before his eyes widened, and he quickly turned and SHOVED Faith out of his way as he ran.

As if on cue, a darker man with a well-trimmed beard came barreling out of the alleyway, twirling a staff of all things, a look of determination in his eyes. The man leapt over the frightened woman and continued to pursue the retreating man.
Faith gasped and quickly looked behind her. A much LARGER man had exited the ally and cracked his knuckles. He growled and glanced down towards Faith…who gasped sharply and stayed on the ground, backing up closer to the wall, looking up in terror.
The man merely grunted at her, before quickly taking off after the other two men, looking like he was on some kind of mission.

Faith trembled at the sight and slowly pushed herself up, looking on in horror…before she quickly dove into the ally that the men had just retreated from in an attempt to hide.
This wasn't happening…not after she had JUST promised her Grandfather that she would try her best to adjust to city life! This wasn't happening…this wasn't happening…this-
The woman gasped upon hearing a weak moan behind her, and quickly spun around, back firmly against the wall.

A few yards away from her was a man crumpled against the other ally wall, eyes shut tightly and his teeth gritted in pain. His cowboy hat blocked his facial features, but it was obvious the guy was in pain. He was clutching at his overcoat, and his jeans were getting soiled with something dark and thick. Faith panted at the sight of the man writhing in pain, before she quickly ran to him, inwardly yelling at herself that she needed to get OUT of there.
"Sir- SIR! Are you alright? Are you—" The woman paused as she knelt down to the stranger and took in the sight. The man's hands were COVERED with blood!
Faith gasped…and quickly took out her cell phone, dialing 911.

"….Yeah Hi, Listen, I've got a man here who's been SHOT! He's bleeding badly and I need an ambulance!...N-No I don't know the street name, I JUST moved here!" Faith winced as the man slowly looked up at her, his eyes hazy as he battled to stay conscious. The woman quickly put a hand over his hand that was clutching his wound and added pressure.
"Stay with me, sir; Don't worry, Help will be here soon" she said frantically, one hand on his wound, the other clutching her cell phone. The man gritted his teeth for a moment…before shutting his eyes once again and let off a low groan. Faith panted in panic and turned her attention back on her phone.
"No- I DON'T know the street address! I-…The ONLY thing I see is a sign that says 'Big Sky billiard room' If that means anything to you?"

The man lulled his head back slightly and his hat fell off, revealing messy red hair underneath. It looked like even his face had a few scratches, so whatever had just gone down, it had been happening for a little while now.
Faith winced and looked back down. "Ok- I'm staying with him until the police and medics arrive….ok fine." Quickly she hung up her phone and quickly added pressure to the man's wound with her other hand, trying to shake the man awake.

He moaned and opened his eyes once more, seeing the look of worry and terror in her eyes.

"Come one sir…stay with me!...Don't give up, help is on it's way!...Sir?...Sir!"
The woman's voice faded in his ears as he let darkness creep over him, slipping him into an unconscious sleep.


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