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Harry blinked shyly up at the large red head that was hovering above him. "Merlin, Harry, you're so bloody beautiful."

Harry giggled, blushing even more. "I can't be beautiful, I'm a boy."

"Oh, I can feel that you're a boy," the red head said, grinding down on Harry's very hard erection. "You're still the most beautiful creature that I have ever laid eyes on."

Moaning, Harry thrust his hips up trying to get more stimulation from the man above him. "You spend all day working with goblins so that isn't saying much."

"What!" Bill gasped. "I'll have you know, under all that tough wrinkly skin, pointed teeth and nasty attitude, goblins are beautiful."

Harry threw his head back laughing. Bill gazed down at the beautiful boy under him. He wasn't lying, Harry really was the most beautiful creature that he had ever laid eyes on. With his soft raven hair that he had spent the last year growing out and now came to just below his shoulder blades, his large glowing emerald eyes, soft feminine features, petite size and shy, loving, submissive nature...he couldn't help but to be smitten with the small boy.

Unable to resist any longer, Bill leaned down and claimed the boy's lips in a passionate kiss. Despite Harry only just tuning seventeen the week before and him being so much older, he just couldn't keep his hands off the beautiful boy. It had been a year since he last saw the boy and at that time he was just a scruffy, gangly, be-speckled, awkward boy who was the best friend of his baby brother. Now, gone was the awkward boy and it's place was a stunning, graceful creatures who's beautiful eyes were no longer hidden by thick ugly glasses. He had been blown away when he moved back home a week ago and spotted this angel landing in front of him with a grin on his face and a broomstick in his hand.

Harry squirmed under Bill's large body, moaning. He couldn't believe that Bill actually liked him. His uncle had always told him that no one would ever want him, and yet here was Bill sexy Weasley telling him that he was beautiful and kissing him. He knew that his adopted fathers Sirius and Remus would go ballistic if they knew he was making out with a much older man, but they weren't here. The day after his birthday they dropped him off at the Burrow so they could go away for their anniversary and they weren't going to be back until a week before school started. They were also celebrating Sirius being declared free, and as much as he missed them, they deserved a little one on one time together.

Three months ago he managed to do the impossible and kill Voldemort and end the war. He wasn't proud that he killed another human being, if you could even call that snake man human, but it had to be done. They had been dueling when their wands connected again, but this time Voldemort wasn't expecting him to have a second wand. Dumbledore had been hit with a curse and knocked out cold, so he had picked up the man's wand wanting to keep it safe. When his wand connected with Voldemort's, he used Dumbledore's wand to fire the killing curse at Voldemort. As far as he was concerned he hadn't done anything special, but everyone was hailing him a hero and he now couldn't get a minutes peace.

At the end of the school year he had been expecting to be sent back to his horrible, abusive relatives until his seventeenth birthday, but Remus and Sirius had surprised him the night before he was due to leave and asked if they could adopt him and become a family. It had been the best night of his life and he had gotten his deepest wish...a real family. He got to leave that night and celebrate his adoption with the two men that loved him the most in the world. Sirius and Remus adored him and they never failed in showing him just how much they loved him. They knew how bad the Dursely's had abused him and they wanted to make sure that he never doubted their love.

It had taken his new fathers a week to get the truth out of him about his abusive past, but when he finally broke down and told them, they held him all night long while he cried himself to sleep. From day one of being left with his relatives, they had starved him, forced him to work like a house elf, beat him, broke his bones and belittled him. He was told that he was a freak, ugly, unlovable, worthless and not another human being would ever want or love him. He had firmly believed every word that came out of their mouths, but his fathers were trying to prove to him that it wasn't true. He was still having a hard time believing them, but he desperately wanted to.

Bill started trailing kisses down Harry's delicate neck, gently biting and sucking. For the past few days he had been making out with the boy, but he was hoping to take it farther. He wanted claim Harry's body, make the boy his. "Harry, are you a virgin?' he asked huskily.

Panting, Harry nodded his head in embarrassment. Everyone in his dorm had lost their virginity, even Neville. Before Bill, he hadn't really been interested in anyone. Hell, he had never even masturbated before. His aunt had told him countless times that it was dirty and disgusting and if she ever caught him doing it, she would have his uncle cut his hand off. Sadly, he knew that his aunt wasn't joking, she would have had uncle Vernon cut his hand off and the bastard would have loved doing it.

Bill groaned, turned on even more knowing that he was going to be Harry's first. "I wanna make love to you, Harry. Can I be your first?"

Harry froze, unsure if he really wanted to go all the way. He really, really liked Bill and he was extremely turned on, but he wanted to give his virginity to the man he planned to spend the rest of his life with. Uncle Vernon had said that he would end up being nothing but a whore...just like his mother. When he was little he had believed that his mother was a whore, but now he knew better. His mother had been training to be a medi-witch, and the only person she had ever slept was his his father. He wanted to be like his mom and save himself for the man had was going to bond with.

Bill pulled back and looked into Harry's mesmerizing eyes. He could see desire in those eyes, but also fear and uncertainty. There was also something deeper, but he wasn't sure what it was. "I won't hurt you, Harry, I promise. I think I'm falling in love with you."

Harry's grin was blinding. Sure, Remus and Sirius had told him that they loved him, but no one else had ever said those words to him. He desperately wanted to be loved and love someone in return. Sucking in his bottom lip, Harry tentatively nodded his head. "I'm falling in love with you too, Bill," he said softly.

Bill's grin was just as big as Harry's. "Just, please take it slow," Harry said somewhat fearfully. He may be innocent, but he knew how sex between two guys worked and he knew that it was going to hurt at first.

Bill peppered Harry's nose and cheeks with kisses. "I would never hurt you, never. You mean more to me than anyone else and I couldn't bare to see you in pain." Bill pulled out his wand and warded and silenced his bedroom door.

"Won't someone notice me missing?" Harry asked, feeling a bit panicky.

Bill went back to sucking on Harry's neck trying to distract him. He would never force Harry into doing something that he didn't want to do, but fear was expected in a virgin,..especially one as innocent as Harry. "Harry love, they all think you are asleep in Fred and George's old room and Charlie is sleeping in Percy's room, no one will ever know."

Bill sat up and pulled Harry into a sitting position then slowly pulled his shirt up and over his head. Harry was thin, too thin, but he was also toned and flawless. Cupping the back of his head, he reclaimed Harry's lips as he gently laid him back down.

Harry was mentally thanking Remus for teaching him those glamour spells, he would have been horrified if Bill saw all the scars that his uncle left him with. It was bad enough having to show them to his dads and seeing the look of horror on their faces.

Bill slowly kissed his way down Harry's body, giving his small nipples extra attention. Just hearing Harry's moans was almost enough to have him coming in his pants like a fourteen year old. He couldn't wait to sink into the beautiful boy, but this was too good to rush.

Harry never imagined that having his nipples sucked and nibbled on would feel so amazing. He though that stuff like that was just for girls, he didn't know that it would also be pleasurable for guys. He felt like he should be touching and kissing Bill too, but he wasn't sure what to do.

"Just relax and feel," Bill said as if he had been reading Harry's mind. "Let me take care of you."

Closing his eyes, Harry did as Bill instructed and relaxed. He was loving the feel of Bill's hands all over him and his mouth pleasuring him. He was so caught up in the pleasure that he about hit the ceiling when Bill grabbed his hard cock. He had never even felt Bill's hand dip inside his sleep pants.

"Easy," Bill chuckled, he hadn't been expecting such a violent reaction. "It's just my hand, no different then when you masturbate." Bill watched as Harry's face got impossibly redder. "Harry, you have masturbated, haven't you?"

Harry wanted to say yes, but he was never good at lying. He felt like such a freak.

"Merlin," Bill muttered, shocked that Harry had never even masturbated. Hell, he had started jerking off when he was thirteen, and had walked in on George masturbating when he was only twelve. Masturbating was a normal, healthy part of growing up. He had never met a teen as pure as Harry. "Harry, have you ever had an orgasm? A wet dream maybe?"

Harry covered his face with his hands and shook his head no. He was seventeen years old and had never had one sexual dream. It was embarrassing, Bill must think that there was something terribly wrong with him or something.

"Fuck that's hot," Bill moaned. "I get the honors of giving you your first ever orgasm."

Harry opened his eyes and gasped when he saw Bill's eyes completely dilated with lust. He couldn't believe that scrawny, ugly him could turn someone as gorgeous as Bill on.

Smirking, Bill hooked his fingers in Harry's pants and yanked them down, tossing them over his shoulder and across the room.


Bill was shocked when Harry opened his eyes and there were tears in them. "W-Why didn't you stop? It was dirty what I just did in your mouth. W-Was that an orgasm? I-I thought that I was going to pee in your mouth."

Bill scooted up the bed and laid beside Harry, pulling the crying teen to his chest and spooning behind him. "Hush, my love, I wanted you to come in my mouth. I wanted to taste you...all of you."

"Y-You did?" Harry asked, scrunching up his nose in disgust. He couldn't imagine anyone wanting to drink that.

"Yeah I did, and you were delicious. I'm sorry that it scared you." Bill said, feeling bad that he had upset Harry and made him cry. How could a seventeen year old be so pure and innocent? For Merlin's sake, he lived in a dorm with other guys. He knew his dorm mates in Hogwarts were always going on about sex. A night didn't go by where he didn't hear one of them jerking off. "Did it feel good at least?"

Blushing, Harry nodded his head. "It felt..." Harry didn't even know how to describe how it felt.

Chuckling, Bill started nibbling on the back of Harry's neck and rubbing his pert, tight little bum. "I plan on making you that speechless a few more times tonight." Reaching for his wand, he summoned a bottle of lube. It may quicker to loosen and lubricate Harry magically, but he wanted to open him slowly with his fingers. He wanted to feel Harry squeeze his finger as he slowly inserted it inside his tight virgin entrance.

Harry tried to relax but he had a feeling he knew what Bill was about to do. He wasn't stupid, he knew that sex between males meant putting your cock in the other guy's ass, Merlin knows he had walked in on Dean fucking Seamus enough times to see how it worked, but he was still scared. He wanted to do this though, he really did. He wanted to make Bill feel good and fall in love him even more. Bill was great, and he was falling head over heels in love with him. He would do anything for Bill's love.


"Do you want this, Harry?" Bill asked, wanting to make sure that Harry truly wanted this. "I won't be mad or upset if you're not ready to go all the way. We have a few more weeks before Sirius picks you up, and then a lifetime after you graduate. I'm in no rush." That wasn't completely true, he couldn't wait to sink inside Harry, but he was prepared to wait however long Harry needed.

It warmed Harry's heart and left him feeling giddy hearing that Bill wanted to be with him after he graduated. Looking back, he grinned at Bill before kissing him on his lips. "I'm positive. Make love to me, Bill, I want you."



"Come on, Harry, mom said you have slept long enough, it's lunchtime."

Harry groaned as the sound of Ron's voice wrenched him out of the wonderful dream he was having. Bringing his arms up, he went to stretch when pain shot up his spine causing him to cry out.

"Hey, you alright in there?" Ron asked, banging on the door in concern.

"Yeah," Harry winced, reluctantly opening his eyes. "I just got myself caught in the zipper," he lied. Ok, so it wasn't the best lie he could come up with, but he was still half asleep and confused as hell.

"Bloody hell," Ron moaned. "Be careful, with that. Your only given one of those," he said, chuckling at his own joke.

Despite his aching body, Harry laughed at his best friend. "Thanks, Ron, tell your mom I will be down after I shower."

"Just keep in mind, if that gets stuck...I'm not helping you with the zipper."

Giggling, Harry carefully sat up and looked around. The last thing he remembered was Bill taking him from behind until he collapsed from exhaustion. He didn't remember walking back to the twins old room, and he honestly doubted he would have physically been able to after spending the entire night with Bill making love to him multiple times.

Looking to the pillow next to him, he grinned when he spotted a single red rose and a pain relieving potion. Bill must have carried him back before anyone noticed him missing. Picking up the rose he gave it a sniff, thankful that no one was around to see the sappy look that he was sure was on his face. Bill was the kindest, sweetest, sexiest man on the earth and he couldn't believe that he wanted to be with him. With a sigh, he downed the potion then got up to get a shower. He knew that if Bill hadn't left him the pain reliever, he wouldn't be able to walk today. He didn't even know how many times Bill took his last night, the curse breaker was a insatiable.

Standing naked in front of the large bathroom mirror, Harry gazed at all the bruises and love bites Bill had left him with. His neck, collar bones, chest and he was pretty sure his back too, was covered. They were sore to the touch, but it was a good pain. It reminded him that what he shared with Bill last night was real and not a dream. It was a shame that he was going to have to glamour them all. There was no way that he could explain who gave them to him and he wasn't ready to come out of the closet just yet. Mrs. Weasley and Ginny wouldn't be too happy if they found out that not only was he gay, but also having sex with Bill...a much, much older man. Ginny had been trying since he arrived to get into his pants.

Grabbing an extra towel, he spread his large dark purple and black wings out and started to meticulously dry them. It would have been much faster and easier to dry them using magic, but doing it this way felt so much better. It also gave him a chance to look for bent or damaged feathers so he could pluck them. He had never been a vain person or cared too much for his looks, but his wings were stunning and he wanted to keep them that way. Most people would have freaked out after sprouting wings on their seventeenth birthday, and at first he did, but now he loved his beautiful wings.

He had woken the day before his seventeenth birthday feeling like shit and running a dangerously high fever. Immediately Sirius had freaked out and floo'd Professor Dumbledore and Madam Pomfrey. All of Madam Pomfrey's scans had come back normal, so Professor Dumbledore suspected that he was coming into a creature inheritance. All day and night his fever raged, burning instantly through all the fever reducers that Professor Snape had given him. The man had tried everything, but none of his potions had worked on him. By the time midnight had rolled around, his fever was off the charts and he was delirious. Then at exactly midnight, pain worse than the cruciotus curse tore through his body. The pain was so overwhelming that he couldn't handle it and he mercifully passed out. When he came back around the following morning, there was large wings on his back pinning him to his mattress.

Other than the large beautiful wings, his hair had grown to the middle of his back and was black as night, his eyes became brighter, his ears pointy, he was more graceful and his looks became more feminine. Sirius had said that he was drop dead gorgeous and even Snape was looking at him oddly.

For once Professor Dumbledore was speechless. Again he had done the impossible and became something that was thought to be extinct...a true fairy. Hundreds of years ago the fae flourished, they were considered the most beautiful creatures on earth, even more so than Veela. They were also extremely powerful, more powerful than even the most skilled mages. Their power and beauty caused wizards to hunt and kidnap them. They didn't want to hurt them, but they desired that beauty and power for themselves. It was also said that sex with a fairy was incredible and addicting because they were highly sexual creatures. It seemed that somewhere in the Potter line someone had mated and reproduced with a fairy. He prayed that it was mutual and that the fairy hadn't been forced. He couldn't bare to think that a relative of his had kidnapped and raped a beautiful fairy.

He still didn't know much about his fairy inheritance, but his dads had promised to go over everything with him when they returned from their trip. What he did know was that he was a male submissive and that made him even more desirable amongst the wizards. He didn't understand why yet, but Dumbledore had told him not to tell anyone...not even Ron. He had even made Snape and Promfrey swear on their magic not to tell anyone. He didn't mind, for some reason it felt wrong to tell anyone, his instincts were screaming at him to keep quiet.

Happy now that his wings were clean and dry, he pulled them back into his back and grabbed for his clothes. With a groan, he realized that he didn't bring any and he was going to have to make a break for it back to his room with just a towel wrapped around his waist. Merlin, he prayed that he didn't run into Ginny.

Peeking his head out the door and seeing that the coast was clear, Harry took off down the hall and up a flight of stairs to where the twins bedroom was located. He had almost made it when he slammed into something big and hard at the top of the stairs. Afraid that he was going to topple backwards, he grabbed onto the person he had slammed into.

Charlie quickly wrapped his arms around the mostly naked boy to keep him from falling back down the steps. "Easy there, Harry. Where's the fire?"

Harry looked up at the biggest of all the Weasley boys and blushed. "I-I forgot to take clothes with me and I didn't want your sister to see me."

Charlie chuckled. "Yeah, she has been a little too obvious, hasn't she?" Charlie looked down at the boy in his arms who's skin was still flushed from his hot shower. "It seems like she wasn't the only one?" he growled dangerously. "Who the hell marked you up like that?" He already had an idea who it was and he was livid that he left such horrible marks all over Harry's beautiful skin. He had known that Harry was innocent when he arrived here and he was disgusted that his brother had taken advantage of the sweet boy. Harry deserved to be treated like royalty, not a quick fuck in his parents house.

"Charlie," Harry squealed, eyes as big as saucers. How the hell could he forget the glamours? "I... I... I..."

Charlie gently placed his hand over Harry's mouth. "Would you like me to glamour them?" he asked between clenched teeth. Right now he wanted nothing more then to punch Bill in the face, but he didn't want Harry to think that he was upset with him.

Biting his lip, Harry shook his head no. "I-I can do it," he stuttered. "Charlie, I'm..."

Charlie gave Harry a warm smile. "Do you need any healing?"

Harry dropped his eyes and started fiddling with his towel. He was so upset and embarrassed that he totally forgot that he was naked and still in Charlie's strong arms. "Honestly, Charlie, I'm fine."

Charlie maneuvered Harry so he was no longer at risk of falling down the stairs then reluctantly dropped his arms and stepped back. "In that case, I was sent up here to tell you that lunch is in five minutes. The twins are visiting, so if you want to eat, you better hurry up." Charlie turned to go down the stairs, but then stopped. "Harry, don't forget the glamours." he said over his shoulder. He wasn't reminding him so his mom wouldn't see them, he was reminding him because the sight of them filled him with rage. Harry deserved someone that would love and cherish him, not mark up his beautiful body. He prayed that Bill hadn't hurt him when he took his virginity last night. Harry was so small, smaller than even Ginny.

Walking past the bathroom that Harry had just left, something odd caught Charlie's eye. Walking in to investigate it, he was startled to find two feathers. These weren't feathers from any owl, one was a dark purple and the other the brightest silver. He had never seen feathers like these before and they absolutely were stunning.


"Hey, Potter, up for some flying?"

Harry tried to hide his grimace. "Not right now, Fred, sorry." Harry held up the book on dragons he had been reading. "I'm busy right now?"

Fred snorted. "Keep it up and we're going to start calling you little Charlie."

"Dragons are fascinating," Harry grinned. "I need to figure out what I'm going to do after I graduate."

"Are you thinking dragons?" Charlie asked curiously, leaning against the door to the living room.

Harry grinned at the large red head. Out of all the Weasley's, Charlie had the kindest and most beautiful blue eyes. "I have always found them interesting so I thought it wouldn't hurt to look into it."

Charlie took a seat on the couch next to the small boy, not missing how he winced when the couch shifted. With a heavy sigh, he reached in his pocket and pulled out a pain relieving potion. "You look like you could use this," he said softly.

Harry quickly looked up to where Fred had been standing, but relaxed when he noticed that he was alone in the room with Charlie. "Thanks, the one Bill left me earlier wore off about an hour ago." His ass had been hurting so bad that he could hardly move. That was the real reason why he didn't want to go flying.

Charlie hid his clenched fists. He was furious that Bill had left Harry so sore that he couldn't even sit properly. At least he was thoughtful enough to leave him a pain reliever before heading off to work this morning. "Sure you don't need healing?"

Harry blushed a flaming red. "Charlie!" he whined.

Charlie was happy to see that Harry hadn't lost all his innocence after spending a night with his brother. "I just don't like to see you hurt. I'm not the best at healing spells, but I know the basics."

Downing the disgusting potion in one gulp, Harry rested his head on Charlie's broad, warm shoulder. He had always felt close to the muscular dragon handler. "M'fine, Charlie...promise."

Charlie started running his fingers through Harry's silky hair. "Harry, don't ever be afraid to come to me if you need something. I care very deeply for you."

Harry grinned up at Charlie. "I care for you too, Charlie. I'm so comfortable and happy around you."

Charlie leaned down and kissed Harry on the forehead. "I'm happy to hear that," he said somewhat sadly. "So, you decided not to become an Auror?" he asked, trying to change the subject.

"Never really wanted to be one, was just following Ron and doing what everyone expected of me. Sirius and Remus showed me that I don't have to do what the wizarding world expects, I can do whatever I want."

"And you want to work with dragons?" Charlie chuckled.

"I dunno," Harry shrugged. "You always made being a dragon handler look so cool."

"Harry, I make dragon handling look cool...because I myself am cool."

Harry playfully slapped Charlie on the arm. "Becoming a dragon handler is one of the top three on my list," Harry said with a yawn. "but it's also the most dangerous."

"What are the other two boring jobs you have picked?"

"Professor and healer," Harry answered shyly.

"Well, I think you would be great in any of those careers. How about I take you to the sanctuary tomorrow and show you around?"

Harry sat up, grinning. "Really, you would take me to the dragon sanctuary? But, Charlie, you're on vacation?"

"Technically I have taken a leave of absence, but I can still take you to the sanctuary and introduce to the handlers, their different jobs and some the dragons."

Harry threw himself at Charlie. "That would be awesome, Charlie. I can't wait, it's going to be so much fun."

Charlie closed his eyes, breathing in Harry's unique scent. "Would you like to hear some stories about my time as a dragon handler?"

Harry eagerly nodded his head, then shimmied down until he was laying with his head resting in Charlie's lap.

Charlie bit back a groan at having Harry so close to his groin. The boy was going to be the death of him. Taking a deep steadying breath, he started at his first year on the reservation while resuming carding his fingers through Harry's hair.


"Charlie, what the hell is going on?" Bill growled. All day at work he couldn't wait to get home to Harry so he was a bit shocked and angered when he walked in and found his lover sleeping with his head in his brothers lap. He couldn't stop thinking about the amazing night he had with the small boy and he was hoping to have a repeat tonight.

Charlie set Harry's dragon book down that he had been leafing through and cast I silencing spell around the sleeping boy so their voices wouldn't wake him up. Harry had only lasted fifteen minutes of his story telling before passing out. "Incase you couldn't tell, Harry is using me as a pillow while I read a book."

"Why is he using you as a pillow though?" Bill hissed. He didn't like to see his lover cuddled up with his brother.

Charlie took a deep breath and counted to ten. Right now he was furious at his brother, but making a scene would only upset Harry. He also didn't want the rest of the family to know that Bill and Harry were sleeping together. Harry wanted to keep it a secret and it wasn't his news to tell. "Relax, Bill, I was only telling Harry about the reservation and he fell asleep. There is nothing going on, I love Harry like a little brother who needs extra protecting," he lied.

Embarrassed, Bill scratched the back of his neck. "I'm sorry, I don't know what came over me. I just..."

"Leave him alone tonight?" Charlie snapped, interrupting his brother.

"What?" Bill asked, taken aback by the anger in his brother's voice.

"Harry has been in pain all day and is covered in bruises and bite marks. Give him a few days to heal before engaging him in sex again."

"Charlie, I really don't see where it's any of your business," Bill growled. "Harry is an adult now."

"Harry is just barely an adult and it is my business because I care about him. He was a virgin and you used him too hard. Harry also will do anything to please those he loves, so there is no way he will turn you down, even if he is in excruciating pain."

Bill visibly deflated. "I didn't mean to hurt him last night. I was careful, but he's so damn small."

"Let him heal," Charlie added.

Bill nodded his head. "Thanks for looking out for him today. Does anyone else know?"

"No," Charlie said, gazing down at the beautiful boy in his lap. "Do you love him?" he asked, heart squeezing painfully in his chest. He didn't know if he wanted Bill to answer with a yes or no.

Bill walked into the room and took a seat opposite of Charlie. He too was looking at Harry. "I think so," he answered softly. "Harry is... It's hard to put into words what Harry is, but there's something special about him, and I don't mean the whole Boy-Who-Lived crap." He knew how much Harry despised being called that. "I couldn't stop thinking about him today, damn near got my hand cursed off too because I wasn't paying attention. I want to protect him and make him happy...hurt those who want to hurt him. Yeah, I think I do love him."

"Don't hurt him," Charlie said voice barely above a whisper.

"Never," Bill said vehemently.


Charlie knelt down beside Harry and pulled his hair back for him. "International portkeys can be a bitch," he said in sympathy. The second they landed, or crashed in Harry's case, the poor boy had lost his breakfast.

Harry wiped at his mouth in disgust. "International or not, portkeys always make me vomit. Sorry, guess I should have warned you about that."

"It's nothing, Harry. When I was younger the same thing happened to me." Charlie helped Harry to his feet then vanished the mess. "Why didn't you tell me? I could have given you a stomach soother and we could have went out to eat for breakfast here. It's always worse portkeying on a full stomach."

"Tell me about it," Harry mumbled. "I was hoping that I could handle it this time, and I was afraid that if you knew you would change your mind about bringing me," he added shyly.

"Harry, it's going to take a lot more than vomit to gross me out, but I could have helped you had I known."

"M'sorry," Harry lowered his head in shame.

"None of that," Charlie said soothingly, placing a finger under Harry's chin and lifting his head. "Come on, I have a stomach soother in my hut and I'm sure you could do with a drink."

Harry was surprised when Charlie walked slow enough so he could easily keep up with him. He was a lot smaller than everyone else and he tended to get stuck looking at their backsides as they walked ahead of him. "Charlie, thanks again for doing this."

Charlie grinned down at Harry. "Are you kidding me, I'm as excited as you are. None of my brothers could care less about what I do, I'm thrilled to get to show you around."

"Wow!" Harry gasped as they came upon brick walls so large that he couldn't see over them. The gate had a massive dragon head on it breathing fire.

"Welcome to the Romanian Dragon Sanctuary," Charlie said proudly.


Charlie's hut was exactly that...a hut. It was small with one bedroom, a small bathroom, small kitchen, and a small living space. Despite the small size, Harry loved it. Charlie's walls were covered with pictures of his family, both human and dragon, and dragon figures were scattered throughout the room. It was a warm and cozy little hut and it was totally Charlie.

"It isn't much," Charlie said sheepishly, "but..."

"It's awesome," Harry grinned. "It's warm and inviting here, just like at the Burrow."

Charlie handed Harry a stomach soother and a Butterbeer. "It's just me so..."

Harry gratefully took the soother and drink and carried them to the small table. "How come you haven't gotten married? Hell, I have never even seen you with a girl. Haven't you found anyone you could be happy with?"

Charlie downed half his own Butterbeer in one swig. "I found the person I could happily spend the rest of my life with, but unfortunately he's in love with someone else."

"Oh, Charlie," Harry said sadly. "I'm sorry."

Charlie chugged his shoulders. "It's alright, I still plan to be in his life, I will just have to content with being a friend."

Harry got up and gave Charlie a hug. "I didn't know you were gay like Bill and I."

Charlie wrapped his arms around Harry and buried his face in his neck. He was going to savor whatever contact with the small boy he could get. "Actually, Bill is bisexual, I'm strictly gay."

"Well, I think that guy you love is a stupid ass. Who could be better than you?"

Laughing, Charlie reluctantly released Harry. "He's not a stupid ass, I am. I never told him how I felt and now it's too late."

"It's never too late, Charlie. He may feel the same way about you but is too scared to say anything."

"He's in love with the other guy and I wouldn't want to ruin that for him by saying anything. I'm also close to the other guy and I want him to be happy too." Charlie turned away from Harry's intense green eyes.

"But you're not happy," Harry said softly, feeling horrible for poor Charlie. Charlie was amazing, any guy would be lucky to have him. He would never tell Charlie, but before he hooked up with Bill, he had a huge crush on him.

"Alright, enough feeling sorry for Charlie," Charlie said, trying to lighten the mood. "I thought we came here to see some dragons?"


"So what do you think kid, can we expect to see you here next fall?" The director of the sanctuary asked.

Harry vigorously nodded his head. "I love it here. If you have a spot for me come fall, I would be honored to study here." Harry had an amazing time at the sanctuary meeting all of Charlie's coworkers, learning about the different jobs here and seeing all the dragons. He even got to see Norberta and her three hatchlings. He could see himself happily becoming a dragon handler.

Director Bones held out his hand for Harry to shake. He couldn't believe that thee Harry Potter wanted to study at his sanctuary. "I can guarantee that there will be a spot for you. I will get you the registration forms, and sometime within the next two months, fill them out and owl them back. That will guarantee your spot and we can assign you a hut."

"He can just bunk with Charlie," senior dragon handler Raknor said, giving Charlie a hard slap on the back. Charlie and him were like brothers, and Charlie had confided in him months ago about how he felt for the boy.

Charlie glared at Raknor. "I'm sure my brother Bill wouldn't appreciate that."

Raknor raised one bushy black eyebrow. "Why would your brother have a problem with you sharing a hut with Harry?"

Harry gave Charlie a subtle kick, but Raknor didn't miss it. "Oh, I see," Raknor said, giving his friend an understanding look. It seemed Charlie's brother had beat him to the little cutie.

"Please don't tell anyone," Harry begged. "I'm not ready for my love life to be splashed all over the papers."

Raknor looked at the small boy. How the hell could anyone resist those eyes? "Tell anyone what? I don't know what you're talking about, kid," he said with a wink.

Director Bones returned with the forms and excitedly handed them over to Harry. "You know, if you want to bunk with Charlie, we have two bedroom and family huts. I'm sure Charlie wouldn't mind having company."

Harry grinned up at Charlie. "Thank you, Director Bones, I will discuss it with Charlie." He actually really liked the idea of sharing with Charlie. He had been alone for so long and he really didn't want to live in a small hut all by himself. Charlie was Bill's brother, he wouldn't get jealous over them sharing a hut. Bill would probably be relieved that Charlie was looking out for him.

Charlie would love to share a hut with Harry and he'd be perfectly content with it being a one bedroom hut. "Come on, Harry, we have to be getting back."

"You know," Raknor quickly said. "that Hungarian Horntail that you went up against in that tournament, her eggs are ready to hatch any second. You should crash here tonight so you don't miss the big event."

Before Charlie could protest, Harry looked up at him with big pleading eyes. "Please, Charlie, can we?"

Charlie glared at Raknor who was smirking back at him. "Yeah, Charlie, you don't want the kid to miss out on that. Those eggs are going to hatch sometime in the next twelve hours."

"Damn those eyes," Charlie mumbled. "It's fine with me, Harry. You can use the floo in the main hut to let mom know that we won't be back until sometime tomorrow."

Harry jumped up and kissed Charlie on the cheek. "Thank you, thank you."

Charlie and Raknor watched as Harry sprinted off to the main hall. "What the hell happened" Raknor growled. "I thought you were taking a leave of absence to work at that school so you could be closer to Harry. How the hell did he end up with Bill?"

Charlie gave Raknor a pained look. "I was taking it slow. I thought I had all year to get Harry to fall in love with me. I never counted on Bill making a move."

"That's messed up, Charlie. You have been in love with that boy since he was fourteen years old. What are you going to do?"

"What the hell can I do?" Charlie snapped, finally getting rid of some of the anger and hurt he had been feeling since seeing the man he loved all marked up by his brother. The past forty eight hours had been hell on him. All he could think about was Bill kissing and making love to the man he had been head over heels in love for the past three years. Harry was too young when they first met, so he had been patently waiting all this time for him to become an adult so he could make his move.

"Are you still going to work at the school this year?"

"I have to," Charlie sighed. "I made a commitment and Hagrid has already moved to France to be with his large lover for the next year. Wether I like it or not, I am Hogwarts Care of Magical Creatures teacher for the next year."

"Does Bill love Harry?"

Charlie scrubbed at his tired face. As hard as he tried, he couldn't sleep a wink last night. He had heard Harry sneak into Bill's room last night and he couldn't help but worry about what they were doing. He so badly wanted to march in there and hex Bill's cock off. Since Harry wasn't hurting today, he figured that they hadn't gone all the way again. It seemed Bill listened to him when he asked to give Harry time to heal.

"He thinks he does?" Charlie answered. "Bill's a good guy, he won't hurt Harry."

Raknor nodded his head, he had met Bill a few times and he was a good and honorable man. "You're not going to give up on Harry are you?"

Charlie nodded his head. "I have to, I can't come between them. I will be there for Harry though, however he needs me."

Raknor felt bad for his friend. He had totally rearranged his life so he could get closer to Harry, and now everything was falling apart on him.


Harry grabbed the pillow off the couch then glared at Charlie, daring him to say something. "Charlie, you are twice as long as this couch, there is no way you are sleeping on it."

"Well, you are my guest and there is no way you are sleeping on a beat up old couch." Charlie shot back.

"Charlie," Harry groaned. "Why can't we both just take the bed? It's more than big enough."

"Because, Bill will curse me into next week if he found out that we slept in the same bed."

"Charlie, we're just sleeping, not..." Harry blushed at the thought of Charlie making love to him. It was a little troubling how just the thought turned him on. He was with Bill, he shouldn't be thinking about Charlie's big strong arms...toned chest...nice ass. Harry gave his head a shake.

"Harry, I don't want to make you uncomfortable?"

"Do you plan on sleeping nude?" Harry grinned. When Charlie shook his head no, Harry tossed the pillow at him. "Good, then I won't be uncomfortable. Come on, I'm tired."

Admitting defeat, Charlie followed Harry into his room. If he stared at the small, wiggling ass in front of him the entire way, it wasn't his fault. Since they weren't planning on staying the night, Harry had no sleep clothes to change into, so he was only in his boxers and an old t-shirt of his. Damn the boy looked sexy.

Charlie knew that he should push the sleeping boy away from him, but he was enjoying having Harry in his arms. An hour after Harry had fallen asleep, he had migrated to his side of the bed and wrapped himself around him as if he was a teddy bear. He always knew that Harry would be a snuggler. He always seemed to crave affection and had a strong desire to please everyone. He had a feeling that his muggle relatives didn't treat him kindly.

Harry woke to a heavy arm draped across his middle and something hard poking him in his backside. It only took a few seconds of his brain clearing to realize that it was Charlie's morning wood poking him in his ass. He was no expert on the male anatomy, but it felt like Charlie had been generously gifted in that area...more so than Bill.

Carefully tilting his head back, Harry smiled when he saw that Charlie was still fast asleep with his face just a few inches from his. Charlie really was a good looking man...alright, so he was down right hot. His features were more rugged than Bill's, and where Bill was tall and toned, Charlie was tall and heavily muscled. He wondered if he would get some muscles after working with dragons for a few years. He doubted it though, he was a submissive fairy so he would probably always stay small no matter how hard he tried to gain muscle.

Harry squeaked when Charlie pulled him tighter to his chest and ground his hard cock into his ass. Despite there being a thin piece of material between the two of them, it felt like Charlie could easily push himself into him with how hard he was. He should be disgusted and trying to pull away, but it felt good to be held by Charlie. What kid of fucked up person was he? How could he be in love with Bill and yet get so easily turned on by Charlie?

Charlie knew that he was going to go to hell for this, but he would gladly pack his bags himself for the chance to be with Harry. He would never take this farther than a few ruts to the backside while feigning being asleep, but damn it felt good. He wished he could wake everyday with Harry in his arms...preferably naked.

With some difficulty, Harry lifted the large arm off of him then rolled out of bed. As soon as his feet hit the ground, he was sprinting to the bathroom. Charlie chuckled into the pillow. He knew it was wrong to tease Harry like that, but damn if the boy didn't get hard from him. He saw how his boxers were tented when he ran for the bathroom.

Hearing the shower start, Charlie rolled onto his back and pushed his hand into his boxers so he could take care of his very hard problem. He hoped those damned eggs hatched today, there was no way he could survive another night in the same bed with Harry. Bill better realize how incredibly lucky he was to have Harry, and if he ever hurt him, there was no place on earth where he could hide from him.