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Taking a deep breath, Harry gripped Charlie's hand tightly then entered Bill's hospital room. When he first heard of Bill's accident he had wanted to rush over immediately to see him, but now he really didn't want to be here. Bill was sick, he didn't want to fight with him or make him feel bad. According to Mr. Weasley, Bill had come dangerously close to dying a couple times. The curse had literally been melting his organs. If it hadn't been for the goblins reacting immediately to the situation, Bill would be dead. Bill may not be his favorite person right now, but he would always love him.

"Harry!" Bill cried breathlessly, his pale, face lighting up. "You came."

Harry almost fell back into Charlie when he saw how bad Bill looked. It wasn't just because of the curse, Bill had lost an alarming amount of weight over the past few months. He was pale, had huge dark circles under his haunting eyes, looked as though he had aged fifteen years and looked as frail as a dying old man.

"Merlin," Charlie whispered in shock, reaching out to steady his mate.

"B-Bill," Harry stuttered. He wanted to approach the bed but his legs refused to cooperate. This was all his fault. He was the reason why Bill looked so horrible and was in the hospital.

"You look beautiful," Bill said, drinking in the site of the young man he loved. "But where's the..."

"Glamours," Arthur quickly interrupted. "He only has two months left so he has to wear glamours."

Bill's eyes dropped to Harry's glamoured, flat tummy. Oh how he would love to see it round and swollen with his child. His little boy. Harry and his son were all he had thought about since he left Hagrid's hut that horrible day when Harry almost lost the baby. It had killed him when his child rejected him but welcomed his brother. He was the father, he should have been the one to stabilize the pregnancy and save his son.

"I have missed you, Harry," Bill said weakly.

"I sent owls," Harry said, finally approaching the bed. He smiled gratefully at Charlie when he pushed a chair behind him. He was so big with the pregnancy that he tired easily. His ankles were also painfully swollen so standing was hard on him.

Bill's eyes dimmed when he saw how his love and brother interacted with each other. Even a blind man could see how much they loved each other. Harry had once looked at him like that. "Charlie, it's good to see you again," he said tightly. As much as he loved his brother, he also hated him. He stole Harry from him.

"Bill," Charlie acknowledged. "How are you?" He hadn't missed how his brother was looking at Harry. He still desperately wanted him.

"Better now," Bill said, giving Harry a wink. "Harry, how is our little..."

"Bill," Arthur interrupted loudly. "Not here, it's too dangerous. Places like this have too many ears."

"Right. Sorry," Bill said, eyes still only for Harry.

Harry tried not to fidget but Bill's staring was freaking him the hell out. "Were the doctors able to heal you completely? It sounded like a terrible curse."

"It was," Bill winced. "My blood was literally boiling and my organs were melting. Luckily the goblins immediately knocked me out, put a stasis charm on me then got me here. The healers were able to regenerate my organs, but it has been an extremely painful process."

"I-I didn't know healers could do that," Harry said, paling.

Charlie rushed around the chair and knelt in front of his mate. "You alright, love, you're looking a little green?"

Swallowing the vomit that was working its way up his throat, Harry jerkily nodded his head. "Weak stomach, remember?"

"How could I forget," Charlie chuckled softly. "You lost your dinner last night after Neville visited and went into great detail about how he harvested over two gallons of Stinksap from his Mimbulus Mimbletonia."

Harry pressed a shaky hand to his stomach. "Please don't remind me of that," he groaned.

Chuckling, Charlie loving kissed his mate on the forehead. "Sorry, love. How about I get you some juice?"

"There's a cart at the end of the hall," Arthur offered. "She had some Pumpkin Juice earlier."

"I'll be back," Charlie said standing up.

"I see you two are still a thing," Bill mumbled, jealousy thick in his voice.

"Bill," Arthur warned.

"Bill, I'm happy," Harry said softly. "Charlie is extremely loving and caring. I care very much for you and I don't want to fight about this anymore. We're family."

Taking a couple deep breaths, Bill reluctantly nodded his head. "I can see now that you and Charlie love each other, but do you still love me?"

Shifting uncomfortably in his chair, Harry glanced to where Mr. Weasley was sitting. He was relieved that the man was still in the room, he didn't feel comfortable alone with Bill. "You were my first love, Bill, and you will always have a special place in my heart."

"I still love you, Harry," Bill said passionately. "I accept that I will never be able to break you and Charlie apart, that's why I'm willing to form a triad with the two of you. It will solve all our problems."

Harry's eyebrows drew together in confusion. He had no clue what the hell Bill was talking about. He had just opened his mouth to ask when Mr. Weasley jumped to his feet. "William Weasley, how dare you suggest such a thing? Why can't you accept that you lost Harry because of your own selfish actions?"

"I don't understand," Harry said softly, shocked at seeing how mad Mr. Weasley was. It wasn't often that the gentle man raised his voice like that.

Running his hand through his bright, balding ginger hair, Arthur turned to his soon to be son-in-law. "Harry, do you know what a triad is?"

"I don't see why you're getting upset, dad," Bill growled. "A triad will solve everything. The three of us can make it work, I know it. I love both Harry and Charlie, Charlie as only a brother, but we can share."

"What the hell are you talking about?" Harry cried, struggling to get to his feet. "What do you mean share? Share what? What the hell is a triad?"

"A triad is a relationship between three people," Charlie said darkly as he walked back into the room carrying a bottle of Pumpkin Juice. "Bill wants the three of us together...he wants the two of us to share you."

"What!" Harry cried in horror.

Arthur placed a calming hand on Harry's shoulder. "Harry, it's not good for you to get upset." Looking past Harry he nodded to his second oldest son. "Charlie, take Harry home."

Bill tried to get up, but he was too weak and too sore. "Please think about it," he cried out desperately. "The three of us can be a family."

Gritting his teeth to keep from cursing his brother, Charlie wrapped an arm around Harry's waist and led him out of the room. He couldn't believe that his brother had the nerve to suggest a triad. Triads weren't uncommon in the Wizarding World, but after the way he treated Harry, how dare he ask such a thing?


Padding across the floor in his bare feet and his wings fluttering behind him, Harry joined his mate on the couch and snuggled into his strong, muscular chest. Yawning, he closed his eyes and tried to block out the image of Bill in his hospital bed.

Placing the essay on unicorns he had been grading on the table, Charlie pulled a blanket from the back of the couch and draped over Harry. "Feeling better after your bath?"

"Not really," Harry mumbled. "I can't believe how horrible Bill looked."

"I know," Charlie sighed. Bill's appearance terrified him. He was still furious with him for treating Harry the way that he had, but he was still his older brother and he loved him. Him and Bill had been extremely close before this, he had hoped that Bill's silence meant that he was dealing with losing Harry and moving on.

Lost in thought, Harry started to absentmindedly trace Charlie's rock, hard abs. "Charlie, can you explain triad to me? I never heard of it before."

Charlie's right hand angrily balled up into a tight fist. He still couldn't believe that his brother had suggested a triad. "Harry, a triad is where three people enter into a relationship together."

Nose scrunching up cutely, Harry lifted his head so he could look into Charlie's warm eyes. "But you and Bill are brothers, how would that work? He...he doesn't want to have sex with you, does he?"

"Merlin no," Charlie laughed. "Just you, my love. Harry, it's just another desperate measure by my brother to get you back. You...you wouldn't be interested in a triad with Bill would you?" He asked with dread. He didn't doubt Harry's love for him for a second, but he knew that deep down Harry still loved his brother.

"No," Harry cried without hesitating. "I don't feel that way for Bill anymore. Yes I love him, but only as a brother and the father of my baby. I only want you, Charlie."

Feeling like a heavy weight had been lifted off his chest, Charlie stood up taking Harry with him. He didn't know what he would have done or said if Harry wanted to be in a triad with Bill. It would have killed him, but he probably would have agreed. He would do anything for Harry...even share him with his brother.

Giggling, Harry wrapped his arms tightly around Charlie's neck. "Charlie, I'm too fat for you to be carrying around. You're going to hurt your back."

"You're perfect," Charlie said huskily as he gently laid Harry on their bed. Ever since that night in his hut at the reserve when Harry couldn't sleep without him, the two of them had shared the same bed. They still hadn't had sex, just kissing and petting, but he could tell that Harry was almost ready to take the next step. It was hard being patient, but he would wait a lifetime for Harry if he had to.

Harry squealed when Charlie lifted his baggy t-shirt up and start peppering his pregnant belly with kisses. Technically the shirt was Charlie's, his belly outgrew his shirts a month ago. He loved wearing Charlie's clothes, he loved being wrapped in his scent all day and all night.

Charlie stopped the kissing and laid his cheek on Harry's belly when the baby started kicking. "I'll never get tired of feeling him move inside of you," he said breathlessly.

Smiling, Harry started running his fingers through Charlie's long, soft hair. "We still need a name for him. His own name, not mine, not my dad's, and not Bill's, he needs his own unique name."

"Are there any names that you like or traditions that you want to follow?"

"You mean like how the Blacks name their kids after stars or constellations?"

"A lot of purebloods follow a certain tradition when it comes to naming," Charlie explained. "Some even go as far as consulting a seer and allowing her to name the child based on what she sees of their future."

"Purebloods are weird," Harry snickered. "Could you imagine asking whacky, Professor Trelawney to name our child?"

"Hey now!" Charlie growled, tickling at Harry's sides. "You're soon going to be bonded to a pureblood!"

"Stop!" Harry cried, laughing hysterically and wiggling on the bed. "Stop! I'm gonna to pee myself."

Eyes alight with happiness, Charlie collapsed on the bed next to Harry and pulled him into his muscular arms. "I love you so much, Harry. I swear, I'm the happiest man on the planet."

Eyes watering slightly, Harry snugged into Charlie's embrace. "I love you too, Charlie Weasley."

After a few minutes of quiet and just soaking in each other presence, Charlie rolled Harry to his side so he could see his face. "How about something dragon?"

"What?" Harry asked, his face scrunched cutely up in confusion.

Chuckling, Charlie kissed the tip of Harry's nose. "For the baby, silly. How about a name that means dragon or something similar?"

"Like Draco," Harry grumbled. "Stupid prat, I always thought his name was awesome; too awesome for him to have. Do you know any boys names that mean dragon?"

"Well, there's Fafnir," Charlie suggested, not really liking the name himself. "It means mythical dragon."

"Definitely not. That's horrible," Harry gagged.

"Fafnir Potter," Charlie chuckled. "That's does sound horrible. How about I hit the bookstore tomorrow and get a book on names and their meanings?"

"Sounds like a plan," Harry happily agreed. "I only have two more months, this little one is going to need a name and quick."


Waving his wand over his robe, Bill smoothed out all the wrinkles then slipped it on. It had been a month since he had almost died from that horrible curse and for the first time since then he was going to be seeing Harry. For the past month he had devoted all his time and energy into healing, getting cleaned up, and gaining back all the weight he had lost while pining over Harry. His healers had prescribed him some strong nutrient potions and he was once again looking like his old self.

How the hell did he think he was going to win Harry back by looking like a desperate, pathetic loser? He begged, he pleaded, he apologized over a hundred times and nothing worked. Maybe if he visited Harry looking and acting like his old sexy self he would be able to win him back. He was serious about the triad, it was the perfect solution and everyone would be happy. He would have Harry, Charlie would have Harry, and Harry wouldn't have to chose between the two of them. He would also get to raise his little boy with Harry...he would get to be a full time father.

Grabbing the purple and silver stuffed dragon that he had picked up at a muggle toy store, Bill stepped in his floo and called out for Headmaster Dumbledore's office. Today was Harry's eight month check up, he hadn't been expecting an invitation so when one arrived yesterday he had been thrilled. He was going to do his best to keep his temper in check around Sirius and he was going to go out of his way to be nice to Charlie. If he could get his brother on his side, Harry would cave easily after that. Soon they would be one big, happy family.

"Mr. Weasley," Dumbledore greeted a little coldly as the young man stepped out of his fireplace.

Vanishing the soot from his robe and the toy dragon, Bill smiled at his old headmaster. "Headmaster Dumbledore, how are you today?"

"As well as can be expected," Dumbledore answered.

Bill looked anxiously at the door. He couldn't wait to see Harry again. "I'm glad to hear that, sir. I guess I'll be heading down to Charlie's hut now."

"Don't upset Harry," Dumbledore warned, his magic seeping out just enough for Bill to feel it. "He's been handling this pregnancy well, but he's been very tired and weak this past month. He doesn't need any added stress."

"Is he alright?" Bill asked fearfully.

"Your brother has been taking excellent care of him and he has had Poppy and Severus there for him, too. He's very young, though, too young, and these last two months have taken a lot of him. Even with all the extra nutrient potions, Harry is sleeping sixteen to twenty hours a day."

"I didn't know that he could get pregnant," Bill defended weakly.

"No you didn't, and neither did Harry, but he was barely a seventeen year old boy when you took his virginity. You are ten years older than him, you should have done right by him and at least filed a courting contract before having sex. The sex isn't what has me disappointed in you, it's how you treated him after. I never would have thought that one of Arthur and Molly's boys could be so heartless and selfish. Even now, after everything you have put that boy through, you just won't leave him be and allow him and your brother to live their lives. They're not trying to keep that baby from you and Harry has included you in everything, you need to stop expecting more. You don't deserve it."

Bill looked down at the floor in shame. "I can't. I love Harry too much to just give up."

Dumbledore shook his head in disappointment. "Is it Harry you love, or is it the sex and the fact that Harry is a male submissive fairy? Maybe it's just jealousy because your little brother has something you want? Charlie and Harry were destined to be together, their magic is a perfect match. He could have been happy with you even though your magic isn't a perfect match, but not now after being with Charlie. You need to stop hurting Harry and yourself and accept the fact that you lost Harry and you will never get him back. Acting like this will only draw attention to Harry, putting his life and your child's life in danger."

"I need to go," Bill said moodily, turning towards the door.

"Very well," Dumbledore said sadly.


Reluctantly releasing his son from a bone crushing hug, Sirius stepped back so he could get a good look at him. "Merlin, you have really popped since I last seen you. You're huge!"

"Sirius," Remus gasped, swatting at his mate's head. "You don't say shit like that to a pregnant person."

"Not unless you want to get cursed into next week," Charlie added playfully.

"Hey!" Harry cried with a slight stomp of his foot. "I have been good, hardly any mood swings."

Leaning in, Charlie whispered in Sirius' ear. "That's because he's too busy eating those disgusting, greasy burgers."

"I heard that," Harry scowled playfully. "I still have a month to go. More than enough time to exercise my hormonal pregnancy rights."

Charlie quickly held his hands up in surrender. "Mercy!" he cried. "I will get on my knees and lick at your feet, anything but the dreaded mood swings. I remember how mom was when she was pregnant with Ron and Ginny. I'm surprised dad didn't slip her a contraceptive potion every morning with her tea after having Bill if she was that bad with him, too."

"What about me?"

Tensing, Harry turned toward the door where Bill was standing looking awkward and unsure of himself. "Bill, I'm glad you could make it," he said tensely.

Walking farther into the room, Bill held the dragon stuffy out to Harry. "I-I got this for you. Well for the baby, but I picked out a dragon because I know how crazy you and Charlie are about them."

Smiling at the adorable dragon whose colors reminded him of his wings, Harry took it from Bill and gave his ex a small hug. "You're looking good, Bill. A lot better than last time I saw you."

Bill looked to Charlie to see if he was jealous because Harry was hugging him, but his brother was just standing there smiling tenderly at Harry. It was clear to see that his brother trusted Harry one hundred percent. "Thank you. I'm feeling much, much better. I'm actually going back to work next week." He had been surprised when the goblins had given him a month off after his accident, but they knew that his head hadn't been in the right place lately. Ever since Christmas all he could think about was Harry.

Bill gasped when Harry's protruding stomach bumped against his. Looking down, his eyes about popped out of their sockets when he saw it. A month ago when he visited him in the hospital he had worn a glamour so his stomach was as flat as it was the first time they made love, but now it was enormous. How the hell was little Harry carrying all that extra weight?

"Sweet Merlin!" Bill said in awe, eyes still pinned on Harry's stomach. "There's...there's a baby in there," he mumbled, feeling a bit dizzy as it truly hit him. Yes he had known that Harry was pregnant with his child, but he had been so focused on getting Harry back that he honestly hadn't given his child much thought.

"Well now we see who Ron inherited his intelligence from," Sirius snorted.

"Be nice," Remus growled.

"I'm going to be a dad," Bill muttered, swaying on his feet.

"Dad," Harry cried in alarm turning to Remus.

Chuckling, Remus rushed to Bill's side and helped him to the couch. "He's alright, just going into shock."

Still gripping the stuffed dragon tightly, Harry took a seat on the coffee table in front of the couch. "Bill, what's wrong? Is it the curse? Do you want me to call Madam Promfey?" She was coming anyway for his checkup but not for another thirty minutes.

Bill couldn't stop staring at Harry's huge baby belly. Slowly shaking his head, he brought his eyes up until the made contact with Harry's emerald ones. "I'm going to be a dad," he repeated again.

"I told you months ago that you were," Harry said, giving his dad a concerned look.

Reining in his jealousy, Charlie took a seat on the table next to Harry. He wasn't jealous because Harry had hugged Bill or was talking to him, he was jealous because he wasn't the father to his mate's baby. He had been there for Harry and the little one from the very beginning, but that didn't change the fact that Bill was the biological father. Bill was going to be daddy, he was just going to be Uncle Charlie.

Putting his arm around Harry, Charlie pulled the confused fairy into his side. "Before today, Bill couldn't see past you for it to truly register with him that he was soon going to be a father. He hasn't been around for months, now the proof that he is going to have a son is staring him in the face."

Eyes tears up, Bill looked between his brother and his ex. "Please forgive me for how I have acted. You have been nothing but kind and understanding, and I have been nothing but a bastard. After everything that I have done I don't deserve your forgiveness, but please don't keep me away from my child."

"Staying away has been your choice," Charlie said shortly. "Harry has sent you owls and invitations but you have been ignoring them."

"No more," Bill said with determination. "I'm not going to miss another minute of my son's life."

"I'm glad to hear that," Harry said, his own eyes watering. "Are you going to stop trying to get me back? I love you, Bill, but not like that anymore."

Bill winced, Harry's words felt like a knife to his heart. "I'm not going to lie to you, I love you and would love nothing more than to be with you...to be a family for our son. I can see now though that that will never happen. You love Charlie."

"I do," Harry admitted, losing his battle with his tears. He hated seeing Bill in so much pain but there was nothing he could do for him. "Are you going to fight to take the baby away from me?"

"No!" Bill cried admittedly. "I never meant it when I said that, Harry. I would never hurt you like that. Just promise me that I can visit with my son and be his dad."

"Done," Harry sighed, gripping Charlie's hand for support. For months he had feared that Bill would try to take his baby after it was born. "Thank you for finally understanding."

"It hurts," Bill said sadly. "I'm not going to lie, but I'll handle it. I brought this on myself, I have only myself to blame."

"I still don't like you," Sirius grumbled moodily. "Not after what you did to my pup."

"You have every right to hate me, Sirius."

"I don't need your permission to hate you." Sirius snapped.

"Dad," Harry called softly. "Please no fighting. This is good, things are getting resolved. Let's just drop it and move on."

"Harry, Bill..."

"I picked a name for the baby," Harry cried, interrupting his dad. He meant it, he didn't want anymore fighting. Bill was finally seeing the light, he had been praying for this for months

"You already named him?" Bill asked with a frown. Once again he had missed out on something important and it was all his fault.

"Already?" Harry scowled. "Bill, the baby could come any minute, I had to find a name for him."

Bill jerkily nodded his head. "Of course, I'm sorry. I didn't mean anything by it, I just felt bad that I didn't get to help you name our son."

"Don't feel bad," Charlie chuckled, "he didn't let me help either."

"Not true!" Harry sang childishly. "I let you buy the baby naming book."

Standing up, Charlie bowed to Harry. "And what an honor that was."

Giggling, Harry shoved Charlie, laughing even harder when he fell forward and into the arm of the couch. "That's what you get for picking on me. I'm pregnant, you have to be nice to me. It's the law!"

"Do we get to learn this mysterious name?" Remus asked excitedly.

Harry blushed shyly at the men in the house. "Charlie said that I was being too picky with the name, that's why he wasn't allowed to help. I didn't want just any old common name like mine, and I didn't want to name him after anyone I knew, I wanted my son to have his very own name. After weeks of reading the baby naming book, which no joke was over five thousand pages, I was finally able to settle on a name that I liked and had meaning."

Bill felt a little bad that Harry wasn't going to name their son after him, but he could understand how he felt wanting their baby to have his own name. Since he was eleven Harry had been told how much he looked like his dad, he even had his dad's name as his middle name. Professor Snape was always comparing him to his father, a man that Harry had no memory of. Even Sirius after escaping Azkaban had slipped and called him James a few times. The man hadn't been right in the head at the time, but he was much better now after healing and therapy.

"Come on!" Sirius cried. "The suspense is killing me."

"I should make you wait," Harry grinned cheekily, "but I won't since I love you so much. His name is going to be Lorcan Rigel Potter."

Sirius rushed around the couch and carefully scooped his son up. "You decided to follow the Black tradition. Thank you, that means a lot to me. I may not have agreed with most of what they believed in, but naming Black children after stars and constellations dates back to the beginning of my family line."

Bill sat there repeating the name over and over again in his head trying to decide if he liked it or not. Lorcan wasn't bad, but Rigel was a bit odd. "Which name is a star or constellation?"

Harry could tell that Bill didn't care for the name, but tuff, he was attached to it now. There was no way in hell that he was going to change it. For the past two weeks he had been calling his son Lorcan. "Rigel is the brightest star in the constellation of Orion. My dad is Sirius Orion, I felt that Rigel was the perfect fit."

Bill smiled at Harry, he knew how much he adored his dad. "Rigel really is perfect. I'm sorry for making a face over it. What does Lorcan mean?"

"Little fierce one," Charlie snickered. "Just like his mummy."

Harry batted Charlie's hand away when he went to ruffle his hair. "I had actually been looking for a name that meant dragon or something similar when I found Lorcan. I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it."

"Lorcan Rigel Potter," Bill repeated. It stung that his son wasn't going to be a Weasley, but that wasn't Harry's fault. Harry was the last Potter and Black, there were more than enough Weasleys to carry on the name. "I love the name, Harry."

"Thank you," Harry grinned, relaxing at hearing that. He didn't want to fight or hurt Bill's feeling, but he hadn't been around when he had looked for names. He would have taken his opinions into consideration, but now it was too late.

Relaxing, Charlie smiled at his brother and held his hand out to shake. He would never be able to forgive Bill for hurting Harry, but hopefully now they could move and be brothers again. He missed having Bill in his life.