Chapter 5: Trapped

"So, are you going tomorrow night?" Ruka asked as he browsed through his clothes and tuxes. Natsume clasped his hands behind his head and leaned against the chair. "Of course I'm going, it's not like I have a choice." His face showed some frustration and Ruka knew why better than anyone else. "Even if it means spending your time glued to Koizumi?" Ruka said and turned his head to look at his friend. "Yes, but don't worry. I'll find a way to escape." He said and smirked.

The next day was a busy day, all students were wrapped up in the preparation for the big night. Girls were nowhere to be seen. Mikan and Hotaru just got their gowns. "Let's hope mom, chose the right one." Mikan prayed and placed the box on her bed and so did Hotaru. She looked at Hotaru and smiled. "Okay, let's do this!" And with that they opened the boxes. Mikan was speechless. Her face was priceless, while Hotaru just smirked at the gown she got from her mom. Mikan gently took the edges of the gown and slowly pulled it up to see its body.

The gown was simple but beautiful. It was a mermaid white gown covered with laces and beautiful floral patterns. It was long, long enough to brush the floor. The back was a laced v back. Mikan jumped happily and couldn't wait to put it on. She then noticed the masks inside the boxes. She picked hers with a huge smile and put it on her face as she ran to the bathroom to look at hersef in the mirror.

Hotaru's gown on the other hand was of the opposite colour of Mikan. Hers bas black, a very elegant black. The gown was long, very long. The upper body was shaped like a heart, the design was retro and reminded of the hollywood style. They both exchange look and finally started to prepare.

"Big night, tonight." Ruka announced as he watched his friend still lying on his bed. Natsume slowly opened his eyes and looked around. He saw a very busy Ruka pacing back and forth, holding tuxedos in his hands. Someone must have probably borrowed his extra tuxedos. Natsume groaned and ran his hand through his hair. He slowly sat up and looked at the clock. "It's 2 pm already?" He asked in disbelief. Ruka nodded and quickly stood up and ran into the bathroom to take a quick shower. Ruka shook his head and placed on each bed their tuxes.

The girls were ready, hair and make-up done, gown was on and it fitted them perfectly. They both looked at each other satisfied and looked at the clock. "5 pm. One hour left and the limo will come to pick us up." Hotaru said. She smiled and grabbed Hotaru's hands. "We have to enjoy this, we've for this for so long." Mikan said. Hotaru nodded and let a small smile make its way on her lips. After a while they got a call, their limo finally arrived. As they walked out they saw tons of girls wondering around the dorm wearing their gowns. They calmly walked, making sure not to trip on their heels. As soon as they reached the hall, they found the limo waiting for them outside. As soon as they stepped out, they immediately noticed that the campus was full of limos and cars waiting for the participants. Their driver immediately opened the door and helped them get it. Mikan thanked him and cerefully pulled her gown inside. The driver immediately closed the door and run to the front. He took his seat and started the limo, time to go!

Finally they reached the venue. Their parents immediately greeted them at the entrance. "Wow, you're both really beautiful!" The mothers said as they went to hug their daughters. "Put your masks on, already. Guests are starting to arrive." Yuka, Mikan's mom, whispered with a smile. Hotaru and Mikan pulled out their mask and wore them carefully without ruining their up-do. Their parents decided to head inside first while Hotaru and Mikan decided to wait for a while. "So, are you ready?" Hotaru asked. Mikan smiled and turned to look at her. She nodded her head to assure Hotaru. They both turned and looked at the entrance of the event. Finally, they would join the ball.

"Where's my mom?" Natsume asked at the waiters inside the venue. The waiters didn't know what to answer because no one had seen Natsume's mom anywhere. Suddenly his phone vibrated. He pulled it out from his pocket and read the text he got. it was from his mom. "Come here, we're on the terrace." Natsume slid his phone back in his pocket and run upstairs to the terrace. His mom was chatting with his father and from her face it didn't look good. "Mom..." He called her out as he slowly walked towards them. "What's the matter?" Kaoru just smiled and held Natsume's hands. "I just wanted to see you before the event." She said. His father had rolled his eyes and walked away. "I don't want to get emotional, so i'll go ahead." He just said. "Look at you, you've grown into a handsome man." Natsume smirked and pulled the sleeves of his tux. "All because of you." He said and smiled sweetly at his mom. Suddenly a waiter appeared and called Kaoru. "Mam, Yuka-sama is looking for you." Suddenly a huge smile made its way on her face which made Natsume really curious. "Yuka? Okay! I'm coming." She then turned to look at Natsume and kissed him on the forehead. "Now I have to go, I'll see you later Natsume." And with that she quickly walked back inside.

Natsume walked to the the edge to look down the balcony. He leaned forward with his arms to look down. He then noticed a girl, wearing a beautiful gown. He wondered who she was but she immediately disappeared from his sight when she stepped inside the venue. Suddenly someone grabbed onto his arm. His eyes rolled and immediately pulled his arm away. "Not now. You can glue yourself to me later, but for now just leave me alone please." And with that he walked back inside, leaving a very frustrated and annoyed Luna.

The place was full. Only the center was empty because it was reserved for the dances. Everyone was wearing their mask and as Natsume walked down the stairs, he spotted again the same girl, he saw before, in the crowd. He didn't know why but that girl seemed familiar not just because she was probably from his school but because he felt like he really knew her. He stared at the girl while walking down. The girl was laughing and chatting with some friends. You could tell she was enjoying the party, suddenly the girl turned her head and caught his eyes. Crimson met hazel. And in that moment they both knew who they were. Mikan blushed and quickly looked away while Natsume kept staring at her from afar. "Good evening, everyone." Suddenly a voice spoke from the speakers.

"Welcome to the Grand Masquerade Ball." The voice continued. "I hope everyone's wearing their masks, so that we can start with the party." Natsume slowly walked towards the entrance, Luna was already there waiting for him. "Before we start, I would like you to welcome the future heir of Hyuuga's Companies, whose family hosts this event this year. Let's all stand up and warmly welcome, Natsume Hyuuga." Suddenly the spotlight was on him and everyone turned and clapped their hands. "With him is the sweet Luna Koizumi, who is a childhood friend of Natsume." Mikan's eyes widened. First she couldn't believe that, he was really the Natsume Hyuuga and second, he was walking with Luna Koizumi. They walked straight to the long table, smiling at everyone. Suddenly as they were walking and smiling, Natsume's eyes caught Mikan's once again. He almost stopped in front of her but Luna pulled him. "You know Natsume?" Suddenly Hotaru leaned and whispered. Mikan blushed and nodded. "How?" She curiously asked. "We met before during summer and he's in my class." She explained. Hotaru smirked and nudged her. "You know he's my cousin right?" Mikan suddenly turned to look at her in disbelief. "Your what?" Hotaru chuckled and didn't repeat herself.

So, Natsume and Luna, why were they together? Uhh.

I'm making a prequel where I explain the Mikan-Luna thing :)

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