Hey guys hope you enjoy this fanfic lately I have been going through writers block I do not own Rick Riordans Percy Jackson


Lunah's pov

The winds were rushing faster than before a storm was brewing unlike no other, it was a Zeus being the maddest he has ever been. As I raced in my Jeep to camp Half-Blood glass and rain poured on to me trying to submerge into my skin. CRAK SNAP POP my car broke down so I made a run for it dodging lightning, golden ichor ran down my body I made my way past the border, but as soon as I told my got past I tripped over a root and fell down the hill going unconscious . I didn't get it, I was able to dodge and run faster than lightning but I tripped over a root…..

I wake to people shouting saying the ambrosia and nectar are not working. I open my eyes and get up people try to get me to stay calm and get me down but that makes me flip out. I walk outside people were staring probably since I did the whole lightning thing and I was covered with mud and sticks. I go to cabin number 3 take a deep breath knock on the door and shout. "PERCY GET YOUR BUT UP NOW, ITS TIME TO FEED THE PEGAUSUS." "I'LL DO IT LATER LUNAH" "wait is that you lunah" he says bursting through the door and then hugging only seconds later realizing he did not have a shirt on. He comes back three or four minutes later with a bright orange shirt on. I drag him to the woods and tell him everything I know. "a war is approaching it will be every man, woman, and child for themselves and I need you to stay at camp to gather food, water, and any other needed supplies." After I finish what I said I hear a branch brake so I grab Percy's hand and race out of the woods. A little while later Chiron appears by my side and whispers to meet him in the woods

Percy's pov

I headed over to the Athena cabin just as the door swung open revealing Annabeth. "I was getting ready to go find you seaweed brain'