PsychicEevee: Hello! Welcome to the rewrite of my old story 'The Time After'! I've been thinking about rewriting it for a long time now, but I've decided recently that I'm going to rebuild this story from the ground up, since a lot of the basic elements of the story I decided on when I was younger, like how Flame was. I've decided to replace him, since I realized that he (and Cloudy, but I've rounded her out) was really not that great a character.

I've also decided to rebuild the world, since I don't know if I want to keep the story in the anime universe. I think I might keep it in the anime-verse, but I might or might now have Ash in it.

Let's get to it then!

A single Eevee raced through the forest. She didn't look to see where she was going; she just knew that she had to get away, fast. Her mother's words echoed in her ears: "We'll find you when we can. Just keep moving." She kept loping along, though she flinched every few seconds as the deep purple color on her cheeks flared.

Eventually Tay, the small Eevee, started to slow down, unable to keep up her pace due to both pain and inexperience, for that Eevee was very young. She kept going, staggering whenever the purple flared. Eventually her vision began to blur, but she still kept going.

Eventually Tay tripped over her own paws and fell. She tried to get up, but found she couldn't move.

"I'm... sorry... mama..." she muttered before closing her eyes and falling asleep.

A tall Pokemon was picking Nanab berries from a small grove of trees. He was mostly black and blue, with some sort of ornaments dangling from its head and red eyes. Once he was satisfied he left that area, heading back to his home. On his way he tripped over something. He looked behind him, expecting to see a rock he'd forgotten was there. Imagine his surprise when he saw a tiny golden Pokemon lying on the ground. It didn't look like it was breathing.

The Pokemon closed his eyes to honor the Pokemon. Automatically his aura vision came up. The Pokemon expected to see the Pokemon appear as an auraless object, but instead saw a very weak aura in it. He reacted quickly, putting aside the berries (he could always gather more later) and scooped up the Pokemon. He ran the rest of the way home.

When he arrived he met up with his mate, a somewhat shorter, pink and cream colored Pokemon was waiting with an Egg. She looked up as the Pokemon entered.

"You're back early, Lucario," she commented.

"I found someone that needs help," Lucario set the Pokemon in his arms down in front of the Pokemon.

"Oh my! what happened?" she asked, looking over it quickly.

"I don't know, Audino," Lucario replied. "I was on my way back when I literally stumbled over it."

"I think I can help it recover from its injuries physically, but it looks so young..." Audino trailed off after the last part. She started to treat the Pokemon, first casting a pale green light on it until the purple tint in its cheeks faded, then casting a pink beam of light over it. "That ought to heal the poison and injuries, but it'll still have to rest a while longer to gain back its energy."

"That's good," Lucario nodded and gave a small smile.


PsychicEevee: Well, that's that. I'm probably going to have shorter chapters from now on, with only either one moderate length scene or multiple shorter ones. That might change in the future, though.

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