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Tay woke up without opening her eyes. She picked up some sounds from around her. Mama? Papa? She thought. There were voices.

"I hope it'll be okay." The voice was gruff, though betrayed a softer side.

"I healed it, though it might have emotional scars," the other voice was soft and quiet. "It looks young, and going through that must not have been very good for its development." Not Mama and Papa, Tay concluded. They must be bad, all aside from Mama and Papa are bad, but they talk nice. I don't know... With that she opened her eyes, groaning as the sunlight got into them.

"Is it waking up?"

"I think it is."

The voices came from two Pokemon. One was dark, the other light. The thing that stood out to Tay was that they both stood like humans.

"Who... are... you?" Tay murmured as she attempted to stand up.

The lighter Pokemon beamed. "You're awake!" She gently held Tay down. "You still need to rest." Tay looked at her, but stopped moving. When the Pokemon stopped holding her she laid back down. "My name is Audino, little Eevee."

"I am Lucario." the darker Pokemon added. "I found you and brought you here."

"H-hello," Tay gave a smile. "I'm Tay."

"You were badly hurt, Tay," Audino informed the tiny Eevee. "What happened to you?"

"Me and Mama and Papa were attacked by mean humans and Pokemon," Tay murmured. "We were all hurt bad. Mama told me to run, so I did. I tripped and fell asleep. I woke up here."

"Poor thing!" Audino exclaimed. "You've gone through so much, and you're so young!" She paused for a moment. "Just how old are you, anyway?"

Tay thought for a moment. "Six days," She answered honestly. Both of the Pokemon's jaws dropped.

"You're six days old, and you've gone through so much?!" Audino exclaimed, gently hugging Tay to comfort her, for the golden Eevee had began to tear up while talking about what had happened.

"I'm gonna go mad soon!" an Umbreon muttered, staring at a closed door like he expected it to melt under the glare. "We're shut up in here while we recover, and poor Tay's out there, poisoned, injured, alone, and more likely than not scared out of her mind!"

"I know, Yoru," a Vaporeon said, trying (and failing) to sound reassuring. "But Angie and Ben only have the best motives. You know that."

"Yes, for us maybe," Yoru managed to get through clenched teeth. "But they're not thinking about Tay! She was hurt, it's been a week, and we're not looking for her!"

The Vaporeon was silent, but inside she wholeheartedly agreed with Yoru. Angie told me that they're searching for Tay while Yoru and I recover, but I should be out there. After all, that's MY daughter, and it's MY fault she's out there. I was the one that told her to run, that I'd find her later. It's been a WEEK since we last saw her. For all we know, she could be captured, or worse. I have to look for her. With that she stood up from where she had been lying down on a bed.

"Cloudy? What's up?" Yoru asked.

"Let's go." Cloudy's response was short and clipped.

Yoru's mouth curved into a smile. "You finally come to your senses?"

"You could say that," Cloudy replied as she looked at the window. She paused. "Yoru, you know Psychic, right?"

"But of course," he smirked, using it to open the latch and slide the window open enough for the two of them. "Ladies first." Cloudy slipped through the open window. Yoru followed, releasing his hold on the window when his tail was through. There was a small thud, and the two Eeveelutions raced away.


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