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Two weeks passed. Tay refused to eat or move. Carol still groomed 'Ora', and she never protested. The woman might have been slightly ditsy, but she knew when something was wrong. Two weeks after her last visit to the Pokemon Center Carol took Ora back there.

"Hello," Nurse Joy smiled as Carol went in, clutching Tay in her arms. "What can I help you with today?"

"Ora's been acting oddly recently," Carol answered. "Ever since I last took her here, I haven't seen her move once and she won't eat unless I force-feed her."

"Oh dear," Nurse Joy frowned, taking the golden Pokemon from her owner. "That sounds more like a behavioral problem than anything else. I'll run a few tests and get back to you when I get the results."

Tay briefly registered various sensations over the next hour or so, but she ignored them just as she had everything else since she realized just how trapped she was. There were some pokes and prods, and she felt something be attached to her for a few minutes before being taken off. She was picked up and carried.

Someone said something, but Tay didn't listen. She registered more motion, but as it was she didn't care anymore. She just wanted to be away from that place, even if it meant leaving this world.

Once they returned Carol sat down with Ora on her lap, petting the tiny Pokemon absentmindedly. She recalled the conversation she had had with Nurse Joy when said nurse returned Ora.

(Cue Flashback)

"I've run a few tests on Eevee." Nurse Joy reported. "I found no sign of physical ailments, but I believe she has a behavioral disorder."

"But what is it?" Carol asked.

"I believe she is suffering from depression." Nurse Joy responded. "Do you know Eevee's origins?"

"No," Carol replied. "She was given to me as a present."

"Then there are really two possibilities." Nurse Joy pondered. "Either she was bred in captivity or she was caught in the wild." She thought a moment more. "If she's only been acting this way since she was last outside two weeks ago, it's likely she's reacting like this because of something outside of your home."

"That would be either the city or the Pokemon Center," Carol murmured.

"Wild Eevees are normally documented living in the forest," Nurse Joy thought a moment more. "Most likely at this point Eevee was caught from a forest. Being so young, it's unlikely she's lived in a city before now."

"So what do you recommend?" Carol questioned.

"Take a trip with Eevee," Nurse Joy suggested. "That might revitalize her spirits."

"Oh, that's a great idea! I've been meaning to take a vacation anyway," Carol smiled, petting Ora softly. As usual, she didn't respond.

(Flashback End)

"Where can I go so that Ora will be happy again?" she murmured. "Ah! I think I know."

Cloudy's tail drooped. She murmured to her mate, "We've been searching for six months now." I don't know if we'll be able to find her... she thought.

Yoru must have sensed her thoughts because he replied, "If Tay's anything like her parents she'll be able to take care of herself."

"Yes, but we never trained her!" Cloudy's voice started to rise in pitch. "And she's an Eevee, the Pokemon humans will stop at nothing to catch! Being so special will be even more trouble for her!"

"Yes, but some of that may help her," Yoru tried to reason with the worried mother. "Remember what she did when we were separated?"

(Cue Flashback)

Many large Pokemon were crowded into a tiny basement. The Eeveelution family had been sheltering from the poachers in it, but they had been found. Cloudy and Yoru were fighting off the combatants as best they could, but they were simply too powerful, and they had the numerical and type advantages. Cloudy was cornered by a large cactus-like Pokemon called a Cacturne and Yoru was going up against a Tyranitar that could barely fit in the crowded area. The evolved Eeveelutions were struggling to beat their opponents, which were very powerful.

Cloudy had just used Shadow Ball to catch her opponent off-guard (though it didn't look like it did too much) when she saw the poachers' Pokemon that were surrounding Tay. They were two huge Golbats. Cloudy tried desperately to get around the Cacturne, but it used Energy Ball, firing a green orb that stopped the Vaporeon in her tracks. Cloudy tried desperately to get around her opponent, but she was simply outmaneuvered at every turn.

"Tay!" she shouted desperately, trying to communicate a message to her mate. However, it only succeeded in making her daughter turn her focus to her.

"Mama?" she asked. The Golbats took advantage of their target's distraction to swoop down and attack, using Poison Fang on the young Pokemon, followed up by numerous Wing Attacks. The Eevee went down, blocked from view for a moment as the Golbats attacked one final time before moving away.

"Master, Eevee is ready for capture," one of them reported. The human was unable to understand completely, but he got the gist from the tiny Eevee, who was seemingly unconscious.

"Oh good, the Eevee's ready," he smirked, pulling out a device that looked like a gun. He shot out something that looked like a Spinarak's web. It approached Tay, covering her. It glowed with a fierce yellow light as it electrocuted the Eevee. She screamed, her voice going hoarse.

Eventually the net stopped glowing yellow and instead glowed blue. It slowly lifted off of Tay, who stood up and slowly, as if she were possessed, walked out from under it. She opened her eyes. The usually chocolate-colored eyes were glowing the exact shade as the net. When Tay was out from under it, the net stopped glowing and fell limply to the floor. For half a second Tay's eyes stopped glowing as well, but the glowing resumed as the two Golbat became surrounded in the aura instead. They were thrown against the walls and slid down, unconscious.

(End Flashback)

"Do I remember?" Cloudy asked rhetorically. "A better question would be how could I forget?"

"She was incredible, and I'm certain she can defend herself out there," Yoru smiled reassuringly.

Tay registered something, but she ignored it. She thought back to back when she had been with her parents, when those bad humans and Pokemon had attacked and she had done... something. She still didn't know what it was that she did, but it got that weird thing, that net, that covered her and hurt her off and got those mean Pokemon away from her. She frowned as she remembered when that female human had captured her. I did that again then, whatever 'that' was, she thought, vaguely feeling some motion and subconsciously deciding Carol was carrying her somewhere. She continued her musings about whatever that weird power of hers was until she registered a sort of vibration. She flinched, remembering how she'd felt the same sort of vibration when the poacher had captured her and used a human vehicle to transport her somewhere.

She opened her eyes, narrowing them as she got used to light again, after being separated from it (willingly, though) for so long. It hurt, but she got used to it eventually. As soon as she did she looked around. The thing was brown on the inside, and had a large board in the front. The board was grey and had a bunch of things on it Tay couldn't even begin to describe. She shut her eyes again, unnerved by the vibration. It feels wrong... I don't wanna be here! Tay suffered through the vibrating of the car for what felt like forever, but after that the rumbling stopped and Tay was carried somewhere else before being set down on a surface that felt incredibly familiar. It tickled her stomach, and smelled like something she hadn't smelled in ages. Tay opened her eyes again.

It was GREEN! All around her was a field of bright, fresh, green grass. She stood up, wobbling on shaky feet, and started to walk around. A slight breeze tugged at her golden fur. It brought with it a faint scent. Tay gasped slightly at the familiarity of the smell, and started to run in the direction it had come from, ignoring everything but her need to see the source of that smell.

As she approached a huge tree Tay didn't even pause. She used the momentum she'd built up from running and leapt into the tree, landing in a low branch. Nearby there was a pink berry that was mostly rounded but had a point on the bottom. She didn't bother picking it off the tree, more focused on just eating the food that reminded her of her parents. She finished it and moved on to another one, climbing further up the tree to eat more.

Something snagged by her ear; she pawed her ribbon off and left it hanging on a branch as she went towards another Pecha berry.

She didn't even notice when someone came into view.

Carol ran into the tiny clearing, having followed Ora when the golden Eevee ran off. She was met by a sight that filled her heart with joy. Ora was eating her way through all the berries of a Pecha tree, climbing around, moving more to get to the next berry than Carol had seen before. Eventually Ora finished stripping the tree clean, and settled into a nook higher up in the tree. She closed her eyes and obviously quickly asleep.

Carol smiled. She wanted to keep Ora; after all, she was a gift from her husband, but she simply couldn't bear to force suffering on anyone or anything. Unfortunately, it seemed that Ora simply couldn't be happy living in the city.

Carol turned around, looking back one more time at the sleeping Eevee before walking away, back the way she came.

Tay woke up, blinking the bleariness out of her vision as she tried to remember what had happened and why she felt so happy (a nearly foreign emotion to her). Slowly the events of the day before caught up to her as she leapt out of the tree. Am I really... free? It was the first time she could more than just barely remember the experience of being truly free. She walked around, enjoying the experience of simply being free, not being restricted to one place, one tiny spot like a cage. It almost baffled her, the concept of 'freedom'.

After wandering for a while, she figured out what to do next. It was really faint, but she remembered her Mama and Papa, and she remembered when Mama told her to run, and that she'd find her later. How long's it been since then? I kept getting in trouble, so I was moving for as long as I could before I was caught. Mama… Papa… I miss you…


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