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Chapter 1

A blonde haired boy could be seen walking beside a girl with crazy bright bubblegum pink hair, and pale skin.

On the other side of the girl was another boy with black hair, this one's hair shaped like a duck's butt.

In front of them reading a orange book, and giggling was a man with spiky gravity defying grey hair.

In the middle of the three was a man drinking out of a bottle with a straw hat on his head and thick black framed glasses on his face.

This man is Tazuna the bridge builder from the small country of wave.

The three teens are Haruno Sakura, Uchiha Sasuke, and Uzumaki Naruto.

The man reading is Hatake Kakashi and together they make team seven, and this was their first C-rank mission.

So far it seemed normal as they escorted Tazuna to his village.

Sakura was pestering Sasuke for a date, Sasuke was brooding, and Naruto was rethinking his life choices, mainly his quickly diminishing crush on Sakura.

He walking past a puddle stopped, as his brain registered the fact that it hadn't rained in months, and his nose could detect scents in the puddle.

He shaking his head, pulled a kunai out from his pocket and said "Okay idiots, come out, as your genjutsu sucks because a puddle when it hasn't rained in months is kinda stupid."

His team besides Kakashi looked at him strangely until two men with clawed gauntlets rose from the puddle with mask on.

Before they could even attack, Naruto knocked both of them out, with the blunt side of his kunai.

Sighing he tied the two idiots up, and searched them for anything useful.

Finding some good things, he turned to Kakashi and said "Kakashi-sensei these two are members of the mist demons."

Kakashi nodding turned to Tazuna who was sweating and asked "Why are two C-rank missing nin and prominent members of the mist demons after you Tazuna-san?"

Tazuna dropping to his knees spilled the beans about his country being under the ruthless thumb of Gato, the tiny tyrant.

He also admitted to lying about the rank of the mission.

He then tried the guilt trip by saying that they didn't' have to help him, he would just go on and be killed, making his poor daughter and grandson swear vengeance on Konoha.

Kakashi sighing took a vote with his team to consider if they should go on or not.

Sasuke wanting to gain his doujutsu voted to continue on.

Sakura being the ever loyal fan-girl followed Sasuke's lead.

Naruto not wanting to Gato to continue and oppress Wave voted to press onward.

Kakashi sighing said that they were continuing the mission, but he was sending for back-up, hopefully another team, or maybe an anbu or two.

After crossing a bridge on a boat being moved by a oar, team seven made their way to the mainland, and Sasuke trying to show off threw a kunai into the bush.

He moving the bush scowled spotting a snow white bunny basically terrified for life.

Naruto and Kakashi both spotting the coat of the bunny instantly were on guard knowing that something was up.

Seconds later Naruto tackled Tazuna down to the ground while shouting "GET DOWN!"

Kakashi did the same for Sakura and Sasuke.

There in the tree not far from them was a huge sword, with two holes in it.

Standing on the blade was a man of about 6 feet with no shirt on, tan skin, spiky black hair, and bandages wrapped around his face.

Kakashi spotting the man cursed and said "Momochi Zabuza, leader of the mist demons, legendary demon of the bloody mist, and one of the seven swordsmen of the mist. Why are you here."

Zabuza snorting said "Sharingan no Kakashi, no wonder those two failed, you're here. Oh well hand over the old man and no one has to die."

Kakashi sighing said "I'm afraid I can't do that, because it would look bad so."

Zabuza shaking his head said "Don't say I didn't warn you."

He then jumped down into the water and did the infamous hidden mist jutsu.

Naruto getting in front of Tazuna started to spread his senses, trying to get ready for an attack, ignoring the killing intent pouring from Kakashi and Zabuza.

His ears hearing Sasuke tremble said "Teme stop trembling, Kakashi's got this, he's not gonna let any of us die."

His words were confirmed when Kakashi said "Naruto is right. Calm down I won't let anything happen to my cute little genin."

Zabuza's voice could then be heard as he said "So you say Kakashi. Now there's eight lethal points I can strike."

Naruto's ears picking up a wooshing sound, quickly moved to the middle of the formation and blocked a heavy blow from Zabuza's sword.

Naruto grunting in effort said "Not happening no brows."

Kakashi then appeared and stabbed the man in the gut while eye smiling at Naruto.

Zabuza then turned into a water clone and Kakashi was sliced in half by Zabuza.

Naruto wasn't surprised when Kakashi himself turned into water.

Soon Kakashi was trapped in a water prison by Zabuza who had created two more water clones.

Naruto seeing this, spammed sixteen clones of his own, and pulled out a large windmill shaped shuriken.

Tossing it, he watched as it sliced through one of the water clones that was being distracted and sliced through two of his own clones that were holding the other water clone still.

It then went sailing at the real Zabuza who caught it with his right hand with a smug smirk on his face.

His eyes widened when another Shuriken was heading his way.

He jumping over this one, felt his eyes widen when a Naruto clone appeared where the first shuriken had been, holding a kunai, and another clone appeared above him holding two kunai like daggers heading straight down.

His eyes widened even more when two more clones appeared out of the water ready to punch him.

As for the other shuriken it transformed into a clone of Naruto who spinning in the air, tossed the real demon will shuriken at Zabuza.

The man deflected the first clone with a kunai, got stabbed by the two kunai in his shoulders and head butted the Naruto who did so, and stomped on both of clones from below.

He was then forced to let go of the prison when the shuriken embedded itself in his back.

He growling glared at Naruto who was smirking at him for some reason.

He then noticed that Kakashi was now beside the brat with wide eyes.

He wondering why gained wide eyes suddenly sensing a build up of chakra.

Looking around, he didn't see anything.

He then looking down gained wide eyes spotting six clones glowing with chakra.

He cursed when he heard Naruto say "Great Exploding Clone Jutsu!"

He was then launched backwards from the explosion.

He flipping over was literally steaming mad.

He started going through handsigns and was shocked when Naruto and Kakashi both started going through their own handsigns.

He finishing his cried out "Water style; Water Dragon Jutsu!"

His jaw dropped when he heard Kakashi cry out "Water style; Water Dragon Jutsu!"

He blanched when he heard Naruto cry out "Water style; Water Shark Bomb Jutsu!"

Two water dragons were dueling, when suddenly a huge shark made of water blasted through both water dragons and rocketed towards Zabuza.

Zabuza getting hit by the water shark cursed and screamed when his back collided with the trunk of a tree.

Kakashi appearing in front of him eye smiled and was about to finish him when three senbon pierced his neck.

A hunter nin appeared thanked team seven for their help then vanished.

Kakashi lowering his headband walked two steps before he collapsed.

Naruto shaking his head walked over to the man and put the man's arm around him and asked "Tazuna is your house near?"

Tazuna nodding lead team seven to his home.

Naruto carrying Kakashi into the room Tsunami suggested, laid the man in the bed, and then got into a bed himself as he was more tired then he thought.

He would wake up the next morning to find Kakashi looking at him with interest.

He turning his head rolled his eyes spotting Sasuke glaring at him with jealous eyes and Sakura juts plain out glaring at him.

He sitting up asked "So when do we start training because you and I both know that isn't the last we've seen of Zabuza."

Kakashi eye smiling at Naruto and ignoring the wide eyes of his other two students said "I was waiting for you to wake up so that we could start our training. Come on"

Naruto nodding got up and followed Kakashi into the woods surrounding Tazuna's home.

Getting to some tree's Kakashi explained what they were about to do.

Naruto blinking asked "Is there anything else you're going to teach us sensei, because I already know tree walking, and started on the water walking exercise. In order to do the Water Shark Bomb Jutsu I had to have good chakra control."

Kakashi hearing this smiled and said "Please show me that you can do them."

Naruto nodding ran up to the nearest tree and ran up it with ease, reaching the top and flipping off with ease.

Landing in front of the seething Sasuke he asked "Is that enough proof sensei?"

Kakashi nodding said "Yes it is, well then since you've got that down, I'll get you some training."

He then reached into his pocket and pulled out a sheet of paper.

He seeing the looks in their eyes explained what the paper was and how it worked.

He demonstrated and revealed that he had a dual affinity for lightning and fire.

He then handed the paper to Naruto, and informed Naruto what to do.

Naruto doing as he was told, pushed a little chakra into the paper and was shocked when it did several things.

First it split into seven different pieces.

The first five were normal elemental affinities.

The sixth piece turned into the shape of a snarling wolf and even howled, the seventh piece turned into miniature storm, with rain, thunder, wind, and lightning.

Naruto looking up at the shocked Kakashi asked "Okay I get the first five, meaning I have a affinity to all five of the basic elements, but I have no idea about the last two."

Kakashi shaking his head himself said "I'm just as confused as you are Naruto, but I can help you with all five of the main affinities. We'll start with fire and lightning, and define water. Then we'll move to earth and wind."

Naruto nodding, did as Kakashi instructed, ignoring the heavy scowl on Sasuke's face, and the glare Sakura was sending him.

Five hours later and Naruto was glaring at leaf that would not split.

He had already mastered the fire, lightning, water, and earth manipulation practice that Kakashi had given him, but the damn wind one was giving him problems.

Kakashi had even given Naruto a few jutsu in all of the elements he had mastered.

He had already learned most of them, except the one Kakashi himself wanted to teach him, the lightning blade or something like that.

He sighing again as Kakashi had gone to check on Sasuke and Sakura.

Speaking of that got him back to thinking about his life choices, mainly his stupid crush on Sakura.

He closing his eyes really thought about why he had even liked Sakura and could only come up with one reason.

The first day they had meet she was a nice shy girl, that didn't instantly call him a monster or beat on him like the rest of the kids did.

After that day she became like the rest, and he had been trying to get her to go back to how she was.

Sighing he laid back in the clearing and decided that he was pushing women out of his mind and focusing on his shinobi career.

Nodding to himself he went back to his leaf.

Later that day when he managed to drag himself back into Tazuna's home, he noticed that Sasuke was face down on the table and Sakura looked like she hadn't done a thing.

Sighing he helped himself to a plate of Tsunami's food.

Smiling at how delicious it was he complimented her on it.

Once done with the dinner he was about to excuse himself, when his ears picked up the sound of someone singing.

It sounded like a lullaby and for some reason he felt compelled to find the source of the music.

Shaking his head he put some ear plugs in his ears and went to his room and went to sleep.

Two days later and Naruto was standing beside Tazuna as the man was told by a worker that he was quitting.

Naruto sighing asked "Tazuna-san how many workers do you need?"

Tazuna sighing said "About 350, why brat."

Naruto crossing his fingers cried out "Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu!"

A huge poof of smoke occurred and when it cleared over 500 Naruto's could be seen standing.

Naruto nodding said "Here you are 500 workers. Show them what to do and they'll get to work. Each one of them can make clones, so don't worry about tiring them out. Also some of them are most likely going to make some clones and help the villagers out."

He then walked over to the nearest tree and leaned against it, ignoring the gob smacked look on Tazuna's face.

About an hour later he opened his eyes smelling the smoke from tobacco, flowers, deer and food.

He could also smell sword polish and medicine.

This was most likely the back-up Kakashi had sent for.

He standing up moved to the bridge and blinked spotting team ten with a sickly looking man.

He walking towards them asked "You guys are the back-up?"

Shikamaru sighing said "Yes we are, why are you the only one guarding Tazuna-san?"

Naruto sighing himself said "Because I'm a one man army and because Sakura refuses to train without Kakashi looking over her shoulder the entire time."

He then gaining a serious look on his face, explained everything to Asuma, and Hayate.

Asuma hearing this said "Alright thanks for the briefing, and since I'm a wind user myself why don't I help you with the leaf exercise."

Naruto hearing this smiled and said "Thank you Asuma-sensei I would be honored."

Asuma giving team ten their jobs then sat down and explained wind chakra to Naruto.

Naruto after hearing the explanation, did split the leaf in one try, but creating some clones decided to do it until he mastered it.

When he finally dragged himself into Tazuna's home, he smiled at Tsunami, and thanked her for once again fixing a delicious meal.

The dinner was going fine, until Inari, Tazuna's grandson started shooting off at the mouth about how none of them knew anything about suffering and that they were all just wasting their time.

Something in Naruto just snapped and he quickly told the little brat off.

He informed Inari of Sasuke's life, Kakashi's life, and finally his own life.

His final words were that someone always has it worse then you do.

He then stormed out of the house, ignoring the tears flowing from Ino's eyes, and the rage in Asuma's, Hayatre's, Shikamaru's, Chouji's, Kakashi's and Tazuna's eyes.

He was sitting in the clearing he had been training in all week, when once again his ears picked up the sound of someone singing a lullaby.

This time his eyes glossed over, and like he was in a trance he started to follow the sound of the voice.

He didn't even notice when he started to walk over a very large very deep body of water.

He didn't even notice when he walked through a whirlpool and into some destroyed village.

He just kept walling until he marched right into the eye of a powerful storm.

He finally regained control over his body.

Shaking his head he gained wide eyes spotting three beautiful women standing in front of him.

The one that was still singing had long flowing silver hair tied into a top-knot. She had kind purple eyes, and perfect fair skin. She had the perfect hourglass figure that was wrapped in a high collared kimono that was as black as the night.

The next woman had short spiky red hair dark brown skin, and orange glowing eyes. She also had the perfect hourglass figure, but she wasn't wearing a kimono. No she had on a pair of black jeans that looked like they had seen better days. A red t-shirt with the image of a smirking sun on it. She also had on a pair of black and red high top air force ones. Around her waist was a golden belt with the insignia for flames on it.

The last of the three women had shoulder-length dark purple hair, pale skin, and dark blue eyes. She like the other two had the perfect hourglass figure, and like the first was wrapped in a light grey and yellow kimono.

The first woman ending her singing turned to Naruto and smiled.

The third woman was also smiling at him, while the second woman simply smirked at him.

He looking around finally noticed his surroundings, he was about to flip out when the third woman said "Welcome Naruto, to the former home of your mother, and home of your ancestors. This is the land of the swirling tides, and where I and my two sisters grew up at."

Naruto hearing this blinked and asked "Who are you lady?"

She smiling said "I am Susanoo, but the mortal world knows me as Uzumaki Kushina, that is also what Konoha knows me. Truly I am the goddess of the storms and one of the celestial trio. The title I'm most proud of though is your mother."

Naruto blinked hearing this and narrowed his eyes.

He growling said "If you're my mother then tell me something only she would know."

Susanoo giggling said "Those whisker marks aren't your birthmarks, your real birthmark is the black lightning mark in the corner of your right hand, along with the purple crescent moon on the center of your left hand."

Naruto blinked hearing this and said "Okay you're legit as the only other person who knows about those is Ayame-nee, and the Old man."

Susanoo giggling opened her arms asked "Can momma have a hug from her precious baby boy?"

Naruto sighing walked into the hug, and instantly regretted it as he was being squeezed to death by his mom.

He trying to break free and stop himself from turning blue cried out "Sweet baby Jesus, I can't breath. I now know how that damn demon cat feels."

He was then let go, and he started to suck in air, like a vacuum.

Shaking his head he turned to the first woman and asked "Okay who the hell are you?"

She giggling said "I am your aunt and goddess of the moon Tsukuyomi, but you can call me Auntie or awesome."

Naruto sweat dropped at this and turned to the second woman who yawned and said "I'm Amaterasu goddess of the Sun, and your aunt."

Naruto hearing this felt the sweat drop get bigger.

Shaking his head he asked "Okay now that I know that, why am I here?"

Susanoo smiling said "It's time we unlocked your true potential and inform you of not only your powers but your royal status."

Naruto blinked hearing this and asked "What powers? What royal status, what true potential?"

Tsukuyomi giggling said "You my nephew are the crown prince of the very heavens. The moon guides your every movement and empowers you. The might of the sun flows through your body, as you wield the unique ability to use the very power of the sun. Born from the union of the storm and a noble man, with ties to the powerful Senju clan."

Naruto eyes were wide hearing this.

Amaterasu picking up from there said "You have the power of the wolf buried inside of you, just waiting to come out. This comes from Tsukuyomi as wolves are very heavily tied to the moon. You also have my own bloodline called Supernova release. This basically makes your fire attacks ten times more powerful then before. You can also make attacks that equal the power of the sun. You also gain diamond hard skin from me, as a gift when you were born."

Naruto's jaw was wide open.

Susanoo then said "You have the true storm release, meaning you actually create storms instead of wimpy laser lights like those people from Kumo. You can also create lightning of different colors and intesities, along with winds of different nature, and rain of different style. You also gain super strength and super speed from me. Because of you having the Kyuubi sealed into you by the Shinigami, you have also gained a powerful alignment for the demonic arts, and the dream of every swordsmen alive. A weapon made of your very soul. From your father you gain the legendary Swift release and the Hirashin no Jutsu. Kami herself has decided to give you the chaos release, which has different uses, and was only ever used by the legendary immortal Shadow the Hedgehog."

Naruto's jaw was now touching the floor.

Tsukuyomi then said "As you have already seen you have a strong alignment with the five basic elemental affinities. This is so that you can recreate every single supposed bloodline jutsu, including the Mokuton. Most of these will unlock when you transform into your wolf form. By the way, you'll have a full wolf form, half wolf form, which is called werewolf or lycan, and partial forms. The first time you transform into any of the wolf forms will hurt like nothing you've ever felt before. Oh by the way you'll become very territorial. Oh and my birthday present to you is a summoning contract of any being at any point."

Naruto's jaw was now buried in the ground.

Amaterasu shaking her head said "My present to you is a new outfit. Anyway you'll also be getting a scroll with indebt details of the millions of Uzumaki jutsu, including kenjutsu, ninjutsu, taijutsu, genjutsu, kinjutsu, fuinjutsu, and Iryujutsu. Your stuff as we speak is getting moved into your new home which is a palace fit for a king. It's where the old Uchiha compound used to be. Oh and I got you a pet, that I think you're going to like."

Susanoo ignoring Naruto's jaw going deeper into the ground said "As for your true potential being unlocked, well that's the other reason the three of us are here. It's time to retrain you from the bottom up, yes that includes manners and fashion."

Naruto closed his mouth hearing this and took a step back in fear.

He then blanched when Tsukuyomi started to cackle as she said "We start with that hideous orange monstrosity you are wearing, followed by your choice in females."

He took another step back in fear when the other two joined in the evil laughter.

He didn't know it but inside of the seal on his stomach the Kyuubi was already praying for it's container's soul, as the looks on their faces could and would terrify Uchiha Madara and Senju Hashirama.

Two days later, Naruto was rushing towards the bridge, after saving Tsunami and Inari from some punks Gato had sent to kidnap them.

He was pushing himself as fast as he could go, hoping to make it in time to save his comrades.

Landing on the bridge he rolled his eyes spotting the thick mist all around him.

Ignoring this he ran towards where he felt Sasuke's and Hayate's chakra signatures.

Arriving outside of a dome made of ice mirrors, he peeked inside and gasped spotting both Sasuke and Hayate littered with needles.

His eyes widened even more when Hayate sacrificed himself for Sasuke, who was shaking in fear.

Rushing in he deflected all of the senbon, and said "Oi teme snap out of it."

Sasuke hearing Naruto's voice looked up and gasped spotting him inside of the dome.

Naruto getting back to back with Sasuke said "We work together on this one Sasuke."

Sasuke nodding started to attack the mirrors with Naruto's help.

Sasuke still ended up being knocked out, leaving just Naruto.

Naruto scowling said "Well shit. I guess it's time to reveal the power of the sun."

He jumping high into the air, actually breaking free of the dome, gathered fire chakra into his hand.

Closing his eyes he focused on the ice dome and started to push some of his supernova chakra into the hand.

Opening his eyes he made a fire ball the size of baseball appear in his hand.

He rearing back with it cried out "Supernova style; Intensity!"

He then tossed the fireball into the ice dome and crushed his hand.

It worked just like he planned, the user of the ice mirrors was blasted out of the dome, as it melted, third degree burns all over the person's body.

Sasuke and the body of Hayate were just fine.

Naruto then landing rushed towards the badly burned person and appearing in front of the person said "Forgive me. Hado #4 Byakurai"

The person never even had the chance to scream as from Naruto's fingertips a pale blast of lightning pierced the head, the brain and came out the other side.

Naruto ignoring the bile rising to his throat rushed towards Kakashi's fight.

He arrived just in time for both Kakashi and Asuma to jump back.

He landing in front of them, looked them over and frowned spotting the damage both men had taken.

Shaking his head he focused on the mist, knowing that Zabuza was in there.

He then heard "Well if it isn't the brat from before. Now that you're here my apprentice can stop playing with the duck butt."

Naruto snorting said "I hate to inform you of this, but your apprentice is dead, by my own hands."

He heard a arrogant laugh and Zabuza say "Ha as if brat. I trained him myself, and he could beat me if he tried."

Naruto rolling his eyes as he had finally found the man said "Well you ask him yourself once you join him."

Pushing lightning chakra into his hand he cried out "Lightning style; Hungry Wolf Jutsu!"

The jutsu launched into the mist, and seconds later a loud pain filled scream could be heard.

The mist then slowly cleared out and Kakashi and Asuma were shocked.

Barely standing not feet from them was Zabuza clutching his right side that was still sparking with lightning.

Turning they gasped spotting the body of Zabuza's apprentice and Hayate.

Sasuke was on the ground knocked out if the breathing was anything to go by.

Zabuza growling said "You damn brat. That's twice I've lost to you."

Naruto once again ignoring the bile in his throat said "That's right, as I will not allow anyone to hurt my comrades or my team. Die demon of the hidden mist."

Zabuza was about to growl out something when clapping could be heard.

All eyes turned to the end of the bridge.

Standing there was short man in a business suit with a cane in his right hand, and a smug smirk on his face.

This was Gato and behind him was an army of thugs.

He laughing said "Well it looks like arrived at the right time. Now my thugs can kill the men and I can have my way with the blonde girl and maybe the pink haired thing, if it behaves."

Naruto hearing this for some reason felt some anger boil in him.

Gato looking at the dead body of Hayate, and Haku laughed and said "Stupid Shinobi thinking that you're important. I bet you that I could probably take the pale one's corpse and fetch a good chunk of money. I wonder if he has any significant others. If so I can make them think that I'm going to give the body to them, and then kidnap and make them my little whore."

Naruto hearing this actually heard himself growl.

Gato turning to Tazuna who was being guarded by Shikamaru, Chouji, Sakura and Ino said "After the shinobi are dead, I'll have my thugs bring me your little family. I'll kill the little brat first, then I'll let my men have their way with that slut for a daughter you have Tazuna, before I chop her head off, and kill you."

He then started to laugh very loudly.

Naruto now growling very loudly, could feel something primal, something feral, something powerful trying to break free.

Gato then sealed his fate when he said "You know I think I'll agree to what that strange snake man planned. Once I'm done here I'll start kidnapping people from the village hidden in the leaves, keep them for a couple of days, have my way with the women, and then sell both the men and women. Unless the woman catches my eyes, then I'll just make her my whore."

In Naruto's mind when Gato said this, Naruto instantly pictured Ayame, being raped by this pig of a man.

That was the final push Naruto needed.

Naruto stopped growling and screamed in pain, as his body started to burn up.

He hadn't noticed how all eyes were drawn to him now.

Everyone gained wide eyes when his body started going through a change. First he shot up in height from his short 4.9 to a staggering 7. 3 feet tall. His body then started to gain muscle and his hands gained thick claws. His human ears vanished and were replaced by large wolf ears. His clear blue eyes, turned into glowing gold orbs. His face changed to resemble a wolf's head. His hair turned silver and it quickly spread across his body. From his rear a thick bushy silver wolf tail appeared. Finally he dropped down to all fours.

The now wolf Naruto was standing there snarling at Gato.

Gato now afraid said "First person to kill that thing gets to go first with the blonde girl."

The thugs hearing this cheered and charged forward.

Wolf Naruto seeing this, let loose a sonic howl, that could be heard around the elemental nations.

He then blurred forward, and the next thing anyone knew, the thugs were being ripped apart, literally.

One thug landed in front of Kakashi, missing the lower half of his body, with wide open dead eyes.

Ino, Sakura, Shikamaru, Chouji, and Tazuna had to turn away as the scene was to gruesome for their weak stomachs.

Asuma and Kakashi on the other hand watched the entire thing, with mild fascination.

Pretty soon the still wolf Naruto was now slowly walking towards the petrified Gato, his silver fur coated in the blood of his enemies.

Gato falling on his ass, was trembling in pure fear as the wolf had literally tore through over 1,000 hired thugs and it was now stalking it's way towards him.

He then felt air being blown on him and something wet drop on his head.

He looking up blanched as the wolf was now hovering right over him, it's mouth agape revealing rows upon rows of sharp deadly teeth already coated in the blood of it's victims.

Gato then looked into the eyes of the wolf, and felt utter dread fill his soul, as the golden orbs were showing his death many different ways.

Before he could even make a plea for his life, the jaws snapped down on his head, and with a loud crunch Gato was dead.

The wolf then consumed Gato's entire body, and then started to eat the rest of the thugs.

This is what made Asuma and Kakashi turn away.

After the sound of bones being crunched, and the pained moans of the one's still somewhat alive died down, everyone turned back around, and instantly sweat dropped spotting Naruto standing there once again human, but sleeping while standing up.

It was at this moment that the villagers arrived ready to fight.

Kakashi shaking his head walked over to Naruto and picked the boy up noticing that his hair was now silver with some patches of red mixed in along with blonde.

Carrying Naruto, he thought "Konoha's Blood Wolf, has a nice catch to it. I wonder if whoever was watching is going to give Naruto that name."

He then noticed that Asuma was carrying the body of Hayate, while Shikamaru and Chouji with one arm slung around him were carrying Sasuke.

He noticed that Sakura was trying to boss the two boys around.

He was wondering where Ino was, until he spotted her behind him, with a very worried look in her eyes, as she looked at Naruto.

This made him smile as Naruto had gained her attention.

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