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Chapter 4

Two days later and Iruka was scratching his head spotting what he was sure was a Naruto clone in a chibi wolf form being cuddled to death by Kin. The reason he was scratching his head was the wolf had tears in it's eyes and was begging him for him to help it. He could help the wolf and be owed a favor from Naruto, or let it suffer as pay back for all those times Naruto got him beat up by kunoichi for being a pervert. He sighing decided to spare the clone's life and said "Kin-san please relinquish the clone before it dies." Kin blinking released the clone who appeared in front of Iruka and kissed his feet. Iruka ignoring this said "Naruto dismiss this clone and report to the main room, I'm sure you'll be able to find your way there. I'll escort Kin-san there. Ino needs to be there also." The clone nodding vanished in a poof of smoke. Iruka ignoring this lead Kin to the main room ignoring how terrified the girl seemed, not that he blamed her as he had heard what some of the people had threatened her with.

He reaching the main room, blinked spotting the real Naruto there without a shirt, Ino hanging onto his left arm. Iruka noticed that something was different about Ino. Was her hair longer and did it just shine in the light. Shaking his head he focused his attention on Naruto who now had two wristbands and two swords on his back. He recognized the first one as the Head Cleaver, the second one he didn't recognize, but could see the kanji for Tempest on the hilt. Naruto walking forward gave Kin his arm and said "Calm down Kin-chan. I'm right here, and I want allow a single person to lay a finger on you." Kin hearing this instantly calmed down and latched onto the arm Ino wasn't hanging onto. Naruto smiled at this and lead his two girls down the stairs to join the rest of the genin, including Sasuke who he could tell had gotten an evil hickey of doom from Pedomaru. His eyes moving to Sarutobi who looked like he wanted to strangle someone, pretended to pay attention as the man droned on and on about the true purpose of the chunin exams. Everyone thought he was going to loose his temper first, but they were wrong. Ino getting annoyed at Sarutobi's speech growled and said "Old man if you don't get to the point Naruto-kun is gonna go on a pranking spree so bad that you'll never finish the paperwork that comes from it." All eyes moved to Naruto, who smirked and said "You heard my hime, get to the point old man." Sarutobi sweat dropping did get to the point and some random jonin appeared to start the prelims. Naruto walking back up the steps with a girl on either arm, leaned against the wall and watched the matches.

The first match was Kiba versus Kankuro the boy from Suna. Kiba down on the floor had an arrogant smirk on his face as he said "This is great I get the looser who plays with his dolls and wear his sister's make-up." His comment got Ino to giggle, Kin to snicker and Naruto to laugh very loudly. Kankuro with an twitching eyebrow said "I get to put the horny little doggy down." That's when Ino and Kin lost it and started laughing very loudly. Naruto shaking his head said "That round goes to the marionette fucker." When Naruto said this everyone burst out laughing including Kiba who said "Naruto in for the kill." Kankuro was now twitching completely. He turning his head glared at Naruto and said "Forget the doggy I want the fruit wolf boy." Naruto hearing this felt his eyes narrow as he said "Akamaru rip him to pieces so commands Prince Ookami, leader of the Heavenly all lunar fang clan."

Akamaru hearing this didn't bark but let loose a powerful howl that sent chills down everyone's spine. Kiba looking at his dog blinked when Akamaru turned into a large wolf with blood red fur. Kankuro spotting the wolf shit his pants. Naruto smirking manically said "Kiba I give you the blessing of the all lunar fang clan. Unleash your inner wolf and show this fool why canine's tend to run in packs." Kiba hearing this smirked dangerously and howled. Kankuro shit his pants again when Kiba jumped into the air and fused entirely with Akamaru. The creature that landed was something out of everyone's worse nightmare. It was a motherfluffing two headed monster wolf, with a glowing purple moon on the middle of it's heads. It roared and licked it's lips. Naruto cackling said "Behold the true purpose for my little prank during the end of the 1st exam. You see the day before the start of the chunin exams I had a meeting with the honorable Inuzuka clan…,!"

Flashback No Jutsu!

Naruto was wondering why Kiba was at his front door growling under his breath. Naruto tilting his head asked "What the hell are you doing here dog breath?" Kiba growling said "My mom and sister wish to speak to you Oh honorable Prince of Heaven." Naruto smirking said "Damn I'd never thought I'd hear you say something like that dog breath." His smirked widened when Kiba grumbled even louder. Naruto laughing said "Relax Kiba, I'm just yanking your chain. Let me lock up and we'll head over to your place." Kiba smiled at this. Naruto locking his door held out his hand. Kiba blinked when a large white bird landed on his hand and walked up to his shoulder. Smiling Naruto said "Kiba meet Kirara my mighty Phoenix." Kirara shaking her head nuzzled his face. Naruto giggling said "Her feathers are flames yet they feel like a warm breeze." He then smiling said "She may look like she's my pet, but in reality she's my partner and can burn through anything that she comes across just like the flames of my aunt." He then shaking his head said "Come on Kiba let's go."

Kiba nodding started to walk with Naruto towards his home the two of them talking about old times and his pranks. When they reached his home Naruto had Kiba rolling about his prank on Sasuke that turned his hair green. Naruto blinked spotting all of the puppies running around and the not so excited Inuzuka's running after them. He turning to Kiba asked "A new batch of puppies?" Kiba sighing said "Yeah and they're even worse then the batch Akamaru came from." Naruto laughing said "Yeah that might be my fault, you know with my wolf powers." Kiba sighing said "That's what mom thinks, and that's why she wants to talk to you." Naruto scratching Kirara on her beak said "Yeah I figured when you told me." They then reached their destination and Naruto's nose picked up the scent of beef and hold the phone was that ramen. Kiba blinked and Naruto was a smoke outline. He sweat dropping said "He's a prince, yet he could easily be controlled with his obession of ramen." He sighing walked inside of his home.

Naruto now in a seat was itching to reach out and consume the ramen in front of him, but years of watching the old man during procedures like this, had drilled into him that he should resist such actions. Tsume spotting Naruto's state was surprised he hadn't attacked the ramen. Hana on the other hand was fighting every bone in her body not to jump Naruto's bones right now. Naruto looking at Kirara who was getting restless as fresh beef was in front of her yet she hadn't gotten a single bite of yet said "I really don't mean to sound impatient but Kirara is going to light this entire estate on fire if you don't inform us why we're here." Tsume blinking said "You're here because the Inuzuka clan wish to make a pact with you Prince Naruto." Naruto hearing the prince rolled his eyes and said "It's just Naruto. The prince makes me feel like a spoiled brat, besides you've watched over me many times Tsume-san." Tsume smirking said "Well then brat, you can plainly see that our pups are or have been effected by your wolf genes. They smell your aura just like I can and instantly realized that you are the alpha. All of our animals and most of our clan have realized this. Hana realized this the first time she saw you. Now my clan is heavily tied with animals and you being the son of one of my old teammates I thought that it would be a good thing for the both of us if our clan had a pact." Naruto nodding to this said "Sound plan, but please inform me what exactly you want from this pact?"

Tsume blinked wondering how Naruto quickly cut through the bull shit so easily. Naruto smirking said "Oh come on Tsume-chan I was practically raised by the Hokage. The old man tried to teach me everything he knew, as someday I plan on taking over his job. I may not have understood it, but anything that relates to the hat, I paid close attention to. Politics aren't my thing, but the old man was and still is a master at cutting through the bull shit, and seeing through the red tape." Tsume laughing said "Damn brat. Well to put it frank the clan wants your help in making the Inuzuka stronger and possibly reaching the ultimate fusion with our partners." Naruto hearing this said "So you would like for me to help you and your clan to become a lycan or werewolf but not permanently." Tsume nodding asked "Is it possible?" Naruto snorting said "Tsume you know me way better then that. I don't know the meaning of the word impossible. I might have to think a little and maybe speak with a few gods, maybe even a alternate version of me. Could possibly get it done, yes will take time to synthesize a prototype of it but very possible." He then shaking his head said "Damn it, Kirara-chan remind me to fucking strangle that version of myself from the 100th dimension got me playing that cursed game. Bloody Mordin Solous." Tsume, Hana and Kiba all blinked at this while Kirara hummed. Naruto then asked "So what do I get out of this arrangement besides ramen?" Tsume gained a large smirk on her face as she said "Oh you gain the hand in marriage of two Inuzuka women and become head of the Inuzuka clan." Naruto and Kiba both blinked at this. Naruto tilting his head asked "What are you talking about Tsume-chan?" Tsume laughing said "What I'm saying is that myself and Hana are going to become your future wives. This will make you the head of the Inuzuka clan and Kiba your son-in-law." Naruto hearing this couldn't control himself.

He hit the floor rolling in laughter with Kirara now on the shell shocked Kiba's shoulder. When he finally stopped laughing he said "Oh that's perfect. Dog breath would be my son-in-law and I could finally make him take the bath he so needs." Kiba hearing this snapped out of his shock and growled out "You saying I stink dobe?" Naruto snorting said "Kiba you smell so bad, my nose could pick your scent up from wave." Kiba growled at this and said "That's it I'm gonna make you pay, prince or not." Naruto smirking cracked his knuckled and said "Bring it dog breath. I'll put you in your place." Kiba was about to leap at Naruto, when he was pecked by Kirara who squaked. Naruto started to tear up and was having a hard time holding his laughter in. Kiba glaring at the Phoenix asked "Why did you peck me you stupid overgrown chicken." Kirara pecked him again and squaked even louder. Naruto laughing said "She is trying to tell you that I'd own you with one eye closed." He then standing up and getting back in his seat coughed and said "Well then I agree to the terms and will send the old man a copy of the proceedings. Now that's the business is over." His eyes then transformed into bowls of ramen as he screamed "RAMEN!" Kiba, Hana, and Tsume all sweat dropped

Flashback no Jutsu Kai!

Naruto smiling at the shocked looks on everyone's face said "That smoke bomb was really the prototype chemical compound created to create the transformation. May I present to you the DNA fusion of Kiba Inuzuka and Akamaru, Lucian Blackwell." The wolf monster smirked and said "This is so fucking awesome. Me and Akamaru are in total synch." It then licking it's lips asked "Ready to die puppet fucker?" Kankuro feeling his anger come back said "Bring it on freak." Lucian smirked and the battle began. Seconds later and Lucian was standing above the battered remains of Kankuro and his puppet. Naruto nodding his head said "Subject seems to have an excess of aggression. Most likely due to command given before transformation. Also could be due the DNA of blood wolf clan or Niklaus Michaelson. Must adjust, then try again." Lucian blinked and transformed back into Kiba and Akamaru. The jonin shaking his head said "Winner Kiba Inuzuka of Konoha. Someone get a clean up crew to move the remains." Everyone was shocked at what had just happened. The next match was a genin from Konoha versus another genin from Konoha. Pretty soon it was Lee versus Gaara. Sadly Lee was defeated but not before Naruto informed Gaara that he would be personally stamping his time sheet sending him to the gaping maws of Shinigami.

Now it was time for a match Naruto honestly wanted to see. Hinata versus Neji. Hinata glaring at Ino hanging off of Naruto, ignored every word that came out of Neji's mouth. Hinata turning to glare at Neji said "You will be going down Neji as I must prove my love for Naruto-kun and get that unworthy whore off of him." Naruto's eyebrow started to twitch at this, and he could hear Ino growling. Said eyebrow started to twitch even more when he felt Ino's now very sharp claws dig into his arms. He then snorting let out a low growl and said "Ino if you don't loosen that grip on my arm, I'm going to bite you, and not the way you like either." Ino hearing this quickly loosened her grip. Naruto then watched as Hinata defeated the pompous Neji and glared at Ino. Ino glared right back at Hinata, and Naruto was kinda getting sick of it, until he heard "Next match! Tsuchi Kin versus Higarashi Ten-Ten!"

Naruto blinked and turned to the trembling Kin. Smiling softly he said "Kin-chan go out there and do your best. The moon, sun and the storm will watch over you." Kin looking at him with clear fear in her eyes asked "What if I'm not strong enough and make your name look bad?" Naruto hearing this smiled and said "Kin-chan I really don't give a damn about my name. All I care about is that you give it your all, and if you go down, you go down swinging." He then still sensing a small amount of fear in her said "As insurance I think it's time I tried something I read about in the Uzumaki Scrolls." He motioning for Ino to back up, forced a partial transformation, and ignored the searing pain shooting through his body. He making one of his canine teeth enlarge, ripped it right out of his mouth. Allowing his blood to soak the fang, he unleashed a full transformation. Tossing the fang into the air, he went through multiple handsigns. Finishing up he howled out "Hidden Uzumaki Fuinjutsu: Creation of the Soul Slayer!" The fang started to glow. He then dropping to all fours shook his entire body and howled deeply. Everyone gasped when a pair of glowing golden eyes appeared above him. Naruto then howled out "Oh Shinigami, queen of the dead. I ask thee for the souls of Ringo Ameyuri former member of the seven swordsmen of them mist and Senju-Uzumaki Mito, great wife of Senju Hashirama and powerful member of the once great Uzumaki clan. I offer you the soul of Kankuro Sabaku and Momochi Zabuza in return." Everyone gained wide eyes when the two souls he asked for appeared and fused with the fang. Naruto smirking said "I thank you Shinigami-chan." He then standing up slammed his hands on the fang and cried out "Mokuton; Nature's Benefit!" Everyone gasped when the fang was wrapped into a thick shell of wood. That shell broke seconds later to reveal a gorgeous sword, with a wooden handle and a guard shaped like the kanji for fear. Naruto then shifting into his supernova wolf form bite down on the fang and released searing hot flames down on the blade. He removing his mouth from it by once again tossing it into the air, shifted back into his human form.

Grabbing the hilt of the brand new sword, he twirled it around and pointed it directly at Sasuke and said "May I present to you Kin-chan's very own weapon of immense power, blessed with the powers of supernova release and the Mokuton. Fused with the souls of Ameyuri and Mito and given the power of fear." He then handing it to Kin said "It's up to you to learn her name Kin." Kin gently taking the weapon was looking at the new sword like it was a gift from god. She closing her eyes blinked hearing the name of the sword. Smiling she opened her eyes and said "Her name is Kyofu no haka(Fear's Grave)" Naruto smiling at her said "She's yours Kin-chan as my proof to you that no matter what happens during, or after this match, I'll be proud of you." Kin hearing this was beaming. She then happily ran to the battlefield. Naruto shaking his head leaned against the rail, ignoring the greedy eyes of Sasuke, Sakura and Orochimaru. He blinked feeling someone nuzzle his face. Rolling his eyes said "I'm not making you a sword Ino, so stop nuzzling me." The nuzzling stopped and Ino huffed. She leaning on his arm said "You're such a good alpha and mate. You'll be a wonderful father." Naruto rolling his eyes said "Yeah Whatever."

Kin staring down Ten-Ten who said "It's weak girls like you and Haruno that make us true Kunoichi look bad." Kin scowling said "I am nothing like that pink haired menace. I have trained hard my entire life, and with Naruto-sama's blessing I will not loose." Ten-Ten snorting said "You sound like you owe him your life." Kin smiling brightly said "I do, he rescued me from my dick teammates and stood up for me when others wanted to kill me." She looking at Naruto said "He even threatened the Hokage for me." She then turning to Ten-Ten with a fire in her eyes said "I will do everything in my power to make him proud of me." Ten-Ten hearing this couldn't help but smile. Dropping into her stance she said "Good I was hoping you'd say something like that. What I said earlier was a test. I'm glad you passed. It will be my honor to battle with you Kin-san." Kin nodding looked towards the proctor who was smiling. He bringing his hand down said "Fight." He then moved out of the way, just as the two girls sprang into action. Pretty soon both girls were locked in eternal combat, and all eyes were on them.

All eyes except for Naruto's who staring at the curse seal on Sasuke's neck. He didn't like how evil that damn seal was, and honestly he wondered how in the hell did the snake come up with such a sick seal. His eyes then moved to Anko, as his nose had picked up the scent of more evil on her. He narrowing his eyes let his eyes roam her body. He finding her curse mark, instantly figured out why the villagers were so mean to her and why she had so few friends. He was about to say something when his eyes was drawn to the battlefield. The reason why, was because the build up of power coming from Kin. He smirking said "Ino-chan behold the Shikai of the Soul Slayer." Ino hearing Naruto paid close attention to Kin who screamed out "Mankind's secret buried for centuries. Guarded by the darkness and coveted by the evil creatures. Found not lost, by the undeserving eyes of a servant. Blessed by the son of the storms, and nephew of the moon and sun. Break down the walls and blur the lines. Consume Kyofu no haka!" Suddenly a dense shell of dark energy appeared around Kin. Naruto felt his eyes widen when the image of 7 astral wolves appeared around Kin. The small black one with glowing pink eyes stepped forward and lunged into the shell.

Naruto realizing what this was, threw his head back and let loose a howl. This action was copied by Kiba/Akamaru and Ino. Everyone was confused until another howl was released, this time from the shell. The shell then broke down, and a changed Kin was revealed. Her long black hair was now tied into a loose ponytail and was shining. Her skin was flawless, and her eyes were now pink just like the wolf. She was dressed in a type of armor never seen before. It was sectioned, starting at her shoulders, ending midway her bicep, started and ended at the elbows, then appeared again midway her tri-cep and covered her entire hand. It was thick on her chest area but spread out at her stomach, still somehow covering her sides. It formed a very short skirt, and then unlike the rest it covered all of her legs and her feet. The armor was dark grey, with the image of the moon visible on the back. The feet were actually shaped like a wolf's paw. Her sword was attached to her rear in the shape of a tail. If you looked closely you would see that there was chain connecting the sword to the armor. Kin then dropping down to all fours, growled at Ten-Ten and said "For the love and affection of Naruto and Ino-sama." She then dashed forward and Ten-Ten had to flip into the air to avoid being slashed in half by Kin's claws. Ten-Ten smiling said "Oh yeah I love it when I get a good fight."

The battle then resumed and everyone was watching now, including Naruto. Ino watching as Kin's sword deflected a surprise attack from Ten-Ten asked "Why did she say that Naruto-kun?" Naruto smiling as Kin's sword shot out at Ten-Ten while Kin was spinning in the air said "Kin-chan is part of our pack, like Kiba and Akamaru. Yet she see's herself as a lowly beta to our alpha. She seeks to earn our love and affection, not knowing that she already has it, otherwise I wouldn't have given her a soul slayer." Ino hearing this snorted and said "Naruto-koi I get a cool power from becoming a part of the pack also right." Naruto smiling as Kin trapped Ten-Ten in an powerful illusion said "Yes my lovely hime. I'm pretty sure you now have the Shoton release." Ino hearing this blinked and said "But I have my clan's Kekkai Genkai." Naruto rolling his eyes said "Yes you do Ino-hime, but now because of your wolf and becoming my mate you have the Crystal release along with your clan Kekkai Genkai." Ino hearing this smiled and couldn't wait to show Sakura her new bloodline.

Naruto blinked when the match was declared a draw. Naruto smiling turned to Ino and said "That was a marvelous match don't you agree Ino-hime?" Ino nodding said "Kin-chan is without a doubt a part of our pack. Naruto-koi as soon as she wakes up I want to make her an official part of the pack." She then wiggled her eyebrows and asked "Catch my drift?" Naruto sweat dropping said "I think you've become a pervert Ino, because before you would've at least blushed at the comment that just came out of your mouth." Ino huffing said "Naruto-koi since we mated in the forest, we've had sex 10 more times and would be going at it right now if it weren't for this stupid test." Naruto's sweat drop got even bigger hearing this. Everyone else in the room were either choking on their saliva or looking at Naruto like he was a god. The jonin with a heavy blush on his face coughed and said "The next match is Yamanaka,!" He was cut off by Ino who said "Uzumaki-Yamanaka." He shaking his head said "Uzumaki-Yamanaka Ino versus Haruno Sakura." Ino hearing this gained a cat that ate the canary grin on her face.

Naruto face palmed at this and said "Ino-hime don't kill Kiba's soul mate." Ino hearing this pouted and said "But Naruto-koi she's so annoying and makes the serious Kunoichi look bad." Naruto pinching the bridge of his nose said "I said no killing the pink haired howler monkey Ino-hime, keep arguing me and I'll let Kaa-chan teach you about the Uzumaki trait's along with both of my aunts." Ino blanched dramatically hearing this and said "No don't do that Naruto-koi. I'll be a good girl I promise." Naruto still holding the bridge of his nose said "Prove it." Ino nodding jumped down to the arena floor. Standing up she didn't bother to dust herself off she just glared at Sakura who had this smug smirk on her face. Ino still glaring asked "What's with the smirk forehead?" Sakura smiling said "Oh I just can't wait to see the look on your face when Naruto dumps you for me after I kick your ass here." Ino blinked and asked "Are you serious?" Sakura snorting said "Of course I am piggy." Ino then started to laugh very loudly, to the point that she was holding her sides. She ending her laughing asked "You really don't get it do you forehead?" Sakura blinked and asked "Get what piggy?" Ino smiling said "Naruto-koi will never pick you for a couple of reasons." She flipping her hair back said "First he likes his women serious Kunoichi. Example, myself, Kin-chan, the crazy proctor to the second exam, the purple haired anbu that he saved, Kurenai-sensei."

Sakura scowled at this. Ino then said "Second, Naruto isn't kidding when he says that you and Kiba are soul mates. It's one of the perks of being the child of a goddess and a natural born apex." Sakura was really shaking in rage now. Ino then said "Third, his girls have curves, as you can already tell, and sadly you're so flat a cardboard box looks like a better partner then you." By now the entire room was trying to hold back their laughter and Anko was winking at Naruto. Naruto himself was banging his head against the railing. Ino then gaining a serious look on her face said "Lastly I'm the alpha of his harem, and I can see that as you are now, you're nothing but a gold digging whore, who would happily fuck an old man if he promised to give you lot's of money." Sakura screamed at this statement and said "Proctor start the fucking match so I can make this bitch pay." The proctor started the match, and like a fool Sakura rushed towards Ino who smirked. She dropping into a stance said "Foolish little monkey you fell right into my trap. From the battle style of my love and mate. Taijutsu; Crystal Wolf's Berserker Barrage!" Her fist then drove right into Sakura's gut, making her eyes nearly pop out of her head.

Ino then started to tear into Sakura, landing bone breaking punches, kicks and even biting Sakura. What made matters worse is when Sakura started to move with each attack. Ino landing a deadly right hook, sent Sakura flying across the floor. Everyone gained wide eyes when Ino shifted into her wolf form, with crystals clearly visible in her fur. She running in front of Sakura shifted back into her human form said "It's over. Lightning Style; Thunder Punch!" Her fist was then coated in thick yellow lightning, She hitting Sakura directly in the jaw watched as Sakura collided with the statue making a huge dust cloud appear. She crossing her arms smirked when Sakura was revealed to be unconscious and very hurt. The proctor quickly called the match in her favor and got Sakura help. Ino skipping up stairs sent a potent glare at Hinata and said "See you at the finals bitch." Naruto ignored this and watched the board rotate through names, but knew there was no point as the only people yet to fight was Temari, Shikamaru, Chouji, Shino, Sasuke and Himself. He figured that Shikamaru and Shino would face each other, then Chouji would face Temari. He was 100% accurate and Shikamaru ended up making it to the finals. Temari destroyed Chouji and sent her own glare at both Ino and Hinata.

Naruto sighing started making his way towards the arena floor, already knowing that his match with Sasuke wasn't going to be pretty. He getting the floor rolled his eyes spotting the arrogant smirk on Sasuke's face. The proctor asked "Are both fighters ready?" Naruto nodded while Sasuke continued to smirk. The proctor then started the match and moved back. The two of them were just standing there looking at each other, Naruto with indifference, Sasuke with an arrogant smirk. Sasuke then said "Dobe if you create one of those swords for me like you did my future whore, then I'll go easy on you." Naruto hearing the insult at both himself and Kin growled and said "Duck ass if you apologize now I'll let you keep your ego." Sasuke laughed and said "Dobe I am beyond you power now." Naruto rolling his eyes said "Sure you are, and Kakashi-sensei doesn't read porn." Sasuke scowling said "I guess I'm just gonna have to show you who is the better." Naruto putting his hands in his pockets said "Yeah sure whatever." Sasuke spotting this snarled and said "Dobe you get into a proper stance now." Naruto pulling a book out of his pocket opened it and started to read it. Sasuke spotting this roared and said "Dobe look at your betters now." Naruto yawning turned to the proctor and asked "I'm sorry did you say something."

Sasuke screamed and launched at Naruto, who with the grace of a cat dodged each of his sloppy attacks. Naruto getting behind Sasuke did a handsign that made Kakashi's eyes widen. Said eyes widened even more spotting the sparks on the tips of Naruto's fingers. Naruto with an evil smirk on his face said "I'm borrowing this from Kakashi-sensei's playbook. Taijutsu; 1,000 years of death. Storm style" He then shoved his fingers up Sasuke's ass. The boy shot into the air holding said thing. Almost everyone in the room was laughing hard, the exception being the awake and healed Sakura who was glaring at Naruto. Sasuke landing started to shake in rage. He then suddenly stopped and smirked. He looking at Naruto said "That's right play your silly games Dobe. Once I defeat you, I'm going to track down your whore of a mother and take her, along with your aunts and then I'll have my way with the Yamanaka and that former sound whore." Naruto hearing this, instantly lost all playfulness. He closing the book, tossed it into the wall. Naruto's face was a stone, not a spec of emotion could be seen. Ino spotting this said "Oh boy, duck ass just pissed off Naruto-koi." Kin standing beside Ino said "Naruto-sama is going to render him useless." Kiba licking his lips said "This just might be the death of the Uchiha clan in the village hidden in the leaves." Sarutobi himself was shaking his head as he said "Foolish Uchiha just crossed a line not even my foolish former student would cross."

Suddenly a huge killing intent flooded the room, and people started seeing the laughing face of the Shinigami. Then it suddenly got extremely hot inside of the room. Ino moving her eyes to Naruto, gasped. Everyone following her eyes gasped spotting Naruto literally smoking. Naruto growling clenched his fist and black flames appeared on his hands. Naruto then grabbing his left wrist unsealed Soul Edge. He lifting it up unleashed a hellish wave of malignant blood red energy. Everyone gasped when an eye opened up in the middle of the sword. Naruto's entire body then became coated in black flames, that was burning the very ground he was walking on. Red chakra then shrouded Naruto, and everyone that was alive during the Kyuubi attack gasped realizing that this was it's chakra. Naruto then with a deep demonic voice said "Ancient eyes watch over the young. A king sits upon his castle morning the loss of his son. His hands soaked in the blood of the innocent. Sleepless, he waits for the never ending nightmare. Hungry he watches his prey. In rage he creates a blade. Forged from the flames of hell and fused with the souls of the wicked. She and her twin lock eternally in battle, waiting, watching praying for someone to find them. Burn with the flames of the eternally damned Soul Edge!" Flames burst from every single spot on the floor, hell the proctor was standing beside the Hokage.

The flames were so powerful Naruto couldn't be seen. When the flames died down a little everyone gasped spotting Naruto literally floating above the ground, billions of floating blood red swords spinning around him. Naruto's hair was braided, and his muscles were rippling. He was wearing black hakama pants with torn edges. The flames now covered him much like armor and gloves could even be seen. Naruto glaring at Sasuke with blood red eyes said "I'm going to make you wish you were never born Uchiha." He then vanished and Sasuke screamed in pain as his right arm was now laying on the floor burning. Sasuke growling activated his Sharingan and attacked Naruto. The battle shook the building, even though it was very obvious who was winning. Suddenly a vile an evil chakra flooded the room. Sasuke appeared with his curse mark covering his entire body. He laughing said "I'm going to kill you now dobe!" He then vanished again and Anko was about to jump in to stop the battle, when a hand firmly grabbed her shoulder.

She turning to look at who did so gasped finding Amaterasu there with Tsukuyomi and Susanoo. All three goddesses had pissed off looks on their faces. Amaterasu making Anko move back said "If anyone besides myself or my nephew even think of touching these flames, they will burn for all eternity in the pits of hell, no matter what they have done in their life." Sakura hearing this quickly moved away from the flames. Tsukuyomi scowling as Sasuke appeared with a new arm said "The foolish Uchiha has pissed off my nephew and allowed Naruto to bond with the legendary cursed sword Soul Edge." Susanoo watching as Naruto appeared with huge fireballs in each hand said "He's also using the full power of the Supernova release." Amaterasu spotting Sasuke get hit with both fireballs said "He's even creating sub departments for said release." Tsukuyomi watching as Sasuke was blasted back said "He has created 6 subcategories for it." Naruto then shoving his flames covered fist into Sasuke's gut said "Supernova Release; Subcategory I.C.U: Kidney." Sasuke then screamed and the smell of burning flesh filled the room. Susanoo hearing this said "Sochi just fried the Uchiha's kidneys." Amaterasu said "Internal Combustion Unit. He can now target the internal organs with his supernova release."

Naruto appearing on the statue opened up his hand and said "Supernova Release; Subcategory Implode: Gravitational Burn!" Everyone watched as Sasuke was literally drawn towards a small black ball of fire. A small explosion appeared and Sasuke tumbled to the ground most of his body burnt. Tsukuyomi said "He just made the Uchiha move to his attack, like a gravitational pull." Naruto appearing revealed the swords to be spinning fast now. He spreading his arms said "Kenjutsu; A Thousand blades of death!" Everyone gained wide eyes when the swords started to launch at Sasuke who was hit by 10 at a time. The swords didn't remain in him, no they burned away. Leaving deep dark angry marks on his body. Naruto appearing in front of Sasuke, with a single finger pointed at the boy said "Supernova Release; Subcategory Planetary: Mars!" Everyone gained wide eyes when from Naruto's finger a ball of flames the size of a small planet hit Sasuke. All that could be heard was the sizzling of flesh. When the ball died down Sasuke was barely standing, until once again he healed.

Naruto then grabbing one of the swords said "Kenjutsu; Dance of The Devil." He then vanished and appeared in short burst, each time leaving a huge slash on Sasuke's body. Naruto appearing with hand behind his back said "Supernova Release; Subcategory Animal; Roar of the Mighty Lion!" Sasuke was then trapped in the circle of three mighty lions roaring, burning everything around him. Naruto then appearing in front of Sasuke opened his mouth and said "Supernova Release; Subcategory Hell Zone: Flaming Artillery!" Sasuke was then pelted by arrows from Naruto's mouth. He then flipping backwards grabbed two blades with his hands, and then with the pair of arms that burst from his side he grabbed two more swords. He taking a deep breath said "Kenjutsu; Bite of the Almighty Lunar Wolf" He then vanished and appeared behind Sasuke. A lone howl filled the room, as Sasuke was blasted forward. Naruto then loosing the extra arms and dropping the swords lifted both of his hands and said "Supernova Release; Subcategory Disaterology: F-5 tornado!" A huge tornado of black flames appeared and picked up Sasuke, who was now screaming.

When the tornado vanished a normal, and barely alive Sasuke fell to the floor. Naruto walking up the thoroughly defeated boy grabbed him by the throat and said "Let this be a lesson to you. Don't ever threaten my mother, my aunts, My himes or anyone else that I love." He loosing the flames and soul edge returning to her sealed state, said "Don't push me Uchiha, or next time I will kill you." He then let the boy go and walked away. The proctor shaking his head declared Naruto the winner and told everyone that the Hokage would let them know who they faced in the finals. Naruto hearing this rolled his eyes and said "Odds are, Ino is going to face Hinata, Temari-chan is going to face Shikamaru, I'm going to face Gaara, and Kiba faces the other Konoha genin who made it." Everyone blinked at this and Sarutobi said "Damn it Naruto stop doing impossible things like predicting the matches for the finals." Naruto smirking said "Not a chance in hell old man, unless you give me the hat now and stop reading smut." Sarutobi shooting up in his chair said "I'll never stop reading my precious, no matter how hard you prank me." Naruto smirking even more asked "So I can have the hat then?" Sarutobi said "Hell no you immature brat. You'll get this hat the day Jiraiya stops being a pervert and you marry a princess." Naruto with an insane gleam in his eyes asked "Is that a challenge old man?" Sarutobi nodded without thinking. He gained wide eyes when Naruto howled and said "Challenge accepted old man. Get ready to make me Hokage." He then dropped a smoke bomb. Sarutobi clearing it face palmed finding Naruto, Ino, Kin, Kiba, Akamaru, Susanoo, Amaterasu, and Tsukuyomi gone. He dismissing the other teams cried and said "Damn you Naruto I'm getting way too old for this shit."